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July 29, 2014, 07:57:36 pm
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News: Atlas Hardware Upgrade complete October 13, 2013.

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1  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Weird dreams you've had involving politicians on: Today at 02:44:50 pm
-I had a dream where I was anxiously watching election results stream in from Philadelphia. I was worried because Ed Milliband was only getting 19% of the vote against an unlabeled blue bar that was massive in comparison to his red bar. I woke up very worried and was immediately embarrassed/confused.

This certainly is bad news for Ed Miliband.
2  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: 2014 Selfie Creepfest/Post a picture of yourself thread on: Today at 02:39:19 pm
The hair on my head is shorter and the hair on my face is longer now.

The emotionless expression combined with the grey wall makes this look like a mugshot.
3  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: An open letter to Benjamin Netanyahu on: Today at 02:38:11 pm
The troop that insists on ruining threads they are uninterested in is out in full force.

This is a thing.
4  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Your Forum Cabinet on: Today at 02:33:57 pm
Simfan - Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal

LOL of course. Cheesy
5  Forum Community / Forum Community / Have you ever seen the ocean or flown in a plane? on: Today at 02:32:59 pm
Inspired by the "lake vs ocean" thread.
6  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Update XVI: Sidejackin' it in the Train Room. on: Today at 02:26:03 pm
Polnut, I will address one thing you mentioned.  I have already been diagnosed with OCD.  That happened when I was 11, it comes as part of my Tourettes.  I have had that all my life, and was diagnosed officially at age 11 after years of testing and evaluations, a lot of them mental.  I've also got a severe case of ADHD.  I don't run away from these issues, rather I tend to embrace them and thank God for giving them to me.  Yes, I thank God for a neurological disorder.  So, I have already been through mental evaluations.  I'm positive the doctors today would reveal the same issues.

It's not about diagnosing anything. It's about finding ways to work around these problems. Most of the advice people have given you has been sound, Bushie. You've consistently ignored their advice.
7  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: Smack Ain't Whack Act of 2014 on: Today at 01:26:17 pm
Since people are free to go shooting themselves up in TNF's America, what is the point of this legislation, Senator?
8  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Plan to split California into 6 states advances on: Today at 01:19:17 pm
Yes, it would. Tongue Provided it wasn't Texas, that wouldn't be so strange.

And now I know they're spelled differently. I should have known this sooner.
9  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Plan to split California into 6 states advances on: Today at 12:44:59 pm
At least it's less cringeworthy than the imitators who coin similar terms to describe invented regions that are used exclusively to market to tech companies (e.g. "Silicon Alley" in NYC, "Tech Valley" to describe eastern Upstate NY).

At least Silicon Alley is mildly clever. But yes, the idea a state that extends as far south as Monterrey could possibly be called "Silicon Valley" is silly. I'm not Californian but the idea of splitting LA from SoCal makes me cringe, it seems so illogical.

The most "sensible" split would be a NoCal/SoCal split along the 36th parallel.
10  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Presidential Election Trends / Re: What States Would Have Remained Swing States If Bush Had Won In '92 on: Today at 12:33:38 pm
According to the Atlas, the narrowest victory for Bush involves him swinging Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana,  New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. In this scenario, all of New England besides New Hampshire stay blue, joining New Jersey as the only Northeastern states in the Republic column.  

I wonder what the PV totals would look like if this scenario happened in real life (not the Atlas 300,000 vote shift, because that's not how it would really work), how Perot's totals would change (if he's still in this at all), and how Democrats would respond to losing such a winnable election with a strong candidate and crap economy (would they blame Perot instead like Repubs do now?).

This map is bizarre.
11  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Presidential Election Trends / Re: Boston Globe: Southern Democrats, meet your future: No more Republican Lite on: Today at 12:31:25 pm

Roll Eyes
12  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Presidential Election Trends / Re: Is America ready for a president who is married to someone of a different race? on: Today at 12:27:32 pm
There are only two real races in America, however: black and not black.
13  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: Smack Ain't Whack Act of 2014 on: Today at 12:10:33 pm
So what penalties do drug users face?
14  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Which countries are the biggest threats to the United States? on: Today at 12:08:51 pm
Other: Eritrea
15  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Man Accidentally Killed by Police Choke Hold in Staten Island on: Today at 12:07:34 pm
People playing down his life choices overlook the fact that had he been in better health he most likely would have not died.
16  General Discussion / Constitution and Law / Re: Should the Supreme Court be popularly elected? on: Today at 11:38:01 am
I'd prefer taking a bullet to my mouth than having an elected high court.
17  General Discussion / Constitution and Law / Re: Why do Presidents swear in on the bible? on: Today at 11:36:10 am
How do you swear on the constitution? Serious question, surely it's too short. Of course, you are missing the whole point of an oath, but whatever.
18  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: The Present Israel-Palestine Conflict Thread on: Today at 11:35:04 am
The ceasefire game has started to get blackly funny.

