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May 28, 2016, 04:52:34 am
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 on: Today at 02:03:55 am 
Started by IDS Ex-Speaker Ben Kenobi - Last post by IDS Ex-Speaker Ben Kenobi
Romney would have needed to win 27 counties by a margin of 17k per county in order to overcome Obama's lead in Kings.

He exceeded 5k in Putnam, Steuben, Genesee, and 10k in none, ergo Kings alone was more than enough.

Total Romney margin was 65,749 over all the counties he won.

If I wanted to be particularly facetious, Obama could lose every county but Erie County and still win New York state.

 on: Today at 02:01:28 am 
Started by Sbane - Last post by IceSpear
But what about all those THE SILENT MAJORITY STANDS WITH TRUMP signs that I see?

I do find it funny that the loud minority quite often claims the mantle of silent majority.

 on: Today at 01:53:09 am 
Started by Sbane - Last post by Bitch is the New Birkenstock
But what about all those THE SILENT MAJORITY STANDS WITH TRUMP signs that I see?

 on: Today at 01:51:36 am 
Started by #TheShadowyAbyss - Last post by Maxwell
George W. Bushism is still very much alive and thriving in the GOP. Maybe the man himself is toxic because we know how much of a failure he is today, but every modern GOPer follows his model, including Trump.

 on: Today at 01:51:00 am 
Started by SillyAmerican - Last post by Bitch is the New Birkenstock
I wish Senile Sanders would remove himself from future "contests."

 on: Today at 01:50:43 am 
Started by Lincoln Republican - Last post by Ogre Mage
Let's look at the fundamentals rather than political noise and "feelings" --

1.  President Obama's job approval is around 50% -- solid political territory for the woman who hopes to be his successor.

2.  There are no major red flags in the economic indicators.  Unemployment is around 5%, gas prices are low.  The economy isn't going great guns, but it is not bad -- and let us not forget that Obama inherited the worst economic recession since the Great Depression in 2009.

3.  Rather than trying to woo women and nonwhites, Donald Trump has completely alienated them and focused on white men with no college degree.  As Amy Walter points out, this demographic has been steadily shrinking.

In 1980, 65 percent of the electorate were whites without a college degree. By 2012, whites without a college degree made up just 36 percent of the vote.

4.  Nonwhite voters were 28% of the electorate in 2012 and projected to be 30% this time.  Trump is going to lose them in a landslide.

5.  If you count up the states that Democrats have consistently won in all four of the last presidential elections (2000-2012), vs. all the states the GOP consistently won during that period, Democrats have a 242-180 advantage in the electoral college.  

Walter concludes:

Ultimately, the Rust Belt Trump strategy reminds me of one of those Hollywood movies where the protagonist is desperately trying to outrun an oncoming storm. In this case, the storm is demographic realities and Trumps own high negatives. In the movie, the storm eventually wins. Maybe Trump can outrun and outsmart this storm, but it requires the kind of meticulous campaigning and disciplined approach that he and his team have eschewed up to this point.

I feel just fine about Clinton's chances.

 on: Today at 01:48:59 am 
Started by Lyin' Steve - Last post by Bitch is the New Birkenstock
The hosts were making some bullsh**t right-wing nutcase argument. Bernie actually makes a case to people with very different views. Compare to Hillary who hasn't even had a formal press conference this year.

So says someone who uses bullsh*t right-wing nutcase arguments against Hillary Clinton.

So it's not okay for anyone to use BS RWNJ arguments against Bernie Sanders, but is okay when used against Hillary Clinton? Got it!


 on: Today at 01:48:50 am 
Started by sportydude - Last post by Snowguy716
I'm awful at these games and always want to win.. and my bleeding heart liberalness comes in so I'm uncomfortable being overly militaristic even in a game...so I play Babylonia for the easy science victory.

 on: Today at 01:45:47 am 
Started by Spooky Mike - Last post by Bitch is the New Birkenstock
I don't think he particularly cares about Bernie because he's a non-threat.  He's terrified of losing to Hillary, though.

Losing to a female who is very smart and much more political savvy than he is would be awful for him, given his views on females. Also given the fact that he hates to lose.


His willingness to debate Bernie is more or less a sign that he knows he is going to get crushed by Hillary in the debates so he really has nothing to lose by debating Senile Sanders, and Bernie's willingness to debate Trump now is just a sign that he knows he won't get to debate him in the upcoming months Smiley

I think Trump is only offering to debate BS because he wants to kiss up to him and try to lure his ignorant supporters (the BernieOrBust/BernieBros/Jfern people) over to vote for him over the evil neoliberal warmonger corporatist corrupt hag, which, let's face it, this is all this facade of a debate is going to be is a knock-down-drag-out Hillary piata party where both candidates are going to do nothing but throw red meat to their base of Hillary derangement syndrome morons.

Except that Trump chickened out of actually debating Bernie. But I imagine he'd still be open to debating Hillary, who also chickened out of debating Bernie.

Why should/would she debate someone whom she's already beaten? She has bigger fish to fry. No need to beat a dead horse. 

 on: Today at 01:44:10 am 
Started by IDS Ex-Speaker Ben Kenobi - Last post by IDS Ex-Speaker Ben Kenobi
As for the math:

Kings county (Brooklyn) 604,443 Obama
Kings county (Brooklyn) 124,551 Romney.

That gives Obama a +480k voting bloc.

Romney counties:

Putnam 24,083 R
Putnam 19,512 D

Greene 11,174 R
Greene  9,030 D

Delaware 9,983 R
Delaware 8,304 D

Schoharie 7,467 R
Schoharie 5,427 D

Chenango 9,713 R
Chenango 9,116 D

Tioga 12,117 R
Tioga  8,930 D

Chemung 17,612 R
Chemung 16,797 D

Schuyler 4,281 R
Schuyler 3,674 D

Steuben 21,974 R
Steuben 15,787 D

Yates 4,798 R
Yates 4,488 D

Ontario 23,830 R
Ontario 23,087 D

Wayne 20,060 R
Wayne 16,635 D

Livingston 14,448 R
Livingston 11,705 D

Allegany 10,390 R
Allegany  6,139 D

Cattaraugus 16,569 R
Cattaraugus 12,649 D

Chautauqua 27,971 R
Chautauqua 23,812 D

Wyoming 10,348 R
Wyoming  5,661 D

Genesee  14,607 R
Genesee   9,601 D

Orleans  8,594 R
Orleans  5,787 D

Montgomery 9,334 R
Montgomery 8,493 D

Fulton 10,812 R
Fulton 8,607 D

Hamilton 1,932 R
Hamilton 1,128 D

Herkimer 13,282 R
Herkimer 11,273 D

Oneida 44,530 R
Oneida 40,468 D

Lewis 5,651 R
Lewis 4,724 D

Jefferson 18,122 R
Jefferson 17,099 D

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