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15551  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Productive Committees Resolution (Debating) on: March 13, 2013, 05:10:56 pm
I think I could go for that, as a way to expedite the process.
15552  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: WV-02: Options to replace Capito on: March 13, 2013, 04:34:54 pm
Has any former Senator ever ran for a House seat before?

Here is an appointed Senator who later ran for House: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_M._Robsion
15553  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Firearms Act of 2013 (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 10:49:05 pm
I oppose the amendment, of course. 5 is overly draconian, and 6 is unnecessary. 4 is the heart of the bill, as Nix has said, and so it can stay with reforms.

Are you objecting to it then?
15554  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: WI: Ron Johnson running for reelection on: March 12, 2013, 10:14:39 pm
I'd say Johnson's probably the most vulnerable incumbent right now.*

*Okay, okay.  Kirk is.  But I can't wait to see this clown get knocked out on his ass.

Agreed. Kirk is more vulnerable but he actually seems like a decent guy. Johnson and Toomey are practically the faces of the Tea Party Wave, and getting then out will send a message.
Toomey isn't that bad as far as Tea Partiers go. He seems like somebody who actually gets crap done without going on TV and acting crazy.

He is a very professional operator and has proven his ability to move to the center, like he began to do back in 2009 when it became clear it was going to be him as the nominee. He endorsed Sotomeyer and starting talking about welcoming pro-choice Republicans into the tent. He also doesn't get himself in trouble like Santorum liked to do and has some really good numbers the last I checked. He'll also be well funded. Don't expect him to be a pushover in 2016.
15555  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: LA and NC 2014 Congressional Races on: March 12, 2013, 10:08:05 pm
How strong of a candidate is he? Once he gets his name ID up that is. Granted Hagan's popularity is meh and she's a red-state Dem in a sixtch, but he doesn't give an impression of political horsepower. Also, what about Berry? She's been elected statewide multiple times so it wouldn't be her first rodeo.

If another person mentions the sixth year itch, I'm gonna scream.  The itch almost never happens in two straight midterms to the same President and rarely happens during divided government.

It did for Eisenhower and to some extent for Reagan. Clinton was special because he had sky high approvals and the scandal backfired on the Republicans when they overreached on it in 1998. Bush was special because 9/11 turned his first midterm into a GOP year.

Democrats in Congress were far more popular than Republicans in 1958 and were generally in tune with the country and Eisenhower.  The only thing that was bad about 1986 for Republicans were the Senate races, due to the fact that they gained so much with weak candidates like Mack Mattingly and Jeremiah Denton in 1980. 

The myth that the Lewinsky scandal is what propelled Democrats to gains in 1998 is another thing im tired of hearing about.  Democrats were on their way to taking back the House before that scandal erupted in early 1998.  That scandal completely knocked Democrats off message and they only recovered in late October. 

I highly doubt that was the case.

Well, it was.  Just go back and look at press comments by Dem campaign people in early 1998.

Which would be optimistic for obvious reasons, no?

Then why did they publicly start freaking out in summer of 1998 when the scandal actually grew legs?  Even Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg, who are hardly Democrat friendly, both said that Democrats had a real chance to gain back the House before the Lewinsky scandal broke. 

Because without the benefit of hindsight the scandal could have seriously done damage and destroyed the Democrats but it backfired on the Republicans and they ended up paying for it. I don't doubt it disrupted the paradigm and thus the trajectory, of the race. Clinton had a high approvals and thus the Democrats may have made gains off that plus the economy, though I don't think they would have regained the House. It was a rare situation to be sure and hardly a good case study on there not being two bad midterms for a President.

As to your earlier point, I do recall the GOP losing house seats in 1986, not just Senate seats. It also takes more then a few bad incumbents in terms of Senators to drive such a massive shift in Senate races in that year. A bad map, plus a dem lean at least to the cycle is required.
15556  Election Archive / 2014 Senatorial Election Polls / Re: NC-PPP: Hagan leads all Pubs by double digits on: March 12, 2013, 09:04:52 pm
Hagan should definately be challenged, but pecking order may doom that more then anything else. It doesn't help that Tillis (who is a bad candidate to begin with) probably has delayed everything with his "After the legislative season bs". Candidates are waiting to see what he he does and whether its Forest or Berry, or even my two regional based favorites, Fetzer and Pendergraff, they need to get started now. Especially the final two who have to introduce themselves to the other side of the state.

