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December 19, 2014, 06:32:58 pm
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News: Don't forget to get your 2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements and Predictions in!

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1  General Politics / Individual Politics / Re: Opinion of Tom Wolf on: December 14, 2014, 11:23:17 pm
Successful bearded politician = Automatic FF
2  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: MT-Gov: AG Tim Fox not running on: December 11, 2014, 07:43:43 pm
Good. I like Bullock.
3  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Election What-ifs? / Re: 2016 and Onward: The Redux on: December 06, 2014, 03:41:26 pm
How did a conservative Democrat beat a young minority progressive former Congressman in a majority-minority district with Presidential level turnout in Nevada?
4  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: What % of the black Republican vote would Cain or Carson win in the primaries? on: December 03, 2014, 05:51:16 am
A more interesting question would be: What percentage of the black vote would Carson win in the general election?
I suspect that the answer to that question would be - above 30%.

Are you crazy ?

Carson would not get more than the average White Republican got.

Tim Scott for example did not get more than 10% in SC this year.

It is well known that a lot of black Republicans voted for Obama. I don't know the percentage, but I think it's close to 30%.
Why wouldn't the opposite be true?

Because there aren't a lot of black Republicans in existence. Republicans get, at most, around 10% of the Black vote. Obama's candidacy dropped that down to around 7% or so. Ironically, I think the best candidate to compete for black votes would be a white candidate, Rand Paul.
5  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: Who would be the strongest non-Hillary female nominee for the Democrats? on: December 02, 2014, 04:12:24 pm
I feel like Gillibrand is the strongest potentially. She'd likely suffer from endless Hillary comparisons though.
6  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: When you search your forum name in Google images, what odd things do you see? on: December 02, 2014, 03:48:05 pm
7  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Why didn't the Democrats run more aggressively on the economy this year? on: November 26, 2014, 11:04:31 pm
Third Way circlejerks are gonna say people aren't feeling it. People aren't feeling it because we haven't been shoving "Obama's saved the economy" down the throats of voters like Republicans have been pushing "Obama sucks". Basically, Democrats don't know how messaging works and are weak.
8  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: GOP Mulls Not Inviting Obama to Give State of the Union on: November 26, 2014, 06:53:58 pm
I have mixed feelings.  The Kantian in me disapproves.  The Jeffersonian approves.  

What do we really get out of it?  I think it is mostly a drinking game, and I wonder if it really has any other practical application besides being mostly a drinking game.  I think it's unfortunate if the narrow-minded members of the Republican congress are the ones who end the tradition, but I'm not altogether against ending it.  I guess I would prefer if it were the president himself who ended the tradition. 

"The state of the union is strong..."  (applause)  "It is the citizens of this great nation, the greatest nation there ever was, that makes it strong..."  (applause)  "We will make Washington a better place..." (applause)  Rah!  Rah!  Rah!  Go USA.  We're number one  (applause)  Thank you and God Bless America.  (applause)

I would much prefer that the congress and the president actually work for a living, rather than making soundbites.  I just wish it was Obama who ended it, and that would please the Jeffersonian in me.  But if some unnamed GOP operatives are putting out (for political reasons) in a little-read publication to see if it gets any traction, and if the tradition ends that way, it will have been for the wrong reasons, and that offends the Kantian in me.

The SOTU needs an overhaul, but I thought it was Constitutionally mandated that "the President shall report to Congress on the state of the union" or something like that.
9  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: poll with potential 2016 US Senate candidates in California on: November 25, 2014, 07:08:08 pm
Angelina Jolie is included but not George Clooney? There's actually been rumblings of him running and he's always wanted to be in the Senate. And him getting married earlier this year makes it more likely.

First choice would be him, but if not I could go for Garcetti, Harris, or Newsom.
10  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Opinion of Dixie Reborn on: November 24, 2014, 11:39:44 pm
FF fuh havin' da balls tuh say what alla us wuz thinkin'.
11  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Would you support President Preceding Poster taking dictator executive actions? on: November 24, 2014, 10:45:09 pm
12  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb launches exploratory committee! on: November 20, 2014, 08:16:59 pm
His immigration position being a "concern" is a bit of an understatement, considering how dependent among Latinos the Democratic coalition has become.

