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New CSV Download for Election Data Spreadsheets

Purchased spreadsheet files from the Dave Leip’s Election Atlas store now include a new option to download county-level comma-separated value (csv) files that include the FIPS codes, county names, total vote, and vote data from each party/candidate – for the entire nation in one text-based file.  These new files are currently available by county for all general election vote results data sets for U.S. Senate, U.S. Representative, Governor.  The csv files are also available for general elections for President back to 1936.  The csv and Excel versions of any purchased files may be downloaded on your myatlas page.

Previous Election Map Button Added for Governor and US Senate

New maps have been added to the Gubernatorial and US Senate state summary pages – the mouse-over buttons to the left of the county results map now include one linking a map for the previous general election result, providing the same functionality to compare the result to the previous election that already exists for the Presidential state-level county maps.

New Statewide County Subdivision Maps

Statewide County Subdivision Map Example The Atlas has incorporated a new map set – statewide city and town maps (county subdivision) for New England states (plus NY and NJ for some Presidential Elections). Currently, maps are available for President 1992-2012 and Governor in some contests from 1990-2012, with more on the way. These statewide maps include mouse-over map buttons for party, swing, trend, and last election result (same function as available on the county map pages). In addition, these statewide maps include image-maps with a pop-up box that shows the city or town name plus the high-level election result. Clicking on a city or town opens the results page for that county subdivision.  The 2012 maps are available to members and non-members alike, but due to the high-data content of these pages, older election maps are currently limited to the members section.

New Election Statistics Tables

The statistics page for each Presidential, US Senatorial, and Gubernatorial Election have been updated to include a new set of eight tables. Four of these highlight the states and counties with the largest swings from the previous election (both in raw votes and percentages). Additional tables also present states and counties with the largest change in total votes cast for the office (both as raw votes and percentages) to highlight some of the fastest growing and shrinking counties or the level of enthusiasm from election to election. An example swing percentage table from the 2012 Presidential Statistics is shown below:

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage

Republican Democratic
Utah 19.87% Alaska 7.55%
West Virginia 13.65% New Jersey 2.21%
Montana 11.26% Mississippi 1.68%
Indiana 11.21% Louisiana 1.42%
North Dakota 10.97% New York 1.32%

The New Atlas Activity Stream

A new feature on the Atlas is a microblogging style activity stream. This page shows the latest updates in the 2012 General Election features – including new election poll entries, new and updated election predictions, new and updated endorsements, and votes and endorsements for President in the mock election. See the latest forum community activity.

Automated Updates Via Email

The Atlas has a new feature to provide site updates via email with a new option on your myatlas page. Such updates include notifications when purchased election data files have been updated, the availability of new predictions, endorsements, or data files, as well as reminders when membership is about to expire. By default all paid membership accounts and Purchaser accounts are set to receive email updates and all free user accounts are set to not receive updates.

Comments on 2010 Endorsements

The 2010 Endorsements scripts for US Senate and for Governor have been upgraded to provide the ability for other members to comment on your endorsements. All existing endorsements are defaulted to comments off. To enable comments on your endorsements, simply update your endorsements map (no changes to actual endorsements is required), and, when you reach step 2 (after the map is generated) check “Yes” on the option to allow other members to comment on your endorsements.

U.S. Senate Election Results Upgrade

The Atlas results database has been upgraded to support the event in which two U.S. Senate races occur in the same year from the same state. The term “class” has been added to distinguish between the elections. There are three U.S. Senate classes that alternate every two years – repeating every six. 2010 is a class 3 election. There also happen to be three Special Elections that are also taking place on November 2, 2010 – Delaware (Class 2), West Virginia (Class 1), and New York (Class 1). Delaware and West Virginia do not have a Class 3 Senate seat, and therefore have only one contest on November 2. New York, however, does have a Class 3 Senate seat and has two Senate contests on Nov 2. To support this, I’ve upgraded all general election contests from 1990 through 2010 – and all the past special two-senate-from-one-state contests not previously included in the results menus are now available. These include 1992 CA & ND, 1994 TN, 1996 KS, 2008 MS & WY and 2010 NY.