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April 18, 2014, 12:33:13 am
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 on: Today at 12:32:11 am 
Started by Victorino Emanuel Ramirez III - Last post by Victorino Emanuel Ramirez III
Updated Senate rankings:

  • SD1: Safe D (D+4). A classic Democratic North Country district. Jeff Woodburn fits this place like a glove.
  • SD2: Likely R (R+1). Jeannie Forrester has steadily risen through the ranks to become the Finance committee chairwoman, and despite her 53% Obama seat, has held on with about 54% in 2012. Easily one of the strongest candidates the GOP has.
  • SD3: Safe R (R+2). Even some of you guys know who Jeb Bradley is. Name recognition alone will propel him to victory.
  • SD4: Safe D (D+6). Ever since redistricting put Dover in here it's gotten 13 points more Democratic. Watters is a weak candidate who might lose if the wave grows to 2010's height and there's a moderate (read: not Woody), but overall, he should be safe.
  • SD5: Safe D (D+15). It's based in Hanover and Claremont. Pierce is as safe as can be.
  • SD6: Likely R (RW) (R+2). Senator Sam Cataldo barely won with 51% and his challenger, Richard Leonard, is looking for a rematch. I like his chances if Cataldo retires (he's be 77), but he just got elected, so he's probably sticking around. Cataldo did around the same as Romney did, but he's very economically conservative.
  • SD7: Lean D. (R+1) Andrew Hosmer may have won decisively against Youssef, but the results are very deceiving: Youssef was a horrible candidate. He got caught impersonating an endorsement from attorney/conservative activist Ed Mosca (who represented his ex-wife in their divorce). It was also revealed that he dodged income taxes and child support payments throughout his life. However, Youssef has decided to run again in 2014, and of course, if he wins, it's safe Democratic, but I'm not betting they'll be this lucky again. It's a toss-up if someone else gets the nominee - anyone is better than Youssef.
  • SD8: Likely R (RW) (PW) (R+1). Odell is probably the most moderate of the Republicans here, and also has been floated for higher office. He's very prominent in the party, chairs the powerful Ways and Means Committee, and he greatly overperformed Romney in Romney. However, he will be 71, and a top candidate in JP Marzullo is running against him, so Odell may call it quits. It's Safe R with Odell, and a toss-up with Marzullo.
  • SD9: Toss-Up. (R+3) Andy Sanborn is one of the more reliably conservative members of the chamber and is also advancing in leadership, but like I said, he has a strong tendency to put his foot in his mouth. Over the past year, he was caught calling governor Maggie Hassan a hag, compared Obamacare to a plane crash, and threatening to revoke a constituent's scholarship over him supporting marijuana legalization. Couple that with a 200-vote win last time and he has a good chance of losing.
  • SD-10: Safe D. It's Keene. Who's going to run here, DW Perry?
  • SD-11: Likely R (RW) (R+3). After the scandal at the LGC.
  • SD-12: Toss-up/Tilt R (RW) (R+4). Peggy Gilmour only won by 1000 votes in this Republican-leaning district. She's also getting up there in age, and if she retires or Republicans recruit someone good, they have a much better chance at winning. After all, this is a 51.9% Romney district.
  • SD-13: Likely D: (D+4) Lambert's win was a fluke, but a moderate could win this ancestrally Democratic district.
  • SD-14: Safe R: Although the Republican only got 53%, the Libertarian got 6% and the Democrat got 40%. Write this place off.
  • SD-15: Safe D: (D+10) The safest seat in the Union. Sylvia Larsen has been here since 1994, and this seat is reliably safe. She regularly comes close to 70% each time she runs.
  • SD-16: Leans R (R+2). David Boutin may be leading our equivalent of the House Appropriations Committee, but he only squeaked by 350 votes. The good news is that a libertarian received 950 votes. The bad news is that Patrick Arnold, the Democratic nominee for Manchester mayor who was 940 votes away from beating Ted Gatsas in an off-off year, is considering a run in this district. With a stronger libertarian candidate or a candidate like Arnold, Boutin may very well fall.
  • SD-17: Safe R. (R+3) Reagan is fairly moderate, and his district tilts Republican too. I think he's got this.
  • SD-18: Toss-Up/Tilts D. (R+2) Donna Soucy won by much more than expected here. No real idea about Gail Barry, but Arthur Beaudry's an independent in every sense of the word. Should probably say a lot about her strength.
  • SD-19: Safe R. (R+9) Rausch, even in a swing district, would be fine.
  • SD-20: Safe D (RW). (D+1)  Lou D'Allesandro is a fighter who even survived in 2010. He's been around forever, and despite being in an even district, has made this seat his until he retires (which could be very soon, he'll be 75).
  • SD-21: Safe D. (D+14) Fuller Clark is an institution around Portsmouth, and her seat has become 4 points more Democratic since losing in 2010.
  • SD-22: Safe R. (R+11) Morse is the Senate President for a reason. He's safe in this district.
  • SD-23: Safe R. (R+4) Russell Prescott outperformed Romney by 2000 votes, and the inland parts of the district balance off the reliably Democratic outside.
  • SD-24: Leans R. (R+3) Nancy Stiles is a good candidate, a conservative who will sometimes beat Democrats, and was the candidate who beat Martha Fuller Clark when SD-21 only leaned Democratic, but she's gotten a lot of flack for flip-flopping this cycle. This district is going to be a rough hit. She is pro-gay marriage. Once again, the right candidate can win here, Chris Muns has raised quite a bit of money for a State Senate campaign, and Democrats have lots of room to hit her, but it will be an uphill battle.

