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March 28, 2015, 12:45:25 pm
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1  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / U.S. Presidential Election Results / Re: Last time a VP delivered a state on: March 27, 2015, 07:57:23 pm
In 2008 Alaska would've been a lot closer had it not been for Palin.
2  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: I Just Want To Be Dead on: March 26, 2015, 02:42:37 pm
My advice?

Get a Netflix subscription and watch all eleven seasons of Cheers.
Hands down best advice I've gotten.
3  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: I Just Want To Be Dead on: March 25, 2015, 11:11:35 pm
If they were real friends then they wouldn't treat you that way. You can always make new friends. I made more friends and met much more interesting people after high school. Forget that girl, she's not your responsibility. You'll meet lots of girls after high school. Just focus on your own work and keep your head up, and you'll survive Smiley

This is exactly my thoughts as well. I know it's tough to think about right now, but you can do it Smiley
I want to so bad. I've tried. But no one else cares and I'm scared if I don't then she'll end up in a very bad place. The feelings I had for her were the realist I've ever felt for anyone, and I'm just trying to be a real friend. One that's got his head up your ass when you need it but don't want it.
4  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Election What-ifs? / Re: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread on: March 25, 2015, 11:00:58 pm
Ted Cruz Announcement
"My friends, we've accomplished so much in just the few short weeks we've been in the race. What began as a small campaign has blossomed into a full grassroots machine that's vaulted us to the top of the polls and consciousness of the American people. But I'm sad to announce that I must withdraw from the race for President because my father has been diagnosed with cancer. I shall endorse the only true and proven conservative, my colleague Senator Rand Paul. For me this campaign must come to an end. But for all those in the movement, our cause shall live.
5  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: I Just Want To Be Dead on: March 25, 2015, 10:54:10 pm
I had a group of friends and we all hung out with each other. Then around September I started catching feelings for one of my female friends and we started getting close. We'd go out to eat alone sometimes & I'd occasionally buy her food. Well our other friends started getting jealous and started making jokes about us and how she had me "whipped". It eventually escalated on Halloween to her telling the school administration because we couldn't do anything or go anywhere without hearing their jokes and comments. This resulted in them hating us. The girl decided to dual enroll at the local colleges so she wouldn't have to deal with our old friends. But I had to stay and now I'm bullied repeatedly and consistently excluded from any plans they make (and we have all our classes together so I hear them talking). And they make jokes about how I'm not invited. So I basically lost all my friends because I fell in love with a girl.

While this is happening I confessed my feelings to the girl on October 7th and she said she didn't know how she felt (she had a boyfriend at the time but they were having issues). Until Halloween things weren't as bad for me. I wasn't as bothered by the jokes as she was because some of them were kinda funny (they called me the Minority Whip bc I'm black and whipped) and I love funny. Well after she told I was completely marginalized and my only friend was her. She and her boyfriend broke up around Thanksgiving and I tried to find out how she felt about "us". She repeatedly said she didn't know. She went to visit her mom for the Christmas holidays and so was out of town. Then on December 26th I saw her at the movies with another guy and I was furious. She hadn't even told me she was  back yet. So the night after that we talk again and I ask her point-blank would we ever date and she agin said she didn't know and hadn't thought about it. Well she's hot and newly single so all the guys are trying to get with her and I notice and am jealous. A week later I text her again trying to get a handle on what our relationship is and she tells me that she'd "repeatedly said we weren't happening and I was delusional". I'm pissed and tell her she was leading me on and we argue for a while and agree to stay friends.

Our former friends hear about it and now use every opportunity they can to make a joke about what happened to me because it's sooooo funny.

Well when we get back to school she's only there for 1 period so I'm basically alone. We make plans repeatedly and she always backs out of them at the last minute, sometimes without even telling me. Even though she's treating me like that I still care about her and help her pass her college classes. Then Friday our counselor tells me she hasn't been coming to class (she only needs 1st period science to graduate) and is failing with a 60. I keep trying to get her to come to class and she won't. So I'm stressing about her and getting her to come come to school so she can graduate. But she's being stubborn. Then tonight I talked to her and she says she no longer wants anything more to do with me and a thought finally sunk in:

