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ID Submit Date URL Category State Description
448 2018-03-19LinkError in Other Submitted Numerous mysql errors on the. The data are not displaying. Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 10 in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/national.php on line 142

Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 10 in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/national.php on line 143
447 2017-10-07LinkBroken Link Submitted When clicking on the "Parish Data (Graphs)" link for Louisiana, it simply takes you to a page with a map of Louisiana and none of the parishes nor their data. I suspect it's a glitch due to Louisiana using "parish" instead of "county", leading to a disconnect somewhere when it tries to retrieve the parishes and their data. This applies to every election for Louisiana as far as I can tell.
446 2017-04-16LinkError in Data Submitted Hello, I wanted to inform you that you have the wrong popular vote total for Lincoln in Ohio in 1860. You have it as 221,809, but the figure is quoted as 231,709 in a variety of scholarly sources, including the Encyclopedia of U.S. campaigns, elections, and electoral behavior: A-M by Kenneth Warren, The Triumph of Sectionalism: The Transformation of Ohio Politics by Stephen E. Maizlish, and the the 1990 Statistics of the United States from the U.S. Census Office. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
445 2017-04-10LinkError in Data Submitted It wouldn't allow me to post the full URL, but for the Gubernatorial election for Alabama in 1986, it looks like the vote total is about double what it should be for each county's vote totals based on the surrounding years.
444 2017-02-13LinkError in Data Submitted The FL-Pres map has about 83k extra write-in votes that don't exist. Per the state's elections office, there were only about 200 statewide: This skews the % that all candidates got, giving Hillary and Trump about 0.5% less each than they actually received.
439 2016-11-17LinkError in Data Submitted All Maryland counties for 2008 voter registration have blank values in the "Total Registration" column. I am referring specifically to the "County VTO" sheet in the "TurnoutData2008" excel file.
438 2016-11-17LinkError in Data Submitted Voter turnout data for Alaska in 2008 and 2012 has repeated CNTY codes - 704 - for the majority of house districts there. Additionally Census Tiger shapefiles use a different code schema for identifying house districts. For example - rather than 02701 and 02740 for house districts 1 and 40, the Census uses 02001 and 02040. This will impact people mapping results using Census files.
437 2016-11-16LinkError in Data Submitted The Sec. of State's website for Washington state has updated the number of write-in ballots for President to be at 78,215 now. You still have 66,802 write-in votes for that state.
436 2016-11-14LinkError in Data Submitted Some counties in IL have incorrect data. They are as follows: Knox County ( reports 3,549 votes for Clinton and 5,844 votes for Trump. The data you have shows 22,719 votes for Clinton and 20,286 votes for Trump. Menard County ( reports 1,808 votes for Clinton and 4,230 votes for Trump. The data shows 3,061 for Clinton and 4,800 for Trump. Vermilion County ( reports 4,871 votes for Clinton and 14,364 votes for Trump. The data has 20,204 votes for Clinton and 28,440 for Trump.
435 2016-11-11LinkError in Data Submitted when you include registered voters column it adds current registered voter numbers (I tried 2012,2008,2004 and some states end up with over 100% turnout) rather then registered voters at the time of the particular election year you're looking at. there is no way to get correct turnout % after adding that column as well.
434 2016-08-22LinkDisplay Bug Submitted For the Alaska election district-level results of 2000, it is not possible to see the relationship between the tabulated data and their respective statistical units on the map. Unlike all the other maps, one cannot simply hover over the map and see what district corresponds to which spatial unit on the map.
433 2016-07-17LinkError in Other Submitted For the 2012 Presidential Election, no voter turnout is shown. Surely the turnout wasn't 0%. Hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks.
432 2016-07-06LinkError in Other Submitted On the front page with the primary results for both parties, you erroneously have the South Dakota Democratic Primary named as "SC Dem" instead of "SD Dem".
431 2016-06-03LinkFeature Request Submitted Can you switch the colors such that Republicans show up as red and Democrats show up as blue?
430 2016-04-23LinkError in Data Submitted Within the "Results" section, under "Primary Election: 2016 U.S. President - Republican Primary", John Kasich is listed as having "0" State Wins. However, on the State Specific results page, it indicates that he won all 66 delegates.
429 2016-01-14LinkError in Data Submitted In the most recent democratic poll out of Tennessee Martin O'Malley is listed as having 30% when it is actually 3%
428 2015-12-15LinkError in Data Submitted On the 1992 results, the winner of the election is labeled as William Clinton. The actual winner is Bill Clinton.
427 2015-11-06LinkDisplay Bug Submitted My 2015 Gubernatorial Endorsements aren't showing up under my Atlas profile. The site appears to behave as though I never made one. Is it possible for this to be retrieved, or failing that, to allow me to create and submit a new one?
