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New Election Statistics Tables

The statistics page for each Presidential, US Senatorial, and Gubernatorial Election have been updated to include a new set of eight tables. Four of these highlight the states and counties with the largest swings from the previous election (both in raw votes and percentages). Additional tables also present states and counties with the largest change in total votes cast for the office (both as raw votes and percentages) to highlight some of the fastest growing and shrinking counties or the level of enthusiasm from election to election. An example swing percentage table from the 2012 Presidential Statistics is shown below:

States with Largest Vote Swing Percentage

Republican Democratic
Utah 19.87% Alaska 7.55%
West Virginia 13.65% New Jersey 2.21%
Montana 11.26% Mississippi 1.68%
Indiana 11.21% Louisiana 1.42%
North Dakota 10.97% New York 1.32%

2010 Election Data Official

The 2010 Election Data has been updated – all states are now official. The last state to make public its detailed data is Massachusetts – where the official data by county is published in a the paper book called “Public Document #43 Massachusetts Election Statistics” – the document has just been released.

West Virginia 2011 Special Gubernatorial Election Added

The 2010 special gubernatorial election in West Virginia has been added to the atlas polls and predictions scripts.  Note that this election is not held on November 8th, like the general elections in Kentucky and Mississippi, rather it occurs on October 4th.  The prediction for West Virginia will close earlier than election day (October 4), similar to Louisiana, where the prediction will close on the open primary day of October 22.

2010 Election Data Now Mostly Official

The 2010 Election Data has been updated – most states are now official. Exceptions are late results by county for Governor in Maine and Kansas as well as the Alaska Senate. In addition, several states do not certify their results for Governor until January (these include Texas, Tennessee, and Iowa). Massachusetts official data by county will not be available until some time in the spring after they publish the paper copy of “Public Document #43″.

Election 2006 Official Updates

Election data and maps from the 2006 General Election for U.S. Senate and Governor for most states have been uploaded to the site. A few states remain to release their official data, including my home state of Massachusetts. The expectation is for these data to be available within the next couple of weeks. The detailed county and town-level spreadsheets have also been updated with the most recently-available information.

Election Results 2006

Preliminary, unofficial election results (data and maps) for the 2006 Senate and Governor’s races are on-line. These data will be updated as election agencies across the country finalize and post official tallies. A final official compilation of data for all states is expected in early January. Population data for 2006 will be added when these data are released by the Census Bureau. Preliminary detailed spreadsheet files for these contests are available at the store. As always, once purchased, updates to spreadsheets are free.