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December 22, 2014, 02:27:09 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 181585 times)
Jose Canseco
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« Reply #1100 on: December 16, 2014, 08:01:37 pm »

1.spending tax
2.steroid injections
3.end wars & spending in sandy nations for spending in schools
4.replace all textbooks with copies of Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, by yours truley.
5.end fatness


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« Reply #1101 on: December 17, 2014, 09:21:29 am »

1.spending tax
2.steroid injections
3.end wars & spending in sandy nations for spending in schools
4.replace all textbooks with copies of Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, by yours truley.
5.end fatness

Go away.

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Del Tachi
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« Reply #1102 on: Today at 11:26:32 am »

Overall: Big-government liberal Republican.  Could pass for an Andrew Cuomo or Amy Klobuchar Democrat, maybe.   

Social Policy
Abortion: Supportive of Roe v. Wade, and generally pro-choice.  However, I am not opposed to certain “informed consent” laws and mandatory waiting periods.  Minors seeking abortion should have to gain parental consent.
Drugs: Continue the war on drugs with harsher penalties being applied to violators, including recreational users.  Enforce federal drug laws in States where marijuana has been legalized.
Censorship: The government has the responsibility to censor objectionable material from the air and radio waves.  The fact that satellite communications are exempt from FCC content regulation should be enough to appease the anti-censorship crowd.
Net Neutrality: Opposed; turning the Internet into a public good would decrease private investment into Internet infrastructure and thus make the internet less accessible to everyone. 
Gay marriage: The equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment makes statewide bans on gay marriage unconstitutional.  SCOTUS should strike-down all statewide bans, and the Congress should pass legislation in order to ensure LGBT equality in employment, healthcare, housing, education and other areas. 
Death penalty: Federal use of the death penalty is warranted in extreme circumstances; States can enact their own laws.  I personally do not oppose the death penalty on moral or religious grounds.
Prostitution: Local and municipal jurisdictions should be allowed to make their own laws to fit their communities as prostitution’s major effects are on property values and local health.  I would not support the legalization of prostitution in my community as a matter of moral decency and preserving property values.  Stronger enforcement of federal laws concerning human trafficking and child exploitation.   
Church & state: The state should stay out of religious affairs, and religious organizations and churches should be tax exempt with the exception of the monies they earn through commercial enterprises.  Forcing churches to forfeit their tax exempt status for making political stances is tantamount to “taxing” the First Amendment.  Individuals should be allowed to lobby and petition the state on behalf of the Church like any other citizen would be able to do for any other organization. 
Affirmative action: Implement a quota system in federal hiring in order to ensure representation of minorities, women and LGBT Americans. 
Hate crime laws: Crimes of corresponding severity should be treated similarly regardless of apparent motive.  No additional punishment should be levied for crimes perpetuated out of “hate.” 
Immigration: Comprehensive immigration reform including blanket amnesty for all non-criminal illegals.  Strengthen border security.  Maintain birthright citizenship.  Stronger enforcement of existing federal laws.   
Stem cell research: Support federal funding of stem cell research. 
PATRIOT Act: Support the reauthorization and expansion of the PATRIOT Act in order to give the federal government more power to combat terrorism.   
Gun Control: Status-quo.  Increase data sharing between state and federal agencies as a way to strengthen the effectiveness of federal background checks. 
Assisted suicide: Ambivalent.  However, living wills are generally a bad idea and end-of-life decisions are best left to family members.   
Gambling: Decisions should be left to local and municipal jurisdictions.  I would not support legal gambling in my community.  Heavily tax earnings gained through gambling and lotto.
Organ donation: Status quo.  Opposed to universal or “opt-out” organ donation; follow wishes of next-of-kin in ambiguous cases.  Invest in non-market mechanisms (i.e., public service announcements) to increase organ donation. 