Taking this whole thing as one big dark joke is perhaps the only way to stay sane and follow it.
19  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Man Accidentally Killed by Police Choke Hold in Staten Island on: Today at 11:30:27 am
People like Al Sharpton... always seem to be reacting to something, never coming up with anything of their own, rushing to the scene whenever some black person is killed by a white person, but not actually making any suggestion as to how this would be changed. The man was stupid. The cop was stupid. It's not racism, it's just stupidity, and nonsense libertarians and leftist heroes seem to be missing that.

Who’s in charge of crime-fighting these days: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton — or the Rev. Al Sharpton?

We’re no longer sure. Overnight, Eric Garner’s death has moved from a human tragedy to the latest front in a war on a police force that has made Gotham America’s safest big city.

The battles are many: from Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign suggesting our cops are racist to federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s biased rulings on police practices to Sharpton’s demands for a federal civil-rights investigation.

When the story broke, Bratton rightly noted cops can’t walk away from someone refusing to be arrested. But he’s since ordered all 35,000 officers retrained, even before an investigation found wrongdoing, and said he wouldn’t be surprised by a federal investigation.

20  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Why is President Obama's approval so low? on: Today at 11:23:35 am
The economy is doing much better now than it has since a year or more before the Recession struck. Stock market is high, unemployment is down around 6% and dropping.

The economy consists of more than the stock market and the reported unemployment rate. Most Americans continue to face shrinking real household incomes, and the working share of the adult population is stagnant at well below its pre-recession level, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that our bleak collective view of the economy persists.

Interesting. What explains the 15-point jump in the participation rate? Women entering the workforce, I'm guessing? Also, I'd feel the data from two term presidents is small enough... as to be statistically meaningless. But it's interesting. A lot of people here are being ridiculous, though. I get the distinct sense that the country seems to be on autopilot, and talking to a range of people (also statistically meaningless, but whatever), a lot of people seem to wonder what exactly is the value-added of having Obama as opposed to... not having him. He doesn't seem to be affecting events, either positively or negatively.
21  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Judge strikes down DC's ban on handguns outside home on: Today at 11:03:52 am
People in DC are killing each other with guns! What would the solution be? More guns!

(Obviously, the ruling is sound, but I've never understood the obsession with guns)

If only Heller would have been ruled the other way, we were only one vote away from a void 2nd amendment. I dream of that America.

Such a ruling would have made a mockery of the Constitution, and I'm glad it didn't go that way. I'd like to see the 2nd Amendment rolled back myself, but I don't support rulings that are founded in opinion and not constitutional law- pro-life or pro-choice; I think we can all agree the ruling in Roe v. Wade was essentially constitutionally baseless, for example.
22  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Department of International Affairs on: Today at 10:47:50 am
What if we've visited these countries within the past six months but have already returned to Atlasia?
23  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: The Political Tracker - The Same Love Act Poll on: Today at 10:44:45 am
How does this sh*t even get passed? Astounds me.

I don't know.
24  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: Article of Impeachment Against Associate Justice Torie on: Today at 10:41:11 am
Although rare, 4-4 ties are hardly unheard-of—justices do recuse themselves from time to time. A split decision effectively upholds the ruling of the lower court (presumably a state supreme court). In the event of such a tie, the court typically issues what's known as a per curiam decision. The opinion in such a decision is issued under the court's name, as opposed to consisting of a majority and a minority opinion. Justices, however, may attach dissenting opinions to the per curiam decision if they like—as happened in Bush v. Gore.

When a 4-4 deadlock does occur, the case is not deemed to have set any sort of precedent. Tradition holds that the court's per curiam opinion in such ties is usually very, very terse, often consisting of no more than a single sentence: "The judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court." But it's a safe bet that the opinion in Kerry v. Bush or Bush v. Kerry would be a lot longer than usual.


Something like this, I imagine.
25  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: The Present Israel-Palestine Conflict Thread on: July 28, 2014, 04:27:34 pm
As a whole or district-by-district?  Of course, the Maharajah wanted independence, but the Indians, as was also the case in Hyderabad, Manipur, and (eventually), Sikkim, were unwilling to accept this. One wonders how things would have been different had the majority of the  princely states opted for independence rather than ascension- perhaps if they had been able to foresee the abolition of their privileges.

But what does this have to do with Israel?!
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