1984 Presidential Election Statistics
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States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R M %Margin Margin Reagan Mondale Other
1 MN102,084,44921 0.18% 3,761 49.54% 49.72% 0.74%
2 MA132,559,45312 2.79% 71,330 51.22% 48.43% 0.35%
3 RI4410,49212 3.65% 14,974 51.66% 48.02% 0.32%
4 MD101,675,87312 5.49% 91,983 52.51% 47.02% 0.48%
5 PA254,844,90312 7.35% 356,192 53.34% 45.99% 0.67%
6 IA81,319,80512 7.39% 97,468 53.27% 45.89% 0.84%
7 NY366,806,81012 8.01% 545,154 53.84% 45.83% 0.33%
8 WI112,212,01612 9.18% 202,953 54.19% 45.02% 0.79%
9 WV6735,74212 10.51% 77,358 55.11% 44.60% 0.29%
10 HI4335,84612 11.28% 37,896 55.10% 43.82% 1.08%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote R M %Margin Margin Reagan Mondale Other
1 DC3211,28821 71.66% 151,399 13.73% 85.38% 0.89%
2 UT5629,65612 49.83% 313,736 74.50% 24.68% 0.82%
3 ID4411,14412 45.97% 189,013 72.36% 26.39% 1.24%
4 WY3188,96812 42.27% 79,871 70.51% 28.24% 1.25%
5 NE5652,09012 41.74% 272,188 70.55% 28.81% 0.64%
6 OK81,255,67612 37.94% 476,450 68.61% 30.67% 0.72%
7 NH4388,95412 37.71% 146,656 68.66% 30.95% 0.39%
8 AK3207,60512 36.79% 76,370 66.65% 29.87% 3.48%
9 AZ71,025,89712 33.88% 347,562 66.42% 32.54% 1.04%
10 NV4286,66712 33.88% 97,115 65.85% 31.97% 2.18%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
Utah74.50%District of Columbia85.38%Alaska3.07%
Wyoming70.51%Rhode Island48.02%Arizona1.03%
New Hampshire68.66%Maryland47.02%Colorado0.87%
North Dakota0.41%California0.28%Kansas0.35%
Colorado0.36%Utah0.13%North Dakota0.35%
Texas0.27%North Dakota0.12%Washington0.30%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
District of Columbia13.73%Utah24.68%West Virginia0.00%
Rhode Island51.66%Nebraska28.81%South Dakota0.00%

States with Largest Vote Swing
Florida654,058District of Columbia44,481
Georgia598,659North Dakota18,599
North Carolina482,811South Dakota10,334

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Georgia35.20%District of Columbia10.17%
South Carolina26.45%North Dakota6.93%
North Carolina21.88%Utah2.38%
Arkansas21.56%South Dakota2.36%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
New York604,851Idaho-26,287
Florida493,025South Dakota-9,836
North Carolina319,528Indiana-8,964

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
District of Columbia21.51%South Dakota-3.00%
North Carolina17.22%Rhode Island-1.34%

State Ranks
Rank ReaganMondale

County Ranks
Rank ReaganMondale

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
Madison, ID92.88%District of Columbia, DC85.38%Saline, AR2.71%
Hansford, TX89.38%Macon, AL82.71%Esmeralda, NV2.63%
Ochiltree, TX89.15%Shannon, SD81.41%Mineral, MT2.52%
Grant, NE88.45%Jefferson, MS77.94%Treasure, MT2.43%
Blaine, NE88.32%Hancock, GA76.61%Powell, MT2.29%
Presidio, TX3.84%Caldwell, LA2.28%Logan, ND2.45%
Sussex, VA2.96%Vermilion, LA2.28%Kidder, ND2.16%
Greensville, VA2.43%Lafourche, LA2.28%Stanton, KS1.86%
Greene, IA2.12%Avoyelles, LA2.18%Gove, KS1.85%
Divide, ND2.12%Franklin, LA1.96%Boundary, ID1.68%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
District of Columbia, DC13.73%Madison, ID6.60%
Macon, AL16.24%Hansford, TX10.46%
Shannon, SD17.71%Ochiltree, TX10.70%
Jefferson, MS21.88%Grant, NE11.11%
Hancock, GA23.39%Banner, NE11.11%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Los Angeles, CA1,424,113Los Angeles, CA1,158,912Los Angeles, CA12,713
Cook, IL1,055,558Cook, IL1,112,641Maricopa, AZ5,509
Orange, CA635,013Philadelphia, PA501,369Orange, CA4,761
Harris, TX536,029Wayne, MI496,632San Diego, CA4,405
San Diego, CA502,344New York, NY379,521Cook, IL4,399
Harris, TX1,937Los Angeles, CA7,808Los Angeles, CA9,368
Dallas, TX1,448Allegheny, PA6,729San Diego, CA3,523
Cuyahoga, OH1,241Alameda, CA2,223Orange, CA2,619
King, WA1,172San Diego, CA1,966Santa Clara, CA2,413
Fairfax, VA822Santa Clara, CA1,858San Bernardino, CA2,063

