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April 17, 2014, 07:24:02 pm
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News: Atlas Hardware Upgrade complete October 13, 2013.

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 on: Today at 07:01:16 pm 
Started by Tender Branson - Last post by AkSaber
I used to go once every 3 to 6 months. Not any barber in particular, just whoever was close.

Now I cut my own hair. I go like 3-4 weeks between cuts nowadays.

 on: Today at 07:00:53 pm 
Started by Robespierre's Jaw - Last post by morgieb
Actually, Baird is a member of the right-wing faction. He's also a social conservative and devout Christian.

You maybe confusing him with his moderate father, Bruce Baird.
All the media seems to suggest that he's in the Left....

You are correct that he is a SoCon, though.

 on: Today at 07:00:03 pm 
Started by Zioneer - Last post by Gass3268
That sucks. I also see on the map that Logan was divided like 3 ways. If I remember right from DRA, Democrats could be favored there if they kept the city together.

 on: Today at 06:59:27 pm 
Started by PASOK Leader Hashemite - Last post by morgieb
10. Really 8 though due to the double de Klerk/Botha. Got those two, Zuma, Mbeki, Mandela and Vorster.

 on: Today at 06:57:58 pm 
Started by Senator North Carolina Yankee - Last post by Senator North Carolina Yankee
Time expires on 60:48 tomorrow evening.

Doubling up amendments is always a bit of risk, particularly when people get lazy. On the flip side, they can save time. Tongue An essential aspect is to put both amendments in one post like I did and then people can see what both are and what is happening with each and why.

They just have read it and if they don't they can be directed to it, Alfred. Tongue

Imagine if we had been voting on both. We can do that too I think as long as the debate times are lapsed for both and there is no overlap, but it is a trade off with the confusion factor. Numbering system really comes in handy then too.

 on: Today at 06:56:53 pm 
Started by Zioneer - Last post by Zioneer
Are there any Dems outside of Salt Lake County or Summit County?

Nope. The only Democratic state rep with precincts outside Salt Lake County only has precincts in Summit County (Representative Brian King, who represents the safest Democratic district in Utah that takes in the Salt Lake City neighborhood The Avenues (the local LGBT neighborhood) and a bit of Summit County).

House Districts 9 and 10 in Weber County could be potential Democratic pickups, as both districts have a massive Hispanic minority (Dixon Pitcher in HD 10 barely won by less than 800 votes in 2012).

Additionally, the sprawling multi-county Southern Utah district in HD 69 was represented by a conservative Democrat named Christine Watkins until 2012, when she lost narrowly. The district had been redrawn to favor Republicans, and Watkin's opponent barely had to try to win. Watkins is running as a Republican this time around, but either way, the Dems have recruited former rep Brad King (not to be confused with Brian King), who held the district before Watkins did. If any Democrat could reclaim the seat, it's Brad King.

Other than that, Dems are doomed across the state. Even in Salt Lake County, they're struggling. At least with a state party chair election in a week, they'll have someone new to blame.

 on: Today at 06:55:36 pm 
Started by Wolverine22 - Last post by morgieb
Depends. Most likely yes at this stage, but if 2014 is bad enough, there might be enough wriggle room for the GOP to survive certain losses.

Also 2016 could still be a very good climate for the GOP.

 on: Today at 06:55:29 pm 
I know that this website has the town results for New England, but I was wondering where I could find such information for other states.

 on: Today at 06:55:25 pm 
Started by NHI - Last post by Ross Perot
Joe Biden's Campaign Schedule, Dec. 14th-Dec. 27th

Dec. 14th
Media Appearance
Barnstorming with Gov. Warner-Norfolk, Virginia
Fundraiser-Charlotte, North Carolina
Speech to Democratic Donors-Charlotte, North Carolina

Recently, I saw Senator Allen on Meet the Press, and he said that we can'tt to be stingy with Energy, I was sitting on the couch, thinking, no, I mean, we should not just abandon the environment, just plug our ears and go "la la la", what I am saying is, wanting to keep our planet well and fine is not stingy, Oil is not king, we can replace it with far more friendly, far more safe sources of energy, heck, even just starting with Car engines would be great to do, and that is what would happen under a Biden Administration, I promise.

