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January 16, 2017, 05:54:41 am
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News: Election 2016 predictions are now open!.

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 on: Today at 05:40:05 am 
Started by Jerseyrules - Last post by IceAgeComing
If you're dedicated enough to vote only for Yabloko before 2011 you'd have voted for them in 2011 especially considering that A Just Russia is a manufactured party supported by the Kremlin to get left-wing voters to not vote for the Communists or the Democratic parties.

 on: Today at 05:34:46 am 
Started by k-onmmunist - Last post by IceAgeComing
Intell, you've put down the FDP as one of your options as well so that could apply to you as well Tongue.  I'm actually intrigued why you'd vote for them in only that election and no other, really sticks out.

I don't know exactly (and I might update this when I've had time to think): but I think that before the 80s I'd have been a firm SPD supporter (maybe the USPD in 1919 and 1920); since then it'd depend on the nature of the leadership and the candidates but I'd probably flit between the SPD (always SPD on the constituency vote), the Greens and Linke.  I'm not an expert on historic German politics though, so...

 on: Today at 05:19:49 am 
Started by peterthlee - Last post by peterthlee
Any left wingers and/or socialists in the pro-Beijing camp?
At this stage, no.
TBH, I'm actually a hardcore pro-Beijing socialist advocate, and I would strongly oppose a John Tsang candidacy - he is a old financial guard who has a big mouth, more said than done. No tax rebates, bureaucracy ensues, prompting himself to be a popular contender...heck, no more electoral tactics please.
My wordings might be harsh, and John Tsang somewhat kindly receives public grievances - however, I need to spell out the truth. He is a good listener, but a horrible doer.

 on: Today at 05:05:52 am 
Started by peterthlee - Last post by Intell
Any left wingers and/or socialists in the pro-Beijing camp?

 on: Today at 05:03:56 am 
Started by LongLiveRock - Last post by Jacobin American
Several days ago the person who I liked came out to the world as a trans guy. Surprisingly, his parents were accepting of him.

That's great his parents were so accepting of him! I know that's quite a rare thing for parents to be so understanding of something like that. Do you know if he likes you back?

 on: Today at 04:59:28 am 
Started by Crumpets - Last post by BuckeyeNut
I've seen Obama at big rallies twice (once in '08 after the primary, and once in '12) and shook Bill's hand in '08 when he was campaigning for Hillary. Was once in a very small room with Biden during a fundraiser.

 on: Today at 04:53:43 am 
Started by Kalwejt - Last post by ERM64man
This is the one that always comes to my mind:

Herman Talmadge (1957-1981) -- defeated for re-election
Mack Mattingly (1981-1987) -- defeated for re-election
Wyche Fowler (1987-1993) -- won a plurality in November 1992, but defeated in run-off
Paul Coverdell (1993-2000) -- re-elected; died suddenly at age 61
Zell Miller (2000-2005) -- appointed, then won special election; did not seek election to full term

Johnny Isakson is about to become the first person in decades to serve two full terms from this seat
Isakson might resign due to Parkinson's disease.

Missouri, Class 1

John Ashcroft (1995-2001) - retired and appointed US Attorney General
Jean Carnahan (2001-2002) - appointed to replace her husband, Mel Carnahan, who was elected to the seat in 2000 but died in a plane crash before he could take office; defeated when she ran for election
Jim Talent (2002-2007) - won against incumbent Jean Carnahan; defeated in 2006
Claire McCaskill (2007-present) - elected 2 times; might lose in 2018

 on: Today at 04:44:45 am 
Started by peterthlee - Last post by peterthlee
Beijing approved Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor (I) and John Tsang Chun-wah (I)'s resignation at 14:00 HKT, 16/1/2017.
In light of this, Lam announced her bid at 17:00 HKT at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

 on: Today at 04:41:47 am 
Started by Zombie Spenstar - Last post by BuckeyeNut
Very happy with all the delegate winners, but especially Sherrod. That pic you used is quite funny, what with the anachronistic URL.

 on: Today at 04:38:10 am 
Started by Hillary/Tim 2016 - Last post by dismantle nsa now
*spits on floor*

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