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Author Topic: Westman Timeline Pt. I  (Read 95002 times)
YaBB God
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« Reply #650 on: September 23, 2011, 10:46:13 pm »

April 8th, 1985
CBS News:

Hello this is Dan Rather and you're watching CBS News.  Breaking news just in from LA it turns out the former vocalist for short time successful rock band Mammoth, David Lee Roth, survived a brutal attempt on his life.  Investigators, noting the amount of heroin in Roth's apartment, speculate that an organized crime element was behind the attempt on Roth's life.  This comes in the wake of even more announcements and promises from the White House, specifically Attorney General Jay Rockefeller and Secretary of Defense William Buckley, that there would be a crackdown on organized crime in our urban areas.  So far such pronouncements have produced very little in results as violent crime seems to be at an all-time high.  Law and order politicians around the nation have called upon their own state governments to send the National Guards of their respective states to deal with the organized crime element.  However, many of the state governments seem apprehensive at best. 
Of note Governor Scott Westman of Montana has refused to call upon the Montana National Guard due to concerns about civil liberties that might be in jeopardy by having the guard in the urban areas of Montana.  Though a small mountain west state that has one of the lowest population densities in the nation, the rise in organized crime syndicates in the state of Montana has had law and order advocates up in arms.  Westman has decried critics on the issue, claiming that as the new governor after the controversial Richard Peters he has his plate full.

Video Clip: Westman in his office
Westman: The suggestions that some have suggested in this matter, that I should call in the state national guard to dictate over the matters of our cities, I am opposed to.  First and foremost I believe in the almighty principle of limited government.  I believe that government is best that governs least.  Much like I oppose the intervention of the federal government to tell Montanans how to live their lives I also oppose using this position of government to dictate the actions and policies of the citizens of Butte, of Missoula, of Great Falls, of Kalispell, of Billings, or of the hundreds of other census designated places in this great and beautiful state.  We as Montanans love the tradition of liberty and freedom of governance instilled in this nation's Constitution.  We dare not violate that Constitution.  As a wise man, one of our illustrious Founding Fathers once said: "Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither".  These words are as true today as when they were first spoken by Benjamin Franklin back in the early days of this great republic.

Rather: Other governors, mostly Democrats, have refused to call upon the state guards to combat the rise in violent crime.  Law and order conservatives and moderates have pointed to the disparity as evidence that many in the Democratic Party are in league with organized crime elements.  Recent investigations that resulted in the arrest of several Democratic political operatives in Chicago who were in collusion with the Callahan Crime Syndicate, one of the most powerful organized crime organizations in the world.

It's over.
YaBB God
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« Reply #651 on: September 24, 2011, 06:15:04 pm »

March 12th, 1986
Governor's Office
Helena, Montana:

Montana Governor Scott Westman is relaxing on his office couch with his once more pregnant wife Caroline resting her head on his lap.  She was a little over five months pregnant.  Westman is petting her hair.  She grabs a hold of his free hand and locks her fingers with his.  Westman's heart skips a beat.
Caroline: Oh I wish I could be with you always Scotty.
She sits up and then posits herself onto his lap as he wraps his arms around her.
Westman: You know Caroline I never thought I could love anybody as much as my Brea.  Well honey, last few months I've been thinking that I am totally and completely in love with you.
Caroline: Well you better be.  I wouldn't want to be married to someone who wasn't in love with me.
Westman: Well.....for the first time in a long time I can finally say I have two women in my life who I love worth all of my heart.  Babe, I've told you a million times that I love you......I never told you you were my one true soulmate.  And maybe that is until very recently I have had doubts, real doubts that I could ever find this kind of love.  You're more than just my wife Caroline, you're my family.
Caroline's eyes teared up.  She moves in closer to Westman as the two go in for an emotional embrace and kiss.  As they were going in the door flung open and in walked Mendelik D'Israeli with a vote report.
D'Israeli: I'm not interrupting anything am I?
Westman: No, not really.  What is it?
D'Israeli: Oh it's just another vote report you kno-
Westman: Mendelik, what is it?
Mendelik D'Israeli hands the report to Westman.
D'Israeli: It's The Report.
Westman reads the paper report:

Montana Legislature Voting Tablatures
The Horrigan Right to Life Amendment to the Montana Constitution
"In the state of Montana the legal rights of the citizen, including the right to life, shall be granted at conception instead of birth."

Montana House Voting Record:

Democratic Party:

Ayes: 23
Nays: 30
Not Voting: 2

Republican Party:

Ayes: 28
Nays: 7
Not Voting: 0

Conservative Party:
Ayes: 10
Nays: 0
Not Voting: 0

Amendment passes the Montana State House required 3/5ths quorum for amendments

Montana Senate Voting Record:

Democratic Party:

Ayes: 14
Nays: 12
Not Voting: 0

Republican Party:

Ayes: 12
Nays: 8
Not Voting: 0

Conservative Party:

Ayes: 4
Nays: 0
Not Voting: 0

Amendment passes the Montana Senate required quorum of 3/5ths vote.

D'Israeli: Yep, looks like you're going to have to tackle this issue head on now.

It's over.
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« Reply #652 on: September 24, 2011, 09:37:26 pm »

Didn't Westman have a kid with Caroline earlier? How's he/she doing?

YaBB God
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« Reply #653 on: September 25, 2011, 05:27:37 am »

Didn't Westman have a kid with Caroline earlier? How's he/she doing?

Oh yes, Peter.

Peter I would say is about a year and a half old in March of 1986.  He got a bad stomach illness when he was about 7 months old.  It turned out to be one of those 24 hours sicknesses though and he recovered.  He is a very active child, moving about pretty much everywhere in the house.
I'll have to make an entry about Westman with his son sometime in the future.  I kind of suck at trying to describe relationships between adults and babies.

