Monthly Archives: May 2005

Articles from the NYT

The New York Time published a number of articles on the polital geography of the battleground states during the 2000 campaign and election cycle. The articles included county maps and past election data that cited the Atlas as the source. I have asked for and have been granted permission to republish the articles on this site. They can be found on the Election Information page.

2004 Data File Complete

The 2004 election spreadsheet data file has been released to version 1.0. The file includes vote data for the 2004 election at the National, State, County, and Township (New England States) levels. Also included are statistics, charts, voter turnout by state, candidates, and ballot status for each candidate. The file lacks the November 2004 voter registration figure for Maine (they do not have a scheduled release date for the data). The January 2004 datum is used in its place. The spreadsheet is available for purchase on the Store page (the file is available for free to those who have purchased the preliminary file.)