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I just discovered a small error in the Maine county map boundaries for the elections 1980 – 2000. It turns out that the town of Otisfield seceded from Cumberland County in 1978 and joined Oxford County. I have now refelected this border change in the appropriate maps.

It appears to be a very rare occurance for towns to switch counties. I don’t know of another example for New England towns in the 20th Century. In 1890, New Shoreham, RI (Block Island) changed from Newport to Washington County. Anyone know of other examples?

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  1. Kevin Lamoreau

    Thanks Dave. I had noticed that earlier (I’m from Maine) but declined to mention it to you. It wasn’t a major problem, and I thought it might me difficult to change some maps but not others. But I appreciate the changes. However, I might as well point out that there are a few maps where you have not made the changes: the national county maps from 1980 to 2000; the national congressional district map for 2000; the Presidential Primary maps for Maine for both parties for 2000; and the Gubernatorial Election maps for Maine for 1998 and 2002 (both the main page and the Data File). All the other county maps of Maine for 1980 or after that I’ve checked reflect the change, however.

    As for other towns that have changed counties, I remember reading that the island town of Isle au Haut, Maine, switched from Hancock County to Knox County around 1910. Interestingly, today the main island in Isle au Haut is connected by public ferry to Stonington in Hancock County, from which you can travel to the Hancock County Mainland, but not to any other towns in Knox County. When drawing the new Senate District lines earlier this year, the Supreme Court used this as justification for putting Isle au Haut in a district otherwise entirely in Hancock County. Isle au Haut will remain in the first congressional district, however. There’s a book called “Atlas of historical county boundaries. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island” by John Long and Gordon DenBoer published by Simon and Shuster in 1994. I think it’s a part of a series. That atlas didn’t have the Otisfield change, but it provides a lot of information. There were some changes in the southern boundary of Aroostook County in the 1890’s, but I’m not sure if there were any changes in the 20th Century other than Otisfield and Isle au Haut.

    Here’s a link to a site with some information as to why Otisfield switched counties: . The main impetus for the switch tells you something about the town Otisfield is.

    I hope this information helps.


    Kevin Lamoreau

  2. Dave Leip

    Kevin, I thought that this might get your attention! I will update the maps that you mention as well.

    I spent some time in Maine in late September. Augusta, Portland, and Bar Harbor were on the destination list. Saw portions of 10 counties and a lot of towns (even Fort Knox). Otisfield wasn’t one of them, though.


  3. Dave Leip

    I have fixed the remaining Maine maps to place the town of Otisfield in Oxford County from 1980 – present. Thanks Kevin for pointing these out.


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