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September 01, 2014, 09:08:18 pm
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News: Don't forget to get your 2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements and Predictions in!

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1  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Post your 10 favorite musical bands/artists on: Today at 06:31:49 pm
Might as well give my list then...

1-The Appleseed Cast
7-Rainer Maria
9-Explosions in the Sky
10-The Hated

Which of those bands is "UH, FEELINGS!" ?
2  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Your top 5 Family Guy episodes? on: Today at 06:27:15 pm
5-I Dream of Jesus
4-Da Boom
3-Chitty Chitty Death Bang
2-The Splendid Source
1-Boys Do Cry (one of the top 10 episodes of TV ever)

*Honorable mention*: 420
3  Forum Community / Forum Community Election Match-ups / Re: KCDem vs Freedomhawk on: Today at 05:17:38 pm
I love KCDem just for his avatar.
4  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: Will Corbett win less counties than Santorum 2006? on: Today at 05:13:24 pm
For reference:

5  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Will Corbett win less counties than Santorum 2006? on: Today at 05:09:12 pm
I think he will.
6  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Should "A Bag of Weed" from Family Guy be used as a campaign song? on: Today at 05:01:58 pm
Many people don't take people who favor marijuana legalization seriously as it is. This really wouldn't help.

That's ironic because in the episode no one took Brian seriously until he started with the song.
7  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Post your 10 favorite musical bands/artists on: Today at 04:56:22 pm
Seriously I feel sick...

Get over it. I thought you liked La Dispute?

And SDRE. That's why I feel sick.

Oh, hmm. Bummer that people are allowed to listen to music regardless of how you feel.

But I can't comprehend how you'd like anything good when just about everything you like is this.
8  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: Do you feel bad for Tom Corbett? on: Today at 09:49:19 am
Of course not. He deserves exactly what he's gonna get.
9  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Should "A Bag of Weed" from Family Guy be used as a campaign song? on: August 31, 2014, 07:41:40 pm
Its just a catchy song with a great message.
10  Forum Community / Forum Community / Have things ever happened to you you thought would make a good Onion article? on: August 31, 2014, 06:11:26 pm
You know those stories the Onion runs about very mundane and minor events that happen to people that are "funny because it's true" and you often think about how that's happened to you. A couple of those have happened recently and I kind of wrote articles in my head. Examples:

Man Disappointed Yet Kind of Relieved to Find Out Sales Clerk Isn't As Cute As She Appeared At First Glance

MINNEAPOLISóLocal man BRTD, 30, admitted that the sales clerk at a local record store actually turned out to not look as good upon checkout as he thought when he walked in the door. "At first I thought she looked like a total indie hipster goddess, with her cute dress, long brown hair with a few blue streaks, cute flower in it and the tattoos" explained BRTD, "but upon checkout I realized her nose was kind out of proportion for her face, her freckles aren't as flattering close up, she's not exactly in perfect shape and the tattoos are more trashy than quirky. I mean I wouldn't turn her down or anything, the flower and blue streaks in the hair are a nice touch, but she's still just between a 6 and 7." However BRTD admitted this was kind of relieving. "If she did look that good checking out would be kind of awkward, and what if I started seeing her at shows or parties and found out she has a boyfriend and got heartbreakeningly friendzoned? Seriously it's probably better this way." Later reports indicate though on his way home BRTD crossed paths with a female jogger who looked even better close up than she did while approaching.

Man Saddened To See Local Business He Never Shopped At Close

MINNEAPOLISóBRTD, 30, expressed disappointed at noticing the closing sale signs for Roberts Shoe Store on Lake Street, a store that he never once shopped at and never intended to ever do so. "I mean sure I bought my shoes mostly at the mall, but it was kind of cool having a shoe store on Lake Street, something unique about the area. And the "Hardly a shoe we can't fit!" banner was a nice touch. It was a local staple and one I'm going to miss seeing. Besides, it always sucks to see a small business close, you know? I'm not saying I would start shopping there if I knew they were in trouble but regardless, it's disappointing." BRTD later expressed satisfaction at seeing the local bookstore further down the road that is still open that he also has never shopped at and probably still never will have even if it's still open in 10 years.

