Monthly Archives: April 2004

Updates to 2000 Data

For those of you keeping track, I have made several small corrections to the “official” 2000 election data recently in South Carolina, North Dakota, and New York. In SC, the votes from Richland County, Ward 13 were omitted from the statewide results – adding 489 votes for Bush, 478 votes for Gore, 79 votes for Nader, 12 for Browne, 1 for Buchanan and 1 for Hagelin (a gain of 11 votes for Bush). In New York, the State Board of Elections seems to have a problem transcribing the figures from the county canvasses. There are four counties (Cattaraugus, Columbia, Livingston, and Wyoming) in which vote figures were given to the incorrect candidates (typically between minor parties, but also between a minor party and Gore under the Working Families party – where fusion merges these figures with the Democratic and Liberal party votes). There were also errors in Albany County. The net is that Gore gains 210 votes and Bush remains the same. A few changes to figures for Nader, Buchanan, and Hagelin in North Dakota rounds out the changes to 2000.

Update to 2004 Primaries

Election results for the Democratic Primary race have been updated for CA, FL, MD, NY, and TX. Official county-level data and maps have been posted to the site. I am still working on the congressional district results for MD, CA, FL, and NY (the TX SOS did not have Congressional District results on its website). Illinois releases their official canvass later this week. Wisconsin is still figuring out how to write a complete pdf file of their results (they seem to be having some “technical difficulties”).

2004 Primaries

Well, I was a bit optimistic in my attempt to compile the official results from the Super Tuesday states this weekend. Turns out that most states have not posted official results yet. California doesn’t release their canvass until April 10. I do have updated data for Georgia. New York and Rhode Island have results posted, but no indication whether or not they are official. The Utah primary results (from Feb 24) are not on-line yet. Although Wisconsin has posted official results, they omitted the vote totals from Lafayette County. I’m going to give the agencies a couple of additional weeks before I update the primary results on the site.

Current Project: New York

Just thought I would share my current undertaking with regard to the site (in addition to adding the primary results listed below). I am in the process of compiling, from official county canvasses, the complete precinct-level Presidential Election results for New York for the last three general elections (1992, 1996, and 2000). I would like to have the most comprehensive and accurate county, city/town, and precinct-level results for the state of New York on the web (BTW, New York is my original home state, having grown up in Onondaga County). I have a stack of paper here a foot tall and have completed 45 counties, adding 1992 city/town maps today for Saratoga, Alabany, Chautauqua, Columbia, Oneida, Orange, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Schuyler, and Tioga. I’ll add the city/town and precinct data for these counties in a few days (I’ll add a few more counties before performing the data upload). There are still several large urban counties to go (including Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Rockland, Monroe, Erie, and the five boroughs of New York City).

In particular, the 1992 township map is very interesting… a partial map is available to members by clicking on the “Town” button on the 1992 New York page. The 1996 and 2000 city/town maps are already complete. I have also discovered several mistakes in the statewide Canvasses published by the New York State Board of Elections. I will be making corrections to the data and adding notes to signify the changes.

Primary Results

I have received many questions with regard to my updating the Democratic primary results. The plan is to add these results to the site (county, congressional district maps and data) as they are officially canvassed by the official state agencies responsible for tabulating election data (my schedule permitting, of course). The canvassing process typically takes several weeks. This methodology provides for accurate results and requires only a single update per state. I plan to add results for all primaries prior to and including Super Tuesday this weekend.