Monthly Archives: August 2003

California Recall

For those of you wondering whether I’ll add maps and results for the California recall, the answer is: How could I not? Such an election doesn’t happen every day (good thing too, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do anything else!) I started adding Gubernatorial election results starting in 2002. I plan to add pages for the special California recall election and will also cover the three Gubernatorial elections in November (both the 1999 and 2003 results).

Updated 2000 Data Spreadsheet

I have updated the 2000 Spreadsheet. The file is located on the store download page. If you have already purchased a copy, you may download and uncompress the update using the same password as was emailed to you after your purchase. The updates include:

• Alabama: Data for Barbour county changes significantly per updated data on Alabama Secretary of State web site
• Colorado: Bush in Phillips county changes from 1576 to 1573 per CO Official Abstract
• Mississippi: Data for Grenada county changes significantly per MS Official and Statistical Register
• Ohio: Data for Cuyahoga county changes marginally per Ohio Election Statistics
• Updates to the Data Sources sheet

Note that these changes are already reflected in the on-line data files.