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September 22, 2014, 07:13:47 am
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 168963 times)
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« Reply #1050 on: July 26, 2014, 02:52:34 am »

Economic Issues -
Taxation: We have to keep the revenue levels we have at the moment, so I support lowering our rates but closing tax loopholes and eliminating deductions to create a revenue neutral system. Top rate hopefully around 25% or 28%.
Minimum Wage: Abolish the national minimum wage.
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare, replace with a healthcare system with some key changes like health savings accounts, lawsuit reform, and prize funding for research.
Social Security: I support privatizing the system, as long as it means reducing the burden of the system. Raising the retirement age is something I'm for, but I'm not for reducing benefits in sneaky ways like lowering the inflation rate (especially to one that is lower than the current one we have).
Free Trade: Free Trade is the ultimate equalizer. It funds small foreign countries latter Labor revolutions, while keeping prices lower in our country. Fair trade hurts the people it intends to help, while sticking us with the bill.
Unions/Right-to-work: I support right-to-work laws, I don't think I can be any clearer than that.

Foreign Policy
Intervention: We should only intervene when there's a direct threat to our ability to be free. But at the same time, I don't agree with putting unnecessary constraints on our troops ability to fight. Doing so means that our enemies have the advantage, considering there is the possibility that some enemies won't be following those same rules.
Afghanistan: The war should've ended a long time ago, starting with pulling troops out right at the death of Osama Bin Laden. We've tampered with the Middle east for far too long.
Iran: The Middle East is the fundamental example of US interventionism gone wrong. We can't predict what people will do here, and as a result, we shouldn't put American people in harms way. Whether Iran gets nukes or not, it's not our business.
Cuba: The embargo to Cuba is an old relic used by people to start red fearing again. Enough with it. End the embargo, and continue to end trade barriers across the world.
Guantanamo: The United States I want to live in should not torture, and should not harbor people in secret prisons where we don't know what happens to them. We must end Guantanamo Bay or, like internment of the Japanese, it will be a deadly stain in our history.
PATRIOT Act: Repeal this and other bills that intend to violate Americans right to privacy.

Term Limits: Supportive in the abstract, but in reality, I'm not sure how much it would really achieve. I would support five terms in the House and three terms in the Senate, enough to gain some seniority without overstaying your welcome.
Campaign Finance: The solution to Campaign Finance is disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. What the Democrats did to Koch is what I want to see everybody doing, pointing out who is beholden to whom. Therefore, SuperPACs must go. However, although the effect of money in politics is toxic, I believe that we must continue to allow free people to decide how to help their own candidates.
Electoral College: The Electoral College has gone against the grain only a few times, I don't think it really matters.
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« Reply #1051 on: July 28, 2014, 02:36:48 am »

Economic Issues

Taxes: Eliminate any taxes on real economic activity - including sales taxes* and income taxes associated with a paycheck, but heavy taxes on capital gains and inheritance. Taxes don't pay for spending under a fiat money system; instead, taxes "unprint" money. Right now, whatever nominal tax rates are, we destroy money associated with real economic activity while allowing money to pool with a super-elite. The job of the Democratic Party is to (1) perpetuate the myth that they can't give people popular programs because there isn't "enough" tax revenue to "pay" for it (funny how that's not the case with the bailouts and QE perpetuity), (2) play good cop by saying they'll "raise" taxes on the wealthy (income taxes don't touch the truly wealthy, as they simply play with money).

* Excise taxes are debatable - not a revenue "source," but if the objective is to curtail harmful behavior.

Jobs Guarantee: We need a permanent jobs guarantee to achieve full employment. "Raising" the minimum wage does nothing for people who are unemployed or underemployed. It only drives a wedge between the bottom 99.9%. If everyone willing and able to work can find a job, they'll be more likely to secure multiple job offers, and - ceteris paribus - they'll pick the higher paying job.  This decision aggregates to push everyone's wages up.  But, ZOMG, inflation?!  (1) Taxes can be used to remove "excess" money beyond the point of full employment, (2) Inflation is really the result of a concentrated financial sector levering the price of commodities.  The jobs guarantee should have a few national-scale projects but also many locally-decided projects.  The program doesn't need to be "paid" for with tax revenue or borrowing.  We print the money, and instead of a budget constraint or arbitrary ratio, we have two functional constraints on printing: (1) price stability, and (2) full employment.  Again, taxes can remove any money beyond these functional constraints.

Health Care: Single-payer or NHS-type arrangement, more medical universities with free tuition for those who agree to serve in critical needs areas for 10+ years.

Banking: End the Fed and restore Article I, Section 8, Clause 5. Break up the TBTF banks, bring up charges on executives for securities and mortgage fraud, lifetime ban on serving in the FIRE sector for employees at the SEC and other "regulatory" bodies, and capitalize public banks at the state level to loan to small businesses and farmers.

Social Security: There isn't a closet where the money is kept; it's fungible. So, expand benefits such that people aren't beholden to 401(k)s or other "investments." The program cannot go broke. Too bad we're never as cautious or fiscally prudent about bailing out the banks. We just print the money.

Social Issues
Generally, I believe, people will be more tolerant and accepting if they don't believe that they're being screwed by a system.  The Democrats parading around with their "tolerance" trope - similar to a Goldman Sachs rainbow-washing - is just cover for their policies that are wreaking havoc on the bottom 99.9%. As much as I get vilified here, I haven't seen anyone engage this argument head on.  It's ok (and for many Democrats, it's desirable) to "compromise" on economic issues, anyone who isn't on board with gay marriage as a political issue (for instance, they think marriage has no place as a government institution) is a bigot.  Democrats, like Goldman Sachs, hide behind their rainbow-washing.

