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Marist College Polls

DateLoc.Lead G R P S C P B OthUnd MOE Sample#C
03-30WIR+78%40%11%33%0%0%0%1%7%4%740 L0
03-02VAR+430%69%26%0%0%0%0%0%6%4%529 L0
03-02OHS+215%32%13%34%0%0%0%0%6%3%820 L0
02-20MIR+28%37%13%35%0%0%0%3%4%4%715 L0
02-20AZR+1616%43%11%27%0%0%0%0%3%4%767 L0
01-27FLR+1527%42%11%16%0%0%0%0%4%4%682 L0
01-17SCR+1024%34%16%14%0%4%0%0%8%4%684 L0
01-05NHR+209%42%22%13%0%1%0%8%5%4%711 L0
12-28IAR+213%23%21%15%0%14%6%1%7%5%425 L0
12-07FLG+1544%29%8%2%0%4%3%2%8%5%469 L0
12-06SCG+1942%23%9%2%0%7%7%2%8%4%635 L0
11-29NHR+1623%39%16%1%2%3%3%9%4%4%696 L0
11-29IAG+826%18%17%5%9%9%5%2%9%5%425 L0
10-13SCC+37%28%5%2%31%10%5%2%10%4%639 L0
10-12FLR+16%33%6%1%32%9%2%3%8%4%524 L0
10-05NHR+324%45%13%1%13%7%3%6%8%4%691 L0
10-05IAR+65%26%12%3%20%11%11%2%10%5%371 L0

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