Electoral Reform:
Term limits: No term limits for Congress or judges, but keep the 22nd Amendment.  Keep the seniority system in place in Congress.  Opposed to term limits for Mississippi legislators or other statewide officials.   
Statehood: Refer to popular referendums on statehood questions.  Allow for a referendum in Washington, D.C. 
Voting age: Keep as is, but allow people who will turn 18 before Election Day to vote in primary elections. 
Campaign Finance Reform: Status quo.  Political donations are free speech. 
Voting system: Keep as is.  Allow States to experiment with proportional representation and multi-seat districts. 
Gerrymandering:  Status-quo.  Opposed to “independent” redistricting committees.   
Voter ID: Pass a national voter ID law requiring valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot for federal office.
Primaries, Statewide: Opposed to partisan voter registration in Mississippi; support the current open primary system.  Consider implementation of a Louisiana-style “jungle primary.”  Allow all eligible Mississippi voters to vote in runoff elections, regardless of their previous participation in other parties’ primaries.
Primaries, National:  The national parties should push for presidential primary reform where large, rotating batches of states are allowed to vote at once as a way to decrease the power that certain states (i.e., Iowa, New Hampshire) have on the presidential primary process.

Economic Issues:
Welfare: Block-grant Medicaid and send back to the States with federally-enforced support and eligibility standards.  Opposed to drug-testing for welfare eligibility.   
Unions: Implement a national right-to-work law in order to diminish the influence of organized labor. 
Education:  Complete federalization of K-12.  All public school teachers and school administrators become federal employees and all local/state financing of public education is removed.  Ban on charter schools and vouchers, and consider bans on private education if found to be Constitutional.  Fully implement Common Core.  Establish national benchmark standards for K-12 and require students to pass standardized tests in order to advance into the next grade.  By removing State funding for K-12, States should be able to put more resources into Higher Ed.     
Privatization: Generally opposed.  Maintain current government assets associated with TVA and DRA.
Environment: Implement cap-and-trade legislation with exemptions for non-major polluters.  Increase EPA funding.   
Minimum wage: Oppose further increases in the federal minimum wage.  Expand the EITC. 
Taxation: Keep the current progressive system for income taxation.  Experiment with shifting the tax burden back to the upper classes through consumption-based taxation (i.e., luxury goods taxes, real estate taxes).  Implement an income tax “surcharge” on incomes over a certain level, say $3 million.  Raise and lock the Social Security tax cap to cover 90 percent of all workers.  Reform and lower corporate taxes as a way to discourage outsourcing.   
Healthcare: Repeal Obamacare.  Implement malpractice reform and allow insurers  to compete across state lines in order to decrease premiums.   
Trade: Support free trade as way to bring down prices for consumers.  Trade to correct American trade deficit by encouraging American producers to export, especially in the agriculture sector. 
Embargo: Use embargoes and sanctions as way to exert diplomatic pressure.   
Pork: Overwhelmingly supportive.  Use “pork-barrel” projects as ways to promote local economic development.   
Subsidies: Increase agricultural subsidies; generously subsidize struggling industries. 
Military: Maintain current military funding levels, but shift more money into R&D and away from traditional ground forces.  Make more use of military contractors as a way to allow for funds to go further.   

Foreign Policy

War: Maintain a constant state of military readiness, and be willing to go to war whenever and wherever American interests are at stake.  Do not be afraid to go to war unilaterally.  Use reputation as a military juggernaut as a way to exert diplomatic pressure. 
Israel-Palestine: Generally supportive of a two-state solution, but it most likely will have to occur on Israeli terms in order to be successful.  Increase support for Israel as it is the only secular democracy in the Middle East.  Call for an end to new settlements, but maintain that those living in settlements have a solely civilian status. 
Draft:  Status-quo.
UN: Use status as the UN’s largest financial contributor to encourage the organization into changing its role in a new, global environment.  Shift focus away from security issues and to humanitarian issues.  Use the UN as a global forum in which member nations may organize international relief efforts and financial aid.  Work through other international organizations (namely NATO) to deal with threats to international security.   
Nukes: Maintain American nuclear arsenal.  Expand the “nuclear club” to more U.S. allies such as Canada, Australia and Germany. 
Foreign Aid: Increase levels of foreign aid as a way to increase American presence and influence in the developing world.   

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