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December 22, 2014, 04:18:56 am
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76  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Update for Everyone III - The Whinge Binge on: December 01, 2014, 04:27:53 pm
Dreamt that I hooked up with a mermaid that had human genitalia. Second dream involved taking the virginity of one of my best (female) friends. This isn't good.

You need Jesus, my friend.


Unless he dreams of taking his virginity.
Dan Brown said that Mary Magdalene already did that.

She wasn't as good as Peter.
77  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: litmus tests: which of the following beliefs are necessary for real Christians? on: December 01, 2014, 04:18:13 pm
Nothing like a litmus test to cause a theological rammy Smiley
78  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: litmus tests: which of the following beliefs are necessary for real Christians? on: November 30, 2014, 06:32:04 pm
No room for adoptionists? Western imperialists the lot of you...
79  General Politics / Political Geography & Demographics / Re: Scottish and Orange Irish Ancestry on: November 30, 2014, 04:51:50 pm
The Anglo-Saxons kingdoms included much of Scotland.  Northumberland went way north of the Humber.  Scots English was not English that developed in the south and then moved north.  It developed contemporaneously.

While all of these facts are more or less accurate, as a result of revisionist history and the impact of a defined border more recently than that, Scotland when taken as a whole is considered a Celtic nation as opposed to Anglo-Saxon.  


I will jump into this one Smiley

Scots-English is a language that developed after the Union of the Crowns. The Germanic language of Scotland was Scots which only slightly less far removed from 'English' as Frisian is removed from English today. It's home was the sweep of Scotland from the Firth of Forth (including Edinburgh) to the English border and also, somewhat independently (at last initially) in the North East. It developed from Northumbrian Old English. The area to the south west (the Kingdom of Strathclyde) spoke an early iteration of Welsh until the collapse of the kingdoms of the Britons where it then made way for both Gaelic and Scots. Gaelic was the predominant language of the north of Scotland which as late as the 1800's was spoken from a line that stretched as far south as about 20 miles north of Glasgow.

Now you have to remove today's demographics from the map. At the Act of Union in 1707 the population of Scotland was about 1,000,000. It is estimated that it stood at around 800,000 in the very early 1600's. The population of Scotland, in terms of distribution at this time was more heavily concentrated in the Highlands and islands. 'Scots' itself was technically an umbrella term for a collection of tongues that people could have a simple conversation across including Doric, Norn, Lallans etc. These had not yet been standardised and indeed never would be by the time of the Union and the permeation of Scots-English. As a language, Gaelic was at the very least the largest in terms of languages spoken by plurality if not by outright majority.

Gaelic's strength ironically was probably greater from the 1350's to 1600's than it was from 1000 to the 1350's simply as a result of a higher mortality rate as a result of the Black Death which also led to a migration northwards.

That is why Scotland, at least in terms of language should be rightly considered a 'Celtic' nation from it's foundation to the acts of union.
80  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: 50!!! on: November 29, 2014, 05:40:12 pm
Congratulations Smiley
81  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Update for Everyone III - The Whinge Binge on: November 29, 2014, 01:15:34 pm
I had two that caused an acid reflex each night for about a year which not only meant I had to have them removed, but also resulted in fillings for most of my lower teeth.
82  General Politics / Economics / Re: If religious organizations were taxed on: November 29, 2014, 01:11:56 pm

Liberal estimate is $82bn. That's bigger than the 2014 annual budget for any programme other than defence.
83  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Opinion of naming your child Jesus on: November 28, 2014, 05:31:47 pm
I need to remember Socrates as a potential middle name or something for the Leitch-Read bairn.
84  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Opinion of Amish romance fiction on: November 27, 2014, 07:20:49 am
In general books in this latter category serve as nothing so much as signposts for a growing Evangelical Protestant tendency to idealize and fetishize the Amish and similar sects on the basis of perceived commonalities in relatively ancillary areas, such as sexual purity--a sort of perverse-mirror image of social libertine tendencies to idealize and fetishize the culture of Amsterdam, or democratic-socialist tendencies to idealize and fetishize Scandinavia or Canada.

If 'Team USA' Evangelical Protestantism was a literal person, it should be taken out back and shot in the head. It's the theological equivalent of 'grey goo' and is generally affronted by anything that is culturally or theologically different than itself. If it at least tries to self replicate itself in culturally diverse and different areas then it creates genuine crimes against culture (see South Korea)

I know exactly about the books you are talking about and I've gotten about half way through one of them. It's representations of masculinity and femininity in 'traditional' culture is as close to the ideological pap about the noble savage that permeated Victorian and Edwardian low to high class literature. Except this is a hundred years later. They also write about historic Scotland too which seems to be a land of high church Anglicans, rural Catholic pockets and Presbyterianism striped of it's context.
85  General Politics / International General Discussion / Smith Commission releases report on further Scottish devolution on: November 27, 2014, 07:04:26 am

Some key points.

- Parliament 'made permanent' in law
- Franchise extended to 16 and 17 year olds
- Scottish Parliament to have power to amend electoral system in Scotland (under continued supervision by the Boundary Commission and only by 2/3rds majority in Parliament)
- Crown Estate rights transferred to Scotland. This means seabed, minerals, fishing etc
- Onshore oil and gas devolved (but not offshore)
- Devolution of non-pension benefits and ability to amend the implementation of the Universal Credit
- Devolution of income tax, part devolution of VAT, full devolution of Air Passenger Duty, but no devolution of corporation tax.