Any of the four could beat her, but they need an early start.
15557  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Empowering Regions in Federal Elections Amendment (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 08:18:01 pm
This needs more debate in my opinion.

Could the Regional Executive clarify what he means by a hole. Doesn't the SoFE stepping in fix that in that case?
15558  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions Resolution (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 08:16:26 pm
We are beyond UC at this point by far. Tongue A vote can be started at anytime at this point, unless substantive debate occurs.

I share your concerns Hagrid.
15559  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Productive Committees Resolution (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 08:14:30 pm
Has anyone noticed that since passing the "Get It Over Act", we have still not managed to get the Committees going before two weeks after the start of the New Senate, give or take a few days? For some reason I expected it to have a greater impact, at least that was the intent behind it if memory serves me.
15560  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Voter's Bill of Rights (At Final Vote) on: March 12, 2013, 08:12:10 pm
Quote from: Final Text?
Voter's Bill of Rights

Every registered voter in the Republic of Atlasia shall have the right to:

1. Inspect a sample ballot prior to the beginning of an election

2. Receive instructions on how and where to cast a valid ballot

3. Vote free from coercion or intimidation by election officials or any other person

4. Request an absentee ballot should the voter be unavailable at the scheduled time of the election

The Attorney General shall have the power to refer violations of voter rights to the Supreme Court for review on a case by case basis.
15561  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Voter's Bill of Rights (At Final Vote) on: March 12, 2013, 08:10:53 pm
SEnators this is now at final vote, please vote Aye, Nay or Abstain.
15562  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Department Renaming Act (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 08:07:55 pm
Quote from: Amendment 54:12 by NC Yankee
Department Renaming Act

1. The Department of External Affairs is hereby renamed The Department of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. The Department of Internal Affairs is hereby renamed The Department of the Treasury The Ministry of Finance.

3. The office of Secretary of External Affairs is hereby renamed Secretary of State The Minister of Foreign Affairs or Foreign Minister.

4. The office of Secretary of Internal Affairs is hereby renamed Secretary of the Treasury The Minister of Finance or Finance Minister.

5. Any references to the old names of the offices or departments concerned in previous law shall remain considered references to the offices and departments, under their new titles.

Sponsor Feedback: Unknown
Status: Limbo

Since there was some interest, we should have a vote on this at least.
15563  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: The Gaining Excellent Teachers (GET) Act (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 08:02:26 pm
The amendment has been adopted.
15564  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION AMENDMENT (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 07:47:53 pm
Are we going to see some amendments here or is it done?
15565  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Department of Federal Elections: Homelycooking, SoFE on: March 12, 2013, 07:13:07 pm
Mr. Secretary,

Earlier this evening, Senator Spamage (F-OR) resigned his At-Large Senate Seat #5, thus creating a vacancy and requiring a special election to fill said vacancy.

Senator NC Yankee,
President Pro-Tempore.
15566  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Survey Atlasia: March At-Large Senate Special Election Poll on: March 12, 2013, 06:40:22 pm
This poll will run for five days and is for all registered voters.
15567  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate on: March 12, 2013, 05:48:53 pm
I don't mind the Senate being this way.

However, we need to expand the size of the House.   We've been at 435 for one hundred years now.    A single Representative stood for 215,000 people then; 725,000 now.  We need to expand to 1000 members in the House.

The more districts, the more difficult gerrymandering and lobbying becomes. 

Expanding the Senate to 150 and giving each state a Senate race every election would be good, too, but not as necessary as the House expansion.

Selling it is difficult. I remember one time trying to sell the Wyoming rule to a middle aged person in my class once and the throught of adding more Congresspeople made her eyes glaze over and that is just 675 members. At the very least that should resolve the OMOV issue with the current distribution of seats.
15568  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Smaller States Find Outsize Clout Growing in Senate on: March 12, 2013, 05:42:02 pm
The Senate is suppose to be like that by design.

That doesn't make it right.

Right is a subjective consideration. If your priority is ensuring the most representation for the popular will possible then fine. If you desire to check that based of a realization that the popular will can be flawed at times, then it is in fact the best approach.

The flaw is your assumption that the undemocratic representation of the US Senate is somehow better than a good representation. Total nonsense.

