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Health Care

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

So last Saturday, Congress passed the Democrat’s health bill 220-215, a ridiculously close margin. If Stupak hadn’t pushed for the abortion to be removed, it probably would have failed. I don’t think there should be a fine for not wanting health care. It’s your choice. It is also damaging to businesses by requiring them to give their employees health insurance, something that isn’t too great in this economy. But whatever. The bill is dead on arrival in the Senate. It won’t see any support among Senators, and many Democrats such as Lieberman, Lincoln, and Bayh have expressed concerns on the bill.

Democrats may be jumping for joy, but it will end soon. All that will be accomplished out of this is there will be a lot of Americans unhappy with their Congressman (IN-08, Ellsworth, you’re toast) and it might lead to a Republican takeover in 2010.