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October 25, 2014, 09:29:56 am
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News: Atlas Hardware Upgrade complete October 13, 2013.

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 on: Today at 09:26:14 am 
Started by wormyguy - Last post by Invisible Obama
I really hope that Martha can shut these haters down.

 on: Today at 09:25:35 am 
Started by sg0508 - Last post by sg0508
This really has the chance to be an exciting Election Night.  Look at how many close races there are across the country for control of the Senate, the House and in the statehouses.  We also see the minority parties with some big chances to pickup seats not only in the House (MA/HI for example for the GOP) but also in the Senate (GA/KY for the Democrats). 

I have a feeling there will be a large number of races remaining uncalled through the night, with a minimal number of "poll-closing" calls. 

It also remains to be seen whether the GOP completely sweeps the Senate this year and some of the big Gubernatorial races, or whether again, Democrats find a way to mitigate the losses and even steal a few races of their own. 

I'm psyched

 on: Today at 09:22:13 am 
Started by NE Caretaker Griffin - Last post by ZuWo
Windjammer has probably hit his ceiling in the Mideast. I'd be amazed if he actually won.

Windjammer is turning out his voters very well, no doubt, and can only be applauded for that.
I'm no longer a Mideast citizen so the outcome of this race doesn't really affect me but I admit it is painful to see how this election is unfolding. I have been directly involved in several regional elections with high turnout and what is being presented to us right now is a chapter of the textbook titled "What to do to make sure Labor wins a pretty safe conservative/libertarian seat".

I could elaborate on that in detail but I guess anyone who looks at the current vote tally and the flow of preferences can easily notice what's going wrong in such a fundamental way.


Where was this complaining when the Federalist Reich profitted greatly from the massive inactivity that plagued the region?  Or are you just mad now that voters are now actually getting involved with the process they are turning out in larger numbers?

I admit, I certainly could do more to help the activity problem (so far my activity has been a bit disappointing Sad) but let's not act like you guys are asking for this.  The Mideast Federalist Party has quickly become a joke, as you can tell with them supporting fascists in the regional legislature, trying to declare themselves in control of said legislature even though they were strongly rebuked last election, and now Democratic Republicans refusing to bow down and play second fiddle to what is clearly a reactionary authoritarian party.

I cannot speak for many others, but in this election I voted against the years of Federalist representation, not for Labor.

Just remember, you deserved this.

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. I'm simply criticizing the center-right in the Mideast for blowing an easily winnable election. I don't know whether the reason for the current state of affairs is a lack of an organized GOTV effort on the right or personal reasons, but it has always been common sense in the Mideast that the center-right only wins if conservatives and libertarians work together. This is clearly not happening at the moment as many votes right of the center are split and wasted but that's obviously not the left's fault.

 on: Today at 09:22:03 am 
Started by sg0508 - Last post by sg0508
1) Youth vote turnout
2) Hispanic turnout
3) Disappointing GOP turnout, even though CO has early voting
4) A slight, slight coattail effect from Hickenlooper, who likely will outpoll Udall by 2-3 points from the polls we seem
5) Something else

This could be a race in which we really don't know what the biggest factor is and thus, overall turnout could just be the "it" factor that decides the outcome.

 on: Today at 09:21:26 am 
Started by SJoyce - Last post by Tender Branson
Joke poll.

But this and the other new one likely show that Sullivan is not walking away with it and Begich (like Udall and Braley) have the potential to kick the pollsters and pundits asses on election day with a surprise win.

Heck, this mid-term would be really interesting and competetive right now if Schweitzer and Herseth-Sandlin jumped in in MT and SD, with only WV being a lost cause.

 on: Today at 09:19:48 am 
Started by Torie - Last post by jimrtex
Yes, if someone files a lawsuit, the weights would have to be changed pending the next election (which will take a lot of time and some money (they won't just accept your numbers), resulting very probably in no change in any council vote outcome. That won't happen. It's all sound and fury signifying nothing. And if the Firemens' Home is not split, and there is a close election, because the nursing home folks (some of them), voted in the wrong ward, then there will be a lawsuit. Yes, if the lines could be changed without referendum, they should be, but alas the Council on its own cannot change them. Again, on this matter, the city is trapped. What needs to be done is get all of this on the ballot for the next election, probably via the petition route. Then everything can be fixed.  Stay tuned.
The Common Council has an affirmative obligation to follow the city charter, state law, and US Constitution.

The current plan violates the New York Municipal Home Law.

"i.)  The  plan  shall  provide substantially equal weight for all the voters of that local government in the allocation of  representation  in  the local legislative body."

"(c.)  As  used  in  this subparagraph the term "population" shall mean
  residents, citizens, or registered voters. A population base for such  a
  plan  of  apportionment shall utilize the latest statistical information
  obtainable from an official enumeration done at the same  time  for  all
  the  residents,  citizens, or registered voters of the local government.
  Such a plan may allocate, by extrapolation or any other rational method,
  such latest statistical information to representation areas or units  of
  local  government, provided that any plan containing such an allocation
  shall have annexed thereto as an appendix, a detailed explanation of the

The Common Council will avoid any lawsuit about the Firemen's Home by declaring that for electoral purposes that it is entirely west of the projected ward boundary.

Do any current registrations for the residents of the Firemen's Home contain a room number?

You have studiously avoided the issue of the two houses on Clinton, that are north of the end of 5th Street.  Or are you still trying to determine which point in these houses that the inhabitants reside in?  Remember, that you have to provide both a current location, and a location on April 1, 2010.   If a resident of a split house were to be elected alderman, would he have to resign whenever he eats in the kitchen.   Are you going to dock his salary whenever he goes to the bathroom in another ward within his house?

Torie's standard is arbitrary and capricious and denies equal protection to the residents of the Firemen's Home and the two houses on Clinton.  It also is in violation of the 26th Amendment.

The City of Hudson may resolve ambiguity in the charter by passing a resolution.   It does not change the ward boundaries by declaring that the Firemen's Home is west of the boundary.

Should I send my spreadsheet with the revised voting weights to you or to the city directly?

 on: Today at 09:11:38 am 
Started by Ljube - Last post by 5280
Instead of worrying about the EC, just make Hillary Clinton drop out of the race in 2016?

 on: Today at 09:11:36 am 
Started by RogueBeaver - Last post by Tender Branson
Keating is one of the most accurate pollsters in CO.

Click on Lief's quote and read the thread.

 on: Today at 09:11:22 am 
Started by Frodo - Last post by Holmes
I'm pretty sure white skin comes from the Neanderthals. Homo sapiens are naturally black.

Well, maybe. Kind of. Also the fact that the amount of melanin required in your skin to survive the sun in northern Europe and Asia is much less than if you're living in Africa or anywhere along the Equator. So over many generations, the bodies of people living in those areas started producing less melanin pigments in their skin, and caused them to become white.

I think it's more accurate to say facial structure among different races was caused (in part) by interspecies breeding.

 on: Today at 09:03:24 am 
Started by ChanDan - Last post by Christmas Bushie 2014
January 6 when Georgia's runoff election occurs.

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