Foreign Policy
Much of what's on the TV is kabuki.  We need to begin to divorce ourselves from military contractors.  Also, with a contained FIRE sector, there will be much less "American" "interest" to spur "humanitarian" interventions around the world.  One of the early telltale signs that Obie wasn't against imperialist endeavors, despite his "opposition" to "stupid wars" was the failure to explain that opposition in economic terms - that these "endless wars" only provide blank checks in perpetuity to the private military firms and allow the FIRE sector to further speculate on commodities.

Congress chosen by lottery. Delegations for each state are chosen on an at-large basis.

I'll never vote Repub, but I know enough to know that Democrats really are the more effective evil and can really get away with the things one would normally suspect from Repubs.

Democrats: The more effective evil

Shirtless beer pong, brah, with brObama's speechwriter

Bros before hoes, brah
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« Reply #1052 on: August 09, 2014, 06:58:48 pm »

wilsonian progressive.

My education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University is just as good as a Harvard education,
Rockefeller GOP
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« Reply #1053 on: August 12, 2014, 11:23:50 pm »

wilsonian progressive.

If you mean Woodrow Wilson, then you might want to invest in some more liberal economic views...

"That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence built"

- Abraham Lincoln

Economic: +1.94
Social: -2.96
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« Reply #1054 on: August 14, 2014, 12:22:38 am »

Liberalism is combined with a non-Marxisant form of market socialism intended to disperse power out over the population and enable each person to use at least the minimum in basic resources needed by them to grow, partake in public life, and meaningfully exercise their rights in pursuits of happiness regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds.

Influences on my worldview come in bits and pieces from figures including Aristotle, Rousseau, Locke, Rawls, Montesquieu, Bernstein, Eucken, Bourdieu, Glaserfeld, Vasak, Haidt, and (far less today than in the past) Trotsky.

Budget: Raise income taxes on all brackets, eliminate the corporate tax, scale down national defense, then revisit healthcare reform. Reforms for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are on the table.

Civil Liberties: The Constitution should recognize a set of individual rights that mostly overlaps with those protected today. Property rights are less emphasized yet not entirely neglected, either.

Civil Rights: Bigotry and unjust discrimination should be opposed with education, regulation, and anti-poverty measures. Affirmative action is alright in moderation but ineffective as a standalone policy.

The Economy: Markets are regulated, property rights reformed (e.g. collectivization), and a basic income guaranteed to every citizen set to local poverty lines. Salary controls affect inequality of compensation ratios within each co-op. Sole proprietorships continue but corporations and partnerships are banned due to their authoritarian designs. State intervention is mostly avoided in favour of setting up a regulatory framework in which competition may run its course. Some deregulation may be prudent.

Education: Teach civics and critical, free thinking; finance basic research, cultural institutions, and exploration in space. Within an overarching framework of objectives there should be flexibility for the curricula of different states to vary.

Elections: I support public-financing, proportional representation, and multi-party politics. There should be a formalized role for academia to educate voters and public officials on subjects of political relevance.

Environment: Market failures on issues like animal rights, pollution, and sustainability necessitate some state involvement. I propose nuclear fission as a stopgap replacement of coal, favour electric cars, and oppose increases to fossil fuel production by affluent countries.

Gun Rights: Licensed, registered ownership is alright for small arms and most light weapons; some control is reasonable.

Healthcare: The established system in the U.S. is dysfunctional; almost any Western alternative would be more practical.

Immigration: Work visas, amnesty, higher migrant quotas, increased foreign aid, mercy for seekers of asylum, etc.

International Issues: Countries ought to negotiate for mutual gains, respond to humanitarian crises, and form a global federation. Regional unions are appropriate on the way. Elimination of WMDs, cluster bombs, and mines is sought.

Religion: The state should be neutral on supernatural issues, respecting all religions but focusing on individual rights.
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"I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to see realized." ~ Nelson Mandela
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« Reply #1055 on: August 14, 2014, 02:29:48 am »

Economic/Governmental Issues:

Budget/Deficit: Balance the budget in one year, by cutting almost half of what we spend now. Cut spending before cutting taxes, to balance the budget quick.
Free Trade: 100% Pro-Free Trade.
Taxes: Abolish the IRS. Fair Tax would be ideal, if not, one flat or slightly progressive tax on income with a low rate (15% or less). No other taxes. Either way, the tax would be much lower than they are now, and much simpler. No special deductions or loopholes.
Right to Work: Completely support, no one should be forced into union agreements and dues for employment purposes.  
Education: No federal funding or standards, all education managed at the state and local levels. A voucher system would be great so children aren't stuck at failed schools.
Departments: I would eliminate the department of Education, HUD, Homeland Security, Energy, Interior, and Transportation. I would put Veterans Affairs as part of defense, and put Commerce and Labor back together.
Social Security: Support privatizing the system for people to control their retirement with their money. Spending for social security will keep rising unless we privatize it, no way around that.
Role of Government: To uphold the constitution, protect civil liberties, defend itself from foreign dangers, and carry out due process.