It's over.
YaBB God
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« Reply #654 on: September 28, 2011, 06:59:26 pm »

March 15th, 1986
Montana State News
From the Office of the Governor:

Welcome to a special edition of Montana State News with your Governor Scott Westman!
The camera turns on to Montana Governor Scott Westman, who looks like he hasn't slept in days.  He faces the camera and looks down at a sheet of paper on the table.
Westman: Good evening fellow Montanans.  This paper I have before me is an issue that is very dear to many Montanans.  This issue is unlike any other social issue.  It has been debated on the local level, on the state level, and on the federal level for decades now.  Needless to say, it has never been and it will continue to not be an easy issue to discuss.  The issue I'm talking about here is abortion.  What many call the murder of life and others call the right of a woman to her own body.
There are many positions on this issue.  What I've discovered over the years is that there are logical reasons for one to be pro-choice, just like there are logical reasons for one to be pro-life.  What is important here though is that ultimately, freedom and liberty are our goals.
When I first entered the United States Senate one of my biggest supporters was the pro-choice lobby.  I entered thinking that the issue was open and shut pretty much.  A fetus resides within a woman's body, her property, and she can evict it at will.  It can not survive on it's own therefore it is an intrusive being upon her body.
What I didn't consider then that I do now is that the concepts of liberty and freedom extend beyond who has authority.  For example I would hope most listening to this would think of state government seizures of private property without financial compensation, which I have promised to never do as Governor, as morally wrong and intrusive about the freedom and liberty of the person who owns the property.  Likewise, the more I've thought about it the more I've come to realize that the woman isn't an entity getting it's life and liberty threatened.  She is in fact very much like a nurturing non-invasive government.
Is it not murder to withhold oxygen from those who need of it?  Is it not evil to deny water to the thirsty?  I have come to the conclusion lately that it is never okay to take a life unless it is in self defense.  So then you may ask: Governor, do you consider a two week fetus to be equal to human life?
The answer is yes.  And I've found that over the years my previous pro-choice beliefs are wholly inconsistent with a religious belief against killing and coercion.  Even if I were to accept that life may begin at a later date than that of conception I find myself even more unable to justify the possibility of killing a living being by accepting the pro-choice position.  When there is the possibility that life may be endangered, or killed, it is unethical to proceed.
This is the same position that consistent life ethic supporters like Judge Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senate Minority Leader Tobin MacMahon support.
I stand by my decision to sign this amendment to our state's constitution by citing that infamous passage in our own Declaration of Independence that all of mankind is imbued with certain unalienable rights.  This is as true now as it was in the time of slavery!  All men are created equal before their maker and are instilled with certain unalienable rights!  Notice that word, "created"!  Not "born" or "after a period of four months" but at creation!
That is why today I will sign this amendment, the Horrigan Right to Life Amendment, to our state's constitution!  In the hopes that one day all people, even the unborn, will truly be equal in rights before our creator.

Westman's speech would have an incendiary reaction across the political spectrum.  The Pro-Life movement would ecstatic, with many holding celebrations in Governor Westman's honor around the nation.  President Philip Crane would make a speech praising Governor Westman in the highest of terms for his "newfound faith and reason."  Many pro-life activists would call Scott Westman "the Pro-Life Paul", drawing up comparisons between his change of face from pro-choice to pro-life with that of the biblical Paul, the man once known as Saul who once persecuted the Christians before being turned towards the Christian message on the road to Damascus.
However, not all feelings were well.  Many pro-choice and women's rights activists would hold protests around the state with many signs labeling Scott Westman as "Governor Traitor" or "The Great Backhander of Women's Rights!"  To many on the pro-choice movement Westman's decision to sign the Horrigan Right to Life Amendment would be considered a great act of treachery.  His speech would also be widely condemned as him "selling out his beliefs" to the "theocratic crowd".  Many had felt that his turn was very sudden and that there was no explanation for it, thus he did it for purely political purposes.

In reality, it would be Scott Westman's conscience that ultimately made him decide to sign the Horrigan Right to Life Amendment.  It had seemed that over a period of three and a half years his views had drastically changed.  It never became real clear because, out of fear of angering the wrong crowd(s), Scott Westman stayed quiet on it literally for years.  That was until this day, March 15th, 1986, when he signed the Horrigan Right to Life Amendment.....which in effect banned abortion in the state of Montana except for life of the mother.

It's over.
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« Reply #655 on: September 28, 2011, 07:15:34 pm »

ha Hah! Grin

YaBB God
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« Reply #656 on: October 06, 2011, 05:55:37 pm »

Current US Governors

As of April 1986:

Alabama: George Wallace, Jr. (Dixiecratic)
Alaska: Maurice R. “Mike” Gravel (Democratic)
Arizona: Dennis DeConcini (Democratic)
Arkansas: Michael G. Bubble (Republican)
California: Roger Ebert (Democratic)
Colorado: Edward “Eddie” Derry (Democratic)
Connecticut: Stewart B. McKinney (Republican)
Delaware: Pierre J. Dumass (Republican)
Florida: Claude R. Kirk, Jr. (Republican)
Georgia: Joe F. Harris (Democratic)
Hawaii: Joseph L. Montoya (Party for the People)
Idaho: Matthew L. Buddlers (Constitution)
Illinois: Robert N. Percy (Republican)
Indiana: Richard Lugar (Republican)
Iowa: Jamison L. King (Conservative)
Kansas: Nancy L. Kassebaum (Republican)
Kentucky: William Z. Taft (Republican)
Louisiana: Kieran T. Daly (Democratic)
Maine: Peter Snowe (Republican)
Maryland: Rachel A. Daly (Democratic)
Massachusetts: Robert F. Drinan (Democratic)
Michigan: Michael J. Eisenbaum (Conservative)
Minnesota: Mark B. Dayton (Democratic Farmer Labor)
Mississippi: Hoyt “Boy” Ribbons (Dixiecratic)
Missouri: Thomas Eagleton (Democratic)
Montana: Scott Westman (Democratic)
Nebraska: John J. Cavanaugh III (Democratic)
Nevada: Ronald O. Gallatin (Democratic)
New Hampshire: John H. Sununu (Republican)
New Jersey: Carl L. Summers (Republican)
New Mexico: Julius R. Justis (Democratic)
New York: Stephen Smith (Democratic)
North Carolina: Robert L. Nolstrom (Republican)
North Dakota: Allen I. Olson (Republican)
Ohio: George Voinovich (Republican)
Oklahoma: Robert LaFortune (Republican)
Oregon: Dennis A. “Denny” Smith (Republican)
Pennsylvania: William F. Gooding (Republican)
Rhode Island: John Chafee (Republican)
South Carolina: Floyd Spence (Constitution)
South Dakota: Thomas A. “Tom” Daschle (Democratic)
Tennessee: Nathan R. Johnson(Republican)
Texas: Randle M. Delaney (Democratic)
Utah: Norman H. Bangerter (Republican)
Vermont: James “Jim” Jeffords (Republican)
Virginia: G. William Whitehurst (Republican)
Washington: Harrison J. Fitzpatrick (Democratic)
West Virginia: Gerald B. Taylor (Republican)
Wisconsin: Robert W. Kasten, Jr. (Republican)
Wyoming: Malcolm Wallop (Republican)


Red=Democratic (18)
Blue=Republican (25)
Green=Other (1)
Yellow=Conservative (2)
Orange=Constitution (4)
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It's over.
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« Reply #657 on: October 07, 2011, 09:48:02 pm »

