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Author Topic: 2004: It takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush  (Read 5863 times)
YaBB God
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« on: June 11, 2011, 05:56:54 pm »

September 2003:

Sen. Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy for President of the United States in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "I'm in this race, because it is time to fix the job crisis plaguing America. It is time to restore our image abroad and to strengthen ourselves at home. We can do it, we've done it before. So I ask you to join with me, as we begin a conversation to take back America, from George Bush."

Following Sen. Clinton's announcement she immediately jumped to the head of the pack.

Clinton: 39%
Kerry:    25%
Dean:    19%
Clark:      7%
Edwards:  2%
Others: 8%

Following her announcement Joe Lieberman announced he would be ending his campaign and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. His announcement followed that of Bill Bradley, Bill Richardson and shockingly Al Gore who all endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

January 19th:
Iowa Caucus:

Clinton: 34.4%
Kerry:   30.1%
Dean:   16.2%
Edwards: 10.8%
Clark:        6.3%
Others: 2.3%

Following her victory in Iowa Clinton headed into New Hampshire against her chief opponents Kerry and Dean. All polling indicated a Clinton win in the Granite State.

WMUR Poll:

Clinton: 30%
Kerry: 26%
Dean: 14%

Dean continues to attack Kerry and Clinton for their support of the Iraq War and vows to begin a complete restructure of the war if he is elected. Dean's attack begin to work, with days remaining until the primary.

Clinton: 29%
Dean: 26%
Kerry: 16%

As the primary neared Dean appeared to closing in on Clinton's lead in New Hampshire and the momentum shifted to the Dean campaign. In his final stop before the primary he proclaimed: "We're going to win New Hampshire tomorrow! Here we go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."

The final poll conducted showed a Dean lead:
Dean: 29%
Clinton: 23%
However on Primary Day Sen. Clinton defied the odds and pulled an upset over Howard Dean and thus ended his campaign for President, where he took a disastrous fourth place finish.

January 27th:
Clinton: 32.2%
Kerry:   31.1%
Edwards: 13.2%
Dean:   10.9%

Dean officially dropped out of the race the day after New Hampshire, as did Clark. The remaining serious contenders for the nomination were Clinton, Kerry and Edwards, who vowed to stay on through Super Tuesday.

Red: Clinton

February 3rd:

Clinton: 39.9%
Kerry: 25.2%
Edwards: 20.1%
Other: 14.8%

Kerry: 33.2%
Clinton: 28.5%
Edwards: 20.6%

Clinton: 44.9%
Edwards: 28.6%
Kerry:     21.3%

New Mexico:
Clinton: 44.2%
Kerry: 28.5%
Edwards: 20.1%

North Dakota:
Kerry: 37.5%
Edwards: 37.1%
Clinton: 19.0%

Kerry: 30.0%
Clinton: 29.8%
Edwards: 24.9%

South Carolina:
Edwards: 30.2%
Clinton: 30.1%
Kerry: 23.7%

Red: Clinton
Blue: Kerry
Yellow: Edwards

Following the February 3rd contests Clinton appeared to have the momentum going into the the contests on February 7th.

In national polls against President Bush the three candidates were stacked up:

Bush: 44%
Clinton: 45%

Bush: 49%
Kerry: 38%

Bush: 55%
Edwards: 37%

February 7th:

Clinton: 51.2%
Kerry:   32.7%
Edwards: 21.0%

Kerry: 40.2%
Clinton: 36.4%
Edwards: 19.1%

Following the contests John Edwards dropped out, and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the nomination, citing: "We need to win in November and it is time to wrap up this fight."

The following day the Maine caucuses produced another Kerry victory, though it received little notice, as attention shifted to Hillary and the general election.

February 10th:

Clinton: 59.2%
Kerry: 37.7%

Kerry: 49.4%
Clinton: 45.5%

The final contests in February were won narrowly by Kerry who vowed to stay in the race until Super Tuesday and cited that it was still a close race between him and Sen. Clinton. However insiders from the campaign indicated that Kerry was nearing the end of his rope.

