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November 28, 2014, 10:52:47 am
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News: Don't forget to get your 2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements and Predictions in!

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1  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: WaPo gives glimpse into Hillary Clinton's paid speaking career on: Today at 01:03:47 am
I don't see anything particularly unreasonable about any of her requests. It's not like she's demanding a windowless room with red furniture and vases of calla lilies arranged according to Feng Shui principles and that her water be taken from a Nepalese mountain spring and blessed by monks.

How dare she drink water! Real Americans don't drink water! They drink Classic Coca-Cola out of a 72-ounce gas station cup like Sarah Palin!
2  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Obama "blames Bush" on: Today at 12:56:12 am
I've heard that they're actually rather fond of each other on a personal level, to the extent that Barack Obama is fond of anyone on a personal level, which isn't a very high standard considering the only people he doesn't seem to view with a cold mistrust and contempt are his wife and Valerie Jarrett.

He prefers to make amorphous references to "the failed policies that got us here in the first place" and let people fill in the blanks as they will.
3  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: WV-2016: A Thread on: Today at 12:41:17 am
The other thing to consider I guess, is what are the GOP planning to do with their new majority? They of course need to be wary of a backlash a la Colorado Democrats. The obvious red button issue would be right-to-work legislation.

They need to be aware of their constituency and dance with them that brung 'em.

A West Virginia Republican simply cannot govern the way a Texas or Arizona or Florida Republican can govern. There aren't enough well-off suburbanites in gated communities and office parks. There aren't a lot of local business interests outside of coal. If they make it harder to get food stamps in WV, those people are going to get pretty damn pissed off. They can't point the finger at the non-whites because there are none to scapegoat like in someplace like Georgia or North Carolina.

I'm not sure what the WV GOP will do with their power. It's not as if Big Coal hasn't been getting what it wants with the Democrats in power anyway. They could try to do something about the alarming number of people there who are all hopped up on Oxycontin and meth and smoking like chimneys. But that, again, would require government action.
4  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: DEMOCRATS: who should run against Charlie Baker in 2018? on: Today at 12:28:52 am
Baker will be a one-termer like Mitt before him.

Or he could be more like this guy...

5  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: Which Senators do you think will retire in 2016? on: Today at 12:24:19 am
Chuck Grassley has been a doddering, confused old coot for the better part of a decade or so. Needs to go.

Democrats ought to pressure Barbara Mikulski to retire because if she doesn't in 2016 and were to do so in 2022, they'd have to defend an open seat in an off-year election. They can't seem to count on Maryland with non-presidential turnout.

Rand Paul is going to have to choose between the Senate and the White House. He might as well pull the trigger and go big in 2016. Kentucky certainly has nothing to gain from him gaining any more seniority since his very ideology precludes him from using his seniority to get things for his state.
6  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Which American major political party would Iosif Stalin identify with? on: Today at 12:11:55 am
Any horrible person who came to America and looked at both parties would probably find a ton more to identify with in the GOP. 

One of the things that is consistent in all assessments of Stalin from his youth until he had secured power is his lack of respect for his superiors, contempt for intellectuals and hatred of people with more education and/or intellect than himself, and being a bully (he was involved in lots of street fights and a gang member in his youth).

I think being anti-intellectual and a bully makes him more likely to be Republican, the anti-authoritarian streak could be Democrat, but given that Stalin was more respectless and rude, than genuinely opposed to authority this is a bit dubious.

He despised religion and ignored his family after leaving home and was cruel towards his own family when he established one - so no family values, which may signal Democrat, but also very career minded and egotistical which could be a conservative trait (all though plenty of liberals share those traits),

On balance I think Stalin would be a Republican, but one who despised the religious types and genuine SoCons in the party.

So basically the kind of Republican who's a social misanthrope who listens to Alex Jones and probably reads Ayn Rand and Men's Rights forums.
7  General Politics / Individual Politics / Opinion of William Howard Taft IV on: November 27, 2014, 11:17:38 pm
Worked with Ralph Nader to reform the Federal Trade Commission in the 1970s.