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
Loving, TX57Loving, TX16
Kenedy, TX96Arthur, NE33
King, TX141Blaine, NE48
Arthur, NE248Grant, NE51
Buffalo, SD253King, TX53

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Cook, IL210,927New York, NY75,409
Dallas, TX85,629Allegheny, PA62,270
Wayne, MI77,251Philadelphia, PA57,046
Orange, CA75,648San Francisco, CA50,842
Tarrant, TX75,505Kings, NY49,867
Oakland, MI67,422Alameda, CA46,444
Pinellas, FL64,738District of Columbia, DC44,481
Monroe, NY64,395Cuyahoga, OH25,967
St. Louis, MO63,818Queens, NY25,088
Macomb, MI62,454Broward, FL23,346

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Murray, GA69.31%Sioux, ND40.79%
Habersham, GA69.24%Apache, AZ32.15%
Echols, GA65.93%Daggett, UT30.47%
Banks, GA65.50%Corson, SD29.03%
Stephens, GA65.32%McKinley, NM28.29%
Forsyth, GA65.19%Ziebach, SD25.61%
Paulding, GA63.39%Ringgold, IA25.18%
Rabun, GA62.69%Benson, ND24.85%
White, GA62.59%Buffalo, SD23.97%
Gordon, GA60.70%Shannon, SD22.56%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Los Angeles, CA172,729Wayne, MI-22,501
Harris, TX152,153Ingham, MI-9,548
Dallas, TX92,283Providence, RI-7,029
Maricopa, AZ85,439Milwaukee, WI-5,991
New York, NY84,773Luzerne, PA-5,789
Kings, NY79,679Bay, MI-5,562
Orange, CA69,865Valencia, NM-5,093
Tarrant, TX63,796Marathon, WI-4,844
Alameda, CA63,257Hampden, MA-4,749
Travis, TX59,720Oakland, MI-4,528

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Brazos, TX59.86%Valencia, NM-26.61%
Fort Bend, TX57.26%Wheeler, GA-26.49%
Hernando, FL51.99%Gregory, SD-23.08%
Fayette, GA46.33%Clinch, GA-20.23%
Hays, TX44.38%Lewis, ID-18.85%
Edgecombe, NC43.82%Lake, TN-18.38%
Hood, TX42.95%Dodge, GA-18.21%
Caswell, NC41.49%Shoshone, ID-18.12%
Flagler, FL41.32%Trousdale, TN-17.80%
Denton, TX39.85%Perry, MO-17.67%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Crittenden, AR47.82%Greensville, VA49.29%
Issaquena, MS49.52%Jefferson, WA49.30%
Dickson, TN49.52%Madison, LA49.56%
East Feliciana, LA49.59%Marin, CA49.58%
Decatur, IA49.60%Cowlitz, WA49.60%

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Clatsop, OR49.86%Burke, GA49.92%
Mississippi, MO49.78%Wilcox, GA49.88%
Edgefield, SC49.77%Swain, NC49.73%
Warren, TN49.64%Fulton, IL49.69%
Muhlenberg, KY49.64%Montgomery, MD49.69%

National Results for 1984


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