2008 Presidential Election Statistics
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States with the Smallest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote O M %Margin Margin Obama McCain Other
1 MO112,929,11121 0.13% 3,903 49.23% 49.36% 1.41%
2 NC154,310,78912 0.33% 14,177 49.70% 49.38% 0.92%
3 IN112,756,65812 1.03% 28,391 49.84% 48.81% 1.34%
4 MT3492,75021 2.38% 11,723 47.11% 49.49% 3.39%
5 FL278,412,24812 2.81% 236,148 50.91% 48.10% 0.99%
6 OH205,721,83112 4.58% 262,224 51.38% 46.80% 1.82%
7 GA153,932,15821 5.20% 204,636 46.90% 52.10% 1.00%
8 VA133,723,26012 6.30% 234,527 52.63% 46.33% 1.04%
9 SD3381,97521 8.41% 32,130 44.75% 53.16% 2.09%
10 AZ102,303,83821 8.48% 195,404 44.91% 53.39% 1.69%

States with the Largest Margin of Victory
StateEVTotal Vote O M %Margin Margin Obama McCain Other
1 DC3265,85312 85.92% 228,433 92.46% 6.53% 1.01%
2 HI4453,56812 45.26% 205,305 71.85% 26.58% 1.57%
3 VT3325,04612 37.01% 120,288 67.46% 30.45% 2.10%
4 WY3254,65821 32.24% 82,090 32.54% 64.78% 2.68%
5 OK71,462,66121 31.29% 457,669 34.35% 65.65% 0.00%
6 UT5958,99621 27.98% 268,360 34.17% 62.15% 3.68%
7 RI4471,76612 27.81% 131,180 62.86% 35.06% 2.08%
8 NY317,640,94812 26.86% 2,052,174 62.88% 36.03% 1.09%
9 MA123,081,06912 25.81% 795,244 61.80% 35.99% 2.21%
10 MD102,631,59612 25.44% 669,605 61.92% 36.47% 1.61%

States with Highest Percent of Vote
District of Columbia92.46%Oklahoma65.65%Maine1.45%
Hawaii71.85%Wyoming64.78%North Dakota1.32%
New York62.88%Idaho61.21%Connecticut1.16%
Rhode Island62.86%Alabama60.32%Alaska1.16%
Texas0.69%Alaska0.53%South Dakota0.50%

States with Lowest Percent of Vote
Wyoming32.54%District of Columbia6.53%Oklahoma0.00%
Idaho35.91%Rhode Island35.06%North Carolina0.03%

States with Largest Vote Swing
Oklahoma1,843New York700,461

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Tennessee0.76%North Dakota18.71%
West Virginia0.23%Nebraska18.28%

States with Largest Change in Total Votes
California1,161,224West Virginia-40,764
North Carolina809,782Wisconsin-13,590
Georgia627,677South Dakota-6,240

States with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
North Carolina23.13%West Virginia-5.39%
Georgia18.99%South Dakota-1.61%
South Carolina18.74%Maine-1.29%
District of Columbia16.81%Oregon-0.49%

State Ranks
Rank ObamaMcCain

County Ranks
Rank ObamaMcCain

Congressional District Ranks
Rank ObamaMcCain

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote
District of Columbia, DC92.46%King, TX92.64%Lincoln, ID4.12%
Prince George's, MD88.87%Roberts, TX92.08%Lawrence, AR3.31%
Bronx, NY88.71%Ochiltree, TX91.70%Jackson, AR2.85%
Shannon, SD88.69%Glasscock, TX90.13%Towner, ND2.76%
Petersburg, VA88.64%Beaver, OK89.25%Cavalier, ND2.63%
Esmeralda, NV2.73%Wayne, UT2.09%Millard, UT5.57%
Foard, TX2.42%Grant, ND1.64%Sanpete, UT3.65%
Jennings, IN2.20%Cache, UT1.41%Juab, UT3.52%
Fountain, IN2.13%Iron, UT1.37%Franklin, ID2.80%
Starke, IN2.06%Juab, UT1.36%Cache, UT2.75%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote
King, TX4.91%District of Columbia, DC6.53%
Ochiltree, TX7.82%Shannon, SD9.88%
Roberts, TX7.92%Petersburg, VA10.19%
Glasscock, TX9.34%Prince George's, MD10.38%
Beaver, OK10.75%Bronx, NY10.93%