426 2015-08-17LinkError in Other Submitted In the home page for the 1796 presidential election, Samuel Adams was listed incorrectly as a Federalist. Unlike his cousin John, Samuel was a Democratic-Republican, and he received electoral votes from Democratic-Republican Jefferson electors from Virginia (as was correctly presented in the electoral-votes page)
425 2015-08-14LinkError in Other Submitted In the home page for the 1820 presidential election, as well as in the electoral-vote results, Richard Stockton of NJ is listed as a candidate of the Democratic-Republican Party. However, he was the VP candidate for the Federalist Party: While the 8 electoral votes received by Stockton were from electors that had voted for Democratic-Republican President James Monroe, Stockton should be listed as a Federalist.
424 2015-08-14LinkError in Data Submitted In table for electoral votes by state for the 1792 presidential election, there is a footnote that states that 6 electors did not cast votes. However, the correct number of electors that did not cast votes was 3. (The table itself correctly states that there were 135 electors appointed but only 132 cast votes.)
423 2015-08-12LinkError in Map Submitted The map for the 1864 presidential elections depicts Nevada with its current shape, despite the state not gaining its southern area until 1866 and its far eastern area until 1867. In 1864, Nevada's southern border was at the 37th parallel (thus excluding all of what later became Clark County and the southern part of what later became Nye County) and its eastern boundary was at the 115th meridian (as compared to its current border at the 114th meridian).
422 2015-08-12LinkError in Map Submitted The map for the 1820 presidential elections gives Missouri its current shape despite the Platte Purchase (in which the state purchased its NW corner) not becoming official until 1837. Your maps for elections between 1824-1836 depict Missouri without those NW counties, so I assume that the 1820 map was an inadvertent mistake.
421 2015-06-11LinkError in Data Submitted Grant County, North Dakota, 2008 presidential election, listed as: Obama 30.1% 405 McCain 64.9% 873 Other 5.0% 67 Should be: Obama 280 McCain 587 Other 462
420 2014-12-27LinkOther Bug Submitted Louisiana is still shown in purple (1R & 1D) in the "seats" map for the 2014 Senate elections. I know Mary Landreiu is still serving but so are Kay Hagan, Mark Begich, etc. and their states are now colored blue (2 Rep). (also on "Seats" java hyperlink on )
419 2014-09-03LinkError in Data Submitted It seems that the Michigan Senate race is missing a poll dated Aug 5th by Mitchell Research. Please see my thread that I created on your website, for more details. Here is the link to my thread :
418 2014-06-09LinkOther Bug Submitted Cannot send email. Keeps responding - "entered number does not match" (or to that effect.)
417 2013-08-21LinkOther Bug Submitted Forum is down. "Database Error Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator."
416 2013-05-02LinkOther Bug Submitted I can't log in.
415 2012-12-30LinkError in Other Submitted Can't send email. It keeps saying "number entry does not match"
414 2012-12-11LinkDisplay Bug Submitted Each national tabular results page has, near the bottom among its display options, two lines reading "Minimum Candidate Percentage to Display Individual Percent Column", and "Minimum Candidate Percentage to Display Individual Popular Vote Column". These are fine options and would be quite useful, unfortunately there is no way to enter values for them. By the look of it, they each ought to have a text field, but right now there is nothing, so the options are tantalizing but unavailable.
413 2012-12-10LinkError in Data Submitted The % REG calculation is reversed. I assume the % REG is (Total REG)/(Total Vote). The calculation you have is the inverse, so the percentage listed is greater than 100%.
412 2012-11-20LinkError in Other Submitted Red and blue are reversed on both pie charts.
411 2012-11-18LinkOther Bug Submitted When describing the Distroct Method in Method of Choosing Electors, the site notes, "Nebraska adopted this method in 1991 (first used in 1992), but has yet to split any electors." But in 2008, Nebraska split its electoral votes 4-1 in favor of McCain (with Obama winning 1 of the state's 3 Congressional districts), as noted on the Nebraska results page on the site for the 2008 Presidemtial election. National 2008 maps often show a small dot in the middle of Nebraska (your site would need a red dot in the middle of the blue Nebraska) as a reminder that Nebraska split its electoral votes.
410 2012-11-10LinkError in Data Submitted Harrisson County, Indiana: You gave Obama's vote to Romney, and Romney's vote to Obama. Romney won 60%.
409 2012-11-10LinkError in Data Submitted Regarding your 2012 election night timeline ( - NBC never officially called Oregon. Over on MSNBC (which was using the same data), they called Oregon about 30 seconds before they called Ohio. On NBC, Brian Williams was talking to Chuck Todd about data, and they never got around to Oregon because it was immedately overshadowed by the win in Ohio.
408 2012-11-09LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The page, quite simply, is a mess. It is displaying only code besides the background and the advertisements.
