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15201  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: God Had a Wife on: March 19, 2011, 09:28:04 am
Not a particularly new theory, and it is hardly a surprise that some would try to place YHWH in the context of the polytheism that surrounded the ancient Hebrews.  Indeed, the Old Testament contains several accounts of that happening and then reformers restoring the true religion.

Still, it seems like a leap of prejudice to assume that polytheism was the one true Hebrew religion and that a power-hungry fanatic tried on his own to purge all but his favored deity from receiving worship.
15202  General Politics / Political Geography & Demographics / Re: US House Redistricting: Nebraska on: March 18, 2011, 09:55:40 pm
While I wait for South Carolina to be released and made ready, I thought I'd play with Nebraska.

This map tries for a minimal amount of change from the current map.  NE-2 gives up some precincts in Sarpy County to NE-1.  NE-1 surrenders all it has of Cedar County, plus all of Wayne and Madison Counties to NE-3, leaving Sarpy as the only split county. Inset map provided for Sarpy County.

NE-1 608,820  + 40
NE-2 608,867  + 87
NE-3 608,654  -126

There are several precincts along the border of the two districts that could be moved from NE-1 to NE-3 if one wished to reduce the deviation even more by splitting two counties.  Probably the choice of how to split Sarpy could also be done differently to reduce the difference, but I tried to avoid having NE-1 and NE-2 trade precincts or splitting Bellevue.

15203  Election Archive / 2012 Elections / Re: Trump says he'd be willing to spend $600 million of his own $ on prez. campaign on: March 18, 2011, 08:57:55 pm
Does Trump actually have $600 million of his own to spend?  His personality driven cult/ponzi scheme has more than once been driven to the brink of bankruptcy, and includes a good bit of real estate that likely has a higher book value than he's be able to get for selling it.  I'm doubtful he could raise that kind of cash for a political campaign.

Right now, his campaign is no more credible than those of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, or Bob Backlund.
15204  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Is Theodore Roosevelt anyone else's favorite President? on: March 18, 2011, 07:31:41 pm
Not mine, tho he would make my top ten list, but not my top five.
15205  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: I told you so on: March 18, 2011, 06:35:14 pm
Carl, what you seem to be unable to grasp is that dealing with repeat DUI offenders is a far more serious concern than dealing with illegal aliens.  We both agree that something should have been done about this guy before Denise Mosier died, but I fail to see why his immigration status had anything to do with it.  He shouldn't have been out on the highway in any event.  The reason he was let go was not because we aren't treating illegal immigration seriously enough, but because we don't treat repeat DUI offenses seriously enough.

I would much rather share the highway with a random illegal immigrant than a random repeat DUI offender.  The latter will on average be far more likely to kill me or someone else.
15206  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: The Post Tribune Telegraph of AAtlasia - TPTTAA on: March 18, 2011, 06:09:36 pm
Perhaps the Imperial Domain of the South should consider reinstating the Anti-Necromancy Initiative. Wink
15207  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: The Second Executive Council Of the UDL on: March 18, 2011, 06:03:58 pm

  • belgiansocialist

[ ] Write in: _________
15208  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: English/British Monarchs Survivor (1066-present) - ROUND 13 on: March 18, 2011, 05:59:45 pm
2 - Charles I
1 - George III
1 - Elizabeth II

1 - George I
15209  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: Signatories of the Declaration of Independence Survivor ROUND 14 on: March 18, 2011, 05:57:27 pm
3 - Button Gwinnett
2 - William Paca

1 - Charles Carroll of Carrollton
1 - Lyman Hall
1 - Thomas Stone
15210  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / International Elections / Re: France 2012: the official thread on: March 17, 2011, 08:51:35 pm
Retaliation is a sin Wink.

See, life is much easier when you aren't a christian. Grin

But the afterlife is not.
15211  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: English/British Monarchs Survivor (1066-present) - ROUND 12 on: March 17, 2011, 08:32:38 pm
2 - Edward I
1 - Edward VII
1 - Charles I

George I
15212  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: Signatories of the Declaration of Independence Survivor ROUND 13 on: March 17, 2011, 08:12:20 pm
5 - Arthur Middleton

3 - Thomas Lynch, Jr.
15213  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: I told you so on: March 17, 2011, 07:53:27 pm
I guess that little point is unimportant in your defense of illegal aliens.

Who said I was defending illegal aliens?  I am not defending anything here, I am attacking.  In particular, what I am attacking is your monomaniacal obsession with illegal aliens to the exclusion of more serious problems.

First, the problem of illegal aliens is serious.  I would suggest you ask Denise Mosier, but, well, its impossible for her to reply.

So, victims of drunk drivers only matter when the drunk driver is an illegal alien?  Your obsession on this issue sure makes it seem that way.

Second, if you will note I have extensively posted on other matters on this forum.  So, your assertion is incorrect.  I guess instead of sticking with facts, you engage in ad hominem attacks.

Considering that you act as if all twelve million or so illegal aliens are here for no other reason than to kill American citizens via drunk driving or commit other heinous crimes, that certainly makes you monomaniacal in my book.  Anytime an illegal alien does something bad, you act as if the worst thing he did was cross the border without authorization.
15214  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: Signatories of the Declaration of Independence Survivor ROUND 12 on: March 16, 2011, 09:47:45 pm
5 William Williams

2 Lyman Hall
1 Thomas Lynch, Jr.
15215  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Because Every Vote Counts - True Federalist April 2011 on: March 16, 2011, 08:56:09 pm
I wouldn't speak as if it's guaranteed that such a move to attack Libya would pass the Senate.