Gun to my head, I say Sanborn and Gilmour fall and both parties break even. For Democrats to take the Senate, they must hold all of their seats, obviously. The path to taking the Senate, however, must go through Andy Sanborn's seat. His last two controversies were overblown, but bullying a constituent into silence will not stand well. Then, they will have to win one of SD-2, SD-8 (which is possible thanks to a top-tier primary threat), SD-16, and SD-24. Preferably more would do for an insurance.

 on: Today at 12:30:56 am 
Started by Indy Texas © - Last post by Dr. Cynic
Option 2 would be a boon for publicity and goodwill. If it got out that I skipped meeting a mother and child for some rich assholes, it'd kill my campaign.

 on: Today at 12:27:54 am 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by President Duke
God man, you just need to educate yourself on proper nutrition. You'll never get into healthy shape eating pizza, milkshakes, ham sandwiches on white bread, fries, cheeseburgers, etc. You can eat less of those things, sure, but you're still ruining your body and hurting yourself. The fact you considered today, where you ate 3 slices of pizza, a malt shake, and ham sandwiches a victory just is horrifying to me.

 on: Today at 12:27:53 am 
Started by JRP1994 - Last post by DeadPrez
Hawk Hawk Hawk

 on: Today at 12:23:22 am 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by Assemblyman & Queen Mum Inks.LWC
Bushie I seriously doubt you have skin cancer, you never go outside...

This spot has been there for a couple years so it may be something that developed from my childhood.  It may not be skin cancer, but it still needs to be looked at.

Wait, what?  If you have a spot on your elbow that's been there for several years, why are you suddenly worried about it now?  Is it growing or something?

It hasn't gone away.  I mean it comes and goes, but it never goes away completely.  It shrinks down to a spot the size of a nail head, but then I just look at it and it starts itching again and it turns into the size of a dime.

Is it white and tough/hard?  It sounds like it could be psoriasis.

It was white, and then too much scratching turned it into a big blister-looking object that scabbed over.  The scab came off on Wednesday, but it did not bleed.  So, I'm thinking it may be on its way back down again because it is not quite as big as it was a couple days ago.  Again, though, it will probably go down for a while and then without fail it will start itching again and it will ramp back up again.

Yeah, it's probably psoriasis then.

 on: Today at 12:22:29 am 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by President Duke
really? i didn't know the doctor was already monitoring you. It's high time they talked some sense and pushed you toward self improvement.

 on: Today at 12:22:21 am 
Started by homelycooking - Last post by Hatman
[2  ] Adam Griffin of New Brunswick
Labor Party

[1  ] Alfred F. Jones of Rhode Island
Labor Party

[3  ] a Person of Maine
The People's Party

 on: Today at 12:21:16 am 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by Easter Bushie
Bushie himself has even admitted that the diet is no more. He doesn't even try to pretend it exists now.

Yeah, he's eating bacon cheeseburgers without shame now, and I'm happy for him. He was never really dieting at all in the first place.

I do eat a lot of cheeseburgers, there is no doubt.  However, I do believe there was a subtle change in my thinking Wednesday night that I am going to try to nurture and grow.  Wednesday night I ate two big meals within a span of 5 hours.  Neither of them healthy.  Both big cheeseburgers.  One was a 2/3 lb from Braum's.  The second was a 1/2 lb from a nearby diner.  Add in fries and regular soda in both meals, tool.  Then, sandwiched in the middle of both of those eatings, I had two donuts from the church's dinner.  The first cheeseburger was at 16:00.  The donuts were at 18:00.  The second cheeseburger was about 20:15.  The only thing I had earlier than 16:00 was a bowl of cereal for brunch.  I thought to myself on the way home Wednesday night about how low have I gotten that I would consume an easy 3,500 calories if not higher in just a short five hour span.  I was feeling depressed with all the calories and I could just see the Thursday morning scale shooting way up.  I nearly threw up when I got home and I probably should have.  Thankfully, the scale this morning only showed a pound increase from the morning before.  I came away from Wednesday night depressed, but determined to do what I can to turn things around.  Today, I haven't done real well, but it's slightly better than Wednesday due to sheer volume of food.  I didn't eat better food, I just ate a lot less.  I had 2 ham sandwiches for lunch, 3 slices of pepperoni pizza for dinner, and a 20 oz. vanilla malt for dessert.

 on: Today at 12:20:48 am 
Started by Cincinnatus - Last post by Senator North Carolina Yankee
Quote from: Amendment 60:57 by shua
Duke’s Let’s Put Atlasia to Work Program

Section I: Cash for Startups
1. New businesses and all unincorporated businesses shall be eligible $1000 tax credit for new jobs described in Section II of the Corporate Tax Reform Act.
2. This tax credit shall be a refundable tax credit for full time jobs created by any new business, and such a business may request this tax to be converted to a cash equivalent.
The federal government will provide a $1000 tax credit per job created by new businesses and green jobs.
2. The tax credit in clause 1 can be converted to its cash equivalent if the new business chooses to do so.  
3. For a new job to qualify under this program, it must be a full-time job. Part time jobs do not qualify under this program.

43. “New businesses” defined under this program are businesses that have been open for 18 36 months or less.
5. “Green job” defined under this program is work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development (R&D), administrative, and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality.

Section II: Guaranteed Business Loan Program
1. $50 billion shall be appropriated to banks throughout Atlasia specifically reserved for business loans.
2. The federal government will guarantee eighty-percent of each loan lended by banks to each business.
3. The interest rate on a loan under this program will be capped at 9.25%. Banks may not charge a higher rate on loans under this program.
4. Loans under this program will be available to businesses who plan to commence business within a 6 month period of taking out the loan and available to any other type of business currently doing business, including municipal governments.

Sponsor Feedback: Friendly
Status: Senators have 24 hours to object.

 on: Today at 12:20:10 am 
Started by Lіef - Last post by President Duke
I mean, what else is snap chat for??

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