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January 26, 2015, 10:25:02 pm
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News: Don't forget to get your 2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements and Predictions in!

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 on: Today at 10:00:58 pm 
Started by homelycooking - Last post by Cardinal Altsomn Stmarken, Archbishop of Boston
Thank you homely for the tremendous job you have done and for your dedication and hard work.

You have set an excellent example for all public servants in Atlasia.

 on: Today at 10:00:17 pm 
Started by Goldwater - Last post by Goldwater
It looks like Boston is the winner!

The next next survivor should be up tomorrow at approximately 5:00 pm PST.

 on: Today at 09:59:42 pm 
Started by Snowstalker - Last post by SMilo
There's just as many in libertarian states. It started as a left-wing movement by elitist whites (one of the leaders was RFK Jr with some Hollywood notables) and the anti-government West took control. However, despite those states being ultra-right wing, the South is the only region of the country stereotyped as ultra-right wing, and they are vehemently against it. I found the Mississippi stats on another site, and they were at less than .1% non-vax.

Outside of Vermont, the liberal East isn't that into it either. It's just the white west coast liberalism joined by the anarchists (and Vermont has to oppose the South I guess). But the left gets the stereotype because they started the trend and California and Oregon are the definition of liberalism in most people's eyes. And Christians aren't into it (except perhaps Mormons, but I doubt that.)

 on: Today at 09:59:05 pm 
Started by jojoju1998 - Last post by Governor Varavour
I'm new here so how do I campaign. ?

Maybe you should figure that out before running against a popular former former President?

 on: Today at 09:57:14 pm 
Started by Snowguy716 - Last post by Snowguy716
What are some disparaging stereotypes you hear about neighboring states or provinces?

Being from Minnesota, we love/hate Wisconsin. 

We think they drink too much and are too vulgar but secretly admire them.  They're crazy partiers. Its Minnesota's sin pit.  We go there to do things considered uncouth in MN...like drinking enormous amounts of cheap liquor at Camp Jellystone at Wisconsin Dells.  Like in that respect it's the Minnie Apple's Long Island or Jersey Shore...just appropriately more German and a whole lot more cheap booze and heart cloggingly delicious food.  In fact...I think everybody should experience Wisconsin.  Lewis Black loves Wisconsin...that should be convincing enough.

Also, going to UW Madison at Halloween is a pilgrimage for college partiers across the midwest.

That said,...the packers suck...their cops are racist against Minnesotans, and we're slightly better than them in most quality of life indicators which fills us with immense scornful pride that people like Canadians can understand.

But Iowa sucks and North Dakota is full of everybodies' elderly family members cuz my God North Dakotan invasion (brtd)...and South Dakota...south dawhata? Oh yeah...that other Dakota.  Isnt that by Nebraska?

 on: Today at 09:56:49 pm 
Started by Vox Populi - Last post by Sawx, King in the North
We already established Oldies doesn't give a fyck about black people.
Wrong again.  I just don't think that rioting and killing "racist cops" is the way to stop discrimination.  That sort of behavior reinforces white racism by suggesting that all blacks are criminals and victims of police brutality.

No, I'm fairly sure it was your comments about how all blacks should vote Republican because of the 1960s.

 on: Today at 09:56:43 pm 
Started by TDAS04 - Last post by DC Al Fine
Horrible economics, horrible social views, excellent foreign policy. Lean FF

 on: Today at 09:54:32 pm 
Started by Dr. Cynic, GM - Last post by Sawx, King in the North
This is disgusting, cancerous smut.

 on: Today at 09:53:48 pm 
Started by Іbn Rushd - Last post by Mr. Morden
In other news, following a series of moderator raids, arrests have made across the forum, with five accounts being traced back to a different sockmaster (not Hamilton), though most of those accounts weren't very active, and one of them had zero posts.

Judge Nym90 has not yet logged on to examine the evidence and render verdict, but media speculation is that all five accounts will be summarily executed.

The lack of due process and the utter contempt for civil liberties in this country is completely outrageous.

It's Maistre, that innocuous R-SC guy (I got MODLEAKS last night on IRC).

That's one of the five sock accounts yes, but the sockmaster is someone who was already banned before these five accounts came along.

 on: Today at 09:53:31 pm 
Started by Snowstalker - Last post by DC Al Fine
I'm loathe to take a child away from their parents unless the situation is very, very dire. Failure to vaccinate doesn't come close to meeting that standard.

Let's look at the negative effects of non-vaccination. As Antonio V noted, not receiving a vaccine has a chance of contracting a disease that has a chance of killing them. Obviously, not preventing these diseases is a dumb decision, but its hardly child abuse, much less a death sentence. Given the hysterics of some on this thread, I wonder how some of my fellow posters feel about parents who own swimming pools.

Nothing wrong with owning a swimming pool.

There is something very wrong with owning a swimming pool and deliberately not teaching your child how to swim, which is more analogous to this situation.

You're missing the point.

Both anti-vaccination and not teaching your child to swim (when you live near a body of water) are dumb parenting moves.

Neither act merits your hysterics. Neither act merits taking children away from their parents as others suggest.

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