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About the fool and the rubbish he writes

Who am I? A twenty-something election junkie from the U.K. Most of the time I live in North Wales. As people tend to mispronounce my name, I tend to be called Al.

What are my biases? I’m an old-fashioned Socialist. This is important because it influences the sort of electoral and demographic patterns that I’m interested in and how I interpret these patterns. Another important thing to note, and for the same reason, would be my scepticism of overly statistical ways of looking at election results (because of this I’ve little time for exit polls and the like). In addition to that, I’m a Christian, I can’t stand excessive bureaucracy, I dislike the noisy, thoughtless variety of partisanship, view journalists with contempt and newspaper barons with hatred. But I don’t think any of those will have much of an impact on anything I write here.

What the blog will be about: elections, demographics (and the relationship between the two) and so on. Maybe some stuff on other aspects of politics.

What the blog won’t be about: day-to-day gutter politics. More than enough of that sort of thing elsewhere.