Local Man Spends $5 On Bar of Soap For Some Reason

MINNEAPOLISóLocal man BRTD, 30, admitted that he purchased a $5 bar of soap at a notable local store, but can't quite justify doing it. "At first I thought, $5 for a bar of soap, what? But then I saw it's handmade by a local couple and all of natural ingredients which I don't really care about...but is still kind of cool. And besides a bar of soap that size lasts at least two weeks, so that's probably just $10 a month even if I bought it every time. If I don't like it I can always just not buy it again and go back to the six packs for $8 at Target." Upon getting home BRTD debated if he should put it immediately in his shower but opted to put it away and at least wait until his current bar was done.
11  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Post your 10 favorite musical bands/artists on: August 31, 2014, 01:58:36 pm
Seriously I feel sick...

Get over it. I thought you liked La Dispute?

And SDRE. That's why I feel sick.
12  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Purely Capitalist Utopia vs. Purely Communist Utopia on: August 31, 2014, 01:53:54 pm
The one which wouldn't be a rotting slave empire.

Not a choice in this poll.
13  General Discussion / Constitution and Law / Re: Who is guilty of felony murder in these scenarios? on: August 31, 2014, 11:10:41 am
I don't understand your reasoning.  Person A and Person C didn't kill anyone so how could they be guilty of murder?  Person B and Person D both committed non-violent felonies and I think felony murder only applies to violent felonies like rape and arson.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that's the rule.

There's been cases of people who didn't kill anyone being charged with felony murder. Things like two accomplices burglarize a house, the homeowner catches them and shoots one who dies, the surviving one is tried for the murder of his accomplice since the law states that they are responsible for any death done in commission of a felony.
14  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: Can you vote in the 2014 Senate elections? on: August 31, 2014, 10:12:32 am
Yes and will vote for Al Franken.
15  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Post your 10 favorite musical bands/artists on: August 30, 2014, 11:23:27 pm
Oh good time for an update.

1. The Devil Wears Prada
2. Enter Shikari
3. The Venetia Fair
4. Bayside
5. La Dispute
6. Chelsea Grin
7. The Ghost Inside
8. Reflections
9. My Chemical Romance
10. Sunny Day Real Estate


Seriously I feel sick...
16  Forum Community / Forum Community / Should "A Bag of Weed" from Family Guy be used as a campaign song? on: August 30, 2014, 11:01:05 pm
For pro-marijuana legalization campaigns like in Alaska and Oregon.

Of course! It's insanely catchy and infectious and the clip sums up well how it wins people over to your side.
17  General Discussion / Constitution and Law / Who is guilty of felony murder in these scenarios? on: August 30, 2014, 10:00:45 pm
Two scenarios:

1-Person A is the driver for a drug distributor (Person B). He drives Person B to a location to meet a trafficker bringing in some products. Person B gets into an argument over payment with the trafficker who gets very angry and the trafficker pulls out a gun and starts threatening him. Person B kills him with his own gun.

2-Person C is a drug dealer who sells illegal drugs for which possession is a felony to a woman at a party who is Person D. When leaving the party Person D is quite inebriated on the drugs and enters a dark road where she is assaulted by a rapist. Despite her state she's able to fight back and ends up killing the rapist in self defense.

The fact that all of them could be is an example of how messed up felony murder statutes can be.
18  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: does bushie represent the average oklahoman? on: August 30, 2014, 09:18:28 pm
Why are you making fun of Oklahomans?  We are very well educated.

The percentage of people in Oklahoma with a bachelor's degree or higher is 22.7%, which ranks 42nd out of the 50 states. No, Oklahoma is not well educated.

We have many very good institutions of higher learning.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are among the best universities in the world.

US News and World Report's rankings puts Oklahoma State at #142 in the country amongst national universities. University of Oklahoma is #101, and while I suppose its #47 amongst public schools isn't anything to be ashamed of, it's a far cry one "one of the best universities in the world."

My education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University is just as good as a Harvard education, only a heck of a lot cheaper.

Heh. That's amusing political correctness of a sense.
19  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Where would you rather live? on: August 30, 2014, 09:05:34 pm
Neither one could exist, and the first one is actually an oxymoron.
20  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: You have to get rid of one of the amendments to the Constitution - which one? on: August 30, 2014, 09:04:00 pm
The reason why I really dislike the 9th is that having an amendment as such defeats the point of having a written Bill of Rights at all: to actually define what rights are protected by the government. The Supreme Court, if sufficiently politicized, could interpret the 9th Amendment to mean literally whatever it wants it to mean. It hasn't been a problem so far, but it's still a terrible thing to have in a constitution.

