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May 03, 2016, 11:29:53 am
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News: Election 2016 predictions are now open!.

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 on: Today at 11:26:16 am 
Started by Mr. Morden - Last post by Holmes
Why is Biden on this at all? The Democrats have even less of a chance of having a brokered convention than the GOP, even with Sanders surviving as long as he has.

People trying to make money on a possible Clinton indictment and the party giving it to Biden.

 on: Today at 11:21:21 am 
Started by marty - Last post by libertpaulian
I've heard people on Atlas suggest that the Democrats should abandon environmentalism in order to appeal to West Virginia. Seriously.
Not just West Virginia, but also to make sure that they keep a firm, solid grip on PA and OH, and possibly win back KY.  Considering the Sun Belt is trending D, adding Coal Country to the D column only further complicates things for the GOP.

 on: Today at 11:17:49 am 
Started by youngohioan216 - Last post by whitesox130
Can we not make this thread into a debate on abortion?

 on: Today at 11:17:43 am 
Started by FreePhoenix - Last post by Bigby
Nevada's a swing state, but I guess I'll go with them.

 on: Today at 11:15:49 am 
Started by Thinking Crumpets Crumpet - Last post by Bigby
We Tea Partiers Now.

 on: Today at 11:15:23 am 
Started by Thinking Crumpets Crumpet - Last post by Bigby
I don't get drunk often since I'm kind of a lightweight, but I do love beer and whiskey. Blue Moon and Whiskey and Coke are my favorites. I'm also a fan of moonshine.

 on: Today at 11:14:34 am 
Started by Figueira - Last post by Figueira
I think Ted should be considered innocent until he actually hits the child.

It seems a bit far fetched otherwise.

I mean, he has admitting to hitting his own children. But who cares about them?

 on: Today at 11:12:20 am 
Started by Grumps - Last post by angus
I did not know Americans divided mustard into brown and yellow

I didn't either.  I suspect most people didn't, but when that grumpy old bastard made the poll it was immediately obvious to me, and I suspect to others, that he meant either the French's style or the Gulden's style.  It's like, "now that you mention it..." even though we never really thought conscientiously before of subcategorizing mustard in this way.

Note:  yellow mustard is actually yellow, but "brown" mustard is only brown the way "red-haired" people have red hair.  In other words, it's not really brown, but more of a babyshit yellow, or maybe a '74 Mercury Comet yellow.  Yellow mustard is made for potato salad.  There is really no substitute for it in potato salad, and potato salad without yellow mustard is not good potato salad.  "Brown" mustard, on the other hand, is versatile, and is good on steak tips, sandwiches, and hot dogs.  My sister even likes it on French fries.  I'll do it too in a pinch, although I prefer mayonnaise on fries.

I have also seen people putting mustard on pretzels, as has been mentioned, but I haven't tried it myself.  A good pretzel should not need basking, although when I get old and my teeth start to fall out I will probably start experimenting with condiments on pretzels.  I think I'd start with a hearty black Chinkiang vinegar for that purpose.

 on: Today at 11:11:44 am 
Started by Phony Moderate - Last post by Thomas from NJ
Scottish Parliament:

1999 - Constituency - Conservative, Region - ProLife Alliance
2003 - Constituency - Conservative, Region - ProLife Alliance
2007 - Constituency - Scottish Christian Party, Region - Scottish Christian Party
2011 - Constituency - Scottish Christian Party, Region - Scottish Christian Party

Welsh Assembly:

1999 - Constituency - Conservative, Region - Conservative
2003 - Constituency - ProLife Alliance, Region - BNP
2007 - Constituency - UKIP, Region - Welsh Christian Party
2011 - Constituency - BNP, Region - Welsh Christian Party

Northern Ireland Assembly (post-GFA only):

1998: DUP
2003: DUP
2007: DUP
2011: TUV

 on: Today at 11:11:35 am 
Started by White Light - Last post by Figueira
I can confirm for a fact that he isnt a sock. I personally know the kid as he went to my school up until January.

Did you introduce him to the forum or something?

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