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September 30, 2014, 06:53:53 am
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News: Don't forget to get your 2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements and Predictions in!

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 on: Today at 05:52:54 am 
Started by VP Tyrion - Last post by Senator bore

 on: Today at 05:51:04 am 
Started by politicus - Last post by politicus
kill inks

We just did...

 on: Today at 05:50:16 am 
Started by Senator Lumine (PPT) - Last post by Senator bore
I appreciate this debate about police and why they exist but lets not forget the funding issue.

First is scraping surplus and using the money to pay for this feasible? Only one has responded so far on this matter.

Second, what about the NE, considering the Public Means Public Act, how do we go about distributing the money as this is a similar instance of one region already doing this?
I see no reason to waste additional funds on cameras Northeast PD's don't need. I say we should just include a clause stipulating that any department already equipped with cameras won't receive new funds.

That's not the point.

The fact that the northeast is paying out of its own pocket for something that the federal government pays for in every other region is unfair on the northeast. Just like it's unfair for the IDS and NE to pay to support their own homeless while other regions have it paid for them.

However, short of a restructuring of what constitutes regional and what constitutes federal areas of power I don't see what can be done. Does anyone else have any ideas?

 on: Today at 05:49:07 am 
Started by black and white band photos - Last post by Famous Mortimer
I support raising the minimum wage but I am legitimately concerned about what will happen to current minimum wage workers when it happens. Look at the much publicized case of Denmark where McDonald's workers make $15 an hour. Most of those workers are native born college graduates without children. Obviously that's not the case in America. The reason that McDonald's in America hires immigrants and single moms on welfare isn't because those workers are great, it's because those are the only people desperate enough to work for less than 8 dollars an hour. If you raise the minimum wage to 10 or 15 dollars an hour, management will likely decide to get their money's worth and start hiring people who can speak English and show up to work on time, ie childfree college educated liberal arts majors.

So what happens to the current employees? Some of the immigrants might opt to leave the country. Many will stay though and the native born unemployables won't have anywhere to go at all. What do they do? There's really no answer besides a guaranteed minimum income and that's not politically realistic.

 on: Today at 05:48:11 am 
Started by Vox Populi - Last post by Marokai Besieged
Velma. There's really no debating this.

 on: Today at 05:41:09 am 
Started by WalterMitty - Last post by CrabCake
A sin.

 on: Today at 05:39:39 am 
Started by PASOK Leader Hashemite - Last post by CrabCake

Also, the Greens are giving up their opposition to armed forces and pensions. The SAP is dropping their opposition to labour migration. I'm pretty happy so far. Cheesy

The Greens are opposed to pensions?

It was asked earlier and answered in reply 277.

Sorry, didn't realise we'd started a new page.

What are the main ambitions/policies of the new government?

 on: Today at 05:37:58 am 
Started by Vox Populi - Last post by Vox Populi

 on: Today at 05:35:18 am 
Started by ℒief - Last post by Vox Populi
After about age 11, they went from tasty to disgusting.

 on: Today at 05:31:47 am 
Started by politicus - Last post by Vox Populi
kill inks

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