Most constitutional scholars agree that the idea behind the 9th is to shift the burden of proof as to whether a violation of rights is constitutional onto the government rather than the individual. If someone sues against a law with the argument their "rights" are violated, the government can't simply say "Well there is no right to X in the Constitution so the law is valid", it must argue the Constitution explicitly powers it to do so. Perhaps not all that well worded, but I don't have a fundamental problem with this sort of idea. Or as some have put it, the Ninth is more of a guide to reading the Bill of Rights than one that establishes rights itself.
21  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Comcast and TWC still trying to stifle any potential competitors on: August 30, 2014, 06:05:30 pm
I have CenturyLink. No problems.
22  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: What's the most boring party in the world? on: August 30, 2014, 05:32:38 pm
The IP are basically just a ballot line now, and have been used as a vehicle for both far-right and far-left candidates. That factoid alone excludes them.
23  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Which party would other countries vote for? on: August 30, 2014, 05:31:27 pm
The Republicans probably wouldn't win any European countries but they wouldn't be quite as fringe as many seem to believe, take for example the fact that when John McCain was holding a Senate hearing for Obama's appointment to be ambassador to Norway he asked some questions that implied strong disapproval of the Progress Party, which was in government and for awhile was even the largest right wing party in Norway. The guy's bungling of the questions got more press, but regardless you have the party's 2008 candidate condemning a mainstream right wing party as too extreme.

The real reason the Republicans couldn't exist in any other country is they are too big and diverse. For example it's not too difficult to see both Merkel-esque asuterity forcing neoliberal supporters and anti-EU UKIP types as Republicans in the US and you can think of plenty of examples of Republicans that would be both, but both clearly can't be in the same party if those were the issues. The same is also true of the Democrats, who are probably the most ideologically diverse party in the world aside from parties that are really just essentially ideology-less political machines.
24  General Politics / International General Discussion / What's the most boring party in the world? on: August 30, 2014, 05:24:40 pm
I have to go with the Australian Labour Party. Textbook case of bland and generic center-left policies. I remember Boris describing them as tied with the Canadian Conservatives for the least rhetorically entertaining party in the world, but the Canadian Conservatives have enough crazies to provide some entertainment value. I would probably go with one of the Scandinavian conservative parties for an example of the most boring center-right party in the world.

That's not to say that internal politics of the ALP and some of their leadership shuffles haven't been interesting or entertaining, this is referring mostly to rhetoric and ideology. ALP are also kind of notable in that it's hard to be a true devoted hack for them but also to really hate them.
25  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: You have to get rid of one of the amendments to the Constitution - which one? on: August 30, 2014, 04:46:00 pm
I've always seen the Ninth Amendment's purpose as a statement against Inks-esque enforcing the exact literal letter of the law in all cases and not taking into account intent or further implications. It might not always end up that way but I don't have a problem with it in that sense.

The Tenth may have been abused by states trying to defend Jim Crow, but if it didn't exist there'd be some ambiguity in the Constitution and it's not likely courts would interpret things any differently. Saying the Tenth is bad because it was used to justify bad things in the past strikes me as Insane Troll Logic. If you oppose federalism and want a unitary system, then the whole Constitution needs to be re-written, not just repealing the Tenth.

The Second in my view is just a badly written amendment, and is just bad no matter what your opinion of guns are. I don't have a problem with DC v. Heller really, the idea that it doesn't apply to DC because it's not a state also strikes me as Insane Troll Logic (and a misreading of the 18th century definition of the term "militia"), the gun laws of DC weren't doing any good and saying that something that's completely legal in all 50 states needs to be legal in DC as well isn't a far reaching statement, and I wouldn't even care if there was an amendment that stated in more clear wording the government couldn't fully prohibit gun ownership. But the Second doesn't do this. It's also not that important since it was generally ignored due to the vagueness prior to DC v. Heller which as stated before wasn't a particularly revolutionary decision with big implications either and I doubt did much to affect how many guns are owned in DC. That's the real reason it should go and if you support gun rights replaced with something better.
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