Foreign Policy:

Iran: They don't pose a serious threat to our national security. They won't even get a nuclear weapon soon, and even if they did, they have a minute fraction of the power we have to defend ourselves in case of emergency.
Federal Aid: Eliminate all federal aid, except for military aid in wartime. No one should be paying tax dollars to prop up governments in our "national interest".
Non-interventionist: Don't get involved with the rest of the world unless someone attacks or is a direct threat to the US, its that simple.
Afghanistan War: Pull all troops out now. This should've been done a long time ago.
Draft: I oppose drafting in all circumstances
Cuba: Normalize all relations with Cuba, like we all said in the other thread, this is long overdue.
Foreign Bases: I would remove almost (if not) all bases from around the world. There's no reason we need to have them, and there's no foreign bases in the US. Less international spending means more money for national defense at home, where it belongs.
Military/Defense Spending: We can cut probably about half of what we spend right now and still be just as powerful of a country. Most of the cuts would be international spending, rather than actual defense spending.

Other Issues:

NDAA and Patriot Act
: Repeal both of these unconstitutional acts.
NSA Spying: I would make it illegal for the government to wiretap or collect personal data on a huge database.
Gun Issues: The only restrictions to the right of owning a weapon would be background checks on a persons health and criminal history, and a required license.
Stop and Frisk: Terrible, racist, unconstitutional policy that strengthens the police state.
Electoral College: Eliminate it, replace with a simple popular vote nationwide. Who ever gets the plurality of the votes wins. The EC misrepresents votes and puts all the pressure on a few battleground states. We need all the votes to count equally nationwide, plus more people in overwhelmingly partisan states would feel like their vote actually counts.
Term Limits: I fully support term limits for appointed judges, for somewhere around 15 years. Unlike politicians, who have elections and primaries, most judges serve for life until they die or want to retire.
Immigration: I support securing the border, and starting a pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants, which is the same process that legal immigrants would go through. The process should be effective enough to assimilate them into American culture quick. I think that immigrating here should be easier than it is now, and that anyone who wants to come here to work should be able to do so with a work visa. Those who overstay their visa should get deported, and those with a violent record or are felons should get deported. I don't support any restrictions or quotas on legal immigration whatsoever.
Affirmative Action: Completely oppose, for things like job or college applications, the content, merit, and substance of the application should be whats judged. No one should be boosted or downgraded based on race, income, sex, etc. I also oppose quotas in the workplace to have a certain number of x group.
War on Drugs: End immediately, legalize and decriminalize all drugs, and heavily regulate highly addictive and possible dangerous ones. Less people actually do drugs if they're legal (Portugal did this). The government should have no say in what we smoke, eat, or drink.

Social Issues:

Abortion: I think a woman should be able to get an abortion if she needs. I don't favor government restricting abortions. As long as we keep contraception widely available then unwanted pregnancies should keep dropping. This is probably the issue I've moved most to the left on and could take arguments for limiting late-term abortions with exceptions, but for now this is my position.
Same-sex marriage: I favor getting government out of marriage and letting it be a private contract between a couple or possibly more than 2 people.
Prostitution: Legalize it
Death Penalty: Against, the state shouldn't have the power to take another life, no matter how bad the criminal may be.
Doctor-assisted suicide: This should be a possibility.
In General: I don't support legislating morality, I think that is between private individuals on what they want to do. I'm also strongly against censorship in the media.

Overall: Classical Liberal, Neoliberal, Non-Interventionist, Socially Libertine, Libertarian.

I just needed to do this because my last one looks extremely stupid. If you have questions about a topic that I didn't cover, just ask.
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2014 Senate Prediction
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WI-1: Paul Ryan
Gov/Lt. Gov: Scott Walker/Rebecca Kleefisch
AG: Tom Nelson
SoS: None
Treasurer: Matt Adamczyk
Ballot Measure: No
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« Reply #1056 on: August 14, 2014, 10:05:37 am »

Right to Work: Completely support, no one should be forced into a union.
Right to Work doesn't keep people from being forced into a union. We already have that under federal law.

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« Reply #1057 on: August 14, 2014, 03:43:05 pm »

Right to Work: Completely support, no one should be forced into a union.
Right to Work doesn't keep people from being forced into a union. We already have that under federal law.

Sorry about that, I exaggerated quite a bit.

2014 Senate Prediction
2014 Governor Predictions


WI-1: Paul Ryan
Gov/Lt. Gov: Scott Walker/Rebecca Kleefisch
AG: Tom Nelson
SoS: None
Treasurer: Matt Adamczyk
Ballot Measure: No
Deus Naturae
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« Reply #1058 on: August 14, 2014, 11:53:49 pm »

Economic Issues

Taxation: First off, abolish all forms of hidden taxation. Since tax withholding laws require employers to subtract income and payroll tax from workers' salaries before employees ever see the money, many people have no idea how much they're paying. I've met several people who are under the impression that they pay no income tax despite the fact that they're in a qualifying bracket. Corporate taxation is really a tax on consumers (because the cost of taxation has to be made up by raising prices), but people are completely unaware of how much the tax is and many just blame businesses for hiking prices. As for my "ideal" form of Federal taxation, I'd say the least bad system would be one where the feds require each State to pay a certain amount, and the State governments can each decide to raise their required amount. That way, people have more say over what kind of taxes they pay and really bad ideas don't get forced on the entire nation. Absent that, the FairTax is probably the best proposal with any chance of being enacted, since at least with that we can clearly see how much we're paying and everybody has an incentive to push down the tax rate.

