1996 Presidential Election Statistics
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States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote C D P %Margin Margin Clinton Dole Perot Other
1 KY81,388,708123 0.96% 13,331 45.84% 44.88% 8.67% 0.61%
2 NV4464,279123 1.02% 4,730 43.93% 42.91% 9.47% 3.68%
3 GA132,299,071213 1.17% 26,994 45.84% 47.01% 6.37% 0.78%
4 CO81,510,704213 1.37% 20,696 44.43% 45.80% 6.59% 3.18%
5 VA132,416,642213 1.96% 47,290 45.15% 47.10% 6.62% 1.13%
6 AZ81,404,405123 2.22% 31,215 46.52% 44.29% 7.98% 1.21%
7 TN111,894,105123 2.41% 45,616 48.00% 45.59% 5.59% 0.82%
8 MT3407,261213 2.88% 11,730 41.23% 44.11% 13.56% 1.09%
9 SD3323,826213 3.46% 11,210 43.03% 46.49% 9.65% 0.83%
10 NC142,515,807213 4.69% 118,089 44.04% 48.73% 6.68% 0.55%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote C D P %Margin Margin Clinton Dole Perot Other
1 DC3185,726124 75.85% 140,881 85.19% 9.34% 1.94% 3.53%
2 MA122,556,785123 33.39% 853,656 61.47% 28.09% 8.89% 1.55%
3 RI4390,284123 32.89% 128,367 59.71% 26.82% 11.20% 2.26%
4 NY336,316,129123 28.86% 1,822,685 59.47% 30.61% 7.97% 1.95%
5 HI4360,120123 25.29% 91,069 56.93% 31.64% 7.60% 3.83%
6 VT3258,449123 22.26% 57,542 53.35% 31.09% 12.00% 3.55%
7 UT5665,629213 21.07% 140,278 33.30% 54.37% 9.98% 2.35%
8 ME4605,897123 20.86% 126,410 51.62% 30.76% 14.19% 3.43%
9 NE5677,415213 18.70% 126,706 34.95% 53.65% 10.52% 0.87%
10 ID4491,719213 18.54% 91,152 33.65% 52.18% 12.71% 1.46%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
District of Columbia85.19%Utah54.37%Maine14.19%
Rhode Island59.71%Nebraska53.65%Idaho12.71%
New York59.47%Idaho52.18%Wyoming12.25%
Hawaii56.93%Alaska50.80%North Dakota12.20%
Washington2.68%New Hampshire0.85%Pennsylvania0.43%
District of Columbia2.57%Wyoming0.82%Wisconsin0.40%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
Alaska33.27%District of Columbia9.34%District of Columbia1.94%
Utah33.30%Rhode Island26.82%Tennessee5.59%
Idaho33.65%Massachusetts28.09%South Carolina5.60%
Nebraska34.95%New York30.61%New Mexico5.80%

States with Largest Vote Swing
California199,296New York724,884
Kansas136,069New Jersey469,910
North Carolina97,470Massachusetts340,043

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Kansas13.06%New Jersey15.48%
Alaska8.36%Rhode Island14.87%
Montana5.39%New York13.01%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
New York-610,796

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Wyoming5.46%District of Columbia-18.39%
Rhode Island-13.94%
North Dakota-13.54%

