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New CSV Download for Election Data Spreadsheets

Purchased spreadsheet files from the Dave Leip’s Election Atlas store now include a new option to download county-level comma-separated value (csv) files that include the FIPS codes, county names, total vote, and vote data from each party/candidate – for the entire nation in one text-based file.  These new files are currently available by county for all general election vote results data sets for U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, Governor.  The csv files are also available for general elections for President back to 1936.  The csv and Excel versions of any purchased files may be downloaded on your myatlas page.

Updated 2012 Results in Saguache County, CO

Saguache County, CO

Saguache County, CO

The Colorado Office of the Secretary of State publishes a biennial report of official election results for the several elections held in the preceding two years.  Often the results presented within this abstract differ from the on-line reports published on the agency website shortly after the election. The 2012 Abstract of Votes Cast has only small deviations in the votes for Saguache County relative to the results published in the January 2012 on-line report.  The differences are Barack Obama (D) +1, Roseanne Barr (P&F) +2, Anderson (Jus) -2, Tittle (WTP) +1, Miller (ATP) -1. The Atlas database has been updated with this minor change.  Full results of the Colorado 2012 General Election Results for President are available on the Atlas here.

Atlas adds 8,510 Election 2000 Votes for President

Upon a detailed review of all official county election publications for the state of New York 2000 General Election results for President, the Atlas database has been updated with 8,510 more votes not included in the New York State Board of Elections 2000 General Election certified results.  Overall, the atlas results in New York include 44 corrections to the certified results by county for President.  This database update replaces the official certified vote counts in three counties with those published in the following documents: Official Canvass and Statement of Votes Cast, published by the Nassau County Board of Elections (732 more votes than reported in the statewide certified results) and the City of New York Statement and Return of the Votes for the Office of President and Vice President of the United States (corrections in Kings and New York Counties), published by the New York City Board of Elections on February 21, 2001 (7,778 more votes than reported in the statewide certified results).  Given that this update is from heavily democratic counties, the net result of these corrections is an increase in the vote margin for Al Gore over George W. Bush of 3,582 votes (bringing the total popular vote margin to 547,398 votes).

West Virginia 2012 Write-in Votes

The 2012 General Election results for President officially reported in the West Virginia Certificate of Ascertainment include a total of 229 votes cast for 26 declared write-in candidates.  The vote data for the write-in candidates are not included by the West Virginia Secretary of State in their online election results database.  To date, the Election Atlas database only had the statewide totals available, including 119 votes for Virgil Goode, 31 votes for Roseanne Barr, 12 votes for Rocky Anderson, etc. Recently, I received the full county-level data for these candidates from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office and incorporated them into the atlas.

1,053 Vote Error in MA Official 2010 Gubernatorial Results

Massachusetts Map Highlighting Middlesex County

Middlesex County, MA

The official general election results for Governor as published in the 2010 Public Document #43 Massachusetts Election Statistics (a book printed by the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, with an online edition located here) contains an error in the City of Cambridge, Middlesex County. With 1,076 votes for “All Others” as a red flag, an investigation reveals that the PD#43 tabulation scrambled the results in Ward 5 Precinct 1 - where the published table has Democrat Deval Patrick with 1 vote, Republican Charlie Baker with 23, Independent Tim Cahill with 31, Green-Rainbow Jill Stein with 10, “All Others” with 1,054 and 108 blanks.  The official result as published by the City of Cambridge has Deval Patrick with 1,054 votes, Charlie Baker with 108, Tim Cahill with 23, Jill Stein with 31, 10 Blank votes, and 1 write-in vote. The corrected totals as published from the City of Cambridge has been incorporated in the Election Atlas database, resulting in an increase in total vote for Deval Patrick of 1,053 votes, an increase of 85 votes for Charlie Baker, a decrease of 8 votes for Tim Cahill, an increase of 21 votes for Jill Stein, and a decrease of 1,053 votes for “All Others”.

Updates to 2010 Governor and Senate Results

The Atlas 2010 General Election results for U.S. Senate and Governor have been updated to reflect several official changes in certified data.  In Colorado, the official publication of the “Abstract of Votes Cast” (a printed book, but also available in a pdf version) includes higher figures relative to the Official Results report published on the Colorado Secretary of State’s web site on November 24, 2010 (over five thousand more votes are included in the published Abstract). In New York, the State Board of Elections published an Amended set of certified results on September 13, 2012.  This report actually reduces the number of votes recorded in Westchester County. In Ohio, a slight increase in the vote count in Cuyahoga County is reflected by the most recent report on the Ohio Secretary of State 2010 General Election Official Results page. Lastly, 35 declared write-in votes are included for U.S. Senate in Delaware.

New Election Statistics Tables

The statistics page for each Presidential, US Senatorial, and Gubernatorial Election have been updated to include a new set of eight tables. Four of these highlight the states and counties with the largest swings from the previous election (both in raw votes and percentages). Additional tables also present states and counties with the largest change in total votes cast for the office (both as raw votes and percentages) to highlight some of the fastest growing and shrinking counties or the level of enthusiasm from election to election. An example swing percentage table from the 2012 Presidential Statistics is shown below:

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage

Republican Democratic
Utah 19.87% Alaska 7.55%
West Virginia 13.65% New Jersey 2.21%
Montana 11.26% Mississippi 1.68%
Indiana 11.21% Louisiana 1.42%
North Dakota 10.97% New York 1.32%

New York City Adds 6,436 more 2012 General Election Votes for President

New York County Map Highlighting Kings CountyOn July 2, 2013, the New York City Board of Elections printed a new “Statement and Return Report for Certification General Election – 11/06/2012” for Kings County (also known as Brooklyn Borough), adding a total of 6,470 ballots to the 2012 General Election tally, including 6,436 valid ballots cast for Presidential Candidates (34 ballots were under votes or over votes – referred to in New York as blanks or voids respectively).

