Monthly Archives: November 2009

2010 Gubernatorial Polls

The 2010 Gubernatorial Election polls database and pages are now online. Follow the evolution of support for the candidates in the top state executive office. Use the information to help tune your 2010 Gubernatorial Predictions. The 2010 U.S. Senate polls database and pages are forthcoming as development continues to incorporate support for two elections in the state of New York.

2010 Predictions Now Available

A very popular feature of The Atlas community are the Election Predictions. For 2010, the Gubernatorial and Senatorial election predictions are now online and active. A new feature this year adds the ability to predict the special election in states where the primary seat is already up for election. In addition, there is a new column in the prediction table that shows the status of the contest (for example: Open Republican seat or Democratic Incumbent running for reelection). So have a hand at electoral prognostication!

2008 Data Files – Updates and New Voter Turnout

The 2008 data files for US President, US Senate, US House of Representatives, and Governors have been updated – these mostly include updates to Massachusetts – which only recently released “Public Document #43 – Massachusetts Election Statistics” – the only official data to the city and town level.  The files also include several corrections to the official data discovered during compilation of precinct returns. These files are available for immediate download on your myatlas page (for previously purchased files.

A new 2008 voter registration and turnout file is also now available on the store page.