Super Tuesday:

March 2nd:

Clinton: 49.8%
Kerry: 46.5%

Clinton: 55.3%
Kerry: 41.9%

Clinton: 59.2%
Kerry: 38.8%

Clinton: 51.1%
Kerry: 46.4%

Kerry: 60.0%
Clinton: 37.5%

Clinton: 59.4%
Kerry: 38.7%

New York:
Clinton: 65.4%
Kerry: 33.2%

Clinton: 59.0%
Kerry: 37.6%

Rhode Island:
Kerry: 49.5%
Clinton: 45.2%

Clinton: 50.1%
Kerry: 45.4%

Following Super Tuesday Clinton could claim a victory in the delegate lead and in the states won. John Kerry kept quiet following the contests and announced he would remain in the contests until after the March 9th contests and then make a decision.

Clinton racked up victories in the American Samoa contests and effectively ended Kerry's hopes for the nomination on March 9th, by carrying all of the states.

John Kerry conceded defeat and announced his support of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nomination. "A Democrat must be in the Oval Office next January and that person must be Hillary Clinton!" Insiders indicated that Kerry was hoping for the VP nomination.
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YaBB God
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« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2011, 07:43:54 pm »

The VP, Roundup, Convention, Debates:

After Hillary Clinton secured the nomination a new poll gave her chances against Pres. Bush.

Clinton: 45%
Bush:   42%

A new electoral map gave gave Clinton more than the needed delegates needed to become President. While earlier most pundits estimated that the election would be fairly close, though Bush was still to be the favorite, despite Clinton's lead.
D: 270
R: 227

Dark Blue: Solid Bush
Dark Red: Solid Clinton
Light Blue: Leans Bush
Light Red:  Leans Clinton
Gray: Tossup

Clinton favorability ratings: 49/51
Bush  favorability ratings: 54/46

June Polling:

In a CNN poll released in June caused shockwaves through the Bush and Clinton campaign. The poll focused on three main areas: The Economy and the Wars and National Security

Who do you believe is better equipped to handle the Wars in Iraq in Afghanistan?
Bush: 67%
Clinton: 33%

Who do you believed is better equipped to handle the economy?
Clinton: 59%
Bush: 41%

Who do you believe is better equipped to handle national security?
Bush: 55%
Clinton: 46%

The following day Hillary Clinton announced a tour of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as through Europe, in an attempt to improve her standing on foreign policy. The day she departed her campaign released an ad announcing her plans to improve health care in America.

Clinton vs. Bush:
R: 47%
D: 46%

The week of July 20th Hillary Clinton announced to a crowd of 20,000 people in Ohio at she had selected Wesley Clark to be her running mate. In his speech Clark praised Clinton as a leader and the most qualified person running for President.

A CNN poll revealed people's reaction to the choice:
Support: 79%
Oppose: 21%

Following the announcement the Bush campaign unleashed a series of ads, attacking Hillary's weakness on foreign policy, and that he was better suited to handle a crisis. The Clinton campaign returned a volley with a famous, "3 AM phone call" in which Clinton stated:
"Who do you want to answer the phone? Someone who makes act without thinking, or one that will act with the interests of the American people in mind? You decide."

As the convention a new electoral map came out indicating that Clinton's chances had dipped.
R: 49%
D: 44%

D: 253
R: 248
T: 37

Light Red: Lean Clinton
Light Blue: Lean Bush
Dark Red: Solid Clinton
Dark Blue: Solid Bush

Following the Democratic Convention Hillary Clinton promised that America would lead once again under her. The message seemed to strike a cord and a her apparent bounce came off as very large.

Clinton: 49%
Bush: 44%

D: 263
R: 243
T: 32

As the debates approached Clinton and Bush appeared to be in a dead heat.

R: 47%
D: 47%

In the first debate which focused on the economy Sen. Clinton attacked Pres. Bush on his handling of the economy. Pres. Bush tried to deflect her responses, but nothing seemed to stick. The line that stuck with everyone was Clinton rebuff to Bush,
"Twelve years ago America found itself in a similar mess, with a President named Bush, and a candidate named Clinton. They say history repeats itself, and while I acknowledge the difference I see the similarities, and so America I'm asking you to chose, not on the past, but instead on the future."

The Debate: Clinton v. Bush

Most polls found that Hillary won the debate.

Clinton: 56%
Bush:   38%
Both:   4%
Neither: 2%

Clinton vs. Bush:
D: 50%
R: 45%

D: 263
R: 232
T: 43

The Final Stretch:

As the final debate wrapped up Hillary Clinton and Pres. Bush went into election day about even, with Clinton holding a lead in the electoral delegate, however most polls indicated that it would be a close race.

