1994 Senatorial Election Data Sources
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Popular Vote Data Sources by State
Note: There is no federal government agency that is in charge of compiling official Senatorial Election popular vote statistics. The individual states are responsible for this function. Below is a list of source from each state from which the 1994 Senatorial Election popular vote data was collected.

State Data Source
Arizona Arizona Secretary of State, comp., State of Arizona Official Canvass - General Election - November 8, 1994 (Phoenix, 1994)
California California Secretary of State, comp., "Governor," Statement of Vote November 8, 1994, General Election (Sacramento, 1994)
Connecticut State of Connecticut Secretary of State, "Vote for United States Senator, November 8, 1994," Statement of Vote General Election November 8, 1994 (Hartford, 1994)
Delaware State of Delaware Department of Elections, prep., "Official Results of General Election for Statewide Offices November 8, 1994," State of Delaware Official Results 1994 (Dover, 1994)
Florida Florida Department of State. Division of Elections. November 8, 1994 General Election Official Results United States Senator, Florida Department of State. Division of Elections ( ) (accessed 15 Nov 2006)
Hawaii State of Hawaii Office of Elections, Results of votes cast: general election and specialelection for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, November 8, 1994, by State of Hawaii, Office of the Lieutenant Governor. (Pearl City, 1994)
Indiana Indiana Secretary of State, "United States Senator," General Election Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Indiana 1994 (Indianapolis, 1994)
Maine Maine Department of the Secretary of State. Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions. General Election Tabulations - November 8, 1994 U.S. Senator, Maine Department of the Secretary of State. Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions ( ) (accessed 17 Nov 2006)
Maryland Maryland State Board of Elections. 1994 Gubernatorial General Election Results, Maryland State Board of Elections ( ) (accessed 05 May 2006)
Massachusetts Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Elections Division, "Senator in Congress," Public Document No. 43 Massachusetts Election Statistics 1994 (Boston, 1994)
Michigan Michigan Legislative Service Bureau, "U.S. Senate," Michigan Manual 1995-1996 (Lansing, 1994)
Minnesota Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State. Elections Division, "Vote for United States Senator by County November 8, 1994 State General Election," The Minnesota Legislative Manual 1995-1996 (St. Paul, 1994)
Mississippi Mississippi Secretary of State, pub., "U.S. Senate," Mississippi Official and Statistical Register 1996 2000 (Jackson, 1994)
Missouri Missouri Office of the Secretary of State, "U.S. Senators/General election: November 8, 1994," Official Manual State of Missouri 1995-1996 (Jefferson City, 1994)
Montana Montana Secretary of State, comp., "U.S. Senator," 1994 Statewide General Canvass (Helena, 1994)
Nebraska Nebraska Secretary of State, comp., "United States Senator 6 Yr Term," Official Report of the Board of State Canvassers of the State of Nebraska General Election Held November 8, 1994 (Lincoln, 1994)
Nevada Nevada Secretary of State, 1994 General Election Returns (Carson City, 1994)
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety. Division of Elections, "Voting for United States Senators," State of New Jersey Manual of the Legislature of New Jersey 1996 (Trenton, 1994)
New Mexico New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State. Bureau of Elections, Canvass of Returns of General Election Held on November 8, 1994 - State of New Mexico (Santa Fe, 1994)
New York New York State Board of Elections, U.S. Senator - Votes Cast November 8, 1994 (Albany, 1994)
North Dakota North Dakota Secretary of State, Official Abstract of Votes Cast at the General Election Neld November 8, 1994 (Bismarck, 1994)
Ohio Ohio Secretary of State, prov., "County Vote for United States Senator General Election, Nov. 8, 1994," Ohio Election Statistics for 1993-1994 (Cleveland, 1994)
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Election Board, "United States Senator General Election - November 8, 1994," Election Results and Statistics 1994 (Oklahoma City, 1994)
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of State. Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation, "United States Senator," Bureau of Elections Official Elections Results General Election of November 08, 1994 (Harrisburg, 1994)
Rhode Island Rhode Island Board of Elections. General Election November 8, 1994 US Senate, Rhode Island Board of Elections ( ) (accessed 16 Nov 2006)
Tennessee Tennessee Secretary of State. Division of Elections, "United States Senate - Full Term," Certificate of Election Returns for the General Election Held November 8, 1994 (Nashville, 1994)
Texas Texas Secretary of State. Elections Division. 1994 General Election 11/8/1994 U. S. Senator, Texas Secretary of State. Elections Division ( ) (accessed 05 May 2006)
Utah Utah State Elections Office, "United States Senate," State of Utah General Election 1994 (Salt Lake City, 1994)
Vermont Vermont Office of the Secretary of State, pub., "US Senate," Primary and General Elections Vermont 1994 (Montpelier, 1994)
Virginia Virginia State Board of Elections, comp., "United States Senate," Commonwealth of Virginia Official Election Results 1994 (Richmond, 1994)
Washington Washington Secretary of State. November 1994 General U.S. Senator 1, Washington Secretary of State ( ) (accessed 10 Dec 2006)
West Virginia West Virginia Secretary of State, pub., "U.S. Senate," State of West Virginia 1994 Election Returns (Charleston, 1994)
Wisconsin Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau, "Vote for United States Senator, by County November 8, 1994," State of Wisconsin 1995-1996 Blue Book (Madison, 1994)
Wyoming Wyoming Secretary of State. Election Administration, comp., "Official Summary of General Election of November 8, 1994," 1995 Wyoming Official Directory and 1994 Election Returns (Cheyenne, 1994)

National Results for 1994


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