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December 22, 2014, 03:36:31 pm
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 on: Today at 03:36:27 pm 
Started by Phony Moderate - Last post by How Erg the Self-Inducting Slew a Paleface
@Oldies, If the Tories have kept Cameron for so long they'd look pretty desperate kicking him out now.

I do think Tories are rather ungrateful to dear Cammers. You'd think after three dud leaders they'd feel kind of happy about him, rather than throwing their toys out the pram because he endorsed a few cuddly social liberal ideas.

They should be desperate?  Isn't he massively unpopular?

Until Cameron loses the election (and the power), he doesn't have to worry about any serious leadership challenge.

 on: Today at 03:34:39 pm 
Started by Lurker - Last post by angus

Your man card is history!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha.  It was history the day I decided that the free weights were to scary. 

Oh, there are little orange hard polymer quick-connect clamps for the weights.  They have a small lever perpendicular to the body of the clam that is turned 90 degrees and it locks down, sort of like the mechanism on an aluminum pressure cooker.  I noticed them today on a peg on the wall.  Some of the guys use them and some don't.  I didn't touch any of that stuff today.  I went straight to the bicycle room and took a 49-minute ride through the Cape of Good Hope, starting in Cape Town.  Worked up a good sweat, then I went to the dry sauna--the steam sauna, like the hot tub, is in the pool area and is off limits for a week--and sat there with only a small towel wrapped around my waist.  Me and three other men enjoying the sauna, none of us wearing anything except towels.  How macho is that?  Then, I showered.  I used the big open shower area with eight shower heads in a big common room.  I showered with two other men.  How manly is that?  Three men, one shower.  What could be more manly than that?  I may not be buff and SHREDDED TO THE MAX like some of them, but I can strut about the locker room naked with the best of them.  Very macho. 

On the walk home I stopped at the liquor store and bought four bottles of red wine.  It came to $34.78.  Guess how I paid for it?  One twenty-dollar bill, two five-dollar bills, four one-dollar bills, and seventy-eight cents in coin. 

By the way, according to the woman at the liquor store--not the one near me, but another one about 3 miles away--said that men mostly pay with money.  Currency, or currency and coin.  Women, on the other hand, generally pay for their liquor with credit cards or debit cards.  That was just her observation, but think about that, you stud, the next time you whip out your plastic to buy your booze.


 on: Today at 03:34:16 pm 
Started by ElectionsGuy - Last post by How Erg the Self-Inducting Slew a Paleface
If we blame the situation in the Middle East on Bush, we have to blame Cambodia on Nixon, and that alone has likely caused more death than all of Bush's missteps.

The Middle East situation is far from over.

 on: Today at 03:30:34 pm 
Started by incredibly specific types of post-punk music - Last post by Ebowed
Probably Family Guy, given that Jon Stewart is one of those morons who thinks that "both sides are equally bad," and that it's possible to be objective or non-ideological.

Total, utter nonsense.  Jon Stewart clearly supports the Democrats and identifies as a socialist.  Despite this, he remains more objective than most mainstream reporters.

 on: Today at 03:29:20 pm 
Started by retromike22 - Last post by ShadowOfTheWave
Warren isn't running and Biden is a clown. The anointed one is safe.

 on: Today at 03:28:07 pm 
Started by Tender Branson - Last post by pbrower2a
Louisiana's case goes to the Supreme Court on January 9. No prediction here. I'm very cautious about predicting USSC rulings. Most likely the ruling will be "no case" for the SSM ban.

 on: Today at 03:26:18 pm 
Started by Libertarian Socialist Dem - Last post by Computer89

FDR: 201
Reagan: 150
Tossup:  187

 on: Today at 03:25:19 pm 
Started by Keystone Phil - Last post by Keystone Phil
Napoli win the most dramatic shoot out ever to win the Supercoppa! Amazing match!

 on: Today at 03:24:11 pm 
Started by Grumps - Last post by ilikeverin
Yeah.  I mean, I have Arkansan ancestors, so I was almost surprised when I got my 23andMe results back and I didn't have any African ancestry.  It's been really interesting, though, when I get genetic cousins who are black (which, given my ancestry, presumably means that some distant relative of mine had a dalliance with a slave; or the link is far back enough that it doesn't really show up in my DNA).  It really makes me sad how apologetic some of their messages are.

 on: Today at 03:22:46 pm 
Started by Grumps - Last post by JerryArkansas
Don Allen

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