Health Care: Get rid of insurance regulations requiring procedures people will never need like hair implants, eliminate tax distortions and HMO subsidies that have created a system of "insurance" that prevents people from paying for anything out of pocket and comparing prices, abolish hospital licensing requirements that prevent countless medical facilities from being built or expanded on, prevent the FDA from delaying life-saving drugs for years, abolish patents that prevent new drug development, get rid of physician licensing and medical school regulations that allow the AMA and other interest groups to limit the number of doctors and push costs up, and limit non-economic damages for medical malpractice and medical device malfunction cases. Do all of those things, and health care costs will plummet, without any need for taxpayer-funded schemes like Obamacare, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Money/Credit: End the Fed, repeal legal tender laws, and abolish the Greenback. Allow competing forms of money and deregulate interest rates so that artificially easy credit can't create phony booms which turn into catastrophic busts. With the hidden regressive inflation tax gone, the poor and middle class will be in much better shape and our economy will no longer be victim to central bank-created booms and busts.

Minimum Wage: Abolish. Wage floors discriminate against low-skilled workers and prevent low-income individuals from entering the labor force. If you set the minimum price of a burger at $20, no one is going to buy crappy McDonald's burgers. Same goes for labor. If you set the minimum price of an hour's worth of labor at $7.25, no one is going to want to hire a low-skilled worker who can't provide that much value. So, poor people with bad education and few valuable skills are unable to get jobs, can't acquire useful training in the first place, and remain perpetually unemployed and in poverty.

Unions: Ideally employers should be able to set their own conditions of employment, which includes requiring employees to join a union. However, as long as employers are banned from requiring employees to NOT join a union (on top of a bunch of other government-granted union powers), the opposite should also be illegal.

Foreign Policy:

Foreign Presence: Withdraw all foreign bases and troops. All of our foreign bases are either unnecessary (like those in Europe) or counterproductive (like those in the Middle East and Asia). Stop occupying foreign countries and making their residents hate us and stop paying for the defense of developed countries like Germany and Israel.

Wars/Interventions: Invading and imposing our wills on foreign countries will never solve anything, even if they're in the middle of a civil war or suffering under a tyrant. We always create more enemies and unintended consequences.

Foreign Trade: Unconditional free trade with every country. If a good can be produced at lower cost in a foreign country, it should be and will benefit us in the long run. Free trade allows capital to flow from rich to poor countries and allows for the spread of new ideas to oppressed and/or primitive locations.

Foreign Aid: Stop propping up oppressive governments and distorting foreign economies. Free trade is the way to help the third world develop.

Social Issues:

War on Terror: Repeal the Patriot Act and defund the NSA. People have a right to control their personal information and share it with others as they see fit. Terrorism suspects have the right to due process and should be judged before a jury like any other suspected criminal. Close Guantanamo and ban torture practices. Abolish the TSA and let airports handle their own security.

Drugs: Legalize all drugs and don't tax any of them. Stop jailing drug addicts and creating violent, cartel-dominated black markets (which is the result of taxation as well as criminalization). People shouldn't need any kind of license to grow a plant in their own home or on their own farm.

Gun Rights: People have a right to defend their own persons and property. Allow people to own and carry firearms without a license, as is the case in Vermont. No restrictions on magazines or certain types of firearm.

Marriage: Abolish marriage licenses and get the government out of marriage altogether. No special tax treatment for married couples. Allow any two (or more) people to commonly own property if they wish, but no need to bring government licensing of relationships into it.

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« Reply #1059 on: August 24, 2014, 12:33:01 pm »

Social/Cultural Hot-Button issues

Women's Rights: I support the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, as well as the final ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.  

Gay Rights: I applaud the Supreme Court decision striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, and support the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act banning LGBT discrimination in the workplace.  

Race: Favor keeping racial/ethnic preferences for college/university applicants while adding new emphasis on socio-economic status and poverty so as to ensure that it is not just the middle and upper-middle classes who are the main beneficiaries of affirmative action.  Support ending housing discrimination against racial/ethnic minorities, as well as fixing and preserving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (instead of scrapping them); the re-authorization of the Voting Rights Act (while taking into account Supreme Court concerns); ending the abuse of authority by law-enforcement agencies; and ending the 'War on Drugs' and the new Jim Crow regime by overturning the Controlled Substances Act, ending mandatory minimum sentencing, and instead direct our attention and funding towards prevention and treatment of addicts.  Also support abolishing the death penalty given our broken criminal justice system.      

Second Amendment: The Second Amendment was intended to be seen as protecting an individual right as with all the other original ten amendments that comprised the Bill of Rights when it was added to the Constitution.  When it was originally written, 'militia' connoted the entirety of the citizenry, not just a government-created body.  

Accordingly, I support concealed-carry, castle-doctrine laws, and other liberalizing measures. I strongly oppose gun-bans at any governmental level.  However, as with every other amendment, there are limits.

With greater freedom comes greater responsibility in using that freedom, and it is in that spirit that I support measures like mandatory firearms training and universal background checks before any gun or permit is issued, to ensure that the unorganized citizens' militia is well-trained and well-regulated.    

Economic issues

Education: Favor adapting the Finland education model to the United States, including a major expansion in after-school tutoring programs as well as universal pre-school education; and changing the traditional school year to a year-round schedule for struggling schools.

Tax Code: In addition to closing tax loopholes, sun-setting the alternative minimum tax, and setting the top individual income tax rate at 40%, I favor tax reforms including cutting the corporate income tax to 25%, and introducing the Value-Added Tax (superseding all preceding sales and use taxes) with the intention of encouraging savings and investment, expanding manufacturing, as well as increasing revenue.

