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November 25, 2015, 01:19:38 pm
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Author Topic: A Post About Healthcare, Transgender/Women's Issues, And Ableism  (Read 1873 times)
Winston Disraeli
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« Reply #25 on: July 20, 2010, 05:59:28 pm »

I am transgendered and would appreciate it if you don't compare me to a paedophile.

But then again, in your narrow mind, I doubt you know much better.

I came nowhere near comparing the two. I'm saying that my parents kept me away from both as I will do the same with my kids one day. Does anyone actually feel that either is appropriate?

Seeing as you've spent most of your thread being pretty openly prejudiced, I don't think I'm wrong for thinking you are insinuating as such.

Wow you really got me. I am prejudiced against pedophiles. Proud of it too.

You're prejudiced against people who happen to be born as the wrong gender too, and that is what we are discussing. Not how you think paedophiles and transsexuals are on the same moral plane.

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« Reply #26 on: July 20, 2010, 06:15:07 pm »

odd that in the post she(?) supports the legislation because she dislikes her Medicaid coverage, since a major component of the legislation is to expand the number of people on Medicaid without commensurately increasing funding.

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« Reply #27 on: July 20, 2010, 06:51:47 pm »

I've never heard of "Ableism" before.

Healthcare equality is a civil rights issue
When they say things like this, it is hard to take them seriously though. Even if you support a single payer health care plan and think that that a wealthy nation should provide health care to all, it still doesn't mean it is a right. Anything that must be provided for by another is not a right. Rights are not things which require actions of others, they are things that require inaction of others. For example, I have a right to breath or a right to speak my mind. Those are things that exist with or without a society. They are not things someone has to provide. I don't have a right to healthcare coverage.

Now there is a right to get health care without government preventing you from doing so, but there is no right that it be given to you or someone be forced to cover you.

why would one think that transition related services fall under "necessary medical services". Well, our well-being depends on it. Many transgender people contemplate, attempt, or actually commit suicide because of "Body Image Distress or disgust",

That is a mental issue though, not a physical issue. It isn't medically necessary since the lack of it will not have an impact on your physical health other than what you may cause yourself. And a physical change due to a mental condition is not a medically necessary thing in my opinion. If your well being depends on it because of your mental state, it sounds more like a mental issue than a physical issue. Either way, no one should be forced to pay for cosmetic surgeries, even if we did have some kind of single payer system.

Of course that isn't my real concern, my major concern is that if we adopted a single payer system that some sickos would want it to cover abortion.

I agree that one should have the opportunity to access care without government infringement, but that is the extent of any health care rights that exist.

I find it odd, the person also seems to argue that some how opposition to government granting free healthcare to all makes one anti-feminist. Now I will admit I am not feminist and I dislike modern day feminism, but even still the two things are not linked. One can be a feminist and oppose government involvement in healthcare. Linking the two together just goes to show how warped a view some people have of feminism. Originally it was about equal rights, that is something I can support. But when it has warped to not being about just equal rights but about forcing everyone to treat you the same as a man and even forcing people to pay for your medical treatments, that is when I no longer support it.
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