1904 Presidential Election Statistics
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States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R P %Margin Margin Roosevelt Parker Other
1 MD8224,22912 0.02% 51 48.83% 48.81% 2.36%
2 KY13435,94621 2.69% 11,713 47.13% 49.82% 3.06%
3 MO18643,86112 3.90% 25,137 49.93% 46.02% 4.05%
4 DE343,85612 9.94% 4,358 54.05% 44.11% 1.83%
5 TN12242,75021 10.83% 26,290 43.40% 54.23% 2.36%
6 NY391,617,77012 10.85% 175,552 53.13% 42.28% 4.59%
7 WV7239,98612 13.24% 31,765 55.26% 42.03% 2.71%
8 IN15682,18512 13.77% 93,944 53.99% 40.22% 5.80%
9 CO5243,66712 14.18% 34,556 55.26% 41.08% 3.65%
10 AR9116,42121 15.10% 17,574 40.25% 55.35% 4.40%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R P %Margin Margin Roosevelt Parker Other
1 SC955,11821 90.73% 50,009 4.63% 95.36% 0.00%
2 MS1058,72121 85.49% 50,200 5.59% 91.07% 3.34%
3 LA953,90821 78.84% 42,503 9.66% 88.50% 1.85%
4 VT451,88812 59.13% 30,682 77.97% 18.84% 3.18%
5 MN11292,86012 55.13% 161,464 73.98% 18.84% 7.18%
6 ND470,01412 54.73% 38,322 75.12% 20.39% 4.49%
7 AL11108,84521 52.72% 57,385 20.65% 73.37% 5.99%
8 WA5145,15112 50.60% 73,442 69.95% 19.36% 10.69%
9 TX18234,00821 49.55% 115,958 21.90% 71.45% 6.65%
10 SD4101,39512 49.42% 50,114 71.09% 21.67% 7.24%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
Vermont77.97%South Carolina95.36%California8.90%
North Dakota75.12%Mississippi91.07%Montana8.81%
South Dakota71.09%Alabama73.37%Nevada7.64%
Indiana3.44%Nebraska9.09%Rhode Island0.71%
Illinois3.23%Alabama4.64%New Jersey0.62%
South Dakota2.92%Florida4.08%New York0.56%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
South Carolina4.63%Vermont18.84%South Carolina0.00%
Mississippi5.59%Minnesota18.84%North Carolina0.06%
Alabama20.65%North Dakota20.39%Delaware0.33%

States with Largest Vote Swing
Pennsylvania214,518North Carolina16,913
Kansas103,427South Carolina6,355

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Nebraska34.70%North Carolina11.58%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
New York69,728Texas-189,698
Washington37,627North Carolina-84,700
New Jersey31,341Illinois-55,398

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Rhode Island21.41%North Carolina-28.96%
North Dakota21.15%Louisiana-20.61%

State Ranks
Rank RooseveltParker

County Ranks
Rank RooseveltParker

Note: county data for 1904 is not yet comprehensive.

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
Keweenaw, MI94.55%Fairfield, SC100.00%Milwaukee, WI26.01%
Mercer, ND93.33%Georgetown, SC100.00%Lee, FL24.75%
Logan, ND92.84%Hampton, SC100.00%Esmeralda, NV23.51%
McIntosh, ND92.46%Greenwood, SC99.92%Lake, MN21.70%
Chisago, MN91.45%Bullock, AL99.73%Piute, UT21.24%
Venango, PA20.48%Sherman, NE29.44%Kittitas, WA2.61%
Stevens, KS13.16%Polk, NE29.00%Red Lake, MN2.04%
Warren, PA12.02%Perkins, NE25.99%Schenectady, NY1.88%
Grant, IN10.74%Shelby, AL25.18%Okanogan, WA1.79%
Day, SD10.16%Custer, NE23.73%Pierce, WA1.77%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
Wyoming, WV0.00%Wyoming, WV0.00%
Wood, WV0.00%Wood, WV0.00%
Wirt, WV0.00%Wirt, WV0.00%
Wetzel, WV0.00%Wetzel, WV0.00%
Webster, WV0.00%Webster, WV0.00%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Cook, IL229,848New York, NY189,712Cook, IL47,743
Philadelphia, PA227,709Kings, NY111,855Milwaukee, WI18,340
New York, NY155,003Cook, IL103,762New York, NY16,472
Kings, NY113,246St. Louis, MO51,858Cuyahoga, OH8,017
Allegheny, PA90,594Suffolk, MA51,714San Francisco, CA7,250
Cook, IL5,290Cook, IL3,323New York, NY3,538
Los Angeles, CA2,299New York, NY2,821Cook, IL2,660
Allegheny, PA2,216Kings, NY1,758Kings, NY1,341
Venango, PA2,105Silver Bow, MT1,235Cuyahoga, OH774
Grant, IN1,760Custer, NE1,058St. Louis, MO721

