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February 26, 2017, 07:21:42 am
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News: Cast your Ballot in the 2016 Mock Election

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 on: Today at 05:19:43 am 
Started by kydmb99 - Last post by Crimson King
They're obviously not the same party, that was SO long ago, LOL.  None of the issues are the same, there's literally not a single issue you could transfer onto today besides maybe class issues/support for business interests and immigration restriction, both of which Lincoln's GOP would, of course, be to the right of Jackson's Democrats, but I'll go ahead you're not interested in that fact.

Saying "they've flipped" is so intellectually lazy, dude.  Not to mention blatantly false.

I wouldn't go that far, just that a lot of people have a profound misunderstanding of the foundation of the Republican Party.  Which was, it was very issue based (opposition to slavery) and not really as ideological (left vs. right) as some make it out to be.  By contrast a lot of Democrats back then often accused the GOP of opposing unions because they were bigoted against immigrants, especially Roman Catholics.  It wasn't like there was one party that was open minded on everybody and one party that was closed minded on everybody.  It depended on the issue and the Democrats often catered to the prejudices of the "common man" because that was literally what their party was about.  As the "common man" became less white that obviously became an issue so they had to pivot to include strong support of Civil Rights and what not.

And of course you've gone over the GOP largely being a party of business concerns and the social elite.  That was largely the result of the jettisoning of the more liberal factions of the GOP after Reconstruction ended.  If you'll notice a lot of "radicals" later became either Democrats or Mugwumps.  That's not some random thing, the corruption and cronyism of the GOP under Grant and other Republicans disgusted them enough to defect.

So yeah maybe intellectually lazy, but it's not like it's some insane conclusion to make.  Just misunderstanding the history of it due to pretty biased sources telling them.

 on: Today at 05:18:26 am 
Started by Non Swing Voter - Last post by The Ex-Factor
I don't really see the Democrats giving up on universal healthcare. It's a issue that the Democrats have a natural advantage on (much like Republicans have a natural advantage on tax cuts), and lord knows America's healthcare system is still fundamentally broken.

 on: Today at 05:07:44 am 
Started by Hindsight is 2020 - Last post by GoTfan
Politically, Trump had everything to gain and nothing to lose by attending.  Despite all his readily apparent faults, it would be fairly easy for the comedian roasting him to go too far, especially in the eyes of his supporters.  Despite displaying an obvious thin skin in 2011, he still managed to show up in 2015 (and maybe a few other times).  However, as President, he would be expected to do more than attend and self-deprecating comedy is not Trump's forte. If he spoke at the WHCA dinner, he'd show himself to be the least effect president at stand-up comedy since FDR.


I mean, oh! How horrible!

But lol.

Oh please that joke's lamer than the man's legs.

 on: Today at 04:55:59 am 
Started by BaldEagle1991 - Last post by Crimson King
No pun intended, but it is nothing short of rich that the Democrats (or at least some of the more delusional and elitist party followers like you) are now targeting the most fortunate and affluent White voters, haha.  And I'm sure even if they succeed in this, they'll still try to claim moral superiority.  But please, continue to try this!  It'll fail massively and be hilarious.

Wouldn't the natural trend of college-educated whites be towards Democrats as much more Democratic white Millennials and young GenX'ers, on set to be the most educated generations in history, make up more of the electorate? If that is the primary marker for fortune & affluence, it really shouldn't be that rich.

On the other hand the movement of more wealthy people to the Democratic Party (at least based on the last 2 presidential elections) is disconcerting to me and I guess you could call that rich, though I'm not sure what my party has been doing to specifically court those voters. Seems more like Republicans have been pushing them away.

Fair enough.  I guess it is important to make the distinction that we should be targeting younger people with degrees and other demographics more friendly to a social democratic messaging.  I'm just really concerned about Democratic leaders being stupid enough to think that lifelong Republican millionaires in Dallas and Atlanta who gave money to politicians who voted for the Iraq War is a good thing.  The Democratic Party at it's roots is about opposing the paternalistic privilege of the protestant upper class, not reveling in it's elitist values.

 on: Today at 04:52:22 am 
Started by Gass3268 - Last post by True Federalist
Wilson led us during into WW1,
If it had not been for his sham neutrality in WW1, we could've stayed out. We also could have avoided the October Revolution.

 on: Today at 04:49:48 am 
Started by BaldEagle1991 - Last post by Crimson King
I still don't understand why college educated whites, a group that still voted more for Trump than Clinton, are now considered the main part of the dem base. They haven't voted democrat since 1964.

I just think that the more educated you are the less likely xenophobia, sexist, religious intolerant plans, etc are going to be appealing to you.

You are also more likely to like tax cuts, not see the value of poverty reduction programs, and back costly regime change wars that have little to no benefit to society except make oil companies richer.  Because more often than not education is more of a sign of wealth than it is, y'know, being a decent human being.

So yeah, there's that.

 on: Today at 04:47:03 am 
Started by Silent Cal - Last post by Crimson King
I just kind of thought of this, but why on Earth are we acting like a TON of suburbs aren't working class?  There are going to be differences, of course (e.g., some rich suburb of NYC), but I'm willing to bet that the majority of suburbs that have trended Democratic have also become a lot more diverse and, YES, more economically diverse, too.

Yeah really.

I mean, people generally move out to the suburbs to escape the city.  That doesn't necessarily mean everyone who lives there is middle class white.  Plenty of suburbs have a decent (at least 10% or so) minority population and plenty of older housing (many of these places originally started out as small towns way back when) that while not as cheap as inner cities is still pretty affordable if you know where to look.

I think things like that are what people on these sorts of websites miss.  I think a lot of people on here are either high schoolers living with their parents or young adults who prefer living in urban environments (which more power to them, I have absolutely nothing against living in a city) so it's harder to understand the mentality of someone, whether they be liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican, who prefer to live in smaller towns.  Of course a lot of suburbs are inconvenient as frack and built largely to cater to middle-upper class white people so the antipathy is understandable.  Finding a good suburb is hard to do but if you do find yourself in one of those places (especially if it is a college/university town) it is mad great.

 on: Today at 04:46:57 am 
Started by Hindsight is 2020 - Last post by EnglishPete
BennyVerified account‏@bennyjohnson  7h7 hours ago
 At Trump hotel. Secret Service swarms the place. Trump walks in, sits down next to me w/ Gov. Rick Scott, Nigel Farage, Ivanka & Kuchner

BennyVerified account‏@bennyjohnson  7h7 hours ago
 Two things:
1. Farage was not invited to this dinner. Squeezed in at last second
2. Sec. State Tillerson is dining  w/wife alone across room

BennyVerified account‏@bennyjohnson  7h7 hours ago
 I asked Trump if he would be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner.
He said: "No. Do you like that?"
People cheered behind me.

 on: Today at 04:46:46 am 
Started by Kalwejt - Last post by Kalwejt
They also missed an "o" in "BOKlans"

 on: Today at 04:38:52 am 
Started by Old School Republican - Last post by GoTfan
Doesn't matter when your spinners are going nuts.

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