Entitlement programs: I believe the Bismarck model of Germany and Switzerland is better suited to the United States than the Single-Payer system of Great Britain and Canada, and I support whatever measures that would help the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act evolve accordingly.  Among them, I favor federalizing Medicaid, a single national health insurance exchange, universal (and federalized) childcare, and medical liability reform.

To ensure the future of Medicare and Social Security for generations to come, I favor raising the eligibility age to seventy, raising the payroll tax as well as eliminating the cap on it, preserve as well as raise the estate tax, and indexing benefits to inflation as opposed to wages.  

Free Trade: Strongly support free trade, and favor the establishment of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership with the European Union, and the completion of the Doha Development Round of the WTO.  Also favor the upgrading and passage of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, setting the stage for a free trade agreement with the region.    

Immigration Reform: I fully support the provisions in the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Energy Independence and the Environment: I support the federal coal-leasing program; increasing investments into clean coal technology; construction of the Keystone X-L pipeline; strictly regulating the fracking practices of the natural gas industry; as well as lifting the ban on exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) and oil, especially to Europe.  

To build a more ecologically sustainable society over the long-haul, I favor expanding research into nuclear fusion and hydrogen fuel-cell technologies; increasing investments into alternative renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass among others; promoting energy efficiency in government as well as in private industry, using the LEED Green Building Rating System as a model; tax credits for hybrid vehicles; increasing the fuel economy standards for newer vehicles; gradually eliminating taxpayer subsidies for the fossil fuel and ethanol industries; implementing a carbon tax (superseding existing state and federal fuel excise taxes) to further spur these changes in energy usage; as well as beginning a 'nuclear renaissance' through the building of enough new nuclear power plants, and updating those already in existence so that 50% of our energy needs would be based on nuclear power.

I also support opening Yucca Mountain as a storage site for spent nuclear waste, as well as increasing our capacity for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel so that they can be reused and to reduce the total amount of waste that would have to be sent there.

Infrastructure:To ensure sustainable economic growth for decades to come, we need to rebuild our infrastructure for the 21st century, covering everything from transportation to water/sewer systems, and ports to cope with a growing population.  

NASA -Space Exploration: Strongly support President Bush's initiative to refocus the space agency away from the International Space Station (instead letting private companies and international space agencies fund the ISS upon its completion) and towards the exploration and colonization of the Moon and Mars.  I also support reviving the Constellation program; moving manned and unmanned rocket launch facilities HQ from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico -and distributing funding accordingly.

Foreign Policy

Support the ratification of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.  Advocate cultivating our relations with India through such agreements like the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Agreement, with the ultimate objective of making India into an ally as special and important to the United States as the United Kingdom is today.  Support the reshaping of our military to better handle the twin challenges of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, including a major expansion of the Special Forces.

Favor moving our bases in Germany and Italy to Poland and Romania to counter Russian revanchism, and the leasing of bases throughout Southeast Asia (including Subic Naval Base in the Philippines) to help deter Chinese aggression.  Also support the modernization of our nuclear arsenal and expansion of our missile defense system to better protect our allies.

Democracy-Related Issues

District of Columbia: Support having the non-federal areas of DC retroceded to Maryland as the city of Washington, thereby enabling the residents within to be represented at all levels of government.  

Election Reform: I support mandatory, universal voter registration; and full mandatory public disclosure by all of all political donations and expenditures.  

I also support replacing the First-Past-The-Post system with mixed-member proportional representation with regard to the federal House of Representatives and state legislatures.    

In addition, I advocate eliminating the Electoral College and having the President elected by the national popular vote alone, contingent on Congress and the states ratifying the Right to Vote Amendment.  

In sum, I consider myself a liberal Democrat, heavily influenced by the 'Third Way' as exemplified by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.  
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« Reply #1060 on: August 28, 2014, 02:37:50 pm »

Social Policy:
Abortion: Pro-choice, keep abortion safe, legal, and rare.
Gay Marriage: Fully supportive of LGBT rights.
Drugs: I see no reason to legalize recreational use of marijuana.
Stem Cell Research: Stem Cell research saves lives, and is completely necessary.
Death Penalty: Supportive, but make sure it is done properly and humanely.
Gun control: Institute universal background checks, and ban high-capacity ammunition magazines.  Undecided on a national gun registry, but lean in opposition.
Affirmative Action: Racially-based affirmative action is reverse discrimination, and I don't support it.
Women's Rights: I support an ERA and the passage of equal pay.

Economic Issues:
Minimum Wage: A small increase ($10.10 is too high) and balance it with targeted cuts for small businesses.
Welfare: Cut welfare off after 2 years.
Right-to-Work: Fully support Right-to-Work.
Taxation: Cut taxes only when the government can afford it, and start with middle class/low-income Americans.
Healthcare: It is too late to repeal the ACA, instead we must improve the law by getting rid of the medical device tax, and allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines.
Social Security: Remove the FICA Cap to expand Social Security's solvency.
Education: More funding to education, allow school vouchers.  Additionally, we need to get rid of Common Core, set federal graduation standards (including a foreign language requirement), and eliminate teacher tenure.
Balanced Budget Amendment: No.