US Senate as of June 30th, 1986:

Class 2: Howell T. Heflin (Constitution)
Class 3: Jeremiah Denton (Constitution)

Class 2: Nick Begich (Democratic)
Class 3: Walter Hickel (Alaska Independence Party)
Class 1: Morris Udall (Democratic)
Class 3: Barry Goldwater (Republican)
Class 2: William J. Clinton (Democratic)
Class 3: William Clark (Constitution)
Class 1: Ricardo Montalban(Republican)
Class 3: Michael V. Hawk (Republican)

Class 2: Mark Udall (Democratic)
Class 3: Mary E. Buchanan (Republican)
Class 1: Lowell P. Weicker (Republican)
Class 3: Christopher J. Dodd (Democratic)
Class 1: William V. Roth (Republican)
Class 2: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Democratic)
Class 1: Paula Hawkins (Republican)
Class 3: Roy Holland (Constitution)
Class 2: Patrick R. Geary (Democratic)
Class 3: Mack Mattingly (Constitution)
Class 1: Gary Chong (Party for the People), after incumbent Spark Matsunga resigned after revealing he had inoperable pancreatic cancer.
Class 3: Don Djou (Republican)
Class 2: James A. McClure (Republican)
Class 3: Steve Symms (Constitution)
Class 2: Paul Simon (Democratic), incumbent US Senator Farley Murray was indicted for "criminal conspiracy" in connection to a statewide political scandal that involved tens of millions of dollars being exchanged between the Callahan Crime Syndicate and a number of Illinois Democratic politicians.  A special election will be held to fill out the remainder of his seat in November between temporary US Senator Paul Simon and whoever wins the party nods for the other parties.
Class 3: Daniel Crane (Republican)
Class 1: Danforth Quayle (Conservative), due to Republican Senator Richard Lugar's victory in the 1984 Gubernatorial Race a special election was held according to Indiana State Law (amended 09/21/67 all vacancies in the US Congress must be filled by a special election to be held no later than the third week of the fourth month following an election) on April 8th, 1985.  Conservative candidate Danforth "Danny" Quayle, who many wrote off as a "total joke" managed to score an upset victory and thus make Indiana the first state in the Union with two US Senators from the Conservative Party.
Class 3: Collins McCarn (Conservative)
Class 2: John Kyl (Republican)
Class 3: Mark Gladden (Conservative)
Class 2: Robert J. Dole (Republican)
Class 3: Larry Winn (Constitution)
Class 2: Mitch McConnell (Republican)
Class 3: Gene Snyder (Constitution)
Class 2: Moon Landrieu (Democratic)
Class 3: Joe D. Waggonner (Constitution)
Class 1: Roger J. Braddock (Democratic
Class 2: William Cohen (Republican)
Class 1: Beverly Byron (Democratic), appointed by Maryland Governor David Lee Townsend (Democratic) after incumbent Senator Sargent Shiver retired from the US Senate after accepting President Crane's nomination for UN Representative.
Class 3: Charles Matthias (Republican)
Class 1: Daniel M. Lynch(Democratic)
Class 2: William Saltonstall (Republican)
Class 1: Lenore Romney (Republican)
Class 2: Frederick N. Fassbender (Democratic)
Class 1: Peter F. Federov (DFL)
Class 2: Paul K. Vernor (Republican)
Class 1: Robert Jarrell (Republican)
Class 2: Helm Mundstream (Democratic)
Class 1: Adrian Moore (Democratic)
Class 3: Patricia O'Dell (Democratic)
, after incumbent Senator Thomas Eagleton's victory in the gubernatorial Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan declared a special election to be held in November of 1985 to elect a permanent Senator.  In the meantime Michael J. Hart, district attorney in Jefferson City area, was appointed interim Senator.  Patricia O'Dell, daughter of US Associate Justice Steven Clark O'Dell, the Democratic nominee would win in a three way race with 41.09% of the popular vote against a strong Conservative William Deringer and a weak Republican John Ashcroft.
Class 1: David Walters (Conservative)
Class 2: Killian S. Darkwater (Democratic)
Class 1: Virginia Smith (Republican)
Class 2: Paul Mercanti (Republican)

Class 1: Mike O'Callaghan (Democratic)
Class 3: Paul Laxalt (Republican)
New Hampshire:
Class 2: Thaddeus Michaels (Republican)
Class 3: Warren Rudman (Republican)

New Jersey:
Class 1: Augustus J. Donnelly (Democratic)
Class 2: Bill Bradley (Democratic)

New Mexico:
Class 1: Raul Ramirez (Democratic)
Class 2: Harrison Schmitt (Republican)
New York:
Class 1: Daniel P. Moynihan (Democratic)
Class 3: David P. Killian (Democratic)

North Carolina:
Class 2: Harvey Gantt (Democratic)
Class 3: John P. East (Constitution)
North Dakota:
Class 1: Robert Stroup (Republican)
Class 3: Anthony Williams (Constitution)
Class 1: Robert Taft Jr. (Republican)
Class 3: Tony P. Hall (Democratic)
Class 2: Frank Keating (Republican)
Class 3: Don Nickles (Constitution)
Class 2: Mark Hatfield (Republican)
Class 3: Robert Packwood (Republican)

Class 1: H. John Heinz III (Republican)
Class 3: Lawrence Watson (Democratic)
Rhode Island:
Class 1: Gerald "Gerry" K. Walsh (Democratic), after incumbent US Senator John Chafee won the Gubernatorial Election he would resign the next day and Governor Lincoln Almond (Republican) would appoint Jason L. Lovits as a temporary Senator until the special election held in mid February.  The Democratic nominee, Gerald "Gerry" Walsh, former mayor of Newport and US Representative for Rhode Island Congressional District 1, would win an unlikely victory over Republican candidate James Reynolds.  His victory would be a dramatic blow to the Rhode Island GOP, who were just recovering from losing their other US Senate seat to Edie Finneran just three months earlier.
Class 2: Edie L. Finneran (Democratic)
South Carolina:
Class 2: Joseph J. Tierney (Democratic)
Class 3: Charlie Rhodes (Constitution)
South Dakota:
Class 2: Larry Pressler (Republican)
Class 3: Sean O'Brien (Conservative)
Class 1: John Duncan, Sr. (Republican)
Class 2: Howard Baker (Republican)

Class 1: Ronald E. Paul (Republican)
Class 2: James Wright (Democratic)
Class 1: Orrin Hatch (Republican)
Class 3: Quentin Maxwell (Conservative)
Class 1: Major Derrick (Democratic)
Class 3: Richard W. Mallary (Republican)
Class 1: John Warner (Republican)
Class 2: Tobin MacMahon (Democratic)
Class 1: Allan B. Swift (Democratic)
Class 3: Harry Callahan (Republican)
West Virginia:
Class 1: Robert Byrd (Democratic)
Class 2: Robert K. O'Delahey (Republican)
Class 1: Tommy Thompson (Republican)
Class 3: William R. Goodman (Republican)

Class 1: Alan K. Simpson (Republican)
Class 2: Wilhelm L. Reuters (Republican)

Senate Composition:

Republican: 44 Seats
Democratic: 35 Seats
Constitution: 13 Seats
Conservative/AIP: 7 Seats
Progressive Third Parties: 1 Seat
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It's over.
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« Reply #658 on: October 07, 2011, 10:08:50 pm »

What's the fate of Gerald Ford? Also is Daniel Crane molesting kids ITTL?