D: 49%
R: 48%

Election Night


Good Evening America in what is certainly going to be a long night let us begin, the polls have closed in six states at this hour and we have winners to project.  

In the state of Indiana based on exit polling and raw data we project Pres. Bush will carry it.
R: 55%
D: 41%

Also at this hour we project Mr. Bush is the winner in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky. A bit of a shock there, Sen. Clinton thought she would switch the state which her husband carried eight years ago, but it stays Republicans.

For Sen. Clinton we project her the winner in Vermont.
D: 61%
R: 36%

The state of Virginia will go into the undecided column, which bodes well for the Clinton campaign at this hour.


We're back and we can project President Bush has carried North Carolina, while West Virginia and Ohio are too close to call at this hour. Here is the electoral map at this hour. The President leads Sen. Clinton in the electoral vote and in the popular vote, but we have a long way to go tonight.

R: 57: 52.13%
D:  3:  45.8%%


Top of the hour and 171 electoral votes up for grabs at this hour and we project for Sen. Clinton, the states of: Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, The District of Columbia and as well as the battleground of Pennsylvania.

For the President we project the states of Oklahoma and Alabama. As for the states of Missouri, Florida, Tennessee and New Hampshire, they remain undecided at this hour.

Here stands the map:

D: 99: 50.0%
R: 73: 47.8%

We'll be back after this break with more to come...
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« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2011, 08:02:55 pm »

This is fantastic! Please continue!

"I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you’re willing to work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you’re willing to try.
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« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2011, 08:45:21 pm »

This is very good. Please continue

Job 19:25,27 John 9 John 11:1-12:11 John 1:17 John 21:20-23 Acts 12:1-23 Psalm 19:14 Psalm 3:3
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« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2011, 09:16:44 pm »

Hillary's gonna win with ease if PA's called so early.

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« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2011, 09:10:52 am »


The polls have closed in Arkansas, and while Mrs. Clinton is leading in the state we cannot project a winner yet. With only 1% of the precincts reporting no decision can be made. Arkansas is now the eighth states we've put in the undecided column, but the ones we are focusing on specifically are:
Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire and Missouri on account that Sen. Clinton is leading narrowly in all four.

Pres. Bush at the White House, election night.

We should also note that the states of Virginia, Tennessee and West Virginia are undecided so that bodes well for the Clinton campaign as well.

What does it say with Pennsylvania having been called early for Clinton?

Well it bodes well for her prospects, Al Gore barley won the state in 2000, and looking at the numbers tonight she has beaten Pres. Bush by about at least seven points. So if that is the trend then Sen. Clinton is in a good position tonight.

Hold up for a moment we have a projection to make in the state of West Virginia, we can project that Sen. Clinton will carry the state. The last time this stated voted for a democrat was in 1996 for Bill Clinton, but Sen. Clinton has returned it to the democratic column.

D: 104
R:   73

What are the impacts of this state going for Sen Clinton?

Well it certainly is making the Bush campaign nervous tonight. With Florida and Ohio still undecided this has to be triggering doubts, I mean if West Virginia can go Democrat, what else will?


Okay we're down to ten minutes before the next set of states close, but we're getting word out of New Hampshire. According to the AP New Hampshire has gone for Sen. Clinton.

D: 51.1%
R: 47.6%

D: 108
R:   79

Sen. Clinton has now taken two states from the 2000 Bush column and if the present trend continues then the Clinton campaign must be feeling pretty good as the nine o'clock polls set to close.


Good evening America, we're back and there are 156 electoral delegates up for grabs at this hour and we have winners to project.
For the President we project the states of: Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Louisiana.

For Sen. Clinton we project her home state of: New York, the state of: Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island , the battle ground state of Wisconsin, as well as the state of New Mexico.

D: 185: 51.1%
R: 148: 46.9%

The state of Arizona joins the undecided column as well. President Bush is leading, but is narrow.


Before we go to break we are able to project Sen. Clinton the winner in her former home state of Arkansas. Her husband former Pres. Bill Clinton was governor there for twelve years and there is a lot of respect and love for the Clinton still in that state.

And we should mention even with a last minute swing by Pres. Bush last week in the state it falls back into the Democratic column.

Now we have to take a short break, but hold on one second we're getting word from the all important state of Ohio. All major news outlet have called the state and now based on what we've reported and collected tonight we can project the state of Ohio for Sen. Clinton. Repeat: Ohio has gone for Sen. Clinton tonight.