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
Wyoming, WV0Wyoming, WV0
Wood, WV0Wood, WV0
Wirt, WV0Wirt, WV0
Wetzel, WV0Wetzel, WV0
Webster, WV0Webster, WV0

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Zavala, TX136,791Wyandot, OH69,130
Cook, IL108,519York, ME28,590
Philadelphia, PA63,447Wyoming, WV21,022
Worth, GA46,920Yamhill, OR12,010
Yazoo, MS45,999Baltimore, MD7,358
Winston, AL41,704New York, NY5,924
Hamilton, OH40,193Jefferson, AL5,334
Winn, LA39,434Sussex, DE3,683
Cuyahoga, OH33,165Mobile, AL2,958
Winchester, VA30,310Montgomery, AL2,442

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Yazoo, MS77.89%Georgetown, SC100.56%
Dolores, CO71.05%Bullock, AL99.73%
Pitkin, CO66.27%Wilcox, AL98.70%
Red Lake, MN65.27%Sumter, AL95.70%
Geauga, OH65.24%Montgomery, AL95.58%
Sherman, NE64.99%Dallas, AL94.29%
Yellowstone, MT64.47%Pike, AL93.87%
Okanogan, WA63.73%Greene, AL92.56%
Franklin, WA63.12%Hale, AL92.43%
Ashtabula, OH61.86%Lee, AL91.60%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Hamilton, OH98,037Wyandot, OH-1,034,639
Cuyahoga, OH91,255Woodford, KY-468,264
Philadelphia, PA46,765Zavala, TX-423,705
Franklin, OH44,621Yancey, NC-292,517
Montgomery, OH37,724Wilson, TN-273,859
Lucas, OH34,044Winchester, VA-264,207
Stark, OH23,974Wyoming, WV-220,795
New York, NY21,585Winston, AL-158,263
Summit, OH18,854Worth, GA-121,409
Multnomah, OR18,533York, ME-105,692

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Hamilton, OH9,803,700.00%Woodford, KY-100.00%
Cuyahoga, OH9,125,500.00%Zavala, TX-100.00%
Franklin, OH4,462,100.00%Yancey, NC-100.00%
Montgomery, OH3,772,400.00%Wilson, TN-100.00%
Lucas, OH3,404,400.00%Winchester, VA-100.00%
Stark, OH2,397,400.00%Wyoming, WV-100.00%
Summit, OH1,885,400.00%Worth, GA-100.00%
Multnomah, OR1,853,300.00%York, ME-100.00%
Mahoning, OH1,734,900.00%Winn, LA-100.00%
Columbiana, OH1,721,200.00%Arapahoe, CO-100.00%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Esmeralda, NV42.20%Nevada, AR38.39%
Clark, AR44.74%Silver Bow, MT39.83%
Scott, AR45.26%Calhoun, FL40.81%
Lake, CA45.40%Chilton, AL44.54%
Jefferson, MT45.54%Wabash, IL44.64%

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Perry, IN48.89%Prairie, AR48.59%
Lafayette, MO48.82%Rockland, NY48.57%
Baltimore, MD48.64%Hamilton, NY48.30%
Dent, MO48.59%Adams, PA48.06%
Fulton, PA48.48%Clark, IN48.03%

National Results for 1904


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