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17101  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: Russia General Discussion on: June 24, 2008, 07:24:59 am
Let Putin continue his work.  In my opinion it's much more in the interests of the US and the Western World for Russia to remain strong rather than implode and be exploited by China.  If we play our cards right maybe we can even turn Russia into an ally.
You had them already as an ally, but you blew it by encouraging (that's how it looked to the Russians) the economic collapse and by treating them as vanquished enemies.
Letting former S.S.R.'s become NATO members didn't hurt either.
17102  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: Russia General Discussion on: June 24, 2008, 07:22:52 am
Add to that the fact Russia (or more specifically Moscow) already has a missile shield...
17103  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Hurricane Katrina vs. Devastating Iowa 500 Year Flood on: June 24, 2008, 07:17:15 am
There could have only been 150 deaths if Nagin was competent and tens of thousands of idiots chose to leave instead of stay.
17104  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Are you a Xahar Democrat? on: June 23, 2008, 12:51:22 pm
Wealth has a lot more to do with birth rates than does ideology.  Leftist economic policies will die because they will continue to prove they don't work.  Sadly it will take a lot longer than 20 years.
17105  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: Russia General Discussion on: June 23, 2008, 12:28:14 pm
Could the west have a war with Russia that doesn't go nuclear?
17106  General Discussion / History / Re: Atlas Person of the Decade: 2000s on: June 22, 2008, 12:14:57 pm
OBL.  Without OBL Bush would have been done in 4 and would have turned into the next Gerry Ford, a joke.
17107  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: where do you wish to be buried? on: June 22, 2008, 09:57:29 am
Don't care/whatever is cheapest
17108  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: where did your grandparents die (assuming they have died) on: June 22, 2008, 09:55:37 am
Mom's dad-Jerseyville IL
Mom's mom-Eldred IL
Dad's dad-Alton IL
Dad's mom-Alton IL
17109  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Would you vote for Ted Stevens? on: June 22, 2008, 09:54:21 am
Of course not.
17110  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: Is profanity sinful/morally wrong? on: June 21, 2008, 07:23:31 pm
I don't put that much power in individual words.

This was always the correct stance to me. The intent and meaning behind the use of arbitrarily deemed "profane" words in its context is what I always regarded as potentially sinful. I've held this position steadfastly for a long time and convinced many devout believers (including my own family) that this was scripture's intention.

In the same breath, our culture has deemed these words offensive for whatever reason (or lack thereof, more often than that). With that in mind, it's probably best to abstain in order not to cause a fellow believer to stumble or confuse the mind of a non-believer into thinking you are being a hypocrite if they don't understand the nuances. See Romans 14, which, while not specifically addressing the use of culturally offensive words (such an idea did not exist when scripture was written), contains tenets that I think aptly apply.

What we arrive at is, not surprisingly, that their usage as sinfully or morally wrong (from a Christian perspective) is a grey area. In mixed company, however, it is better to abstain for their sake.
Yep, that's what I would have said if I wasn't lazy Smiley
17111  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Who won't be here two years from now? on: June 21, 2008, 07:11:58 pm
I'll be here until "the man" shuts it down.
17112  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: If Jesus Christ had lived today... on: June 21, 2008, 08:49:36 am
He would be crucified again.  By today's "religious right".
This seems to be the most accurate post on the thread.
Right, because they are always crucifying people claiming to be Jesus.  I dislike the Fundie right as much as anybody, but this kind of thing just makes you guys look like fools.

No, not at all.  They "crucify" people on a regular basis for preaching love, mercy, peace, compassion and inclusion. 

Think about this.

Jesus was all about reconciliation.  He brought a small businessman and a tax collector into his inner circle.  Now, the small businessman was Peter -- a fiery fisherman with a blazing temper.  Matthew was a tax collector.  And unlike today's tax collector, who is collecting filthy lucre for OUR government...Matthew was collecting taxes for Rome.  He was a Quisling.  He was kissing the ass of the occupying power, collecting taxes from his own people (almost certainly cheating them in the process) and then handing the cash over to the Romans (but likely taking a healthy cut for himself).