The Clintons upon hearing the results in Ohio.
D: 50.9%
R: 48.0%

We'll have all discussion and analysis of Sen. Clinton's win in the all important state when we return after a short break, please stay tuned.

D: 211
R: 148

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« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2011, 09:21:52 am »

When/if Clinton wins, I want to see her cabinet.

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« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2011, 11:40:48 am »

We're back, and as we went to break we projected Sen. Clinton the winner in the state of Ohio. This is a blow to the Bush campaign, for no Republican has ever one the White House without the state. How is the Bush team reacting to the new?

Not good, as expected. They're not giving up hope, for it is still feasible, but rather unlikely given that Ohio has been called.

Pres. Bush would need to carry California, or Washington, Oregon and California as well as the rest of the states if he were to win this tonight.


It's thirty minutes after the hour and here is some news that will may put a smile on some people in the Bush campaign's face. The state of Florida goes for Pres. Bush, after remaining undecided for nearly two hours.

R: 49.5%
D: 47.2%

Pres. Bush was the favorite to win this state, given that his brother Jeb is governor of the state. However the talk of the hour is Ohio going for Sen. Clinton. She needed to carry it tonight and she has done so.


Just as we went to break we projected Pres. Bush the winner in the state of Tennessee, and while his electoral count is adding up, it appears to be too little too late.

At this hour we can project that Sen. Clinton has carried the state of Iowa, this is the state that helped project her to the nomination way back at the start of the year. She carries it tonight easily over Pres. Bush.

D: 53.7%
R: 45.0%

We project that President Bush has carried the state of Utah and Montana.

D: 218: 51.0%
R: 194: 47.6%

From what we are hearing at this hour the mood is somber at the Bush campaign, this is certainly not how they wanted this night to go, and while we will not project any person President of The United States until a person has won 270 electoral delegates.


We have a major projection in the state of Missouri. We project that Sen. Clinton will carry the state.

D: 50.8%
R: 48.1%

D: 229
R: 194

As we look in the state of Virginia Pres. Bush holds a narrow lead over Sen. Clinton, but we cannot project a winner in that state yet.

R: 49.18%
D: 49.05%

Also in the state of Arizona Pres. Bush holds a lead and it appears to be growing. He leads Sen. Clinton by a margin of: 50.1%-48.6%

In the state of Nevada where Sen Clinton spent a lot of time and money she holds a lead over President Bush.

D: 50.0%
R: 49.1%


Looking at all the states right now, I wager that Nevada will end up going for Sen. Clinton, while Nevada will probably stay with Pres. Bush, but Virginia is where I'm unsure. I think if Sen. Clinton is able to carry the state it will really send a message tonight.

Alright we're going to take a short break, but as we leave here is where the electoral map stands at this hour:

D: 229: 51.0%
R: 194: 47.6%

Stay tuned as the west coast prepares to release their results at the eleven o'clock hour.

YaBB God
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« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2011, 11:50:47 am »

So unless basically Ohio is taken back from the Clinton column, then Clinton will win. With the final polling showing Clinton only ahead by one, I would expect a closer election.

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« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2011, 11:59:46 am »

Can anyone say blow out? Obviously its not as big as Obama's real one in 08, but for the 04 climate, having a win by more than 1 state is saying something.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is death
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« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2011, 01:00:30 pm »

I love this! Please go on!

Bernie would probably win Vermont if Obama were deemed to have more than 272 evs in the vag.
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« Reply #11 on: June 12, 2011, 01:02:38 pm »


As we await the results from the west coast I think we can have a moment to look at the polls and my first conclusion tonight is that the polls were wrong. Yesterday's poll gave Clinton a one point advantage over Pres. Bush, and judging by what we're seeing tonight that is quite the opposite.

I expected this to be a close election, but Sen. Clinton is certainly on her way to winning in a fairly decisive election and looks to be the first democrat since Jimmy Carter to win with over fifty percent of the vote. I mean looking at the polls I would say the last time the polls were this wrong was with Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980. All polls indicated a dead even race, and yet it turned into a Ronald Reagan landslide.

True, true, but if Sen. Clinton is victorious she will be making history tonight. The first female President, and while she tended to downplay the importance of her candidacy it is significant. Now based on most polls voters said that a person's gender did not impact their choice for President, but on the same side: Sixty percent of people polled said electing a woman President would be a good thing for the country, so we'll see what happens.