Worked in DoD during the Reagan Administration, first as General Counsel and then as Deputy Secretary.

George H. W. Bush's ambassador to NATO.

Legal adviser to the State Department during the George W. Bush administration. Critical of "enhanced interrogation" techniques and advocated for compliance with the Geneva Convention.

Allegedly the person who told journalists what sources Robert Novak used to blow Valerie Plame's cover.

Currently the chair of Freedom House.

Great-grandson of William Howard Taft.
8  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Geraldo Rivera calls his Facebook followers, pieces of sh*t. on: November 27, 2014, 10:14:12 pm
There was that old quote, "Communism would be fine if not for the communists."

The Republican Party would be so much nicer without Republicans.
When did Geraldo become a Republican?

Are you suggesting the sort of people who follow a Fox News personality are not Republicans?
9  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Update XIX: Melancholy and the Infinite Napping on: November 27, 2014, 10:00:41 pm
IceSpear, I have thought about the procedure, but I guess I'm too afraid of going under the knife.

Does it scare you more than a heart attack?

Bushie's health is so bad that at this point, even losing weight by taking up cigarette smoking would probably be a net gain for him.
10  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Geraldo Rivera calls his Facebook followers, pieces of sh*t. on: November 27, 2014, 09:38:40 pm
There was that old quote, "Communism would be fine if not for the communists."

The Republican Party would be so much nicer without Republicans.
11  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Why didn't the Democrats run more aggressively on the economy this year? on: November 27, 2014, 09:31:16 pm
Incomes have fallen for years, and Democrats cannot take a victory lap on the economy without surrendering every last bit of what it means to be a Democrat by any definition relative to the economy and social economic matters. I mean for heavens sake you got hacks citing the stock market, the F-ING stock market to justify taking a victory lap on the economy in an election cycle. And you wonder why none-minority working class voters don't give a damn for you anymore. Its like Romney in 2012, only getting those working class voters he could win on social issues and coal, Dems in 2014 could only get minority ones.

Minority voters are actually far more optimistic about the economy and their personal prospects, going by exit polls, than white voters are. They were often among the hardest hit in the housing crisis, but their long-term (intergenerational) trajectory has been an upward one in terms of their incomes and their opportunities for jobs.

Working class whites have a negative view of the economy, but so do wealthy whites, which is downright bizarre and suggests less charitable reasons for being pessimistic about the economy.

As for the stock market, your party cannot have it both ways. If you're so upset that "Wall Street is doing better than Main Street" then pass some legislation to actually help the people who work on Main Street instead of doing everything you can to deregulate Wall Street and give those who make their money that way another tax cut. And no, Big Oil is not Main Street. Some rural Southern slaughterhouse/factory demanding more "flexibility" to keep their workers less safe and less protected against discrimination is not Main Street.

Your party ran on how bad the economy is and has offered zero ideas for tangibly improving the lives of "real Americans." Defunding the EPA isn't going to put more money in their pockets. If it does, that money will go to asthma medication and copays for cancer treatments. A "flatter" tax code is going to result in people like them paying more to the government so that the people who write checks to your party can pay less. Look at Kansas and see how well that worked out over the past few years. The Republicans already want to reduce the Earned Income Tax Credit - you want one of your first actions in total control of the legislative branch to be to raise the net tax bill of poor Americans so that you can really stick it to those "moochers" and "takers."

The Democrats didn't do much better, not just for the reasons I stated above but because they offered an agenda that doesn't help most Americans. A higher minimum wage is great for the small slice of the country whose wages are so low that it would actually make a difference for them. Is a middle-aged family with kids supposed to be swayed by the prospect of cheaper, easier access to birth control?
12  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Which American major political party would Iosif Stalin identify with? on: November 26, 2014, 11:19:04 pm
Communist Party USA, 1939

I'll admit I am rather fond of the relief portrait of Lincoln in the Socialist Realist style.
13  General Politics / Individual Politics / Opinion of this Suburban White Kid's Account of the Ferguson Riots on: November 26, 2014, 11:17:21 pm

I'm seriously wondering if this guy is a Forum member.

