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Maxime Gremetz is out of the Amiens race

Maxime Gremetz, dissident Communist and deputy from the Somme, won’t be leading a dissident communist candidacy in the Amiens municipal election in 2008. In 2001, he had led the PCF-Left list against incumbent UDF mayor Gilles de Robien, who won by the first round. As PCF list leader in the 2004 regional elections in Picardy, his 10.86% marked the communist’s best score nationwide. In 2007, he was re-elected as deputy, but not under the PCF banner, running instead as a PCF dissident. The Communists were so fed up with him they also ran a candidate, this only a official PCF against him, which took 11.61%. To add to the confusion, the PS also ran a candidate. He said he dropped out because he didn’t want to “carry the responsibility of the rights’ victory”. Because remember people, at his age being responsible is not yet possible. Try again in 2014. The PS-PCF-Green list in 2008 will be led by Gilles Demailly. A poll by TNS-Sofres published December 11th in L’Union gave NC mayor Gilles de Robien an easy re-election:

  • G. de Robien (NC-PSLE) 51%
  • G. Demailly (PS-PCF-Green) 23%
  • M. Gremetz (PCF) 18%
  • (FN) 5%
  • F. Dolle (LCR) 3%
  • 15% undecided

Maybe it isn’t lack of responsibility on the part of Gremetz, maybe it’s the polling?

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