Hold that thought for a moment we have a projection to make. Pres. Bush has carried the state of Arizona.

D: 229
R: 204


Now hold it again, we have another projection to make and it is rather significant. Sen. Clinton has carried the state of Virginia. She is now the first Democrat to carry the state since Lyndon Johnson in 2004.

D: 242
R: 204

We cannot downplay the significance of this win. She was down by three points in most polls leading up until the election, only one poll gave her a one point advantage. This is certainly a shock tonight to the Republicans, and joy for the Democrats.


Well it is the top of hour we have a major projection to make, rather historic projection. Based on wins in the state California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii we project Sen. Hillary Clinton to be President-elect. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be the 44th President of the United States.

Clinton watching her projection.

D: 319
R: 211

President Bush tried to avoid the same fate of his father, but it could not be done. Two Bushes, both defeated by a Clinton. Despite the two wars and grave uncertainty in the world the voters sided with Sen. Clinton, now President-elect and her message on the economy. At the end of the day this election was about the pocketbook, not the war on terror, which President Bush believed would carry him.

Exactly, and Sen. Clinton during her debate where the war on terror was discussed proclaimed affirmatively that she would find and kill Osama Bin Laden by the end of her first term. Now Pres. Bush in recent years has drifted from the subject of Bin Laden, stating that he does not think about him.

She ran a smart campaign, in many ways she avoided the trappings of negative adds to a degree and focused on the economy and that always play well with voters. She tried in many ways to embody the message of: "I feel your pain."

Concession Speeches and Beyond:

Pres. Bush signaled a conciliatory note in his concession speech.
"......I congratulate President-elect Clinton on a well run campaign, she has been a worthy opponent and I wish her well. Now while I wish the results would have been different I respect the voices of the American people and they have made their choice. We'll have a smooth transition in the coming weeks, but let me just say that America is safer and more secure today, and that is something I know President-elect Clinton will carry on in her administration. Thank you, God Bless you and your families and may God Bless the United States of America."

President -elect Clinton greeted her supporters from her campaign headquarters in New York City at 12:30 AM EST.
"....While there are still those who wish to harm this great country of ours let me say tonight with great certainty: We will find you, we will stop you and we will defeat you....it is time to salvage our economy and begin creating jobs here in America, so that everyone can live up to his or her God given potential....and now let me say to women in the audience and all across this country and the world. We have done something tonight that is very American. We have shattered one of the highest, hardest glass ceilings, and we did it knowing what needed to be done. I hope my victory serves as an example for all people regardless of gender that in America nothing is impossible and that is what is truly remarkable!"

Final Results:

D: 324: 51.5% 63,040,610 votes.
R: 214: 46.6% 57,028,444 votes

Exit Polling:

Votes by Gender:

Bush: 51%, 38%
Clinton: 49%, 62%

Vote by Race:

Bush: 52%,11%, 40%, 44%, 40%
Clinton: 48%, 88%, 60%, 56%, 54%

Vote by Age:
18-29/30-44/45-59/60 and older

Bush: 39%, 46%, 48%, 46%
Clinton: 61%, 53%, 51%, 54%

Closest States:

OH: 50.8%-48.0% (Clinton)
FL:  49.5%-48.1% (Clinton)
NV: 50.1%-48.9% (Clinton)
MO: 50.8%-48.1% (Clinton)
VA: 49.4%-49.2%  (Clinton)
TN: 50.9%-48.1% (Bush)
AZ: 49.8%-49.0% (Bush)

More to come, The Cabinet and First Term of Hillary Clinton...
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« Reply #12 on: June 12, 2011, 01:07:32 pm »

Cool. Can we see some pictures for her first term, like a Presidential looking portrait, her with world leaders when it comes to foreign policy, etc.?

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« Reply #13 on: June 12, 2011, 01:09:25 pm »

Will do, just on posting pictures how is that done?
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« Reply #14 on: June 12, 2011, 01:15:05 pm »

Will do, just on posting pictures how is that done?

When posting, There are two rows of buttons above your typing space. The first row begins with things like "bold", "italicize", "Underline", etc. The second thing in the second row is the button you press for pictures. It looks like a tiny framed picture. You click on it, and what pops up are two "img"'s, framed by brackets. Put the img code, or the url for the picture, in the between the two.