I gave up my friends for a girl. The girl became my only friend. Said girl led me on and broke my heart. Then she left me so now I'm alone, repeatedly mad fun of for what happened, and stressed out because I'm scared she's ruining her future. It sounds so stupid saying it out loud because I've never had anyone to talk to about it.
6  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: I Just Want To Be Dead on: March 25, 2015, 10:24:55 pm
How has senior year been treating you?  I take it not great.  Sad
It was supposed to be great and it all went downhill and it's all my fault.
7  Forum Community / Forum Community / I Just Want To Be Dead on: March 25, 2015, 10:13:37 pm
Things would be so much easier. My life's been hell the last 6 months and I don't see it getting better,. I've tried to hang on til graduation because maybe then it'd get better but it's not. I just wish i could die right now
8  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: 538 Republican Presidential Odds: Bush, Walker, and Rubio at the top on: March 25, 2015, 02:07:10 am
Why anyone would want to be Vice President is beyond me.
9  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Primary Election Polls / Re: MT-Gravis: Clinton very weak, 3-way tie in GOP primary on: March 24, 2015, 08:46:31 pm
This poll also has Bullock, the most popular elected official in the state sans Schweitzer, as at best tied for reelection.
10  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: What does Ted Cruz really want? on: March 24, 2015, 08:22:52 pm
He wants to win. Him winning the nomination is not too far out of the realm of possibility and I don't know why you guys are in such denial of that. Ted Cruz is smart, he talks the talk of conservatives and can speak to those that don't agree with him without sounding stupid or scary (if he wants to). He has the Tea Party constituency locked up and is aiming to take over the Religious Right too. If he gets those two combined then he can match the size of the Establishment. He can compete.
11  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Who do you support in Georgia Tech vs. University of Georgia? on: March 24, 2015, 01:38:20 am
UGA? Tech is for the rich and snobby.
12  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Opinion of Rick Perry on: March 24, 2015, 01:26:04 am
Seems like a nice and well meaning guy, so lean personal FF but overwhelmingly negative political HP.
13  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Election What-ifs? / Re: 2016 and beyond... on: March 23, 2015, 04:07:12 pm
Sherrod Brown
14  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: Cruz to announce presidential candidacy on Monday on: March 22, 2015, 12:26:57 am
I think you guys are seriously underestimating Cruz. Of all the candidates with a chance, save maybe Paul, he has the most devoted supporters.
15  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Can someone not a lawyer become a prominent U.S. Politician, or even President? on: March 21, 2015, 10:15:13 pm
Rand Paul is an optomologist
16  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Opinion of South Park's depiction of Canadians on: March 20, 2015, 04:12:48 pm
It's pretty funny, guy

I'm not your guy, friend.

Freedom Depiction, of course.

also inb4 BRTD
I'm not your friend, pal.
17  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Senator Previous Poster is Most Like on: March 19, 2015, 04:15:26 pm
18  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: What do you think that the other side does well? on: March 19, 2015, 04:14:53 pm
Lying to get what the want.
19  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Loretta Lynch's confirmation, 2015 on: March 19, 2015, 04:14:06 pm
No (D). Her stances on civil forfeiture and drug decriminalization outweigh her qualifications. If POTUS was gonna have his nominee held up then he should've gone for one with balls that hang to the left.
20  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Favourite latest post by previous poster on: March 17, 2015, 06:34:08 pm
Who are you?
21  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: Rothenberg Early Presidential Ratings on: March 15, 2015, 02:55:58 pm
Put Minnesota to likely D. The Republicans cant contest it at any time.
22  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Favorite anthem on: March 15, 2015, 11:15:11 am
23  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Election What-ifs? / Re: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread on: March 15, 2015, 12:49:50 am
"My fellow Republicans, it has come to my attention that a few of my fellows have begun attacking each other. This kind of behavior will get us nowhere and cannot be tolerated. If we look back to the past we can easily see that the practice of scorched earth politics has only increased partisanship in our great nation. And it has also lead to weak Republican Nominees.

A great man and an even greater leader put forth the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak I'll of any fellow Republican. That was President Ronald Reagan, and following that rule he won the largest electoral landslides in US history. If all you can do is knockdown your competitors you have no place in this race. We need ideas. We need leadership. We need bold vision.

We get it. Political dynasties are bad. Flip-flopping is wrong. But there's got to be more than just beating each other over the head with these attacks. Train your fire on the true opposition: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party. If we can show the American people the folly of their policies, it won't matter what your last name is or if you've changed your position on immigration. As long as you've got an "R" next to your name then you'll have the support needed to get to 270.

We are One Party. We are One Nation. We are One People. All of us pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, all of us defending the Constitution. We are Republicans. And it's darn time we started acting like it"
24  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: In "Atlas Forum: The Movie" which actor would portray the previous poster? on: March 13, 2015, 12:08:55 am
Mel Gibson
25  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Election What-ifs? / Re: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread on: March 12, 2015, 08:55:43 pm
You guys are really so original.
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