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July 28, 2014, 09:35:44 pm
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News: Atlas Hardware Upgrade complete October 13, 2013.

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 on: Today at 08:56:21 pm 
Started by Redban - Last post by tweed
no.  he made the right call, Ohio was his only shot.  people forget how hard an election that was going to be for any Dem to win, Bush was running 70% approvals in Dec 2003.

 on: Today at 08:55:54 pm 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by Lankford for US Senate 2014
Wow, over the span of this short season, I have been vilely insulted, called mentally ill, my parents have been insulted and reviled, my friends have been insulted and called mentally ill because they "don't see the real me."  I am not going to subject myself and the ones I love to this type of childish attacks.  You guys are completely pathetic.  You give no thought to how a person might feel.  You all seem to think you are 100% correct 100% of the time and that I am never correct.  You guys are just flat arrogant and wrong.  I have done nothing wrong and my parents and friends have done nothing wrong.

This ends the Update once and for all.

I actually don't feel like you have any sort of severe mental illness or need "that" kind of therapy, as I used to. Rather, your situations are most likely spurred by two things:

 - An overwhelming midwestern optimism, where you want so badly to have a stereotypical "normal" life that you keep forcing yourself into situations that are either ill-planned or poor fits for who you really are. Think about it, and if it helps to see the cycle, go back and actually read all the previous Updates ... it's the same stories over and over again: rushed relationships, forced jobs and edification from those around you that dilutes the magnitude of your mistakes.

 - I think you have a very powerful lazy streak, and even when you are well aware of the "correct" path (ie: keeping your job while looking for new ones, eating healthier, etc.), you take the easy way out. And, again, you're given a free pass by those closest to you. I'm not saying my parents wouldn't bail me out if I was struggling ... I'm saying mine would have had enough after the first time and would have expected me to learn from my mistakes.

You're not wrong all the time, Jeff ... CADD school has the potential to have been a good investment. There are little things here and there that you do well, and they're acknowledged. You just can't expect me or anyone else on the forum to cheer laziness or, when you have choices, your purposeful selection of the worse choice. If you want to be recognized for the things you do right, and if you want to be spoken to in a more-respectful manner, treat this community with the same recognition and respect in return.

You get some great advice from us at times, and when you throw it back in our faces or outright reject it, it's an even deeper level of disrespect than the surface-level insults that are shot across your bow from time to time. Some of us have been where you're at, made good choices and succeeded ... and we're trying to help you down that same path.

Thank you, J-Mann.  This is the type of post I can respect and glean from, one that doesn't yell or have inflammatory remarks or incendiary accusations in it, but is straight to the point.

 on: Today at 08:55:26 pm 
Started by Tender Branson - Last post by Patriotic Progressive
Considering Mitchell is an R pollster, Schauer is in good shape.

Why is it that R Pollster = inaccurate result all the time? Are there any republican polls we can trust?
Less "inaccurate all the time" and more "R pollsters will probably produce results more favorable to the GOP than the reality on the ground".

 on: Today at 08:54:03 pm 
Started by ElectionsGuy - Last post by bedstuy
I'm curious why you think anyone in DC should be going around strapped, besides law enforcement officers.
Because certain parts of the city are nuts and if you have to travel there, you should have the right to defend yourself.

Defend yourself from what?  There's some conceivable situation where a gun could be useful.  Those are way, way overestimated.  You can be safe other ways.  For example, always carry a decent amount of cash.  And, it's also not that simple.  Are you going to kill someone so they don't steal $50 from you?  It's funny, people here are so anti-Death penalty but they're fine with some Chuck Bronson wannabe acting as judge, jury and executioner.

And, ultimately, the self-defense rationale for guns holds no water in a collective sense.  Even if a gun makes you safer, the presence of guns makes the community less safe.  You should tolerate some level of risk if it means that everyone can be safer.

Also, there's the problem of assassination.  DC has tons of public figures that crazy people might want to kill when they have a psychotic break.
What's to stop a fella from driving in from out of town if guns are illegal in the city?  It's not a problem now, I don't see it becoming a problem just because of this law.

Why make it easier?  If it's legal, people will have more access to guns in more places.  Just statistically, more guns means more chance that a psychotic person will have a gun and decide to kill a Senator or Supreme Court Justice.

 on: Today at 08:53:45 pm 
Started by dudeabides - Last post by dudeabides
This is great!!

Thank You!

January 18, 1992 - Dole Vs. Kean in Michigan

LANSING, MI - GOP Presidential Hopefuls Bob Dole and Tom Kean are largely ignoring candidate Donald Rumsfeld on the campaign trail as they compete for votes in Michigan. "Bob Dole is an honorable man, but he's spent the past three decades in Washington, my experience is leading a state and making tough decisions" Tom Kean stated. "Governor Kean increased taxes on gasoline and consumption while increasing state spending as a Governor, we need a President who will reduce taxes and balance the budget" Bob Dole told supporters. Largely, the campaign on the GOP side is turning into a contest of what kind of experience voters want. Dole, a veteran of Washington politics, is running on his experience as a legislator and, in large part, the legacy of the Reagan administration. By contrast, Tom Kean is running on his record as a two-term New Jersey Governor. Both men are running attack ads against each other. Kean's ads portray Dole as a longtime politician and attack him for his role in the 1990 budget compromise with the Dukakis administration, where the payroll tax was increased on employers by 10% to fund social security and medicare premiums rose 7%. Dole's ads attack Kean for increases in taxes on gasoline and sales as a Governor, as well as Kean's opposition to a presidential line-item veto.

January 23, 1992 - MICHIGAN PRIMARY: Brown upsets Dukakis again, Kean beats Dole

DETROIT, MI - For the second time in the race for President, Former Governor of California Jerry Brown upset President Michael Dukakis in a primary, this time winning 54%-44% in Michigan. On the Republican side, Tom Kean garnered 42% of the vote, followed by Bob Dole with 32% and Donald Rumsfeld at 23%.