Example: Say I want to post this:

What I'm doing is putting this:
in between the two "img"'s that are framed by brackets.

Hope that helps.

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« Reply #15 on: June 12, 2011, 01:17:43 pm »

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« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2011, 01:19:29 pm »

President-elect Clinton Election Night 2004.

President Bush signals defeat.

Crowds cheer outside the White House, following Hillary Clinton's victory.

The Cabinet of Hillary Clinton:

On November 7th Hillary Clinton announced the appointment for her first cabinet choice, Secretary of State. While speculation was that John Kerry would be tapped for the job everyone was shocked when Senator Joe Biden stepped forward.

"I'm honored that President-elect Clinton has tapped me for this position and I look forward to restoring America's image abroad in the coming months."

While Biden was praised on his selection, rumors began to swirl regarding John Kerry's position in the cabinet. It would eventually come out that John Kerry had been offered the position of either Secretary of State or Secretary of Veteran's Affairs and he turned both down, saying that he preferred to remain in the senate, citing he would be effective in helping the future President with legislation.

Approval Ratings for President-elect Hillary Clinton:
Approve: 70%
Disapprove: 26%

Approval Ratings for President Bush:
Approve: 39%
Disapprove: 59%

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« Reply #17 on: June 12, 2011, 01:40:04 pm »

Despite the decisive defeat at the polls some Republican pundits began speculating on the eventual challenger to President-elect in 2008. While John McCain came in second to Bush in 2000, most polls indicated that they did not want John McCain to be the nominee in 2008.

While early most pundits began looking at Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney as a possible nominee, given his address at the 2004 Republican Convention in New York. Many see him as a rising star in the party.

Who do you want to be Republican Nominee for 2008:
No Idea: 69%
Romney: 14%
McCain:     9%
Giuliani:     4%
J. Bush:      3%
Cheney:      1%

More to come....

Paul Kemp
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« Reply #18 on: June 12, 2011, 04:58:50 pm »

Based on wins in the state California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii we project Sen. Hillary Clinton to be President-elect. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, will be the 4544th President of the United States.


Pretty good. I think Hillary would have had the best chance of knocking off W in '04.

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« Reply #19 on: June 12, 2011, 05:35:25 pm »

You know, George W Bush wouldn't be out of the question as a possible candidate in 2008. Also, I'd think the famous hero of 9/11 would beat a one-term MA Governor who only just recently became pro-life, in the polls.

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« Reply #20 on: June 12, 2011, 05:49:51 pm »

President-elect Clinton briefs the reporters.

A few days after he announcements of Joe Biden for Secretary of State and Bill Daley for Treasury Secretary, President-elect Clinton stunned everyone by tapping John McCain for Secretary of Defense, and Rudy Giuliani for Secretary of Homeland Security. While the selections received great praise some pundits saw this as a move two remove two potential Presidential contestants for 2008.

"I'm humbled by the opportunity before me, and am aware of the grave threats America still faces, but we will work tirelessly to see that American is safe and secure."

The Formation of a Presidential Cabinet:
Sec. of State: Joe Biden
Sec. of Treasury: Bill Daley
Sec. of Defense: John McCain
Attorney General: Deval Patrick
Sec. of the Interior: Gary Locke
Sec. of Agriculture: Tom Vislack
Sec. of Commerce: Bill Bradley
Sec. of Labor: Mark Warner
Sec. of Health and Human Services: Howard Dean
Sec. of Transportation: Jane Swift
Sec. of Energy: Kathleen Sebeilus
Sec. of Education: Jeanne Shaheen
Sec. of Veteran's Affairs: Chuck Hagel
Sec. of Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani

Vice President: Wesley Clark
Chief of Staff: Maggie Williams

December 1st. President-elect Hillary Clinton met with outgoing President George Bush at the White House. The two were all smiles, and then proceeded to the Oval Office, while former President Bill Clinton accompanied First Lady Laura Bush to discuss the switch from former President to First Gentleman.

As Clinton walked along the colonnade a reporter shouted to her, "How does it feel?" "Like I'm going home," she said with a chuckle and then proceeded into the Oval Office.

President Bush's approval ratings:
Approve: 40%
Disapprove: 59%

January 20th, 2005:

President-elect Clinton and former President Bill Clinton arrived at the White House at 11:00 AM and met with President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

President-elect Clinton speaks privately with President Bush while awaiting the big moment.