The Senate is suppose to provide an outlet for the representation of a State's viewpoints and to serve as a needed check on the potential excesses of the popular democratic majority. That is not a flawed view, it is a view that recognizes that populist impulses can be both wrong and dangerous to a democratic system when it is not checked with a competing interesting. I for one agree with Lincoln that both Douglas and Cass were wrong on Popular Sovereignty, perhaps you do not. But it is the same idea, that you cannot simply trust a democracy to the popular will alone and expect it to not degrade and move towards a tyranny, if not for all then for some certainly.

"Good representation" is a completely subjective determination. I think one state, one vote is a good representation of state's viewpoints in the Senate, just as much as I think one man, one vote is a good representation of the popular will in the House of Represenatives. Which is the purpose that each body serves. To the extent that the latter is not the case, makes the argument for the Wyoming rule or some other such reform to fix that problem.

Perhaps the problem here is that my concern is not primarily fixated on the free flow of gravy and pork from the Federal Government, whereas that is not the case for some in this thread.
15569  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: CONFIRMATION HEARING: DemPGH for Attorney General (VOTING) on: March 12, 2013, 04:18:16 pm
Vote on the Confirmation of DemPGH as Attorney General:

Aye (Cool: AverroŽs Nix, Ben, HagridoftheDeep, jdb, Napoleon, NC Yankee, Oakvale, and Snowstalker
Nay (0):
Abstain (0):

Didn't Vote (2): Franzl and Spamage

The nominee can be declared confirmed by VP Duke.
15570  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: 54TH SENATE PPT and Committee Declarations (Committee Chair declaration period) on: March 12, 2013, 04:13:35 pm
Ok. Time to vote for your chairmen. Only committee members may vote of course. You have 48 hours.

[X] Nix
15571  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Firearms Act of 2013 (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 04:12:35 pm
Quote from: Amendment 54:11 by AverroŽs Nix
The Omnibus Gun Policy & Safety Act shall be amended as follows:[/color]

Omnibus Gun Policy & Safety Act

Recognizing the need from numerous gun violence incidents and the disorganized nature of Atlasia's gun laws, this Act is established in the spirit of maintaining Atlasian gun ownership laws in a single piece of statute.

Section 1: Housekeeping.

1. The Protection of the Right to Bear Arms Act is hereby repealed.

2. The Expansion of Gun Rights Act is hereby repealed.

Section 2: Gun Ownership Procedure.

1. All newly sold handguns, and individuals who purchase them, after the implementation of this Act, must be noted in a hereby established National Handgun Registry available to law enforcement officials.

2. One (1) billion dollars is hereby appropriated for a program to give individuals one-hundred (100) dollar incentives for entering their existing handguns into the National Handgun Registry.

Section 3: Gun Sale Restrictions.

1. The following individuals shall be prohibited from possessing, transporting, or selling firearms:
a. Has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.
b. Is a fugitive from justice,
c. Is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance.
d. Has been adjudicated as a mental defective or committed to a mental institution.
e. Is an alien illegally or unlawfully in the United States.
f. Has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.
g. Having been a citizen of the United States, has renounced U.S. citizenship.
h. Is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner, or.
i. Has been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
j. Has a record of being a felon.

2. Semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, possessing at least two of the following, are hereby prohibited from possession, transportation, and sale:
a. Folding or telescoping stock.
b. Pistol grip.
c. Bayonet mount.
d. Flash suppressor.
e. Devices enabling the launching of grenades.

3. Semi-automatic handguns, with detachable magazines, possessing at least two of the following, are hereby prohibited from possession, transportation, and sale:
a. Magazine that attaches outside the pistol grip
b. Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or suppressor
c. Barrel shroud that can be used as a hand-hold
d. A semi-automatic version of a fully automatic firearm.

4. Semi-automatic shotguns, possessing at least two of the following, are hereby prohibited from possession, transportation, and sale:
a. Folding or telescoping stock
b. Pistol grip
c. Fixed capacity of more than 5 rounds
d. Detachable magazine.

5. Newly manufactured handgun and rifle ammunition magazines may not exceed eighteen bullets, while handgun and rifle ammunition magazines containing over thirty bullets shall be immediately illegal for possession, transportation, or sale.