YaBB God
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« Reply #659 on: October 07, 2011, 10:25:20 pm »

What's the fate of Gerald Ford? Also is Daniel Crane molesting kids ITTL?

Gerald Ford is where he's always been: the US House of Representatives.  He is, as of June 1986, still Speaker of the House with plans to retire at the end of the year.

And Daniel Crane?  If you look hard enough throughout the series you should see hints of what exactly he's been doing.

It's over.
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« Reply #660 on: October 07, 2011, 10:35:57 pm »

I caught that one hint from a while back, but since he's a Senator & the President's brother, I was hopin' that maybe he might not.

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« Reply #661 on: October 08, 2011, 10:55:21 pm »

July 8th, 1985
Washington D.C.
Capitol Hill

Democratic Senate Leader Tobin MacMahon of Virginia and US Senator Edie Finneran of Rhode Island walk out of the Senate chambers and into a press mob.  The two, the 6'1" lanky Senate Minority Leader, and the 5'3" freshman Senator from Rhode Island made for an interesting contrast.
Press: Senator MacMahon!  Would you care to address the latest developments in the "War on Crime"?
Tobin MacMahon pauses and stares at the reporter with a look of incredulity.  At first he lets out a chuckle before returning a blank stare.
MacMahon: Honestly I think that Mr. Rockefeller and his allies are either playing the April Fool's Day canard three months too long or they're under the delusion that they're Irish.
A few reporters crack up.
MacMahon: Let me tell you press lot something: I am Irish.  And I can say that the sense of humor from these men wouldn't get them past Fourth Class in Primary school back in dear old Tralee.  There is no grave threat to our national security from organized crime.  Our state and local boys are doing their best to combat the criminal elements.  There is no need to put extra scaremongering into it as well by talking up the possibility of using National Guardsmen and army units to combat crime.  Crime is lower than it was in the late 70's and we got the hard working police men and women of this nation to thank for it.  We haven't seen any major acts of organized violence.....besides organized violence against other criminals.
Press: Senator....are you saying that this wave of organized violence isn't bad because it's only criminals killing criminals?
MacMahon rolls his eyes.
MacMahon: No dear boy, far from it.  I'm merely stating that it isn't like these criminals are leading all out bombing raids on Wall Street or the Pentagon.  It isn't like our national infrastructure and government is in constant danger from Callahan radicals hell bent on overthrowing the American government.  Organized crime IS a problem.  However, it isn't the "invading hordes" that our Attorney General and his new best friend the Secretary of Defense are hyping it up to be.  America is safe.  Now if you'll excuse me me and the lovely Mrs. Finneran have a lunch date to make.  (laughs) Don't tell me wife about it!
A few members of the press corps laugh as Senate Leader MacMahon puts an arm over Senator Finneran's shoulders and walks her out of the building for lunch.
MacMahon's statements would be widely criticized by law and order advocates throughout the nation as being "soft on crime" and "siding with the bad guys."  However, many would view his comments as the most practical criticism of Attorney General Rockefeller and Defense Secretary Buckley in regards to organized crime.  By positioning himself in a neutral moral position (completely unlike O'Daniels or D'Israeli) and confidence in local and state law enforcement he won much praise from people on both sides of the aisle.
However, his words would come back to haunt him........
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It's over.
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« Reply #662 on: October 09, 2011, 07:31:40 am »

Later that same night
In the same city
At the White House:

US Secretary of Veteran Affairs Christian Mattingly and US Attorney General Jay Rockefeller are in the Cabinet Meeting Room after hours talking about the day's events.
Rockefeller: Man, I thought it was irritating when idiots like O'Daniels and D'Israeli were speaking out against us.  Now MacMahon.  I mean damn, I expected a lot better class from him.
Mattingly: Yes I'm disappointed as well.  He usually has a lot of class or whatever when it comes to issues like this.  Lace curtain bastard let us down today.
Rockefeller laughs.
Rockefeller: What is it with you people and that term "lace curtain"?  Like being successful and being Ir-
Suddenly the doors to the room bust open and a press mob shows up.
Rockefeller: Speaking of the mob............
Great.  Where the hell was security?
Press: Attorney General!  Do you have anything to say about toda-
Press: Mr. Mattingly, we'll get to you in a second.  First let us-
Press: Sir, there is no reason for that kind of language.
Mattingly, suddenly realizing how out of control he had gotten, goes over to the phone and starts dialing.  He looks over to the press and extends his middle finger.
Mattingly: Well fuck you very much.
A press woman, upon hearing the Secretary grant them a very warm welcome, gasps in shock.
The phone rings before somebody in Security picks up.
Meanwhile Secretary Rockefeller decided to go ahead and tell them anyway.
Rockefeller: Well obviously there is a difference of opinion and I can respect that from Senator MacMahon.  However, it should be noted that-
Security: White House Security how may I help you?
Mattingly: Yes you can Patrick.  We got a bunch of assholes who just barged in here without notifying the welcoming desk because apparently they're the fucking Pope or some shit like that.  Would you be a pal and please send a few men over here to kick their asses out of here before I go absolutely apeshit!?
There is silence on the other end.
Patrick: Okay sir.  It will be done.
Mattingly slams it down and looks up with a smile on his face: never imagined I'd be in a position to be attacked by these press hounds........or to be able to eject them by force.  Oh what fun.
Rockefeller:-and that's all I've got to say about that.
Security comes into the cabinet room.
Patrick: Excuse me, but you press people have to leave.
Press: What?  Why!?  Isn't this a free country?  Isn't there something called freedom of the press?
Patrick: Not in here asshole.  You have to go through the proper channels in order to get into this room.  You want to attack people out of nowhere with these questions you do it in the foyer.  NOT IN HERE.

The Next Day
New York Times
Title: Bully Mattingly to Press: "F*** you very much!"