Hillary made her way to her seat at the US Capitol, shortly before the ceremonies.

At noon Hillary Clinton became the 44th President of The United States of America.

To a jubilant crowd President Clinton promised a new beginning for the United States. "....We will strengthen our alliances abroad and ourselves at home. We will cripple the organizations of those who seek to harm this great nation....now while much has happened to America since the dawn of this new century let me say this: There is nothing wrong with America. There is nothing wrong with the people. We find ourselves in these positions from time to time, and each time the American people have summoned the will to rise above them and know this America we will do that once again."

President Clinton Approval Ratings:
Approve: 74%
Disapprove: 25%

To be continued: The First Term of President Hillary Clinton

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Pres. Clinton headed to Congress where she announced her economic plan. With the Republicans still in control of the House, and Democrats now in charge of Senate Pres. Clinton treaded carefully. She urged Congress to have a bill on her desk by late spring.

Before departing a trip of Europe President Clinton addressed the White House briefing room where she announced her intentions to reduce troop levels in Iraq by more than half by the end of the year and to have troops out the end of 2006.
When questioned on a possible surge in Afghanistan President Clinton was mum, only suggesting that Bin Laden and his terrorist orginzation must be stopped and that, "We are winning, and we will do whatever needs to be done."

President Clinton Abroad:

President Clinton meeting with President Chirac of France on Day One of her European tour.

In a speech together he applauded President Clinton for taking the actions needed to end the war in Iraq.

Next President Clinton headed to the UK to meet with Prime Minister Tony Blair to discuss the wars in the middles east, terrorism and the global economy.

Back in the US the House passed a version of President Clinton's economic package, which many senate and house Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi stated was "The type of politics we just defeated last November." Despite the dismay from some Democrats Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschale is expected to pass bill and have it on the President's desk when she returns.

While on her in the UK with Prime Minister Tony Blair President Clinton commented briefly on the goings on in Washington: "We'll see when I return, I'm committed to having an economic relief package to kickstart the American economy, for as Prime Minister Blair knows if America faulters the rest of the world does too."

When questioned if Osama Bin Laden would be found, President Clinton remained hesitant on the question. "As I've stated before, dead or alive."

President Clinton Approval Ratings:
Approve: 69%
Disapprove: 30%

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Can you give us a quick rundown of the 2004 Senate, Governor, and House races? Specifically, is Obama still elected Senator?

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Update: House, Senate, Gubernatorial Races:
Democrats take control of the Senate, Republican retain control of the House, some pickups for Governors.

AL: Richard Shelby: reelected.
AK: Lisa Murkowski: elected to full term.
AZ: John McCain: reelected.
AR: Blanche Lincoln: reelected.
CA: Barbara Boxer: reelected.
CO: Ken Salzar elected: (Democrat Gain)
CT: Chris Dodd reelected:
FL: Betty Castor elected: (Democrat Gain)
GA: Johnny Isaskson: (Republican Gain)
HI: Daniel Inouye reelected:
ID: Mike Crapo reelected:
IL: Barack Obama elected: (Democrat Gain)
IN: Evan Bayh reelected:
IA: Arthur Small elected: (Democrat Gain)
KS: Sam Brownback reelected:
KY: Daniel Mongiardo elected: (Democrat Gain)
LA: Chris John elected: (Democrat Gain)
MD: Barbara Mikulsi: reelected
MO: Nancy Farmer: elected (Democrat Gain)
NV: Harry Ried: reelected
NH: Judd Gregg: reelected
NY: Chuck Schumer: reelected
NC: Erskine Bowels elected: (Democrat Gain)
ND: Byron Dorgan reelected:
OH: George Voinovich reelected:
OK: Tom Corbon elected: (Republican hold)
OR: Ron Wyden reelected:
PA: Arlen Specter relected:
SC: Jim Demint elected: (Republican gain)
SD: Tom Daschale reelected:
UT: Robert Bennett reelected:
VT: Patrick Leahey reelected:
WA: Patty Murray reelected:
WI: Russ Feingold reelected:

Democrats: 57
Republicans: 43

Majority Leader: Tom Daschale
Minority Leader: Bill Frist

Republicans: 232
Democrats: 202

Speaker of The House: Dennis Hastert
Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi

Gubernatorial Races:
Republicans: 27
Democrats: 24

More updates on Pres. Clinton's first term coming soon.
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Woah, how did Arthur Small win?

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