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July 28, 2014, 03:34:05 pm
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 on: Today at 03:33:02 pm 
Started by GayGOPer - Last post by bronz4141
She announced that she's creating a new channel, "the Sarah Palin channel". She may probably be a celebrity, but if she does run for president in 2016 as a GOP or third party, she could cause problems for the GOP establishment base, but she may be viewed as a joke.

 on: Today at 03:31:48 pm 
Started by Emperor Scott - Last post by ChairmanSanchez
I'm not a Democrat, but I admire the principle behind Sawx's post.

 on: Today at 03:31:37 pm 
Started by CountyTy90 - Last post by henster
We don't know what the vetting process will dig up about her and she's far from a clean politician.

 on: Today at 03:29:54 pm 
Started by Mr. Morden - Last post by TheHawk
She poo-poos Jay Rock

 on: Today at 03:28:28 pm 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by WalterMitty
did you give a 3 day notice today?  did they tell you to leave?

and be honest with yourself, at least.  you arent going to be looking for a job 'full time.'  you are going to eat, sleep, watch tv and eat some more...while mamma and pappa bushie pick up the tab.

 on: Today at 03:27:54 pm 
Started by Phony Moderate - Last post by YL
The first 600-proposal was indeed bad for LD, I don't know, how the Tories wanted to come through with it in Parliament. The second version then was - what coincidence! - clearly better for the LDs.

I thought the Lib Dems voted against the new boundaries because Cameron failed to get his fellow Tories to accept House Of Lords reform. 

That was their public reason, and I don't doubt it was part of it, but I suspect the realisation that the new boundaries were likely to be troublesome for them, and for their leader in particular, may have had something to do with it too.

 on: Today at 03:26:53 pm 
Started by Sibboleth Bist - Last post by EPG
Historically, those areas and their smaller-dwelling neighbours were the Dublin heartland of Fianna Fáil and, to a lesser extent of popularity, Labour. The stereotype was of the tenement resident rehoused in the suburbs, perhaps even purchasing his house from the Corporation, thanks to Fianna Fáil benevolence. They responded to their social franchisement with gratitude. Maurice Manning quotes a late 1960s survey that put party support in Dublin at 35/30/20/15 (DK/Others) among the middle class, and 37/14/31/18 among the working class. My judgement is that you should move about 10% from Others to Fine Gael to get more realistic figures. But the point is that Fianna Fáil was the most popular party among workers at the time.

 on: Today at 03:26:41 pm 
Started by Starwatcher - Last post by Yank2133
Lack of promotion, general disapproval with the government.

This, Obama and the Democrats for that matter have been pretty bad at promoted their own success. ACA is something they should be boasting about non-stop, but they seem to always be on the defense .

 on: Today at 03:23:43 pm 
Started by Passing Through a Screen Door - Last post by Kushahontas
Yes, on planes, buses, and cars.

 on: Today at 03:23:05 pm 
Started by Sbane - Last post by Sbane
It really depends on the crime, but if someone murdered one of your relatives, what kind of penalty would you prefer then?

I made this thread after thinking about that specifically. I am conflicted, but if I were to favor the death penalty, it would be to exact revenge against the killer of my family member.

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