1998 Gubernatorial General Election Results
# State
Pick-upsPopular VoteStates Won
Republican36-1 29,585,254 51.06% 23 63.9%
Democratic360 25,245,493 43.57% 11 30.6%
Reform/Ind.16+1 1,640,051 2.83% 2 5.6%
Taxpayers/Const./IA90 432,525 0.75% 0 0.0%
Libertarian180 354,782 0.61% 0 0.0%
Green70 214,881 0.37% 0 0.0%
YOther (+) - - 472,794 0.82% 0 0.0%
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Election Notes:
  • Reform Party, Indpendence Party (NY), and significant Independent candidates are grouped together under the heading 'Reform/Ind.'
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