Jesus goes to Matthew's house for dinner.  In addition to the whores and outcasts in attendance, there are Matthew and his traitor-to-Israel buddies.  Sitting and dining with Jesus.  In Zeffirelli's wonderful Jesus of Nazareth, the scene is imagined this way:  Peter sulks outside Matthew's door.  Peter likes this Jesus.  He wants to follow him.  But Jesus has gone too far.  Now, he's sitting with the kind of Jew who would collect taxes for the Nazis.  He won't come in.  He begged Jesus not to go.  He warned him that he was taking things too far.

But sitting in Matthew's luxurious parlor, Jesus says, "I want to tell you a story..."  And he speaks of the prodigal son.  I don't know if it unfolded exactly as Zeffirelli imagined, but it hardly matters.

People who forgive the sins of collaborators (to say nothing of embracing those who sin differently than the majority) usually end up on a cross.  Either literally or figuratively.
If you meant "crucify" originally you should of put the quotes in.  I'm a little slow sometimes you see.  I agree that Christianity, as it's generally practiced today, is pretty far from the way Jesus would like it to be.  I'm not as sure as you that the majority would criticize the guy today, but I agree, an uncomfortable number of them would.
17113  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: Is profanity sinful/morally wrong? on: June 21, 2008, 08:37:22 am
I don't put that much power in individual words.
17114  General Discussion / History / Re: Electoral Reruns: 1789 on: June 21, 2008, 08:24:04 am
Benjamin Lincoln and George Washington
17115  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Pedophile Killers on: June 21, 2008, 08:02:42 am
Sure.  We're (normally, there is no "regular" libertarian.  I know that's shocking to those of you with the wide brushes.) pretty big on the punishment side of things.  We think people should be consistently praised and rewarded for doing good and consistently punished and criticized for doing wrong. 
17116  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: where were your parents born? on: June 21, 2008, 07:33:57 am
Moms-Carrolton IL
Dads-Alton IL
17117  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Of the four preceeding Atlasians, pick the ticket that would receive your vote on: June 21, 2008, 07:33:07 am
17118  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: where were your grandparents born? on: June 21, 2008, 07:30:59 am
both my mom's parents were born in Greene County IL (IIRC)
both my dad's parents were born in Alton IL (AFAIK)
17119  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: where were your great-grandparents born? on: June 21, 2008, 07:29:31 am
Father's father's father: no clue, he's German though
Father's father's mother: even less of a clue

Father's mother's father: no clue, I think my grandma was born in Alton IL though
Father's mother's mother: no idea

Mother's father's father: Devon (IIRC...somewhere in SW England anyway)
Mother's father's mother: Geene County IL

Mother's mother's father: somewhere in SW rural IL
Mother's mother's mother: somewhere in SW rural IL
17120  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Pedophile Killers on: June 21, 2008, 01:47:59 am
It's possible.  It would depend on the circumstances though.  I generally prefer using the legal system to bring bad guys to justice, but I think there can be a time and place for a little vigilantism here and there.  I know if somebody hurt one of my kids and the courts failed us I'd be tempted to take the law into my own hands.
17121  General Politics / Political Debate / Re: Serious Thread About Drilling on: June 21, 2008, 01:39:12 am
Yeah, screw the gas prices of tomorrow!  We'll worry about that then.
17122  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Mr. 29% gets the Dems to jump again. on: June 21, 2008, 01:37:19 am
Does this really suprise anybody?  Really?  A lack of integrity by Democrats isn't exactly a new thing.  If you defend these wankers when they show a lack of integrity about a subject you don't care that much about (ya know, blow jobs, perjury, general lying, race baiting, fear mongering, etc) you end up with this kind of crap.  No matter how far I stray from the Republican camp (and yes I know they can be just as bad, that's why I don't for them either) I will never turn into a Democrat, way to many examples of this kind of thing.
17123  General Politics / Political Debate / Re: If someone were to invent a cure for cancer... on: June 20, 2008, 01:47:45 pm
Of course not, but it's ignorant to think they all do it out of pure altruism.
17124  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Teacher Silences Student Over Mention of Hunting on: June 20, 2008, 01:45:56 pm
Kids in school don't have all the rights an adult has.  They are limited in what they can say, like it or not.  The teacher is still a douche.
17125  General Politics / Political Debate / Re: What is your political preference? on: June 20, 2008, 12:12:08 pm
I'm all of the above and none of the above.
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