St. Charles would never rebel for any lofty ideal – not in a million years. Even now, a few years removed, away from it in college, I still find it a charmless den of suburban starch and shopping plazas. If people around St. Charles would ever protest, it would be over cable bills.

Pasty white, but shrouded, had I not had internet access, I would've been lost in the darkness forever.

I'm a 22-year-old straight white male from the processed petty bourgeoisie of racist suburbia. I can only observe the monster from a distance when it leaps out of the darkness to devour its victims.

On the wrecked property of an American corporation—the worst killer in human history, the worst looter ever known, and the greatest threat to life on the planet— were a mother and son demanding social justice through art. I don't yet have the ability to articulate the joy this brought me, as grim as the events that led to it might have been.

The last quote was referring to a QuickTrip convenience store. Yes, a QuickTrip. Not a carbon-spewing Koch Industries factory. Not a Bangladeshi garment sweatshop. Not a sinister Monsanto science lab. The place where you buy mediocre donuts and bucket-sized cups of soda while filling up your car.

One day later, Nixon, the coward, ordered a curfew. I read about it with a mix of delight and disgust. Disgusted with the violation of basic human rights, but delighted with the guarantee that I'd finally see the beast with my own eyes.

White college student full of self-loathing and postmodern internal commentary hates an old white guy named Nixon. What year is it?

I raised my hands in unison with protesters chanting "hands up, don't shoot!". Though I was there for journalistic reasons, I have long believed that journalistic objectivity is destructive, mythical bullsh**t. Besides, I'm proud to be biased against police state brutality. Every journalist, by virtue of their profession, should defy unjust power, which, by virtue of its nature, is allergic to the truth.

Send in the guillotines!

Our Hero, who risked his life to atone for our collective White sins:

14  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Why didn't the Democrats run more aggressively on the economy this year? on: November 26, 2014, 10:59:06 pm
Unemployment continues to go down; the stock market is charging ahead at breakneck pace; inflation hasn't gotten out of control as the goldbugs have been insisting for the past five years that it would. Why didn't the Democrats make this a selling point in the midterms? Republicans insist that America under Obama is a job-killing, anticapitalist totalitarian state even as some of the largest IPOs in history have happened and an energy boom is fueling exactly the sort of well-paying blue collar jobs both parties make such a fetish of - and making red state millionaires richer in the process.

Things aren't perfect. Wages have basically been flat. A broad swath of the country still hasn't made up lost ground in their personal balance sheets - they lost a large chunk of their house-derived wealth and they missed the boat on the bull market in equities.

But things weren't perfect when Ronald Reagan ran on Morning in America in 1984. He had gotten inflation under control and cut taxes for millions of Americans. But the Rust Belt was hemorrhaging jobs; the Upper Midwest was beginning to fall victim to falling crop prices and urban life had taken on a disturbing, post-apocalyptic air in many northern cities.

Why aren't the Democrats willing to unapologetically say that things are going well - even when they aren't for one hundred percent of the country (which is all the time)?
15  General Politics / Political Geography & Demographics / Re: Scottish and Orange Irish Ancestry on: November 26, 2014, 10:40:00 pm
Trying to apply a strict genetic test to WASP-hood, which is a sociocultural construct never used by the people to whom it is applied, is futile.

If one must be of non-Catholic British Isles descent to be a WASP, must one also be wealthy? Must one have attended an Ivy League school? Would a strong liberal arts college like Amherst or Swarthmore be acceptable? Is there a minimum net worth requirement?

Would the du Pont family of Delaware qualify as WASPs? They are of Huguenot French, rather than English, stock, and they came to America in the early 19th century, which is "late" compared to the colonial Mayflower settlers. Same story with the Rockefellers, who are of German ancestry and came to America well after the Revolutionary War.
16  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Opinion of naming your child Jesus on: November 26, 2014, 10:00:48 pm
it's almost exclusively a Hispanic thing, and supposedly dates back to the Moorish occupation.  the Moors had plenty of Mohammeds, so the Christianized Spanish responded by naming their kids Jesus.

