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March 27, 2017, 11:40:16 am
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 on: Today at 10:29:29 am 
Started by Queen Mum Inks.LWC - Last post by Kalwejt
Not banned, muted.

Since neither Dave nor Nym has been online in the last 24 hours, it sounds like there's been a coup, and one of you decided to give him the 50 point infractions of your own initiative.  Tongue

As you know, we have the authority to go for a mod review/muting in case of sock and spam accounts. The moment he returned, our friend Eharding started basically spamming again, so I think my action (yes, I take full responsibility) was justified. A few days ago another poster, I won - get over it, was put on mod review by one moderator, so it's not like there are no precedents.

Well, yes, I understand that you have that capability, but my advice would be that for a case like this, where you have a poster who's been posting on the forum for some time (and not some kind of drive-by spammer who immediately after registering starts posting 100 Viagra ads or something) you just put the guy on mod review rather than the full mute, unless you've already talked to the other mods and there's some kind of consensus to do more.  A single moderator unilaterally muting someone while Nym is away for a few days is something that normally shouldn't happen IMHO.

But that's just my take, as someone who was "on the inside" for several years.  I'm not a mod anymore, so it's no longer my problem.  Smiley

This won't end well for us.  Sad
I got my eye on you mister man.

You can seek an asylum on my boards, Grumps.

 on: Today at 10:29:22 am 
Started by #TheShadowyAbyss - Last post by Senator R2D2
Yes and I loved it. I grew up loving the Power Rangers, though, so it was pretty much just nostalgia overdrive for me.

Didn't you think the machine they transformed to the end looked like Optimus prime

Did you not watch the original Power Rangers? Like, at all?

 on: Today at 10:29:21 am 
Started by Clay - Last post by pbrower2a
Another thread for the "Russian General Discussion" forum.

I have never seen a beauracracy so tirelessly obsessed with achieving the most esoteric and pointless outcomes like the USA.

They spend so much money doing nothing.

In fact this is about the USA and its political figures -- and whether those political leaders have sold out to Russian political and economic figures. 

 on: Today at 10:28:07 am 
Started by Castro - Last post by Meclazine
Government organisations are traditionally managed differently to corporations because of the owner.

Shareholders demand profits and dividends.

People demand good public services.

Trump understands this better than most.

 on: Today at 10:27:43 am 
Started by Medal506 - Last post by pbrower2a
If the Progressive cause is dead in 2020 -- then it will have been murdered.

 on: Today at 10:27:12 am 
Started by AMA IL TUO PRESIDENTE! - Last post by Senator R2D2
Hopefully UK or Zags are in the last two teams and Zags win, but I had Louisville instead of Kentucky.

Why don't u like Oregon

This genuinely made me laugh out loud.

 on: Today at 10:25:52 am 
Started by Deblano - Last post by Governor NeverAgain
Easily Northam.

 on: Today at 10:24:45 am 
Started by Blue3 - Last post by pbrower2a
Fantasy: the President has a conscience!

 on: Today at 10:20:06 am 
Started by dead0man - Last post by Meclazine
Nice one Deadoman.

I can see why that would scare the kiddies.

If i saw someone like that walking towards me, i would cross to the other side of the street.

 on: Today at 10:18:18 am 
Started by AMA IL TUO PRESIDENTE! - Last post by Virginia
I could just as well say that all Clinton supporters aren't honest and trustworthy. It'd be just as hackish.

I don't know - I expect politicians to lie about things. I don't like it, but let's be real here. For Christians who say family values/morals are important to them, whether they go to church regularly or not, I kind of expect them to act that way, especially considering a lot of it ties into what they believe to be the word of God. You can say its all about that supreme court justice - I actually specifically mentioned that in one of those 2 posts as the typical excuse, but it doesn't excuse the fact that they traded a lot with that vote for that slice of power. And that is even assuming abortion is the defining reason. IIRC, Trump got even higher support among evangelicals than Bush43 and McCain, no? Surely it can't all be abortion, otherwise they'd probably never vote for most Democratic presidential candidates.

And again, they had choices other than Trump. I consider 31%+ way too high for a man like him. The way he treats people, the bullying, the harassment, the constant lying - he should have been nothing more than a marginal candidate if these people held the values they talk about more closely. Especially given how obvious and brazen Trump was about such behavior.

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