Damn media.
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It's over.
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« Reply #663 on: October 09, 2011, 10:44:21 pm »

July 11th, 1985
CNN News:

Breaking New from Chicago where a massive multi-million dollar drug exchange was broken up by Federal Bureau of Investigation authorities in cooperation with local and state police.  Also of note a few public figures have been arrested and questioned in connection with the drug exchange.  Of note, Brian Killead and Robert DeFrascas, both Illinois State Representatives, are being charged with collusion with crime elements and accepting bribes from various criminal organizations.  There is much speculation that the paper trail from this episode could reach a long ways.  Maybe even to the United States Congress.  Due to a special session of Congress over the recent budget talks the press hasn't been able to get any of the Illinois House delegation to comment on the matter nor the two US Senators Daniel Crane, Republican, or Farley Murray, Democrat.
More on this story as the details come in later on.

It's over.
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Senate Minority Leader Tobin MacMahon's Office
August 4th, 1985:

Tobin MacMahon is on the phone with his wife Diane.
MacMahon: Well it's a bit muggy here.  I always hated these damned Virginia summers.  Always so damned hot and humid.  I much prefer the summers in the home country to be honest.
Diane: You mean where there is no summer?
MacMahon laughs, what a bright one.  No wonder why you married her.
MacMahon: How are things?
Diane: Well we are still being harassed by some anti-corporate granola eating nutjob who insists that the government should nationalize us because we don't pay all of our employees $9 an hour and don't give them master suites to live in.
MacMahon: Dear Jesus I hate those kinds of people.  I never had a soft spot for the artistic left or whatever the hell you want to call them.  They definitely aren't intellectuals, no matter how much they tell themselves they are.  But, they definitely aren't going to vote Republican and sure as hell not Constitution or Conservative, so we have to manage.  Even if they believe in baby killing and forcing a vegan diet on the whole country.  Man, what a bunch of shitheads.
Diane: Unbelievable.....it's like you've become Super American.  When I first met you I didn't think that was possible.  But in that rant you just pulled you just sounded like some cynical white author from California than your usual self.  I was about to say the angry white male from Michigan........but you've got too much jungle fever to qualify.
MacMahon laughs, funny too.
MacMahon: Well hon when you got that skin tone and those hips whitey like myself have no choice but to surrender.
Diane: Wow, you are quite the horny little bastard today aren't you?  Maybe I should drive up there this evening.  You sound like you could use a little release from the mundane.
This phone better not be taped or bugged.
MacMahon: What about the kids?
Diane laughs.
Diane: Oh they can just stay with the Watsons.  You know how much Larry and Laura love kids.
MacMahon laughs.
Suddenly his door opens and he sees his deputy, US Senate Minority Whip Robert Byrd with what looks like a newsletter in his hands.  He motions for him to wait.
MacMahon: Okay.  Sounds like a good idea.  I'll see you tonight.  Love you hon.
Diane: See you tonight baby.
MacMahon hangs up the phone and faces Robert Byrd.
Byrd: Talking to your wife?
MacMahon: Yep.
Byrd: Is she doing well?  I hope she is doing well.
MacMahon: Oh yes.  Well she's coming up here tonight.  We haven't seen each other in like a week or so.  Man it's going to be so great!
Byrd has a look of perplexity.  Feel a bit uncomfortable for you to hear me talking about seeing my black wife, Robbie?
Byrd: That's really great man.  Your love is just such a great example of everything that is right with the world today.  I mean a few years back I would've-
MacMahon: Yeah yeah I know Byrdie.  You told me this like a thousand times already.  "Sorry if I appeared to be a racist jerk a decade ago or so.  I was just doing what I thought my constituents wanted me to do."  It's quite alright Robert.  We all make mistakes and in the United States a lot of southern white people made the mistake of being racist.  A lot of them aren't anymore.  Praise the Lord Jesus.  Let us move on for shit's sake!
Byrd hands him a newsletter from "Concerned Americans, LLC".
MacMahon: What is this bullshit?
Byrd: Sir, your language here is unappreciated and untactful.
MacMahon: Shut the fuck up.  Really.
He starts reading the front page:
Concerned about law and order in this country?  Well so are we!
MacMahon laughs.
MacMahon: Very original, right?
He opens up the newsletter and spots a mock ad on the third page:

Is your name Patrick, Kenny, or Kathleen?  Do you like buying votes like the fat kid likes to buy candy?  Are half of your friends mob bosses or mafiosos?

If that is the case then come on down to Democratic Party Headquarters in D.C.!  We got all sorts of jobs for you......if the money is right.

MacMahon has a brief laugh.
MacMahon: Oh man, the Ancient Order is going to have a field day with this.  Hell, this could be a nightmare for Phil Crane's coalition.  In other words......this works completely to our advantage.

It's over.
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Senator Robert Alphonso Taft
Personal Journal
Entry Date: June 14th, 1940:

On a more personal note I should note the disappointment that the national party has taken to appeasement to liberal/progressive ideals instead of stand by our traditional conservatism.  Why should we surrender our conservatism when even men like William Westman, the proudest son of Democratic Irish Catholic America, stands up to the excesses and evils of the New Deal?  A man like William Westman refuses to endorse the totalitarian excesses of the Roosevelt Coalition.  A Democrat!  Yet we lack the courage to nominate such a headstrong individual.
The truth is there are very few people, including Republicans, who I would choose as my vice president than this brave man.  If the Convention weren't so partisan William Westman would be on my ticket.  And we would win.

It's over.
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Historic Public Opinion Polling
Republican Party members
January 1948
What is your opinion of the following Democrats?:

Harry Truman:

Disapprove: 78%
Undecided: 10%

Henry Wallace:

Disapprove: 92%
Undecided: 3%

William Westman:

Disapprove: 38%
Undecided: 16%

William Westman's (relatively) high approval ratings amongst Republicans would be credited by many historians due to his support of fiscally conservative ideas.  Despite his image as a fiscal conservative William Westman was also known for his support of nationalized healthcare, a very leftwing idea (at the time).  However, given how left on medical insurance the Republican nominees ran in the day (Thomas Dewey ran off of expanding government medical insurance to the poor) few conservatives seemed to care at the time.
However, his approval rating amongst his own party wasn't very high:

Approval Amongst Democrats:

William Westman:

Disapprove: 41%
Undecided: 5%
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William Westman in the Democratic Party
An Analysis by Dr. Sergio Lombardo:

William Westman, Democratic Senator from New York from 1938-1945, is a most peculiar case in the analysis of New Deal/World War II era Democrats.  A staunch fiscally conservative and staunchly pro-Tammany Hall Irish Catholic Democrat who strongly supported the Civil Rights movement, it's indeed very hard to find an accurage label.  Before Pearl Harbor there were very few politicians more staunchly anti-interventionist than he.  If we took away his support of nationalized healthcare (one of a very few ideas he and Roosevelt agreed on) there would be very little (except maybe trade) that would separate his views from that of a Taft Republican.
So what is William Westman?  He obviously has a few views that are well outside even those of fellow urban machine Irish Catholic Democrats so even labeling him with that group has failed to gain traction.  William Westman exhibited enough independence not just from the pro-New Deal views of James Farley and Joseph Kennedy but also from the pro-labor views of "conservatives" like David Walsh and others.  So what in the heck is William Westman?
He's the textbook definition of a "political enigma".

