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Polls Entered by Member: Lief (D - NY)

DateSTPoll Source Spread Romney Obama OtherUnd M.O.E. Sample#C
11-04NHNew England CollegeO +446%50%1%3%4%687 L0
11-04NHRasmussenO +248%50%0%2%4%750 L0
11-03WIAngus ReidO +746%53%1%0%5%454 L0
11-01OHMarist CollegeO +645%51%1%3%3%971 L0
11-01MNPublic Policy PollingO +944%53%0%3%3%772 L0
11-01MIRasmussenO +547%52%1%1%4%750 L0
11-01FLMarist CollegeO +247%49%1%2%3%1,545 L0
10-30MOWe Ask AmericaR +1254%42%4%0%3%1,217 L0
10-30IAWe Ask AmericaO +247%49%4%0%3%1,174 L0
10-30FLWe Ask AmericaR +150%49%1%0%3%1,146 L0
10-30COWe Ask AmericaO +347%50%3%0%3%1,246 L0
10-29WIRasmussenTie49%49%0%2%4%750 L0
10-29WIMarist CollegeO +346%49%2%3%3%1,065 L0
10-29NHMarist CollegeO +247%49%1%3%3%1,013 L0
10-29IAMarist CollegeO +644%50%2%4%3%1,142 L0
10-28MASuffolk UniversityO +3231%63%3%3%4%600 L0
10-26NCElon UniversityTie45%45%0%10%3%1,238 L0
10-25PAPhiladelphia InquirerO +643%49%0%7%4%600 L0
10-25NJPhiladelphia InquirerO +1041%51%0%8%4%601 L0
10-24WIPublic Policy PollingO +645%51%0%4%3%827 L0
10-24NMPublic Policy PollingO +944%53%0%3%4%727 L0
10-24IAPublic Policy PollingO +247%49%0%4%4%690 L0
10-23OHUniversity of CincinnatiTie49%49%1%1%3%1,015 L0
10-21TNMiddle Tennessee State UniversityR +2559%34%1%6%4%650 L0
10-21PAMuhlenberg CollegeO +545%50%2%3%5%444 L0
10-21NYMarist CollegeO +2635%61%1%3%4%565 L0
10-21NHUniversity of New HampshireO +942%51%0%9%4%773 L0
10-21CTSurvey USAO +1340%53%3%4%4%575 L0
10-21CAUniversity of S. CaliforniaO +1440%54%1%15%3%1,440 L0
10-21CAPublic Policy Institute of CAO +1241%53%2%4%4%993 L0
10-18FLSurvey USAO +146%47%2%5%4%600 L0
10-18COPublic Policy PollingO +544%49%4%3%3%1,000 L0
10-17WIMarist CollegeO +645%51%1%3%3%1,013 L0
10-17MIEPIC/MRAO +646%52%0%2%4%800 L0
10-17IAMarist CollegeO +843%51%2%4%3%1,137 L0
10-16CTPublic Policy PollingO +944%53%0%4%3%1,015 L0
10-16CTUniversity of ConnecticutO +1437%51%0%10%4%574 L0
10-14PAPublic Policy PollingO +744%51%0%6%4%500 L0
10-14PAMuhlenberg CollegeO +445%49%3%3%5%438 L0
10-14NCPublic Policy PollingR +249%47%0%4%3%1,084 L0
10-14FLPublic Policy PollingR +149%48%0%3%3%791 L0
10-10OHRasmussenO +147%48%2%3%4%750 L0
10-09WIQuinnipiac UniversityO +347%50%0%3%3%1,327 L0
10-09VAQuinnipiac UniversityO +546%51%1%3%3%1,288 L0
10-09NCRasmussenR +351%48%1%1%5%500 L0
10-09NVSuffolk UniversityO +245%47%2%6%4%500 R0
10-09FLOther SourceO +445%49%2%4%3%790 L0
10-09COQuinnipiac UniversityR +148%47%2%2%3%1,254 L0
10-08PAPhiladelphia InquirerO +842%50%0%8%4%600 L0
10-08NMRasmussenO +1143%54%2%2%5%500 L0
10-08NJPhiladelphia InquirerO +1140%51%0%10%4%604 L0
10-05RIBrown UniversityO +2632%58%0%10%5%471 L0

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