January 25, 1992 - BREAKING: Dukakis won't seek re-election

WASHINGTON D.C. - President Michael Dukakis abruptly announced he would not seek a second term as President of the United States after two straight losses to Jerry Brown in Alabama and Michigan. "I am no longer a candidate for re-election. It has been the honor and privilege of a lifetime to serve as President of the United States, and I look forward to serving the American people for the next 12 months" Dukakis announced. Despite victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Delaware in addition to leading public opinion polls by more than 20 percentage points, Dukakis lost two critical early primaries and a poll out the day after the Michigan primary showed him leading Jerry Brown by just 5 percentage points.

January 27, 1992 - Bentsen says no to '92 presidential run

WASHINGTON D.C. - Pledging to support the Democratic Presidential Nominee, Vice President Lloyd Bensten announced he would not be a candidate for President in the 1992 election.

January 29, 1992 - Hart replaces President Dukakis as Democratic establishment candidate

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Former U.S. Senator and two-time presidential candidate Gary Hart announced he would be a candidate for President in the 1992 election. "The truth is, America is hurting. We need a President to restore our moral authority globally and to grow our economy here at home" Hart told supporters.

February 12, 1992 - Dole dominates Super Tuesday and Brown takes all Democratic contests

ATLANTA, GA - Of the nine presidential primaries, Republican Bob Dole won six in his home state of Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Vermont, West Virginia, and Indiana. Opponent Tom Kean won his home state of New Jersey in addition to New York and Connecticut. On the Democratic side, Jerry Brown won every Democratic contest and in all of the states except New York, by double digits over newcomer Gary Hart.

February 14, 1992 - Rumsfeld exits Presidential Race

February 19, 1992 - Dole wins Alaska, Louisiana as Democrats split contests

BATON ROUGE, LA - Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole won presidential contests in Alaska (53% - 41% for Tom Kean) and Louisiana (61% - 37% for Tom Kean) while on the Democratic side, Jerry Brown handily won Alaska (59% - 40% for Gary Hart) while Gary Hart won Louisiana (52% - 47%).

February 20, 1992 - Kean ends presidential bid, endorses Bob Dole

CLARK, NJ - Former Governor of New Jersey Tom Kean ended his 1992 presidential bid and endorsed Bob Dole for President. "I'm proud of the campaign I ran. I'm pleased to endorse my friend Bob Dole as the nominee of the Republican Party for President. I know he'll represent the values of our party and our nation well" Kean stated.

 on: Today at 08:53:29 pm 
Started by JCL and the Geologist - Last post by JCL and the Geologist
Houston TX

Thank you Texas for that fine welcome. That BBQ is something fierce. I'm down here not only as a candidate in two upcoming senatorial races but as an advocate for reform. The honorable former president Duke has a dream of a bicameral legislative system that if done right will improve activity and encourage competition for elective office.

Many still view some of the policies I advocate as out of the typical mainstream and are cautious if lending their support towards being a senator. Needless to say I do have some cross partisan credibility. I've worked cross party lines towards protecting our kids and lending our aid to victims of human trafficking.

With that said there are other issues I must take a stand on. The recent End Mcarthyism Once and For All Act of 2014 is well intentioned to respect civil liberties but shouldn't our government still retain the right to deport foreign nationals formenting terrorism or violance against Atlasian interests. That's why I'll support the act if Lumine's amendment passes. Otherwise I must oppose.

If elected, I'll be as active as RL considerations allow and fight alongside VP Windjammer for religious freedom regardless where I may elsewhere have to oppose.

Thanks and may God and Dave Save Atlasia and all who defend her

 on: Today at 08:53:15 pm 
Started by Speaker SWE - Last post by Speaker SWE
I didn't mind paying to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Tongue

YOU wouldn't mind. What about the taxpayer that is some other team's fan? Should we force him to have his precious money used on this?
They should leave Pittsburgh Tongue

Seriously though,  I support this bill. If I want my money to go towards funding a stadium, I'll buy a ticket to a game. Stadiums shouldn't be tax subsidized.

 on: Today at 08:52:55 pm 
Started by Mechaman - Last post by WrathOfTheGods
And then they say I'm lunatic!

There's no rule against having more than one.

At least I don't use cocaine outside of rituals and with public funds.

Alright, you're cool in my book. Tongue

Thank you for your compliment.

BTW, you'll be next in the sacrifice queue, Mechaman. The gods would be pleased to see your blood split all over their sacred temple... ok, maybe not. But the queue ain't too long. Be careful.

 on: Today at 08:52:09 pm 
Started by Eraserhead - Last post by Paul Kemp
Who has given advice that turned out to be a "mistake" and how so?


You know what guys, I don't have to listen to this crap anymore.  I'm going back to politics for a while.

This ends the Update once and for all.


 on: Today at 08:51:32 pm 
Started by Miles - Last post by Keystone Phil
Team Mitch has weathered tough elections basically every time since he first won (except for like one year). It's a midterm year during an unpopular President's sixth year. The GOP has a chance at winning the Senate. The national climate favors the incumbent's party. It's Kentucky.

Mitch isn't going to lose. It won't even be particularly close in the end.

I'm not sure how you can believe it won't be close. Look at the numbers. I could see Grimes losing by 6 if it gets out of hand for her, but honestly this has been neck and neck and will continue to be so. The only reason Rand Paul got a relatively health double digit margin against a statewide officer is because Conway fumbled the ball so poorly.

All of the reason I stated above are reason enough to believe it won't be all that close. If Grimes can't end the Summer in the lead then I think everyone should really doubt it will close.

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