Counties with Highest Number of Votes
Los Angeles, CA2,295,853Los Angeles, CA956,425Los Angeles, CA26,946
Cook, IL1,629,024Maricopa, AZ746,448San Diego, CA8,917
San Diego, CA666,581Orange, CA579,064Cook, IL8,903
Wayne, MI660,085Harris, TX571,883Orange, CA7,689
King, WA648,230San Diego, CA541,032King, WA6,982
Los Angeles, CA16,967Maricopa, AZ6,408Salt Lake, UT3,229
Orange, CA7,867San Diego, CA4,458Utah, UT2,877
Maricopa, AZ7,605King, WA4,425Clark, NV1,871
Harris, TX6,783Salt Lake, UT3,699Cook, IL1,722
San Diego, CA6,028Middlesex, MA3,487Wayne, MI1,660

Counties with Lowest Number of Votes
King, TX8Loving, TX67
Loving, TX12Kenedy, TX94
Arthur, NE39King, TX151
Borden, TX40Buffalo, SD156
Roberts, TX41Menominee, WI185

Counties with Largest Vote Swing
Orleans, LA20,791Los Angeles, CA507,917
Livingston, LA12,507Cook, IL298,969
Lafourche, LA9,110San Diego, CA195,145
Bristol, MA9,000Orange, CA193,087
St. Tammany, LA8,008Harris, TX127,957
Norfolk, MA7,795Dallas, TX122,594
Saline, AR7,575Honolulu, HI117,732
Westmoreland, PA7,260King, WA109,179
Garland, AR7,232Riverside, CA108,643
Montgomery, TX7,155Kings, NY103,829

Counties with Largest Vote Swing Percentage
Coal, OK39.76%Honolulu, HI38.30%
Knott, KY35.42%Maverick, TX37.86%
Poinsett, AR33.91%Culberson, TX35.02%
Little River, AR30.93%Dubois, IN34.00%
Jackson, AR30.65%Maui, HI32.79%
Lawrence, AR29.87%Big Horn, MT31.84%
Sevier, AR29.59%Rush, IN31.66%
Scott, TN28.68%Kauai, HI31.25%
Cleveland, AR27.95%Rockdale, GA31.08%
Floyd, KY26.62%Hawaii, HI31.05%

Counties with Largest Change in Total Votes
Los Angeles, CA294,968Orleans, LA-49,664
Maricopa, AZ176,409St. Bernard, LA-16,297
Clark, NV105,775Jefferson, LA-10,543
Harris, TX103,504Milwaukee, WI-7,044
San Diego, CA99,152Cuyahoga, OH-6,478
Wake, NC93,401Mahoning, OH-5,245
Miami-Dade, FL89,910Marion, OR-5,056
Riverside, CA89,720Kanawha, WV-5,041
Cook, IL88,032Pike, KY-4,127
Mecklenburg, NC87,715Montgomery, OH-3,553

Counties with Largest Percentage Change in Total Votes
Pinal, AZ63.10%St. Bernard, LA-54.62%
Williamsburg, VA57.11%Greenwood, KS-29.75%
Sumter, FL53.83%Kiowa, KS-27.48%
Dillon, SC45.28%Buffalo, SD-26.40%
Kendall, IL43.67%Bennett, SD-25.89%
Newton, GA42.11%Orleans, LA-25.20%
Jackson, GA42.06%Mingo, WV-21.75%
Union, NC41.13%Knott, KY-21.29%
Hoke, NC40.94%Dewey, SD-21.26%
Paulding, GA40.88%Shannon, SD-20.50%

Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win
Salt Lake, UT48.17%Renville, MN48.63%
Lake, MT48.48%Hocking, OH48.89%
Lincoln, MN48.53%Polk, OR48.92%
Jackson, OR48.58%Deschutes, OR48.96%
Wahkiakum, WA48.61%Greene, PA48.96%

Counties with Highest Percent of Vote and Lose
Lenoir, NC49.74%Oktibbeha, MS49.60%
Darlington, SC49.45%Colleton, SC49.22%
Conecuh, AL49.39%Hyde, NC49.09%
Sarasota, FL49.37%Spencer, IN49.05%
Garfield, CO49.20%Newton, GA49.03%

Congressional Districts with Highest Percent of Vote
District 16, NY94.73%District 13, TX76.35%District 2, ME1.55%
District 15, NY93.18%District 4, AL76.21%District 1, AR1.54%
District 10, NY90.98%District 6, AL75.71%District 2, CT1.41%
District 11, NY90.44%District 11, TX75.39%District 7, MN1.41%
District 2, PA89.97%District 9, GA74.50%District 1, ME1.37%

National Results for 2008


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