Foreign Policy and National Security
Iran: Diplomacy is the best course of action.
Iraq/Syria: We have a responsibility to protect human rights around the world, and we need to target ISIS through air strikes and the like.  No ground invasion.
Military Spending: There certainly exists waste in the Department, find it and eliminate it.
PATRIOT Act: An unfortunate necessity in the 21st Century.
NSA Spying: Needed to protect our national interests and security.
Israel/Palestine: We must recognize Israel's blatant disregard for human life, but it is wrong to say that their actions are not justified.  I ultimately side with Israel, but I'm not blind about the errors in their ways.
Immigration: Make the legal immigration process much simpler, strengthen the border, and then provide a pathway to citizenship for illegals.

Climate Change: Climate change is real, and the U.S. must lead the world in combatting it.
Green Energy: Invest in alternate energy. It's good for the environment, creates jobs, and helps us achieve energy independence.
Keystone XL Pipeline: We need this pipeline to create jobs, and I believe it is worth it.

Electoral Reform
Electoral College: Undecided, but lean towards supporting it.  I'm not convinced eliminating the College would solve our problems.
Gerrymandering: We need strict reform of Gerrymandering.
Presidential term: The president should serve one six-year term without the ability to run for reelection.  This would make the Office more effective and help combat a lot of the government's problems.
Public Financing: Complete public financing of campaigns, removing outside groups and the like will do a great deal to helping our political system.  I used to hate the idea, but the inability of Congress to work has changed my mind.
Term limits: Term limits would do more harm than good.
Voter ID: I have no problem with Voter ID's, Connecticut has had the law for as long as I can remember, but the recent attempts in the South are clearly being done for political reasons.  We should want to prevent voter fraud, but we should help qualified voters get identification.
Voting: I support instant-run-off voting.

My Political Views

CT Governor- Dan Malloy, D
CT Dist. 2- Bill Clyde, G
FL Governor- Charlie Crist, D
GA Senator- Michelle Nunn, D
KS Senator- Greg Orman, I
ME Senator- Susan Collins, R
NH Senator- Scott Brown, R
TX Governor- Wendy Davis, D
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« Reply #1061 on: September 09, 2014, 02:28:44 am »

Domestic Policy

Do you support the Patriot act? Yes, but limit the scope of the government’s powers.
Do you support affirmative action programs? No
Are you in favor of decriminalizing drug use? No, we should pass tougher drug laws.
Should the federal government regulate the internet to deter online piracy? No, the government should prosecute copyright violators but not regulate the internet.
Should corporations and unions be permitted to fund advertisements backing political candidates through political action committees (Super PACS)?
 Yes, any restriction on campaign spending violates the first amendment.
Should there be term limits set for members of Congress? Yes, term limits are a necessary political apparatus to prevent corruption in our government S
Should the redrawing of Congressional districts be controlled by an independent, non-partisan commission? Yes
Should federal government limit funds to public schools that do not meet performance standards? No
Should every person purchasing a gun be required to pass a criminal and public safety background check? Yes, except for private transfer of ownership between family members
Should Marijuana be legalized? Yes. Legalize, tax and regulate marijuana.

The Environment

Is Global Warming a threat to the environment? No, global warming and cooling are natural cycles beyond our control
Should the U.S. expand offshore oil drilling?: Yes
Should National Parks continue to be preserved and protected by the federal government? Yes, but allow increased public access.
Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry? No, traditional energy sources including oil, coal and nuclear power will be reliable energy sources for many years to come.
Should the United States require labeling of genetically engineered foods? Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food
Do you support the use of hydraulic fracking to extract oil and natural gas resources? Yes, but increase oversight.
Should the US provide incentives for heavy duty trucks to run on natural gas or alternative fuel? No

The Economy

Should the government raise the federal minimum wage? No
Should pension plans for federal, state and local government workers be transitioned into private plans? Yes, pension spending is out of control and must be reduced
Should Wall Street executives be criminally charged for their roles in the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis?No, lawmakers are more to blame for allowing the subprime mortgage crisis to occur
Should state gas taxes automatically increase with inflation? No, gas taxes are already too high.
Do you support Obama's MyRA savings account initiative for workers who don't have access to a 401k? No, the plan is redundant and inferior to Roth IRA plans S
Should the government make cuts to public spending in order to reduce the national debt?  Yes
Should the federal government subsidize U.S. farmers? Yes
Should able-bodied, mentally capable adults who receive welfare be required to work? No, but in order to receive benefits they should be looking for a job or enrolled in education and job training programs
Should the U.S. reduce corporate income tax rates?  Yes
[/b]Would you favor removing the state income tax and replacing it with a higher sales tax?[/b] No


Should illegal immigrants be given access to government-subsidized healthcare? No
Should illegal immigrants working in the U.S. be granted temporary amnesty? No, fine companies that employ illegal immigrants
Should law enforcement be allowed to detain illegal immigrants for minor crimes so that federal immigration authorities can take custody of them? Yes
Should illegal immigrants be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges within their residing state? No
Do you support stronger measures to increase our border security? Yes
Should children of illegal immigrants be granted citizenship? Yes, if they were born here
Should immigrants to the U.S. be required to learn English? No, America has and always will be a melting pot of diversity

Foreign Policy

Should the U.S. continue to support Israel? Yes
Should the U.S. maintain a presence at the United Nations? Scale back our current involvement
Should foreign terrorism suspects be given constitutional rights?  No, they are not U.S. citizens and should be subject to enhanced interrogation methods.
Should the military fly drones over foreign countries to gain intelligence and kill suspected terrorists? Yes, the U.S. needs to use all means necessary to combat terrorism.
Should the U.S. continue NSA surveillance of its allies? Yes, surveillance of all foreign countries is essential to tracking potential terrorist threats.
Should the United States end its trade embargo and travel ban on Cuba? Yes, lift the travel ban but keep some provisions of the embargo in place
Should the government decrease military spending?  Do not change current military budget