407 2012-11-09LinkOther Bug Submitted First bug is this: Please don't wipe out my carefully-compiled and transferred info with a "Put In URL" message that expires everything I just entered. Since I bet 80% of the queries go to this generic "RESULTS" URL anyway, I'm not sure how helpful it is to begin with. (And please indicate what URL means: I thought it was asking for the URL of my non-existent web page.) Latest Connecticut info from 1,318,196 Total 220,806 16.75% Obama margin over Romney 753,828 57.19% Obama & Biden (D) 533,022 40.44% Romney & Ryan (R) _20,423 _1.55% Anderson & Rodriguez (ind.) _10,923 _0.83% Johnson & Gray (Libtn) Only the candidate totals come directly from the Sec. of State's PDF: the sum, margin and percentages are my own spreadsheet's calculations. Of course your atlas is invaluable and much-consulted.
406 2012-11-08LinkOther Bug Submitted Your total number of ballots cast (117 million) is what I see elsewhere, but your state-by-state numbers are not. CT for example you have 250K, but elsewhere it's well over a million.
405 2012-09-15LinkOther Bug Submitted Close to being a bug these days, anyway: I think yours must be the last website using Red for Democrats and Blue for Republican. Time to give in. It's mind-twisting to view your website this way. I wouldn't bother to write at all if I didn't think you have a terrific website here, Dave. Thanks very much for building and maintaining it. Jack
404 2012-08-06LinkError in Other Submitted 2008 Data Bibliography. The Massachusetts citation is incomplete (title of work) and incorrect (date accessed). Here it the reference is before correction: -- Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Elections Division. 0, Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. Elections Division ( (accessed 01 Jan 1904)
403 2012-07-15LinkError in Map Submitted Hi can you please fix this ? and Thx.
402 2012-06-14LinkError in Map Submitted Back leading up to the 2008 elections I found your site and it was invaluable for running some calculations. It is in a blog and has a link to your site. Many thanks. I was updating and making some minor changes to my spreadsheet and came back to your site. When I looked at the maps you have, it seems you have the colors backward - republican is represented by blue when it should be red and democrat is represented by red and should be blue. Please check and verify me on this. Thanks. Just looked and it is the same on (and other years) so you may want to check all you pages. Curt
400 2012-03-29LinkError in Data Submitted Your site is missing several state presidential election polls, including the following: TX: Univ. of Texas poll 2/15/12 TX: PPP poll 1/15/12 IA: Univ. of Iowa Hawkeye poll 12/7/11 PA: Rasmussen poll 2/23/12 OH: FOX News poll 2/14/12 CA: Field poll 2/20/12 MA: WBUR poll 2/14/12 and Opinion Dynamics poll from mid-Feb. 2012 MO: PPP poll 1/31/12 TN:: Vanderbilt poll 2/22/12 WA: Elway poll 2/10/12 Perhaps there are good reasons why these polls aren't included in your data, but in case they were simply oversights, I figured I'd let you know about them. Nevertheless, I enjoy your website and find it valuable and informative. Sincerely, -Sanj Saxena
399 2012-02-08LinkOther Bug Submitted You've got Rick Santorum's home state as Virginia when it's actually Pennsylvania.
398 2012-02-05LinkError in Other Submitted The number of Santorum states is not reflected in the the prediction history chart. #NI#
397 2012-02-05LinkError in Other Submitted When Santorum leads in a poll, it's still saying Cain has the lead (I'm assuming due to the switching of colors and giving Santrum Cain's old color). I'm not sure where it does it, but it at least does it in the MN polls page. On the main page, a Santorum lead results in a Gingrich "lead". #NI#
396 2011-11-11LinkError in Data Submitted US SEnate California 1964 -- margin is wrong -- perr CA SOS SOV page 5 it is 216,643, 3.08 percent
395 2011-11-11LinkError in Data Submitted Senate 1964 California Salinger raw should be 3,411,912, percent 48.46 Murphy 3,628,555 correct, but % is 51.54% Two-way race. CA SOS SOV page 5
394 2011-11-01LinkError in Data Submitted California U.S. Senate 1964 Missing digit in Merced: correctr numbers are Salinger 16,468, not 1,648; Murphy 11,764 correct, but the map and the county ranks need to be changed Digit transposed in Santa Barbara: Murphy 46,759 correct, but Salinger is 39,468, not 89,468. Map and county ranks need to be changed
393 2011-07-19LinkError in Data Submitted Presidential 1900 North Dakota. The displayed state totals are WAY OFF from the North Dakota Legislative Manual page 126 and Robinson The Presidential Vote page 288 TV Atlas 84,216 Manual 57,791 Robin. 57,783 Rep. Atlas 46,526 Manual 35,898 Robin. 35,898 Dem. Atlas 33,385 Manual 20,531 Robun. 20,524 Proh. Atlas 2,536 Manual 731 Soc. Atlas 1,494 Manual 520 Peopl. Atlas 275 Manual 111 Manual 3 minors add to Robinson's "other" 1,361
392 2011-03-16LinkError in Data Submitted Candidates and results listed were for the Secretary of State election, not Attorney General.
391 2011-01-31LinkError in Data Submitted Brian K. Krolicki was the Republican nominee and Ryan Fitzgibbons was the Independent American nominee.