It's over.
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From what I remember, I think Farley was personally Conservative, but as FDR's ally, a Liberal. Also, how's Robert Taft Jr. doing?

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From what I remember, I think Farley was personally Conservative, but as FDR's ally, a Liberal. Also, how's Robert Taft Jr. doing?

He's doing quite alright I guess.
He's a founding member of the Conservative Congressional Caucus (before the "Conservative" Party showed up).  The Caucus seeks to promote smaller government in all aspects of life and a non-interventionist foreign policy.  Despite the similarity in name there are few Conservative Party members who are a part of the caucus mostly due to the CCC being opposed to forcing socially conservative issues (like abortion and marriage) on the federal level and disagreements about foreign policy.  Over time it's become the Congressional Conservative Libertarian Caucus due to the split between interventionists (like Barry Goldwater and Ricardo Montalban) and non-interventionists (Robert Taft, Jr. and William Saltonstall) as well as between social conservatives and social libertarians.  The interventionists and social conservatives founded their own congressional caucus named the Congressional Conservatives for Defense Caucus.
So yeah, that's what I got at the moment.

It's over.
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August 19th, 1985
Democratic Party National Headquarters:

DNC Chair Lloyd Bentsen is sitting at a meeting table with various Democratic leaders.  Among them are Democratic Senate Leader Tobin MacMahon and Democratic House Leader Jonathan LT Debs.
Bentsen pulls out a bottle of Dr. Pepper flavored Geigers Whiskey (a Texas based whiskey company) and takes a swig.  He looks around and speaks.
Bentsen: What the hell is this?
MacMahon, a little puzzled by his response, clarifies.
MacMahon: It's one of those fringe conservative law and order organizations.
Bentsen: Concerned Americans, LLC.? What is up with this LLC. bullshit?  What they think they're a bunch of accountants or somethin'?
Jonathan Debs, longtime Democratic statesman and the leader of the House Democrats since the late 1960's, starts talking.
Debs: The Hell if I know Lloyd.  What I do know is that we are in one hell of a spot right now.  I mean hell man, we haven't been this CONSISTENTLY WEAK since Teddy Roosevelt was in office.  I mean what the hell guys?  We've been below one hundred and sixty, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY, seats since 1980.  This is unacceptable!  What I wanna know is what the hell does this joke editorial or whatever the hell it is have anything to do with us having a chance in hell of coming close to take back Congress!?
MacMahon: My friend, I understand your outrage.  I really do.  We are in a really weak spot.  However, I believe that if we go against the Law and Order craze that has appeared out of nowhere among the right we can score a decisive victory in next year's congressional elections.  I mean hell man, just read that!
He scoots the newsletter over to Debs to read with the portion underlined.  Debs reads it aloud:
"Is your name Patrick?  Do you like to buy votes like a fat kid eats candy?  Are your friends in the mob and/or mafia?  Well then we got a job for you in the Democratic Party!!!!"
Debs: Well this might help us in urban areas or what not but rural areas?  Really man?
MacMahon: And that's exactly where we should focus next election: the urban areas.
Democratic National Committee head of Advertising William Allain speaks up:
Allain: You know, maybe instead of exploiting this to stir up demographics that will always be Democratic why don't we try convincing people we aren't some big machine party?
A small murmur comes up.
Allain: Or a sort of Affirmative Action Program for Hibernian Americans?
The table turns silent.  House Minority Whip Tip O'Neill speaks up.
O'Neill: Sir that is a pretty big distortion of the facts and you know it.  The Democratic Party has made great inroads with many other demographic groups!  Especially Hispanics and Rocky Mountain West whites!  There is no "affirmative action" mentality that has led to more Irish American Democratic politicians!  It's just a natural occurrence in the absence of the Dixiecratic wing!
MacMahon: I have to agree with Whip O'Neill.  We haven't really exerted more control over the mechanics of this party.  Merely the representation is amplified because of the absence of Dixiecrats in our midst.  However, unlike them we have tried to reach out to other groups with all the means we have available.
Allain: Well you boys seem to be trying real hard or what not running Cathys in South Carolina and Texas of all places.
MacMahon: First off Will the Constitution Party's headquarters are in Macon, Georgia, not here.  Secondly, have you seen the population growth of Catholic Hispanics in Texas over the past two decades?  It's enormous.  Randle Delaney, who I might add is a third generation Texan, was not only the most dynamic Texas Democrat for Governor in a generation or so, he also had great appeal with Hispanics.  His Catholicism and pro-life positions wasn't even a deal with Protestant White Democrats.  Plus, might I add, that like every Democratic candidate he was the nominee because he won the statewide primary so don't talk up this great conspiracy I hear about every few years from the fringes.  As for Tierney.......again he was already an established South Carolinan.  Like Delaney his family has been in America for a hundred plus years.
Allain: And his ancestors?  Didn't have the gall to fight the Civil War!
MacMahon: Would've been better than if they fought for either side, considering the tumultuous politics of South Carolina.
Debs: Allain, just shut the hell up now before you embarrass yourself any further.  Any way, I agree with Tobin on this.  We shouldn't look at the large amounts of Irish American Democratic politicians as symptom of a problem.  Rather, we should start looking at it as a way to accomplish our objective of reaching out to other minority communities.  We got on our side the leaders of a vast majority of the urban political machines in our country!  Idealistically we should be winning every urban area in the country!  Which we did until 1980 when that bastard Crane ran.  How the hell does he do it anyway?
MacMahon: He is a mite troublesome for sure.  There is no non-Democrat that is as popular amongst our usual machine voters as Philip Crane.  The more his allies rant on about possible connections between organized crime and Democratic political machines the more it damages our credibility with our own bases.  What we need to do is strongly refute the alarmism of the law and order folks in this country.  We tone down radicals like that fool O'Daniels and we hit the President and his allies hard on their rhetoric in the Congress and in the Press.  We shall give no quarter lest we expose ourselves to embarrassment.  I've had it with being compared to the mafia, seriously!  Now once we get our staunch voters back to voting machines we will be stronger than ever and in more of a position to spread our influence amongst other demographics.
Debs: Even the pro-choice demographic?
MacMahon chuckles.
MacMahon: As long as they agree to the federalist approach?  You damn right.  Besides, a majority of Americans disagree with you.
Debs: Whatever it takes to get us back into control of the House I'm game.