Should the government require health insurance companies to provide free birth control? No
Should the federal government allow the death penalty? Yes.
Should the U.S. remove references to God from currency, federal buildings, national monuments and other aspects of government? No
Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide? Yes
What is your stance on abortion? Pro-choice, I don't agree with it but it's not my right or the government's to ban abortion
Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage? Yes

2014 MA Ballot Propositions

Should Massachusetts prevent construction of 3 planned resort casinos within the state? No, these resorts create thousands of jobs and stimulates the local economy.
Should we regulate profit margins, CEO compensation, and financial disclosure of hospitals that accept government funds? No, limiting economic incentives decreases the innovation and competency of service

Do you support the adoption of Common Core national educational standards?  No


Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? No, open the markets so insurers can compete across state lines and drive down costs.

I think of myself as an economic capitalist and social centrist. Milton Friedman is the public figure I'd say most resembles me politically, but that is arguable because I think he was a lot further right than I am on economic issues and more libertarian than me on social issues.
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Charlie Baker (R-MA)
Richard Tisei (R-MA 6)
Allan Fung (R-RI)
Thomas Foley (R-CT)
Scott Brown (R-NH)
Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)
Paul LePage (R-ME)
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Right-to-Work Laws: I support a federal right-to-work law. Private workers deserve the right to choose if they want to be represented by a union or not. However, I feel getting forced unionism out of the lawbooks would be easier at a state level and thus support state right-to-work laws as well.

Minimum Wage Raise: Part of me wants to say yes, but I fear that raising the minimum wage would have the opposite effect than intended. Normally, when the minimum wage increases, prices increase, workers are laid off, and the economy all-around suffers. Due to economic realism, either keep the minimum wage as-is or raise it only slightly. I oppose the proposed $10.10 minimum wage and definitely oppose any higher amount.

Environmentalism: I have nothing against people going green, but it should not be forced down the throats of the citizens. Overt regulation kills economic growth. Allow green tech and organizations to exist, but keep them in the private sector. People deserve the right to choose for themselves.

Corporate Welfare/Bailouts: No, no, and no. Businessmen should take care of themselves like everyone else. No government money should be granted to failing companies.

Corporate Tax Rate: The United States has the second highest corporate tax rate behind Japan. It is small wonder why American businesses continue to flee the country for those with less hefty tax rates. Reduce the tax rate to at least 20% if not lower.

Healthcare: Free-market solutions are the best ones. Repeal Obamacare and give the people of America their medical freedom back. In fact, allow insurance firms to compete across state lines. That way, Americans receive even more choice.

Gas Tax: These are already too high. States should pass laws to lower taxes at their level while the federal government does the same with its tax.

Spending: Spending must be cut substantially yet steadily. We currently borrow 4 cents for every 10 cents. If we could slash that off and create a slight surplus, we can reverse this 17 trillion and growing deficit. If possible, I would like to see a Balanced Budget Amendment passed. I'd also like to see a law that blocks pay from Congress if they do not form a budget in time.

Social Security and Medicare: These programs are fine and must be saved. Cut entitlements as a means to prevent these two programs from fading away. Social Security is already technically your money, so it's even more incentive to save the program. Privatize Social Security if there is no way to save it otherwise.

Regulations: Strip away all regulations save for a bare-bones minimum. Recently added regulations, especially ones added by President Obama, have stifled our economic recovery. You can't rebound if you are restricted with what your business is permitted to do. Small businesses especially need deregulation as they are hurt even more than big businesses are.

Welfare: Tighten the standards to receive welfare; capable individuals can lie far too easily to gain disability or unemployment under the current system. Also, introduce mandatory drug testing and punish those who fail them. If you are not incapable of working, then you should not receive welfare.

Education (As a future educator, these issues are especially important to me:

Common Core: Repeal these standards in every state they exist in. Return the curriculum to the state level. Not only do these standards lessen the intelligence and success of our students, but they also worsen the leftist bias in education.  They are all-around negative standards.

Department of Education: We've always had public education in the United States, but originally, education fell to the states. The federal Department of Education installed by Jimmy Carter should either be severely reduced in size or done away with entirely. Again. education belongs to the states.

Affirmative Action: Simply nothing but racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination in reverse. All students should be treated equally. As such, affirmative action should be banned. However, private organizations may still offer scholarships to certain groups if they wish, as long as it remains on their dime. Quotas must also be avoided.

Tenure: Teachers should not be granted immunity because of seniority. This system creates complacency. If older teachers were not granted what is basically diplomatic immunity, then they would perform better.

Grade-Based-Pay: I oppose this. Even great teachers receive sorry students in certain schools. Their wallets should not be punished for the faults of the students and the school systems. Although this is not entirely related, I am also skeptical of limiting funding to public schools that perform poorly. I believe the emphasis should be on reforming standards instead.

No Child Left Behind: Repeal immediately, no questions asked. It has been an absolute failure.

Vouchers and Charter Schools: Both are great ideas. Not only do they offer more school choice, but they also encourage competition to excel among schools. Instead of sliding further into stagnation, public schools would be forced to improve.