State Ranks
Rank ClintonDolePerot

County Ranks
Rank ClintonDolePerot

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
Starr, TX86.94%Ochiltree, TX79.20%Mineral, MT23.72%
Bronx, NY85.80%Russell, KS78.98%Grant, ND21.55%
Macon, AL85.55%Glasscock, TX78.93%Shoshone, ID21.55%
District of Columbia, DC85.19%Hayes, NE77.02%Sanders, MT21.24%
Duval, TX84.94%Sioux, IA77.00%Billings, ND21.10%
Mendocino, CA11.04%Worth, GA2.66%Southampton, VA5.61%
Humboldt, CA8.34%Furnas, NE2.32%King, TX4.95%
Santa Cruz, CA7.57%Sierra, CA2.23%Waynesboro, VA3.00%
San Francisco, CA7.39%DeSoto, MS2.14%DeSoto, MS2.93%
Santa Fe, NM7.11%Martin, IN2.06%Augusta, VA2.88%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
Arthur, NE9.69%District of Columbia, DC9.34%Doniphan, KS0.00%
Kane, UT13.13%Starr, TX10.41%Greene, AL1.24%
Blaine, NE14.02%Bronx, NY10.52%Lowndes, AL1.32%
Garfield, MT14.34%Shannon, SD11.08%Wilcox, AL1.46%
Glasscock, TX14.46%Duval, TX11.65%Macon, AL1.83%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Los Angeles, CA1,430,629Los Angeles, CA746,544Los Angeles, CA157,752
Cook, IL1,153,289Cook, IL461,557Cook, IL96,633
Wayne, MI504,466Orange, CA446,717Orange, CA66,195
Kings, NY432,232Harris, TX421,462San Diego, CA63,037
King, WA417,846San Diego, CA402,876Maricopa, AZ58,479
Los Angeles, CA45,977Los Angeles, CA17,575Allegheny, PA5,322
King, WA29,365Cook, IL10,080Los Angeles, CA3,982
San Francisco, CA21,471Orange, CA8,050St. Louis, MO2,921
Alameda, CA20,432Maricopa, AZ7,551Nassau, NY2,588
Multnomah, OR17,815San Diego, CA7,055Suffolk, NY2,488

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
Loving, TX14Loving, TX48Doniphan, KS0
Arthur, NE25Kenedy, TX71Kenedy, TX4
King, TX46King, TX97Loving, TX15
McPherson, NE50Buffalo, SD134Harding, NM28
Blaine, NE53San Juan, CO153Loup, NE28

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Allegheny, PA60,556Dade, FL88,519
District of Columbia, DC31,040Suffolk, NY87,974
San Diego, CA28,184Middlesex, MA77,973
Baltimore, MD28,054Queens, NY73,316
Alameda, CA27,610Kings, NY72,987
Westmoreland, PA20,874Nassau, NY71,055
Sedgwick, KS20,847Broward, FL66,380
St. Louis, MO18,047Bergen, NJ57,040
Riverside, CA16,816Bronx, NY56,113
Johnson, KS16,394Maricopa, AZ52,568

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Russell, KS55.96%Stewart, GA33.46%
Loving, TX32.70%Webb, TX30.63%
Osborne, KS32.13%Santa Cruz, AZ30.51%
Rush, KS31.62%Maverick, TX30.05%
Sheridan, KS31.60%Hudson, NJ28.89%
Ellsworth, KS30.62%Tyler, WV26.22%
Barton, KS29.80%Buffalo, SD22.48%
Ness, KS28.20%Bronx, NY22.34%
Rooks, KS28.09%Passaic, NJ21.79%
Decatur, KS28.02%Clinton, NY21.16%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Wake, NC18,288Cook, IL-419,989
Gwinnett, GA12,369Los Angeles, CA-342,389
Douglas, CO11,915Wayne, MI-110,368
Santa Rosa, FL9,633Orange, CA-107,973
Cherokee, GA9,463Dallas, TX-105,299
Hernando, FL8,980Philadelphia, PA-104,781
Dade, FL8,939San Diego, CA-102,495
St. Johns, FL8,563Milwaukee, WI-94,116
Loudoun, VA7,756Harris, TX-87,054
St. Tammany, LA7,605Santa Clara, CA-78,764

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Carroll, MS59.99%George, MS-37.50%
Culberson, TX46.52%Tyler, WV-33.86%
Shannon, SD38.34%Dimmit, TX-31.71%
Forsyth, GA35.54%Johnson, GA-31.56%
Elbert, CO33.95%Upton, TX-31.44%
Cherokee, GA32.39%Grant, ND-30.12%
Humboldt, NV30.29%Sioux, ND-29.88%
Douglas, CO29.74%Magoffin, KY-29.17%
Teton, ID29.72%Adams, ND-29.15%
Santa Rosa, FL29.39%Burke, ND-28.54%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Jefferson, IA35.11%White Pine, NV40.03%
Carroll, OH40.64%Del Norte, CA41.29%
Dawson, MT40.72%Preston, WV41.31%
Mineral, MT40.74%San Juan, CO41.35%
Taylor, WI41.01%Northumberland, PA41.82%

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Edgefield, SC47.77%Montgomery, AL47.98%Loving, TX19.48%
Sampson, NC47.30%Sumter, SC47.57%Arthur, NE17.83%
Oktibbeha, MS47.29%Clarke, AL47.29%--
Winston, MS46.89%Montgomery, MS47.15%--
Attala, MS46.76%Fayette, KY46.33%--

National Results for 1996


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