Dec. 15th
Rally with Thomas Carper-Wilmington, Delaware
Meet and Greet-Wilmington, Delaware
Town Hall-Wilmington, Delaware
Staff Meeting-Wilmington, Delaware

Dec. 16th
Staff Meeting-Des Moines, Iowa
Speaking to Democratic Donors who have backed Biden-Des Moines, Iowa
Meeting with Gov. Vilsack-Des Moines, Iowa
Voter Registration Drive-Chicago, Illinois

Guys, it's been great over the past months, running this campaign has been a joy, I love going out, meeting people, getting to know their concerns, you know, getting into the real nitty gritty of the Country and the heart of America. There have been a few struggles and hiccups, yeah, but if we've came this far, we sure as hell can pack it in and win Iowa and New Hampshire can't we?! Stick with Biden, and get real change!

Dec. 17th
Rally with Mark Warner-Norfolk, Virginia
Staff Meeting-Scranton, Pennsylvania
Barnstorming-Scranton, Pennsylvania
Fundraiser-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dec. 18th
Barnstorming-Monteplier, Vermont
Fundraiser-Berlin, New Hampshire
Barnstorming-Berlin, New Hampshire
Whistlestop-Concord, New Hampshire

Dec. 19th
Interview with Larry King-New York City, New York
Rally with Sens. Rockefeller, Cantwell and Specter-Washington D.C
Barnstorming-Baltimore, Maryland
Fundraiser-Baltimore, Maryland

Dec. 20th
Rally with Sen. Baucus (Announcing Endorsement)-Helena, Montana
Speech to Democratic Donors (Seeking Backing)-Helena, Montana
Rally-Seattle, Washington
Town Hall-Seattle-Washington

Dec. 21st
Rally with Sen. Rockefeller-San Fransisco-California
Meeting with Sen. Boxer (Seeking Endorsement)-Los Angeles, California
Voter Registration Drive-Los Angeles, California
Barnstorming-Los Angeles, California

Dec. 22nd
Meet and Greet-Des Moines, Iowa
Town Hall-Des Moines, Iowa
Lunch with Locals-Des Moines, Iowa

Dec. 23rd
Tour of Hopi Indian Reserve-Hopi, Arizona
Speech at University of Arizona-Tuscon, Arizona
Tour of Santa Catalina Mountains-Tuscon, Arizona
Town Hall-Tuscon, Arizona

Guys, you're our future, and I don't want our future to be whittled away by bad Education Policies, and bad Welfare Policies. Listen, if I was to be elected President, I would get to work with both Parties to A. jack up the Minimum Wage, in order to get you guys jobs that will keep you living and working, and B. Allow for Welfare Reform, to get you a good house to live in. But the current Administrations seems not to be interested much in doing this for whatever reason, you can only wonder.

Dec. 24th
Rally with Gov. Warner and Sen. Cantwell-Seattle, Washington
Fundraiser-Olympia, Washington
Meeting with Ted Kulongoski-Salem, Oregon
Whistlestop-Salem, Oregon

Dec, 25th
Meeting with State Sen. Obama (Looking to Fund Campaign)-Chicago, Illinois
Rally with Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Warner-Detroit, Michigan
Interview with Metro Detriot-Detriot, Michigan
Tour of Comerica Park-Detroit, Michigan
Speech to United Automobile Workers-Detroit, Michigan

Dec. 26th
Tour of Liberty Square-Charlotte, South Carolina
Rally with Gov. Warner-Charlotte, South Carolina
Barnstorming-Columbia, South Carolina
Speech to Democratic Donors-Atlanta, Georgia

Dec. 27th
Tour of Ground Zero-New York City, New York
Rally with Gov. Cuomo-New York City, New York
Tour of Staten Island-Staten Island-New York
Interview with Larry King-New York City, New York

Biden Endorsements:

Max Baucus:

(Speech Up tomorrow)

Robin Carnahan:

(Speech up tomorrow)

 on: Today at 06:55:19 pm 
Started by Miles - Last post by Victorino Emanuel Ramirez III
If Shaheen had come out against "right-to-work" laws, he'd be winning.

I knew he was more conservative, but not to the point where he's pro-RTW.

Looks like I'm going third-party

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