Final Results from the California Recall

Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in today as the new Governor of California. The recall election results in the Gubernatorial Section of the web site have been updated per the certified results from the California Secretary of State (the official Statement of Vote 2003 Statewide Special Election October 7, 2003). The official statement has over 1.4 million more votes than were included in the preliminary results (about 16% of the overall vote total). Interestingly, the overall percentages did not change much at all. Schwarzenegger gained about 0.8 of a percentage point overall and his decade result changed in only one county, San Bernardino, from > 50% to > 60%. Bustamante dropped about one percentage point and his decade result changed in only one county, Santa Clara, falling from > 40% to > 30%. McClintock picked up about 0.3 of a percentage point. Results for other candidates are about the same.

One thought on “Final Results from the California Recall

  1. aphrael

    The additional results came from absentees turned into polling places on the day of the election, and provisionals cast by voters whose qualifications could not be verified on the spot (which were only counted after verification by the county office). That’s not a stunningly high percentage (I work in a polling place every election, and that’s only slightly above normal).

    Late results never, in my experience, change the election.

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