390 2011-01-19LinkError in Data Submitted I think there must be an error in the 1936 (and probably 1924 as well) data and map for Assumption Parish, Louisiana. The Democrat percentages in Assumption Parish from 1924 to 1936 were as follows: 1924: 33.66% 1928: 75.54% 1932: 79.94% 1936: 39.06% 1940: 70.90% The Republican percentages from 1924 to 1936 were as follows: 1924: 66.34% 1928: 24.46% 1932: 20.06% 1936: 60.94% 1940: 29.10% I cannot think of any conceivable reason that would explain how a parish that gave FDR 79.94% in 1932 and 70.90% in 1940 would have given him only 39.06% in 1936 (with 60.94% going to Alf Landon), especially when no other LA parish came close to voting for Landon in 1936. The 1936 figure must be a typo. Regarding 1924, while several South Louisiana parishes gave Calvin Coolidge over 45%, no others came close to giving him the 66.34% he is listed as getting in Assumption. I think it is possible for the 1924 data to be correct, since surrounding parishes similarly moved drastically towards the Democrat Alfred E. Smith in 1928 (not surprising, given their historical Democrat tradition and the fact that Smith, like most Cajuns, was Catholic), but I think that figure should be double-checked to make sure it isn't incorrect.
389 2011-01-19LinkError in Other Submitted In the 1990 NC Senate page, Democrat Harvey Gantt's name is misspelled as "Harvey Ganit."
388 2011-01-02LinkError in Data Submitted Kasich's running mate was Mary Taylor, not Mark Taylor.
387 2010-11-11LinkOther Bug Submitted Your results page for WA:, shows a race between 1992 and 1988, with the year "2008" and the candidates "John Trafton". I do not ever remember this election occurring in 2008 nor do I recognize these candidates. Can you help me here? I don't think this is a real race...
386 2010-09-03LinkError in Other Submitted Hi Dave, Have tried to sign guest book, as well as send an email, all 4 times have reported that the "number" requested to type, which I assume is an authentication process, is not working. It reports an error, number not the same... Is there any way to correspond other than via your web site email? I have a request, but have not been able to ask via your web email link. Best Regards, John
385 2010-08-13LinkDisplay Bug Submitted On the 2008 presidential primaries board, page 17 give you threads from Feb. 2008: while page 18 gives you threads from June 2007: ? I'm pretty sure there were a lot of threads between July '07 and Jan. '08. What happened to them?
382 2010-05-24LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The text here: US Representative General - County & Congressional District Level Vote Data () appears to be missing a "Contents" link in the "()" section. Michael
381 2010-03-31LinkError in Data Submitted 1836 election data for Hugh Lawson White shows him as 7th place in the state of Vermont. There are only four candidates, and the table shows that White did not receive any votes in that state. It appears to be a repeat of the electoral count (7) which was given to William Henry Harrison.
380 2010-03-29LinkOther Bug Submitted Just to confirm the same. I am logged in through Firefox but cannot post or IM. Also cannot sign out. Where I am signed out (cleared cache in I.R so tried that) I cannot sign is as password is not recognised. Cannot change password either. Same true on other proxys.
379 2010-03-29LinkOther Bug Submitted Same here. First time it claims the password's incorrect, second time it just goes nowhere. And now it won't let me submit a bug report either. Lessee... maybe third time lucky?
378 2010-03-29LinkOther Bug Submitted I can't log into the forum. Please help.
377 2009-11-26LinkOther Bug Submitted Still haven't received an email confirming nor denying me....
376 2009-11-26LinkOther Bug Submitted I registered over three days ago and STILL HAVE NOT BEEN SENT an email confirming nor denying my entrance into the forum. Some new forumers (Smidge?) have registered and BEEN ACCEPTED nearly 1 HOUR after the fact. I merely want an email confirming or denying my forum-ship.
374 2009-06-03LinkBroken Link Submitted For both the 2004 and 2000 elections, the "What If Scenario - No Electoral Majority" link goes to the wrong place. Also, there is no "What If?" button for the 2008 election.
367 2008-11-14LinkFeature Request Submitted Ignore my previous bug report. I discovered what is going on. Your site no longer reports an "Other" category if no data or incomplete data is available; in the past it reported an entry for "Other" as 0. Though, if no data is available for the Democrat or Republican, it lists 0. For consistency, it would be great if you kept the old display method, e.g., to facilitate screen scraping of the data. I use it in a course I teach (of course, with appropriate references back to your site).
366 2008-11-14LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The Oklahoma 2008 table does not display the vote tallies for the "Other" candidate (typically in yellow). The raw data is in the html file, so this data seems to be available. Thanks for the awesome site!!!
365 2008-11-11LinkError in Data Submitted For 1796 in the front page it lists Samuel Adams as a Federalist, but in the electorial vote table you list him (correctly, I believe) as a Democratic-Republican.
363 2008-11-07LinkError in Data Submitted Electoral Vote data not updated.
362 2008-09-04LinkError in Map Submitted 2004 election data won't render..
