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Colorado Polls (Aggregate = Slight Obama for 3-poll average)National Summary
Candidate Party Avg. #Wins EV Poll Graph
Obama Democratic 49% 3 9pie
Romney Republican 47% 0 0
Other - 1% 0 0
-Undecided- 3% 0 0

 Three-Poll Rolling Average
 Rolling Average Poll Graph

DatePoll Source Spread Romney Obama OtherUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
11-05IpsosO +147%48%3%1%4%774 L0
11-04Public Policy PollingO +646%52%0%3%3%1,096 L0
11-03YouGovO +147%48%0%5%4%752 L0
11-01Public Policy PollingO +446%50%0%4%4%825 L0
11-01IpsosR +147%46%3%4%4%694 L0
10-31CNN/ORCO +147%48%5%0%4%733 L0
10-31CallFireO +148%49%0%3%3%839 L0
10-31Survey USAO +245%47%0%7%4%695 L0
10-30We Ask AmericaO +347%50%3%0%3%1,246 L0
10-29RasmussenR +350%47%2%1%4%750 L0
10-28ARGR +148%47%1%4%4%600 L0
10-25Purple StrategiesO +146%47%1%5%4%600 L0
10-25Public Policy PollingO +346%49%2%2%3%904 L0
10-24Marist CollegeTie48%48%2%2%3%1,128 L0
10-21RasmussenR +450%46%2%1%5%500 L0
10-18Public Policy PollingO +544%49%4%3%3%1,000 L0
10-15We Ask AmericaR +148%47%1%4%3%1,206 L0
10-11YouGovO +345%48%0%7%5%527 L0
10-10Survey USAR +146%45%3%5%4%614 L0
10-09Quinnipiac UniversityR +148%47%2%2%3%1,254 L0
10-08ARGR +450%46%1%3%4%600 L0
10-07RasmussenO +148%49%1%2%5%500 L0
10-05Selzer & CoO +443%47%4%5%4%604 L0
09-27We Ask AmericaO +445%49%1%4%3%1,273 L0
09-23Public Policy PollingO +643%49%4%3%3%940 L0
09-19Purple StrategiesO +345%48%0%7%4%600 L0
09-18Marist CollegeO +545%50%1%4%3%971 L0
09-17RasmussenR +247%45%2%6%5%500 L0
09-17Quinnipiac UniversityO +147%48%2%3%3%1,497 L0
09-14YouGovO +545%50%3%2%5%707 L0
09-14YouGovO +445%49%3%3%5%753 L0
09-12Survey USAO +144%45%3%8%4%615 L0
09-12ARGO +247%49%1%3%4%600 L0
09-02Public Policy PollingO +346%49%0%5%3%1,001 L0
08-14Purple StrategiesO +346%49%0%5%4%600 L0
08-06RasmussenTie47%47%3%2%5%500 L0
08-06Quinnipiac UniversityR +550%45%1%4%4%1,463 L0
08-05Public Policy PollingO +643%49%0%7%4%779 L0
07-13Purple StrategiesO +144%45%0%11%4%600 L0
06-25We Ask AmericaO +443%47%0%10%3%1,083 L0
06-17Public Policy PollingO +839%47%7%7%4%799 L0
06-06RasmussenTie45%45%6%5%5%500 L0
06-05Purple StrategiesO +246%48%0%5%4%600 L0
05-31Marist CollegeO +145%46%1%8%3%1,030 R0
05-29Other SourceO +444%48%0%8%4%601 L0
04-23Purple StrategiesTie47%47%0%6%4%600 L0
04-07Public Policy PollingO +1340%53%0%7%4%542 R0
12-04Public Policy PollingO +245%47%0%8%4%793 L0
08-07Public Policy PollingO +741%48%0%11%4%510 R0

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