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Date of Prediction: 2008-11-04 Version:12

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I have to hope there is a chance. Socialism has destroyed every economy in the course of economic history. It won't work here. I don't know why people are voting for Socialism. It will break the back of this country.

G-d bless the Republic of Texas

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 By: darthpi (D-PA) 2008-11-04 @ 16:55:59's not socialism? And the voters realize that.prediction Map

 By: TX_1824 (C-TX) 2008-11-04 @ 17:22:41
Because it is socialism. They want to take from the top earners and distribute it to the lower earners. Obama said that less then 6% of the earners in this country make more than $96,000 a year. He wants to raise taxes on them and "spread it around". Redistribution?!

G-d bless the Republic of Texas
prediction Map

 By: nyquil_man (D-AR) 2008-11-06 @ 18:51:12
You can call it "redistribution" if you like. The fact is, the federal income tax has always been a progressive tax. And no, it hasn't destroyed the country.

Did "socialism" destroy this country in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, when the wealthiest Americans paid at rates of anywhere from 63-91%? Did "socialism" break this country's back during the Reagan years, when the top rate was 50%?

The current tax rate for the highest income bracket is 35%. Obama proposes lifting that rate to its level during the Clinton years, which is about 39-40%.

It says a lot about your idea of "socialism" that you think reducing by 11% the rate paid during the first six years of Reagan's term is a form of it.
prediction Map

 By: palinode (G-CA) 2008-11-08 @ 15:55:17
Calling Obama a socialist is ABSURD. You REALLY should research socialism. The Socialist Candidate for President, who like me, IS a socialist... would argue that if you receive millions in major donations from MAJOR CORPORATIONS, you do NOT qualify as someone who is ANTI-capitalist. *cough* I don't care what his tax relief plan sounds like to you. It's NO WHERE NEAR SOCIALIST POLICY. I WISH IT WAS!!!prediction Map

 By: Bruinspolisci (D-CA) 2008-11-09 @ 09:59:16
Actually, Socialism is state ownership of the means of production and corporations or government-mandated services on the private sectors. Unfortuantely for Republicans, the greatest movement to socailism, since the New Deal, has occurred under the Bush administration (The capital investments and purchasing of the prime stock options in banks and the medicare extentions program are two prime examples. prediction Map

 By: Tokar (D-VA) 2008-11-11 @ 00:56:33
Fail...PA went to Obama by 10 points. Ouch.prediction Map

 By: Liberallover (D-NY) 2008-11-11 @ 21:26:30
Guys, guys. You didn't get the memo? McCarthyism is the new patriotism!prediction Map

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