361 2008-08-07LinkOther Bug Submitted I am unable to log in on the forum. They say than my password is incorrect. If I try to ask ''Forgot your password?'', they say me ''Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.'' At the bottom of the forum I have not the log in option. I have the log out option. If I click on it, they send me the same message, ''Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again.''
360 2008-07-23LinkOther Bug Submitted The forum is not accesible and the message is very strange.
359 2008-06-19LinkBroken Link Submitted When I try to click on the link at the bottom of the 2008 presiential user prediction page that says "create my prediction", the website tells me to log in. I log in successfully. I click on the "View my presidential prediction (2008)" and I can't update it! When I click on the "update my prediction" link at the bottom of the page, it makes me log in again! Then I still can't update it! Help please!
358 2008-06-06LinkDisplay Bug Submitted fix those damn annoying yellow boxes
345 2008-06-02NoneError in Map Submitted Two problems. Normally when I place cursor over a state, a box appears with data relating to that state. However, during the past week, that box does not appear; instead, a large rectangular yellow box, with no data, appears. Second, when I tried to post this message (twice) on your guestbook, I was asked to fill in the blank with the number adjacent to the box. I did so twice, and each time I got a message saying that I had filled in the wrong number. I like you site very much and refer to it often.
241 2008-05-19NoneError in Data Submitted The electoral votes in the various data tables appear to be wrong. For instance, for 2004, the Bush electoral votes are listed as 62040610 for all states, with a similarly strange number for Kerry. I've looked at other years, and a similar problem seems to infect all the other years. The election return data itself seems to be OK.
240 2008-04-15NoneOther Bug Submitted After I logged to MyAtlas, if I select ''View My Atlas Info'' I have to login. I login, I select ''View My Atlas Info'' and I have to log again without be able to consult the option.
239 2008-04-13LinkBroken Link Submitted Forum has been down for several hours now and response is: "Table './leip_forumU/forum_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired"
238 2008-02-15NoneError in Data Submitted I think there must be an error in the 1936 (and probably 1924 as well) data and map for Assumption Parish, Louisiana. The Democrat percentages in Assumption Parish from 1924 to 1936 were as follows: 1924: 33.66% 1928: 75.54% 1932: 79.94% 1936: 39.06% 1940: 70.90% The Republican percentages from 1924 to 1936 were as follows: 1924: 66.34% 1928: 24.46% 1932: 20.06% 1936: 60.94% 1940: 29.10% I cannot think of any conceivable reason that would explain how a parish that gave FDR 79.94% in 1932 and 70.90% in 1940 would have given him only 39.06% in 1936 (with 60.94% going to Alf Landon), especially when no other LA parish came close to voting for Landon in 1936. The 1936 figure must be a typo. Regarding 1924, while several South Louisiana parishes gave Calvin Coolidge over 45%, no others came close to giving him the 66.34% he is listed as getting in Assumption. I think it is possible for the 1924 data to be correct, since surrounding parishes similarly moved drastically towards the Democrat Alfred E. Smith in 1928 (not surprising, given their historical Democrat tradition and the fact that Smith, like most Cajuns, was Catholic), but I think that figure should be double-checked to make sure it isn't incorrect.
237 2008-02-11LinkError in Map Submitted For the 2004 Election results, the % of registered voters for Wyoming is 105%.
236 2008-02-10NoneError in Map Submitted Marengo County map reflects wrong percentage, see previous entry. Also I just wanted to tell you the previous info can be confirmed in the county by county returns on election page. This is the site that covers Alabama news.
235 2008-02-10NoneError in Data Submitted Marengo County Alabama is listed with Mike Huckabee as winning 90% of the vote. I live in Clarke County, just to the south and have relatives in Marengo. I know for a fact that Huckabee got only 1,175 votes to McCain's 1,009. There were NOT over 12,000 GOP primary votes in Marengo County Huckabee's % is about 49%. You may have inserted an extra digit by accident in the 2008 Alabama Primary numbers.
234 2008-02-09LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The chart for the 2008 Democratic primary is displaying Obama as having more delegates.
233 2008-02-04NoneError in Map Submitted When I try to access different year maps,it will say 2004 Presidential Election when I selected 1892.The map would always be the 04 results.
232 2008-02-04NoneOther Bug Submitted Today when I login, and then attempt to acess a particular forum, I am authomatically logged out. When I login again and attempt to access a forum, I am again logged out.
231 2008-01-17LinkBroken Link Submitted The link on your election data pages wherein you can ask for more data ( is broken (you get the '404' - Not Found error).
230 2008-01-16LinkError in Data Submitted 1992 Senatorial General Election Results - California Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209 Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209 Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209 Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209 Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209 Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/RESULTS/state.php on line 1209
229 2008-01-11NoneError in Data Submitted Two different popular votes for 1880 election. 1. 2.
228 2008-01-07LinkError in Data Submitted Walter Jones received 1 electoral vote from Alabama in 1956.
