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Date of Prediction: 2012-10-10 Version:30

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President Obama was too nice to Mitt Romney in their first debate. It's becoming abundantly obvious that Mitt Romney doesn't have consistent positions on important society-molding issues; Mitt Romney follows the political winds - which is fine in limited doses - but it does reveal a lack of core convictions and reinforce the view that he's an opportunist only out to score a personal victory!

"This country needs jobs, Mr. President. Jobs." If Mitt Romney had a history of keeping jobs here in America while his corporate friends outsourced them to various parts of the world this statement would actually mean something. If he fought to preserve employment while building businesses, if he was unconventional in his methods he would have an issue to stand on. But the employment of American workers was never a chief concern then . . . only now as a political candidate is it at the top of his list.

Mitt Romney wants to win. Clarity? Conviction? Consistency? No; winning is more important. Winning. Mitt Romney's multiple change of hearts on the abortion issue is just one example of what he really values. Life? Choice? Some restrictions? No restrictions? Nope. You know the answer. (Winning.)

I think Mitt Romney's political fortune will unravel in the coming weeks. His solid endorsement of "Jobs" in the first debate will be greeted with skepticism as issues of inconsistency and a record of layoffs gets hammered into the minds of the American public. Even now moderates and conservatives are questioning who the real Mitt Romney is.

I suppose only God truly knows.

American voters (those with genuine convictions and strong political positions; not necessarily you) don't like to be taken advantage of. I predict the gradual decline of Mitt Romney in the coming weeks.

It's said that winning lifts the spirit while losing builds character.

Well, Mitt Romney could use more character at the moment.

My prediction for Election Night 2012:

Obama/Biden . . . 51%
Romney/Ryan . . . 47%
Other . . . . . . 2%

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