Candidate New Votes %New Votes
Obama 5,497 85.42%
Romney 862 13.40%
Stein 46 0.71%
Johnson 27 0.42%
Lindsay 2 0.03%
Goode 1 0.02%
Ron Paul 1 0.02%

The new votes break down as shown in the table at left (figures for Obama reflect the fusion of Democratic and Working Families party ballot lines and Romney votes reflect the fusion of Republican and Conservative party ballot lines). This amended certification on 07/02/2013 follows previous certifications on 12/31/2012 and 3/19/2013. These latest figures have been incorporated into the Atlas (link to New York 2012 Presidential Summary Page. Thanks to @DKElections for the tip on amended results.

Wilson County, KS Votes are Double-Counted in 2012

Kansas County Map Highlighting Wilson CountyThe 2012 General Election official Vote Totals as reported by the Kansas Secretary of State Elections & Legislative division includes results from Wilson County that are double-counted.  Wilson County has a relatively small population of 9,409 as enumerated by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010 (estimated population of July 2012 is 9,105) and is located east of Wichita and south of Topeka as shown in the map at right.  The table below shows the officially reported results for President in Wilson County:

Official Reported
Presidential Candidate Vice Presidential Candidate Political Party Popular Vote
Willard Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Republican 5,650 76.00%
Barack H. Obama Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 1,636 22.01%
Gary Johnson James P. Gray Libertarian 94 1.26%
Chuck Baldwin Joseph Martin Reform 54 0.73%

The sum of the votes cast for President as reported is 7,434. However, the Kansas 2012 General Election Official Turnout Report shows only 3,752 ballots cast and 5,845 registered voters in Wilson County.  Furthermore, the total counted votes for President in 2008 was 4,121.  Upon inspection of the 2012 Kansas General Election Results by Precinct, it becomes clear that the votes for each candidate are counted twice.  The Atlas database has been updated to reflect the correct data.

Vigo County, IN Extends Bellwether Streak

Vigo County, Indiana is the the most prominent bellwether of presidential elections in the country – voting for the winning candidate in every election from 1956 through 2012.  Indiana County Map Highlighting Vigo County Furthermore, Vigo County has picked the winner in 30 of the last 32 Presidential Elections.  It barely missed in 1952, voting for Adlai Stevenson over Dwight Eisenhower by 0.07% and a more substantial 10.6% miss in 1908 by choosing William Bryan over William Howard Taft.  The list of hits, however, is much longer – Vigo extended its streak in 2012 by voting for Barack Obama – although barely with a margin of only 0.86% (49.3% to 48.4%).  The table below compares the results in Vigo County to the National results for the years 1888 through 2012.  The average margin delta (difference between the margin in Vigo County and the margin nationwide) for the last 124 years is only 4%.  The accompanying bar chart is a graphical representation of these data.

Year National Vigo Nat Margin Vigo Margin Margin ∆
1888 Rep Rep 0.83% 1.36% -0.5%
1892 Dem Dem 3.01% 3.40% 0.4%
1896 Rep Rep 4.31% 2.95% 1.4%
1900 Rep Rep 6.13% 3.25% 2.9%
1904 Rep Rep 18.83% 20.19% -1.4%
1908 Rep Dem 8.53% 2.07% 10.6%
1912 Dem Dem 14.44% 12.56% -1.9%
1916 Dem Dem 3.12% 9.92% 6.8%
1920 Rep Rep 26.17% 7.89% 18.3%
1924 Rep Rep 25.22% 17.66% 7.6%
1928 Rep Rep 17.42% 10.61% 6.8%
1932 Dem Dem 17.76% 16.77% -1.0%
1936 Dem Dem 24.25% 31.02% 6.8%
1940 Dem Dem 9.95% 11.64% 1.7%
1944 Dem Dem 7.49% 6.83% -0.7%
1948 Dem Dem 4.48% 15.05% 10.6%
1952 Rep Dem 10.85% 0.07% 10.9%
1956 Rep Rep 15.40% 1.14% 14.3%
1960 Dem Dem 0.16% 0.33% 0.2%
1964 Dem Dem 22.58% 18.41% -4.2%
1968 Rep Rep 0.70% 1.04% -0.3%
1972 Rep Rep 23.15% 22.13% 1.0%
1976 Dem Dem 2.06% 2.32% 0.3%
1980 Rep Rep 9.74% 10.47% -0.7%
1984 Rep Rep 18.22% 17.41% 0.8%
1988 Rep Rep 7.73% 6.63% 1.1%
1992 Dem Dem 5.56% 5.26% -0.3%
1996 Dem Dem 8.52% 5.77% -2.8%
2000 Rep Rep √* 0.52% 1.24% -0.7%
2004 Rep Rep 2.46% 6.45% -4.0%
2008 Dem Dem 7.26% 15.77% 8.5%
2012 Dem Dem 3.85% 0.86% -3.0%

*In 2000, the popular vote went to Albert Gore, Jr., but the electoral vote went to George W. Bush.
Vigo County, Indiana Bar Chart