227 2008-01-07NoneError in Data Submitted Iowa 2008 Caucus: Republican a. 1st and second place people are reversed. b. Pie chart wrong. c. Wrong state highlighted on map. Ves
226 2008-01-05NoneDisplay Bug Submitted On your homepage you have the 'Presidential General Predictions' map shown in the 'Polls' column, and the 'Polls' map shown in the 'Predictions' column.
225 2008-01-05NoneBroken Link Submitted On your homepage, the 'Democratic Primaries Predictions' map links to the Republican Primaries Predictions page.
224 2008-01-04LinkError in Map Submitted Whe I hover over Iowa, my prediction info doesn't display, and the box is elongated.
223 2007-12-14NoneError in Other Submitted Dave, when I try to enter a new poll, it's giving me this error: Error: Poll Not Entered
221 2007-12-02NoneError in Map Submitted Arkansas 1996 CD map - Clinton got 59.98% in the fourth (southern) district but it has the 60% shading in both the Arkansas 1996 CD map and the hyperlink from the Arkansas 1996 Presidential Election results page.
220 2007-11-27LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The chart is starting at 00-00 for some reason, and only showing 1 poll.
219 2007-11-27LinkError in Map Submitted This should have SC as going to Floyd
217 2007-11-15LinkError in Data Submitted This is kind of nit-picky, but your state boundaries are not right for the early years. In 1789, Virginia included all of what is now Kentucky. In 1789, 1792 and 1796 Connecticut included the NE corner of Ohio. In 1789 through 1800 Georgia included most of present-day Alabama and Mississippi.
215 2007-11-09LinkError in Map Submitted IN isn't turning blue, like it should (or even gray if that'd still be a tossup) - and I refreshed several times.
214 2007-11-08LinkError in Map Submitted It's showing VA as blue, but it should be red, according to the predictions.
213 2007-11-08LinkError in Other Submitted It won't let me enter the URL (which I posted in the poll details).
212 2007-10-29LinkError in Map Submitted Mr Leip, I am sorry to bother you, but I have been having a recurring problem on my prediction map. It never remembers my data from the prior prediction and forces me to reset each state, each time. The map is BushCountry (I-IN), if you would like to look at it yourself. What, if anything, can I do to remedy this problem?
211 2007-10-21NoneOther Bug Submitted I've been trying to login to view Virginia congressional district results for the 2004 Presidential election with my renewed membership but I keep getting told that I need to login to view the Member Data.
210 2007-10-15NoneError in Data Submitted The 1972 election results seem to have been hacked. You might want to check them out.
209 2007-10-13LinkError in Map Submitted It says McCain has 2, but on the map he only has 1.
208 2007-09-30LinkError in Map Submitted It says there are 3 Tossup states, but there are only 2: IA & ID.
207 2007-09-23NoneOther Bug Submitted Under the "election 1868 statistics" and "election 1864 statistics" pages, much of the text appears as just a jumble of what appears to be code
205 2007-09-15LinkError in Map Submitted South Carolina is being displayed in the color of no data, not the darker color for tossups.
203 2007-09-09NoneDisplay Bug Submitted Under the "election results" sections of 1864 and 1868, much of page appears to be a jumble of code. There is also a small section of this problem under the 1856 election results.
202 2007-09-03NoneFeature Request Submitted Not a bug, but I thought I'd suggest re: the 2008 Presidential Predictions Contest either separate hyperlinked pages to each of Maine and Nebraska's congressinal districts (brought up by clicking within the appropriate box, which would solve some of the confusion referred to in my last bug entry) showing the same party win, percentage and confidence breakdowns for those districts as for the states (currently one can just tell the median, not how much of a median it is, and as dark blue as Nebraska is even determining the median is tough), OR (the alternative) showing that information on the Maine and Nebraska prediction pages. I first thought about this I think back in 2004 but never e-mailed you about it, or if I did I don't remember. Being from Maine I'm a little biased, but I think that would be a worthwhile project to undertake when you are able to alot time to site improvements (not that the site needs any improvement, but you know what I mean). No hard feelings if you don't do this. Best, Kevin
201 2007-09-03NoneError in Map Submitted In the 2004 electoral vote map (and the map that comes up when you curse over it), which is also shown on the 2008 Presidential election predictions page, you have the leftmost box in Nebraska in the darkest blue (presumably representing NE-03, Bush's best district both times, which is indeed the westernmost Nebraska district), but in the deluxe edition of your Electoral College Calculator and, I recall, the 2004 predictions contest (and maybe the 2008 one as well) the boxes in both Nebraska and Maine ascend numerically from left to right as far as the Congressional districts they represent. It might be a good idea to move the >70% blue (the rest of Nebraska is >60% blue for 2004) from the leftmost box to the rightmost box for the 2004 result maps which include those boxes, although I'd understand if you wanted to change the maps generated by the calculator and in the predictions contest instead. Changing a couple of electoral vote maps plus a "hypermap" (when you curse over the "Elec vote" with a mouse in the 2004 Presential Election National Results page) might be easier and less confusing to viewers, however (NE-01 is the "central" district in Nebraska, with NE-02 a "bite" out of the Eastern edge of the district and NE-03 to the west). Thanks for reading this and for all that you do with this site. Kevin
200 2007-08-28NoneOther Bug Submitted Dave, I can't add polls for the 2007 Gubernatorial Election - and one was just released for Missouri.