Another odd legacy of Muslim Andalusia is the Spanish surname Mahomes - it means "son of Mohammed" (Mahoma being the Spanish version of Mohammed).
17  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Opinion of Mark Levin on: November 26, 2014, 12:57:19 am
Even if his views weren't terrible, his voice would still make him an auto-HP.

The first time I heard Mark Levin on the radio, I honestly thought someone was doing a subdued Gilbert Gottfried impression.
18  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Opinion of Miles on: November 26, 2014, 12:55:25 am

Will most likely go down in history books as the only person to be elected to public office in both Louisiana and North Carolina.
19  General Politics / Political Debate / An alternative to mandatory voting on: November 26, 2014, 12:10:45 am
What if when tabulating votes, all registered voters who did not vote were included in the total results as simply "Not Voting"?

The winner would still be first past the post, but it would take the wind out of the sails of politicians who like to describe their election as some sort of mandate when less than half of their constituents even showed up.
20  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Will the world see the likes of Lincoln, TR, FDR, Churchill ever again? on: November 25, 2014, 11:57:35 pm
Would any of them be seen as so great if they weren't all leaders during horrible conflicts (with possible exception of TR). Let's hope we never have another war that tests our leaders like that.

Yes, instead let's hope for more wars that leave our leaders discredited and unpopular, like basically every war that has come after World War II.
21  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Opinion of these guys I just saw on: November 25, 2014, 11:39:28 pm
I live in Houston. Our county sheriff is a Hispanic Democrat and I would venture to guess most of the cops I see out and about aren't white. The last time I got pulled over (for an expired inspection tag) the cop was Vietnamese.
22  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: Do you think Mitt Romney could be the GOP's 2016 nominee? on: November 25, 2014, 10:55:04 pm
Strong chance that by the time we get to the "crashing and burning" stage, most of the relevant filing deadlines will have past, and it'll be too late to enter the race.

As I've said before, I guarantee he or someone working on his behalf will have a slew of lawyers on retainer ready to get him on however many state ballots he'd need to get enough delegates to convince the unpledged ones to switch to him at or before the convention. That will be the Break Glass in Case of Emergency scenario.
23  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: Does Chris McDaniel have a political future? on: November 25, 2014, 12:39:11 am
If wicker or Cochran retires, yes.

Have you seen his favorables as of late? McDaniel could probably make it out of a crowded primary, but he would probably lose to whatever Democrat he faces.
Barring a Jim Hood run or an utter democratic tsunami, I don't see MS electing a democrat, though McDaniel's margin wouldn't be anything to tout. It's just too conservative of a state.

Why doesn't he do this? MS's off-year election cycle means he could still run for reelection as AG later.
24  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson case (Announcement tonight) on: November 24, 2014, 11:57:47 pm
I'm avoiding this story for multitude of reasons EXCEPT this common point bugs me:

If you're going to riot and burn things, why would you do it to your own town?

It is NOT their OWN town, their OWN community. They don't actually own it. They don't own homes, they don't own businesses, many of them have to take public transportation. They don't pay property taxes. Ferguson, MO is just a place they happen to be stuck living in, not their own community.

That's why it's not that hard to imagine why people there would be so comfortable in destroying it.

They are destroying rented homes, rented businesses, and rioting on rented streets. No liability to them.

If you want a black community that isn't prone to "destroying their own community in riots" you need to give them opportunity for their own communities first.

Don't most businesses in most non-rural communities rent the property they use?

I think the point is they aren't "locally" owned. You've got corporate chains like Walmart and McDonald's. Probably some convenience stores and check cashing places whose owners are likely Asians or absentee whites. As far as businesses owned by people who are "from the community" I doubt there are many apart from perhaps the local barbershop or car repair place.
25  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Grand jury reaches decision in Ferguson case (Announcement tonight) on: November 24, 2014, 11:19:23 pm
I didn't realize Darren Wilson was only 28. For some reason I assumed he was at least 40.

I would have expected better from a Millennial.
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