I didn't.  While I hope the Senate would agree to defend Libya from Gaddafi's thugs, the choice is theirs to make, not the SoEA's nor the President's.
15216  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Because Every Vote Counts - True Federalist April 2011 on: March 16, 2011, 08:54:07 pm
For the record, I am in talks with the NTC to establish just such a mutual defense treaty.

Such a treaty would also require Senate approval.  The sole advantage to the treaty at this point is that it should make Atlasia's actions more acceptable internationally.
15217  Election Archive / 2012 Elections / Re: South Carolina on: March 16, 2011, 08:40:29 pm
Incidentally, Gov. Haley proposed stripping out the $1 million in State funding for the primary and leave it to the parties to pay for it, but the House has rejected that idea. (link - The State) I wonder if she'll try to line item veto the appropriation when it finally reaches her desk?  The budget passed the House 77-42 on a party line vote, so that might be one veto that can be sustained if the Democrats decide to support Haley on this.
15218  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Because Every Vote Counts - True Federalist April 2011 on: March 16, 2011, 07:35:49 pm
Statement on Libya

Until the President orders it, the bombing of Gaddafi strongholds is called off.

I commend our SoEA for halting his unconstitutional attempt to usurp the war powers of the Senate, even as I must deplore his presumption that the President has war powers.  As much as I want to see us bomb the snot out of Gaddafi as soon as possible, it is up to the Senate to decide we will do that.  We have no mutual defense treaty with the National Transitional Council and no authorization from the GTO or the UN to engage in air support of the NTC or even establish a no-fly zone in Libya.  Absent any of those, attacking Gaddafi's thugs is definitely the sole prerogative of the Senate.
15219  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Because Every Vote Counts - True Federalist April 2011 on: March 16, 2011, 07:24:23 pm
It seems to me that a potential solution here to the procedural problem would be to give the PPT the right to suspend debate on items on in the PPT slot if something he deems even more urgent comes up.
15220  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: The Commonwealth of Nations survivor - round 9 on: March 16, 2011, 07:05:09 pm
UK / Antigua
NZ / Jamaica
Maldives / Mozambique
Kenya / Namibia
Kiribati / Sri Lanka
Tuvalu / Saint Vincent
Gambia / Vanuatu

India / Bahamas
Malaysia / Zambia
Ireland / Trinidad
Brunei / Botswana
Tonga / Saint Kitts
Ghana / Mauritius
Cameroon / Fiji

Australia / Belize
Guyana / Solomon
Seychelles / South Africa
Samoa / Rwanda
Lesotho / Barbados
Tanzania / Cyprus
Papua NG / Pakistan

Canada / Uganda
Singapore / Grenada
Malawi / Nauru
Sierra Leone / Malta
Bangladesh / Dominica
Zimbabwe / Saint Lucia
Swaziland / Nigeria
15221  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: La Francophonie survivor - round 9 on: March 16, 2011, 07:01:41 pm
As usual, italics indicate I made choice only because I had to.

New Brunswick / Moldova
Laos / Burundi
France / Madagascar
Gabon / Albania
Switzerland / Djibouti
Senegal / Saint Lucia
Morocco / Cameroon

Belgium / Mali
Burkina / Cambodia
Congo / Tunisia
Armenia / Comoros
Macedonia / Côte d'Ivoire
Togo / Sao Tomé
Romania / Dominica

Cyprus / Equatorial Guinea
French Community of Belgium / Greece
Guinea / Andorra
Seychelles / Cape Verde
Vanuatu / Rwanda
Chad / Egypt
Mauritania / Canada

Quebec / Guinea Bissau
Bulgaria / RDC
Vietnam / Mauritius
Ghana / Haiti
Monaco / Niger
CAR / Lebanon
Benin / Luxembourg
15222  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: How many digits do you have to dial to reach a local number? on: March 16, 2011, 06:35:58 pm
10 for all calls, but dialing numbers more than once is so 20th century

Actually, I still dial numbers for real.  We have a Western Electric Model 554 wall mounted rotary phone in the downstairs hallway.  It doesn't get much use these days, but I have no reason to replace it since it still works perfectly.  Heck, about a decade ago, when we had to replace the rest of our phones after our phone line took a lightning strike, it was still functioning perfectly.
15223  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Gallup: Americans now slightly opposed to building nuclear reactors on: March 16, 2011, 06:16:10 pm
It always amuses me how many 'libertarians' are extremely pro-nuclear when the only reason that industry is viable in the first place is because of the Price-Anderson Act.

Actually, I would argue it is because of our failure to enact a carbon tax on fossil fuels sufficient to offset their social costs.
15224  Atlas Fantasy Elections / Atlas Fantasy Elections / Re: Because Every Vote Counts - True Federalist April 2011 on: March 16, 2011, 10:58:59 am
Our Senate must be asleep or on drugs as there is still not even the slightest hint of action from it on Libya.  As for what the Secretary of Forum Affairs is doing, as much as I agree with the actions he has undertaken, one of them is being done in a blatantly unconstitutional manner.  Under our Constitution, the Senate has sole Power to declare War.  There is no legal basis for his ordering Atlasian planes to attack the forces of the mad dictator Gaddafi.  If we are to avoid ourselves heading down the garden path of good intentions to the evil of an unaccountable dictatorship, the Senate must quickly reassert its authority by all means at its disposal, including impeaching the Secretary if he does not halt his unconstitutional activities.
15225  Forum Community / Survivor / Re: English/British Monarchs Survivor (1066-present) - ROUND 11 on: March 16, 2011, 10:40:53 am
2 - Richard I
1 - Edward I
1 - Elizabeth I

1 - George VI
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