199 2007-08-17LinkError in Data Submitted You have the MN vote as going D-40%, not R-40%.
197 2007-08-08NoneOther Bug Submitted The bug mentioned immediately previous to this one also applies to 1868 and 1884
196 2007-08-08NoneDisplay Bug Submitted Under the 'election statistics' pages of 1856 and 1864 (at least) only a small fraction of the data appears and the rest of the page is jumbled with what appears to be coding.
195 2007-07-20NoneError in Data Submitted The 1996 general election results list a "James Campbell" as Ross Perot's running-mate on the Reform Party ticket, but Pat Choate was Perot's running-mate.
194 2007-07-09NoneOther Bug Submitted On Election Information, when I click on a particular year, it is changing the year on the left-hand side of the screen but is not changing the election map on the main screen. This had never happened before.
193 2007-06-09NoneDisplay Bug Submitted In the 2007 Gubernatorial races, the candidates for the Kentucky race are already determined - Ernie Fletcher (R) and Steve Beshear (D).
192 2007-06-05NoneOther Bug Submitted Sorry to bother you but I created a password with a the non-English character à and am unable to login. Would it be possible to cancel the password so that I can start over? It wont let me create a new account, since I am already registered.
191 2007-05-19NoneDisplay Bug Submitted Hey Dave, my 2008 Presidential maps aren't showing up when I view my prediction (also - just to let you know, you have to change the header of the 2007 Gubernatorial Map from 2006 to 2007).
190 2007-04-18NoneFeature Request Submitted Since you start the Governor Race Maps at 1990, I was wondering why you don't have 1993 up. Also, were you planning on doing more before 1990?
189 2007-04-11NoneOther Bug Submitted lala the singing bugs your way have a nice day and dont get mad ,, because the lala bug is here to stay
188 2006-11-28LinkOther Bug Submitted There are about 700,000 votes in Washington state yo haven't included in the tally.
187 2006-11-25NoneOther Bug Submitted I assume you haven't had the time to put in all election results yet, though the numbers you have are similar in most cases to the numbers of the various secretaries-of-states' sites, which is good. Though in California you're missing a whole lot of votes. About one and a half million votes, to be precise. Another state where you're missiong a lot is Arkansas (relatively to the number of votes) - 70,000. And also Pennsylvania - 80,000, Virginia - 10,000. I would recomend you fix CA as soon as possible, since you are really missing a large bulk of votes.
186 2006-11-21LinkError in Data Submitted The election results data shows Green Party candidate Rich Whitney with no votes in ANY County. Whitney did recieve votes. He got about 10.4% state wide.
185 2006-11-13NoneError in Data Submitted While looking at your 1972 voter turnout data, I noticed you did not have a value entered under VAP for Oregon. According to the FEC website, the value should be 1,495,000.
184 2006-11-12NoneError in Map Submitted For Warren county in Indiana for the 2006 Senate race, you have Lugar winning it. Osborne in fact won the county with over 50%. The color needs to be changed for accuracy's sake. Otherwise everything looks great.
183 2006-11-11NoneError in Map Submitted Your New Jersey 2006 Senate map and information are not complete. Otherwise, I enjoy this webcite alot! Good Job
182 2006-11-09NoneOther Bug Submitted Also, Dave (and sorry I called you Ron; I confuse you and Ron Gunzburger sometimes), the shading for Pat LaMarche in Knox County is wrong (she got less than 10% in that county), so you'll want to check your shadings wherever you change your results. Thanks, Kevin
181 2006-11-09NoneError in Data Submitted Hey Ron, Nice job getting the Maine results up so soon. Some precincts must have been missing when you posted the 2006 Senatorial and Gubernatorial Maine election data. All but one precinct, the town of Albion in Kennebec County, has been recorded now in the Bangor Daily News's online tabulations. That seems to be what most people in the state used to get the results of the election. Of course the towns also reported directly to the state Elections Division but it may be awhile before those results are certified - Maine is a slow state that way. Anyway, you can see the results for the state and each county (albiet with Kennebec County one town short - you seemed to have gotten your data for that county before Windsor came in) at . Some counties are correct in your table but Aroostook County is correct for the Senate candidates and Baldacci but not for the other goober candidates (although the total vote in that race is interestingly the same) so you'll want to be careful when you check your table for accuracy. Thanks again for all you do. Kevin
180 2006-11-08NoneError in Data Submitted The 2006 Arizona gubernatorial election incorrectly displays Don Goldwater as the republican candidate. Len Munsil was in fact the republican candidate.
179 2006-10-22NoneOther Bug Submitted I was able to post polls before, and I had only done one, but now that I tried to enter a new MI Zogby poll, I'm not able to. I think this would be considered a bug, but I'm not sure.