6. No individual, who does not own a business involved in the sale of firearms, or operate gun shows, may purchase more than two firearms within a thirty (30) day period.

7. All newly manufactured packs of ammunition and firearms must be laser-engraved with a unique serial number during the manufacturing process to aid in the process of law enforcement.

8. Prior to gun sale, the customer must be subject to, and pass, a background check conducted by state and local government.


1. An Atlasian Weapons Possession Card (AWPC) shall be required to legally possess any firearm.

2 A person must meet the following criteria to acquire and retain an AWPC: (a) at least 16 years old, (b) demonstrated knowledge of safe weapons handling by taking a forty hour course and passing an oral or written exam and a practical exam, (c) must not have been convicted of a violent felony, (d) must not have a history of drug or alcohol addiction, and (e) must not have a history of violence or aggression.

2. Owners of multiple firearms shall acquire a separate AWPC for each firearm they own. Owners of firearms shall acquire an AWPC prior to the purchase of each weapon.

3. An AWPC holder may purchase a firearm, store that firearm at his or her residence, use that firearm while hunting or at a firing range, and transport that weapon to the aforementioned locations or to a licensed gunsmith in the trunk of his or her personal vehicle. Firearms must be transported unloaded and in stable, fully enclosing, locked containers.

4. Any firearms stored at a personal residence shall be kept unloaded and secure in a locked weapons locker when not in use.

5. Each AWPC shall remain valid for a period of no more than ten years.

6. Only persons with an AWPC for a compatible firearm may purchase or possess ammunition.


1. Persons other than on-duty law enforcement officers shall be prohibited from carrying concealed or unconcealed weapons in any public place.


1. Owners of firearms shall be required to acquire liability insurance to cover damage caused to persons or property as a result of the ownership or use of any firearm they possess.

Sponsor Feedback: Origination
Status: Senators have 24 hours to object.
15572  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Government / Re: SENATE BILL: Clean Carbon Communities Act of 2013 (Debating) on: March 12, 2013, 04:08:05 pm
Number 1 is probably aimed at buildign refineries and thus I would be hessitant to repeal that without more justification o nthat matter.

I definately think in general repealing all or as many as possible and then consolidating what we keep into one bill would be preferable at this point.
15573  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Office of Senator Spamage on: March 12, 2013, 03:34:06 pm
People of Atlasia,
   As has been evidenced by my lack of activity here lately, my personal life is beginning to take up much more of my time. I initially thought I could manage both my personal life and my Senate career but that is clearly not the case. Recently, an anonymous Senator sent me a PM and encouraged me to either increase my Senate activity or resign. The message really spoke to me and because of it I began to think of the solution. There is no way for me to increase the time I have on the forum so therefore I will be resigning the office of At-Large Senator. I feel as though Iíve let my Senate, my Party, myself, and most importantly my constituents down. But its unfair that I sit in an office where I will be inactive for the next few months. I will also be suspending my Pacific Council Campaign as I am really busy until February. I hope to remain a part of the lively political discussion in Atlasia and look forward to running for office again when I actually have time. I hope to still be an open citizen, committed to the news and goings on of our nation.
         Thank you for understanding,


As a tribute to BK, I will point out that Spamage didn't say "I am resigning" but that "I will be resigning", without specifying a date and therefore he technically has not resigned as of this time unless another statement has been posted elsewhere on that matter that does state such (none such is in the swearing in thread for instance).
15574  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Survey Atlasia National HQ -Nyman, DC (Nathan's Short Stint Charmed Nation) on: March 12, 2013, 03:22:38 pm
February Nathan Presidential Approval Rating

In your opinion, how did President Nathan perform his job?
Strongly Approve      16 (61.5%)
Somewhat Approve      5 (19.2%)
Unsure/Don't Know/Don't Care   3 (11.5%)
Somewhat Disapprove   1 (3.8%)
Strongly Disapprove      1 (3.8%)
Total Voters: 26

Total Approve  71%
Total Disapporve  8%
Net Approve: +63% (n/a)

Positive Intensity: +58% (n/a)
15575  General Politics / Book Reviews and Discussion / Re: What Book Are You Currently Reading? on: March 12, 2013, 03:06:41 pm
Two days ago I finished No Retreat, No Surrender: One American's Fight by Tom Delay

One of the biggest bunch of lies and CYA I have ever seen compiled into 180 pages.
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