It's over.
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Actually, the founder of my parish is named Delaney.

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September 18th, 1985
Chicago, Illinois:

US Senator Farley Murray is walking into the Windendago Tavern to meet with his associate Dwayne L. Gardner.  He walks into the tavern and is greeted:

Gardner: What are you doing here you greedy pork eating shit?
Murray chuckles as he walks over to the bar.
Murray: You damned micks and your damned swear words.
Gardner: Looks who's talking you limp dicked alcoholic.
Murray: Now we just need the 11th Precinct down here and it'll be a family reunion.
Gardner: Enough dicking around shitbrains.  You know we are getting real antsy about your waffling in Congress.  Where's my pork Far?
Murray: Come on man!  With the all the King's men coming down hard on politics and organized crime I have to shift around a bit with the pork you know?
Gardner: It's a fucking roadside attraction dumbass!  How the hell hard it is to disguise the money behind a roadside attraction like a fucking fat kid eating candy in front of a fucking pastel colored house you fucking retard bastard!?
Murray: I really don't appreciate the overly aggressive behavior here Gard.
Gardner: Well we here at the Windendago Tavern feel very underappreciated too you lace curtain motherfucker!  Now shut the fuck up before I beat your ass with the ugly stick!
The door opens out walks Gary W. Flanagan, the head of Chicago operations of the Callahan Crime Syndicate.
Flanagan: Dwayne!  What did your mother tell you about people with filthy mouths?
Gardner: She told me they're in the fuckin' mob.
Flanagan: Or they are a two bit enforcer that gets crappy pay for an overaggressive zeal in dealing with visitors.  Come in Farley.
Murray follows Flanagan into an office hidden under a flight of stairs.
Flanagan: I apologize for Dwayne's reaction.  His girlfriend broke up with him this morning.
Murray: That limp dick had a girlfriend?
Flanagan: I know.  He's too old and too ugly to have a girlfriend.  I mean yeah, I'm old, but at least I got the looks.
Murray: What makes you say that?
Flanagan: Oh I don't know......maybe the five or six young women I sleep with on an almost daily basis.
Murray: Don't you pay them for that?
Flanagan laughs.
Flanagan: Only the bonus.  Hehehe.  You forget, I own them.......like I own a lot of things down here.
Murray: Wait a minute so you uh......your own women?  Isn't that a little I don't know....unethical?
Flanagan: It's illegal to pay women for sex wiseass.  Unless it's a pornographic video.  Then again, I never really understood the point of that.  Pornography.  What kind of woman hates herself so much she earns money by having sex with some dude on a video tape?  Doesn't make that much sense to me.  I mean who the hell wants to get off to somebody else having sex?  Isn't that just a bit creepy?
Murray laughs.
Murray: You're an interesting man Gary.
Flanagan: I really don't think so.  I'm no different than what any other rich corrupt white guy would be in my position.  I have all the free ass I want and I'm not afraid to use it.  And you know what's really great about it?  They love me.  How many Johns can proudly say that?  Who needs marriage when you got five girls who will sleep with you for free!?
Murray: Meh, I think one woman is already too much to handle.  Why bother with four more?
Flanagan: Four girls who worship the ground you walk on?
Murray: Well I'm just saying man, that time of the month hits......most likely at different times of the month.  THat's got to be a constant headache man.  And besides, if you are having relations with your own women like a fourth of the time how are they going to be effective at getting new customers?  What were we going to talk about?
Flanagan: Oh yeah right.  We got word that the there might be a paper trail leading back to that coke party you had in Virginia Beach last year.  Thought I might warn you about it Farley.  After all you are a good friend.  No matter what that douchebag Dwayne says.  Oh and tell your sister I said hello.  I've always thought she was a very beautiful woman and it would be a shame if we never experienced joy and pleasure together before I died.
Murray chuckles.
Murray: Fine, I will.
Murray walks out of the "office" and then out into the tavern........where four Chicago Police officers were having a drink.  He walks by hoping they wouldn't notice their United States Senator in the tavern when one of them stares at him.
Officer: That was quite a big mess you left Senator.
Officer 2: And it was about the most goddamn sloppy leftovers I've seen since that one retarded rapist fella back in '79!
The third officer holds up his glass towards Murray.
Officer 3: Here's to you Senator!  May you not screw up so badly us corrupt cops have to cover your tracks again!
Murray waves at them.
Murray: Cheers.
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September 25th, 1985
King's Corner
Special Interview Session with Montana Governor Scott Westman:

Welcome to a very special edition of the King's Corner.  Today we have a guest on here who most likely is well known to you people today.  Former US Senator and current Governor and according to polls favorite politician of Montana Scott Westman.  Good to have you back on the show Scott.
Westman: Why thanks Larry.  I have to say that the autumn here is surprisingly pleasant so far.  Me and my wife took a walk in Central Park earlier and it almost felt like we were back home!  Except of course a bit more humid than Helena.  Not as good looking though.
King laughs.
King: You know I'm kind of confused on where to start this interview because it feels like your young life has already been extensively covered in past interviews.
Westman: Well how about you ask more about my prehistory King?  You know like "what was it like to have a Chinese grandfather?" or something like that.
King: How was it having a Chinese grandfather?
Westman laughs.
Westman: Oh yes it was great.  For the record, and I don't mean to slight Willie Westman he really was a great man, but I always felt much closer to my maternal grandfather.  I mean he was always there just a few doors down from where we live.  If we needed anything from cash our father wouldn't give us to a delicious sesame chicken dinner cooked on a wok pan he would do it.  Also, he taught me a lot about the economics of business....something I've found invaluable when I got into political office.  I only wished that some of the "progressives" in my party were there to hear it.
King laughs.
King: Doesn't surprise me.  Speaking of which many critics, within your own party I might add, have gotten onto you for your governance of the state of Montana.  Some apparently believe that you're not really a Democrat, that you are actually a "Republican in all but Name".  Care to address that?
Westman laughs.
Westman: A Republican?!  Really!?  What the hell kind of neighborhood do they live in where I could be compared to a Republican?  I mean really do I look like the type of person who would feel comfortable dining with Jay Rockefeller?
King laughs.
King: Well I mean considering you're from the Mountain West where the Republican Party is more often than not libertarian leaning-
Westman: The VERY FIRST THING I did in office was push for the most massive increase in state worker wages in the history of this state.  Does that sound like something a Republican libertarian would promote once in office King?
King: Well okay, there is that.  But ever since you pushed for that it seems you have been on the deregulation wagon full-time.  There is no denying that liberals were happy with your liberalization of alcohol.......but elimination of the Sales Tax?
Westman: If you will note I replaced the Sales Tax with a Proportional State Income Tax.  Again I argue how is that not a progressive action?  I replaced a regressive tax with a progressive one.  I'm still surprised how much resistance it got, especially within my supposedly "progressive" party.  Let's not forget my bold "Green Montana" plan or the Land Value Tax idea that my administration has kicked around.  Do either of those sound non-progressive to you King?  Got anymore hard ball questions King?
Larry King looks at his sheet and gives a grim shake.
King: Damn it.  There's none left.
Westman: Hahaha!  Told ya!  Westman 1 Critics 0!
King: One thing I would like to know.......why did your great grandfather Seamus decide to change the O'Welherin name to Westman?
Westman chuckles
Westman: Not to offend anybody but I think Westman sounds a bit more handsome than O'Welherin, don't you?  I mean it's not like we had some cool name like O'Guinness or Sullivan or something.
King: But Westman?  Sounds to anglicized.
Westman: When you come over to America you got assimilate as much as you can.  Sometimes that means getting a sexier sounding name than "O'Welherin".  I mean that just doesn't sound attractive at all.  That sounds like one of those random christian universities what are they called?
King: Are you referring to Wesleyan universities?
Westman: Whatever the hell they are.  Supposedly Seamus wanted our name to be symbolic.  You know because he moved "to the west" from Ireland to America.  That's at least what I've always been told.  Kind of funny considering that since then we have kept moving west.  My father moved west into Montana.  My daughter lives in the Bay Area.  Her children are probably going to be in Hawaii for all I know.
Both laugh.
King: So far how would you rate your governorship?
Westman: I'm the best damn Governor in the entire history of this country.  Nobody holds a damn candle to me King.  I am the Buddy Holly of American Governors!  If you could rate my performance as governor it would be 100 on a ten scale!
King: Seriously now.......
Westman: Well I'm really impressed with what I was able to accomplish thus far.  It looks like the Montana Legislature will pass a balanced budget this year without raiding our fiscal reserve.  Also, the prospects for marijuana decriminalization look a lot better than it did at the beginning of my term.
King: What about the controversial issue of abortion?
Westman turns quiet for ten seconds.  King makes a cricket chirping noise.
Westman: You know that is just a very difficult question King.  There are too many problems with it for me to adequately address right now.  Frankly, it's the one issue that I wish to avoid for as long as possible.  Because no matter who decides, and no matter what position they take they will have vehement opposition to them for the rest of their career.
King: Well given your pro-choice record surely you aren't worried about alienating any more pro-life voters?
Westman: Well that was in the US Senate.....this is now.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see what occurs.
King: Is it better than being in the US Senate.
Westman laughs.
Westman: A hell of a lot better.  I mean I'm working in my majestic homestate where the weather is just indescribably perfect and the people are all just down to earth and great to have a beer with.  If there was ever a Heaven on Earth I'm convinced that the state of Montana would be it.  I mean compared to the dreadfully muggy climate of DC, especially in the summertime, along with the "all politics and business" crowd?  No contest.  Even the girls are prettier back home.
Holds up a photo of his daughter Brea and his wife Caroline.
King: Very interesting take.  How fun is governing?
Westman: It's a joke job!  In other words, I love it.  I would prefer sitting behind my desk watching reruns of All of My Friends rather than spend days writing up some 100 page economic legislation that is going to fail every year until people wake up five years later to finally pass it!  In this position I can actually have authority.  I can do stuff Larry!  I am the King!
King: You totally don't have a God Complex......
Westman: You know it!
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Interview, Part 2:

We are back with Montana Governor and prominent Democrat Scott Westman.  So Governor, would you like to comment on the chemistry between you and the Lieutenant Governor?
Westman: You could cut the sexual tension with a knife Larry.
King laughs.
Westman: Seriously though, he's one of my best friends right now.  He's the Robin to my Batman, to coin a metaphor.
King: Well you guys are making a lot of people in the legislature angry.  Especially Conservatives.
Westman: Well King if they are going to legislate the private lives of individuals they are going to have to do it somewhere else.  With a Westman and a D'Israeli in the Mansion civil liberties come first.  That means free speech, that means free expression, that means equal rights for gays, that means lever action rifles.   No "Ifs" and "buts" about it.  We got a real coalition working around the clock to make Constitutional rights mean something now days.  The D and the R.  We're not Democrats or Republicans.  We're New Age Democratic-Republicans!  Minus the slavery, yeah that's not really a good idea.
King: Ironic considering that one of your third party opponents a few years back was a member of the Montana based "New Democratic-Republican Party".
Westman laughs.
Westman: You know to this day I still don't know what the hell they were about.
King: I don't think they knew either!
Both men laugh.
King: They probably were in their basement smoking a few and then decided "hey Bob!  You know what's a really cool name?  The New Democratic-Republican Party!"
Westman: More like somebody lost a bet than anything else.
King: Not to change subjects so suddenly but a few months back you got some criticism from law and order folks in this country for going public with your refusal to call in the Montana State Guard to help coordinate anti-crime activities within your state.  The Governors of Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Indiana, Kansas, and Oregon have already used National Guardsmen to break up various organized crime groups.  Do you still stand by your earlier opposition to using the guard?
Westman: Yes I do King.  You see I am the Governor of a state of 1.6 million people.  If there is any organized crime going on in my state I would've heard about it by now.  Truth is there is SOME mob activities going on in the state.  But it is very minor compared to say Illinois or New York.  I am more than confident that the state and local police units in Montana can keep our cities well regulated without military intervention.  Once Governors start sending in National Guardsmen to act as extra police the image of chaos comes to mind of the citizenry.  Americans need to be given the idea that order is being upheld by the various local governing bodies without outside intervention lest we give the idea that America is being "invaded".  This isn't a war like the Crane Administration wants us to believe.  It's everyday criminal activities that have been decreasing in frequency over the past few decades as we become a more modernized society.  As much crime as there is today I would prefer the New York City of 1986 to the one of 1886 any day of the week.
King: Very opinionated governor.
Westman: Personally I think all of this hype of crime is mostly an attempt by Conservatives to try to gain strength in the urban areas.  Luckily our Congressional leaders are always one step ahead of the Coalition.  We will have our day a year from now in November.  Mark my words.

It's over.
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