This is only part one. I exceeded the maximum length limit.
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And now for part two:

Domestic Policy/Security:

Patriot Act: This must be repealed entirely for the sake of the American people. This bill violates so many amendments, especially the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments. Ditto for the NDAA.

NSA: This also violates the Bill of Rights tremendously. Disband the agency and obey the 4th Amendment entirely. You cannot search someone with a search warrant, and this agency does not seem to understand that.

Drug Laws: Marijuana should be legalized and treated the same way alcohol is. Allow anyone of 18 years of age or older to purchase it and smoke it either in private or at a facility that has a permit. (Marijuana permits should be granted so restaurants, clubs, and other facilities may allow the consumption of marijuana.) Speaking of alcohol, the drinking age should also be lowered to 18. End the unsuccessful War on Drugs while we're at it.

Prison Reform: Although I wholeheartedly support the free market, the prison system should not be privatized. Private prisons are failing us; criminals run free. Also, many private prisons have quota systems which gather up innocents just to achieve said quotas. If the federal and state governments were smarter with their budgets, then it would not be necessary in the first place to build private prisons.

Gun Control: I am absolutely opposed to any new gun control legislation. Not only is this a deep violation of the 2nd Amendment, but gun control always has the opposite effect than intended. When citizens are not allowed to arm themselves, crime and murder rates increase. Even worse, the government becomes bolder with other freedoms it tries to take away once their citizens are disarmed. As a result, the 2nd Amendment must be defended at any cost. On a side note, the age to own pistols, assault weapons, and other non-hunting weapons should be lowered to 18 and all state concealed carry licenses should be guaranteed valid by the federal government in all 50 states.

Abortion: I am unsure about this issue on a personal level, though I generally lean pro-choice. Women should have a right to control their bodies. However, I do support certain restrictions on the practice. I support the 20-week ban that has been adopted in Texas, and I believe other states should adopt a similar ban. I also support a ban on partial birth abortion; it not nearly as morally gray as abortion before birth. A big deviation I have from other pro-choice individuals is that I think Planned Parenthood should no longer receive any federal funding. It is an extremely racist organization founded with racially-motivated intentions. Therefore, Planned Parenthood must go.

Gay Rights: Homosexual couples deserve the same rights that heterosexual couples receive in the realm of marriage. This includes marriage, adoption, military service, hospital visits, and many more benefits. As long as religious institutions are not forced to recognize gay marriages on a religious level if they do not wish to do so, then there is no issue period.

Gambling and Prostitution: Both should become legal with minimal regulation. Ensure the minimum age limit of 18 for all participants is included in the laws legalizing these acts federally. Both should be run by the private sector like any other business.

Immigration: No matter the circumstances, illegal immigrants must never receive amnesty. Secure our borders and prevent any more massive waves of illegals from flooding the nation. If they have already broken the law by arriving without documentation, what guarantees they'll obey any other law? Illegal immigrants, not being citizens, do not have the right to healthcare, college scholarships, or any other right reserved for American citizens. Legal immigration should be allowed and encouraged. As long as you obey our immigration process, then you are welcome to emigrate to this country.

Censorship: Stop violating the 1st Amendment. For TV, the FCC must be disbanded immediately. If you don't like what your kids view on the television, it is your duty to regulate what they watch, not the government's. Furthermore, I oppose internet censorship as well. Proposed bills such as SOPA are purely horrible ideas that should never become laws. Freedom of expression on any medium, whether it is television, the internet, radio, or any other medium, should always be paramount.

Foreign Policy:

Israel: Israel is the standard bearer of freedom in the Middle East and must not be abandoned. That does not mean obey its every request, but our friendship with Israel matters.

The United Nations: The U.N. seems to support what the US opposes and opposes what the US supports. If we must remain in the organization, we should severely reduce our funding to the organization and evict them from Manhattan. Ideally, we should not be part of the organization whatsoever.

Drone Strikes: At the moment, I oppose sending attack drones without a formal declaration of war. These informal attacks via drones seem to be causing more harm than good.

Interventionism vs Isolationism: Unless the United States is directly attacked by a foreign enemy, the affairs of the world are not our own. We cannot even defend the border with Mexico, yet we bleed ourselves dry defending foreign nations. The Cold War is over, and thus we should withdraw all troops overseas and deploy them on our borders for security reasons. It is time to protect our homeland.

Congressional Declarations of War: We have not declared war via congressional vote since WWII, and it has affected our foreign and military policy negatively. For one, we must start enforcing the War Powers Resolution of 1973. Moreover, if the President sends troops overseas, he or she must receive approval from Congress within 90 days or recall said troops. Keep our espionage policy as is, but we must return the power of war to Congress where it belongs.
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« Reply #1064 on: September 10, 2014, 04:45:41 pm »

What does it mean for insurance companies to "compete across state lines"? Should there be some sort of law saying that states can't restrict the production or purchase to/from out of state individuals and businesses?

My take on it is that it is a reform that is similar to the savings/loans liberalization of the 80s where South Dakota all the sudden was where everyone got credit cards from.  I could see Wal-Mart getting into the insurance/hospital business, even more so than just $30 nurse station and $4 prescription plans. It could be a way to provide minimal universal coverage through libertarian means or it could mean mass speculation that eventually leads to a bubble, a burst and then monopolization.

the result is a sense that we were told to attend a lavish dinner party that was going to be wonderful and by the time we got there, all the lobster and steak had been eaten, a fight had broken out, the police had been called and all that was left was warm beer and chips.
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