86  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: First snowfall of the year, boys and girls on: November 26, 2014, 04:32:21 pm
I wish we had snow Sad
87  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: GOP Mulls Not Inviting Obama to Give State of the Union on: November 26, 2014, 04:22:18 pm
The GOP is clearly mentally ill.
88  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson case (Announcement Monday night) on: November 26, 2014, 02:33:31 pm
Naso, go buy a dozen bathtubs at a discount supplier and then fill them full of all the things you don't know.
89  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson case (Announcement Monday night) on: November 25, 2014, 04:04:33 pm
Cops will always be able to use excessive force and kids will be able to shoot their classmates. Both with impunity. Two staples of American life as long as the sun rises and sets.
90  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: Opinion of the Quakers on: November 24, 2014, 02:55:15 pm
One of the few branches of Christianity I have any time for. Very good allies in most of the activism I'm involved in.
91  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / International Elections / Re: UK General Election 2015 on: November 23, 2014, 04:41:17 pm
The DUP is like a UKIP sampler. It gives you an idea of the lunacy.
92  General Discussion / Religion & Philosophy / Re: Christianity on: November 23, 2014, 02:11:32 pm
Now you might be wondering at what I'm getting at. It is simply this; what is Christianity actually for?

Measuring something's value by its utility is such a disgustingly 20th-21st century concept. Oscar Wilde correctly said "All art is quite useless," and the sentiment applies to everything of any real worth in life.

That's exactly my point. As an 'art'; a philosophy, it is quite useless Smiley

Absolutely, and that's its beauty and why it's good. Any ideology or belief system that claims utility is...perhaps not inherently worthy of hostility, but certainly arouses my skepticism. Scientific and "practical" philosophies top the list. Christianity is so metaphysical and interested in a second, spiritual life that its few suggestions as to how to live a just life end up evaporating into "believe in Christ" and doesn't have much if any actual requirements for behavior beyond "splash some water on your face."

However, Christianity does claim utility. It says it is the way, the truth, the life. So much so, it claims utility over many other competing or even complimentary philosophies.
93  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: What is the marital status of your parents? on: November 23, 2014, 06:00:08 am
Married 39 years.
94  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / International Elections / Re: Scottish Labour leadership election - To be announced on December 13 on: November 23, 2014, 05:43:23 am
Union nominations were 'accidentally omitted' from the guide for voters. In part because they tend to back Neil Findlay.
95  General Politics / International General Discussion / Re: UK General Discussion II on: November 22, 2014, 04:56:32 pm

He know's that this re-election campaign starts now. And he won't be.
96  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: What do you think God is? on: November 21, 2014, 02:52:23 pm
Within pre-history, we have lost a competitor species who was also self-aware but to differing degree and with a differing outlook.

Are you referring to Homo (sapiens) neanderthalensis or some other homonid?  While it is possible that they were a separate species, the evidence that Neanderthals were a separate species rather than a localized subspecies that lost out as its preferred habitat disappeared is decidedly lacking.  To me it appears that a large part of the desire that they be considered so is due to the same impulses that lead to the noble savage meme.

You're being a tad pedantic over my use of the word 'species' Wink
97  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: What do you think God is? on: November 21, 2014, 11:57:47 am
To be honest, the strongest reason I have for believing in God is my inability to take the leap of faith that we humans have divined enough of the universe to know that we are only a bunch of biochemicals trying to replicate our molecules.

But why should we think we deserve to be more than that? We just so happen to be a process in the universe that is (only by our own measure, remember) the most self-aware on this planet. Within pre-history, we have lost a competitor species who was also self-aware but to differing degree and with a differing outlook. And as for other planets around other suns in other galaxies well then who knows. It makes little sense to think that because we hold ourselves in such high esteem, even as the world outside our own window has grown immensely, that we are special enough to matter to the universe.

We are made of matter. We shouldn’t be put off by that for the same reason we shouldn’t be put off by the fact we are animals. We are here because we are here. Life is a process, not a condition that requires a diagnosis. You don't 'have life'. You do life. You are life. Life is not a property of matter, it is not the reason for the existence of the physical matter that that assembled to make up you. Other collections of physical matter don’t have life. Life is therefore one of many things that matter does.

Aren't we lucky.

And that’s okay.
98  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Obama to announce executive order on immigration on: November 21, 2014, 06:54:32 am
I don't care what Party does it, the Constitution must be followed.  If a bill can't be passed by Congress, then deal with it.

He is dealing with it.

Let me explain it this way.

Congress passes laws.  The President can sign them or veto them.  If Congress decides not to pass the law that does not give the President authority to break the rules. 

Nobody has told me what law the President violated with his actions.

He has violated the Constitution.  This is not in the President's power.

What's not in the Constitution?

Black Democrats aren't allowed to do what Reagan did.

We have a winner.
99  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Update for Everyone III - The Whinge Binge on: November 21, 2014, 06:51:27 am
I'm currently starting the GOMAD diet, combined with some serious squats. It's going to be fun :p
100  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / International Elections / Re: UK parliamentary by-elections 2014 on: November 21, 2014, 06:48:43 am
With the result being as it was, it probably lessens the chance of any more Tory MP's defecting. I doubt he will hold his seat come May.
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