Not if they can win back the white working class.

Yeah, and the GOP would have a permanent majority if they could win back blacks.

Webb can win back whites.
For the GOP to win back blacks, the generation of blacks that were activists at the time of the Civil Rights Act would have to die out first.

Based on what? Obama outperformed Webb in Virginia twice.

Just because you're a white Southern male doesn't make you suddenly appeal to working class whites (see: Gore, Al).
You've got a point, but in Gore's defense, this was his opponent:
13  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: What do you think God is? on: November 18, 2014, 11:19:51 pm
Morgan Freeman
14  General Politics / U.S. General Discussion / Re: Here comes Obama's impeachment on: November 17, 2014, 09:59:36 am
If Obama forces amnesty on us, why shouldn't they begin impeachment proceedings?

We are not a dictatorship. His goal is to single-handedly and permanently alter the country's demographics.

Not to mention he should be impeached for countless reasons. The spy scandal, the IRS scandal, Benghazi coverup, Fast & Furious, Gruber/Obamacare, the list goes on

Forcing conservatives to obey tax laws and pay what they owe to Uncle Sam is an impeachable offense?

If it is under extra scrutiny, then yes

So you're admitting you think conservatives should be above the law.

No I'm saying they should just pay their taxes and be onward like everyone else. If romney was president and the IRS was targeting Liberal groups for extra auditing and such, you'd be up in arms. Oh wait, you probably hate guns
So we wouldn't be up in arms...
15  Presidential Elections - Analysis and Discussion / 2016 U.S. Presidential Election / Re: DEMOCRATS ONLY: Who would you vote for in the primary? on: November 14, 2014, 03:35:36 pm

I like Warren, but the right would far and feather her far too easily. I feel like if she was from any state BUT Massachussetts, she'd be a fine candidate.
16  Forum Community / Off-topic Board / Re: Opinion of Pocahontas on: November 08, 2014, 11:29:14 pm
Good movie, but hard to live up to The Lion King that preceded it and The Hunchback of Notre Dame that immediately followed.
17  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: 2014 US Congressional Election Results on: November 04, 2014, 10:12:10 pm
Do you think Perdue can avoid a runoff?

He is doing it now. 

Atlanta isn't in yet. 
Waiting on Fulton Co.
18  Election Archive / 2014 Gubernatorial Election Polls / Re: NH: Rasmussen: Hassan not in danger on: November 02, 2014, 11:39:38 pm
Spot the outlier.

They include partisan polls in the average?
19  Election Archive / 2014 Senatorial Election Polls / Re: Sullivan edges Begich in final PPP Alaska poll on: November 02, 2014, 11:38:37 pm
This is probably good news for Sullivan, considering the fact that the GOP is always underestimated in this state.
I think it's more an underestimation of incumbents than overestimation of democrats.
20  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: Georgia's Very Own Megathread! on: October 28, 2014, 07:16:57 pm
Quick question guys. I turn 18 on the 15th of November, which is about a week after the General Election. If I register to vote, am I allowed to vote in the run-offs?
21  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: How would you feel if the previous poster was your next-door neighbor? on: October 23, 2014, 07:23:56 pm
There would be a lot of parties on my street and it'd be great.
22  Forum Community / Forum Community / Re: Which Flame Warrior is the preceding poster? on: October 20, 2014, 02:44:10 pm
Toxic granny
23  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Gubernatorial/Statewide Elections / Re: What did Mark Udall and John Hickenlooper wrong? on: October 18, 2014, 03:36:27 pm
Cory Gardner is a very, very good liar, and the media has not called him out on it.
This, and Udall has run a one-issue campaign. Gardner basically lied on all his positions and ran as a moderate while the media wrote about how much of a horserace Colorado was.
24  Other Elections - Analysis and Discussion / Congressional Elections / Re: VA: Gillespie canceling his ads, apparently out of money on: October 16, 2014, 10:14:28 pm
Warner is still running ads though. In fact I've seen one 3x. And I live in freaking Georgia!
25  Forum Community / Forum Community Election Match-ups / Re: Badger vs Keystone Phil on: October 14, 2014, 08:06:31 pm
Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger...
Mushroom, mushroom
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