177 2006-09-05NoneError in Data Submitted While some sources indicate that the James Armstrong who received an electoral vote from Georgia in the 1789 election was the James Armstrong of Pennsylvania, others indicate that it was a James Armstrong of Georgia who was serving on Georgia's Executive Council at the time. The vote itself does not indcate which Armstrong was meant, but given the lack of other connection between the Pennsylvania Armstrong and Georgia, 'd favor the Georgia one myself, with a note explaining the problem on the page.
176 2006-08-27NoneOther Bug Submitted Sometimes, when I'm in a specific thread and try to get back to the main Forum board, I get an HTTP 404 error--this normally goes away after about 3 minutes, but it had happened just before the forum went down those 2 times earlier.
175 2006-08-19NoneError in Map Submitted The maps for 1820 to 1836 inclusive incorrectly show Missouri as including the Platte Purchase which wasn't added to Missouri until 1837. The entire western border of Missouri for those years should be a straight edge.
174 2006-08-18NoneError in Other Submitted In My Atlas Info page, the # of comments on my predictions always says 0, so I didn't check it for a while, then I went in to look at something and I had like 15 comments.
173 2006-08-11LinkBroken Link Submitted The Forum Discussion Topic for 2006 Senatorial User Predictions link goes to Gubernatorial thread instead.
172 2006-08-06NoneError in Data Submitted In the Westchester County, NY township data for the 2000 election, the population figures for each township appear to be placed one row above where they should be. Also, as a suggestion, when one scrolls over a county and it gives you the total vote and the percentage for the R and D candidates, perhaps it could also give you the population as of the most recent census (1990 Census for 1992 and 1996 elections, 2000 Census for 2000 and 2004 elections, etc.). And would it be possible for the township maps to be clickable so that one knows where each township is?
171 2006-07-26NoneError in Data Submitted In your 2004 table, you have Minnesota with 9 electoral votes when in fact it has 10 electoral votes.
170 2006-07-15NoneError in Data Submitted In the Michigan city and township data for the 2000 election, the population is given as 0 for every city and township. This information used to be available at your site.
169 2006-07-11NoneOther Bug Submitted Can't open file: 'forum_sessions.MYI'. (errno: 145) Yes, again.
165 2006-07-03NoneError in Data Submitted The bug on #64 appears to apply to every county in Minnesota.
164 2006-07-03LinkError in Data Submitted In the Hennepin County, MN township data for the 2000 election, the population totals are wrong; if I'm not mistaken, the numbers in the column merely need to be moved down by one row.
163 2006-06-11NoneError in Map Submitted Congratulations on a fantastic and informative site. It appears that the electoral value maps are the same for the decades of the 1910's and 1920's; were there no changes in the electoral value of individual states during these decades?
162 2006-05-24NoneError in Map Submitted The Gubernatorial Map that is displayed in the View My Atlas Info after I log in is incorrect, but the map when you enter my actual prediction is correct.
161 2006-04-23NoneOther Bug Submitted Trend data in tables (not maps interestingly) for 2004 is wrong, seemingly all over, but should be easily correctable since the one constant error seems to be that the opposite of the appropriate adjustment for the swing data is used. It shows the nation as "trending" 5.96% Republican, and 5.96% is exactly twice 2.98% (the national Republican swing from 2000 to 2004 according to your data). The "trends" for 2004 seem to be consistently either 2.98% or (occasionally, probably because the nationwide Republican swing is between 2.975% and 2.98% and that is factored in, albeit the wrong way, before the rounding) 2.97% more Republican than those of the nation as a whole. Interestingly, for New Hampshire, which had close to the opposite swing (although 0.34% less) as the nation, the resulting trend figures for New Hampshire counties and towns are pretty close (only 0.34% off to the Republican side) to the difference of the 2000-2004 swings for those counties and towns and the statewide 2000-2004 swings, like a trend against (or whatever terminology is appropriate) the statewide swing rather than against the national swing. The county trend maps for New Hampshire and every state still show the county "trends v. the nation," however. Perhaps you could create "trend v. state" maps and data pages and columns sometime in the future when you have time for an update on that scale and don't have any higher priority update or addition to your site to make.
160 2006-04-15NoneError in Other Submitted in the 2002 Illinois results for governor you have Carl Hawnkins written down for Jim Ryan's runningmate, his name is Carl Hawkinson.
158 2006-04-09LinkOther Bug Submitted I tried creating my 2006 gubernatorial prediction map through the link you linked to above. Though I succeeded in logging in, it refuses to let me create my prediction map, instead showing the same screen I logged in through in the first place.
154 2006-03-13NoneOther Bug Submitted On the Popular Vote State-Level Data (Table) page, if you sort by certain columns, you get the following message: "Warning: mysql_result(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/www/users/leip/USPRESIDENT/data.php on line 103
153 2006-01-04NoneDisplay Bug Submitted Site Update Log indicates that 2004 Washington precinct data has been added, but when I click on any Washington county such data is not available. NOTE: I am a paid member.
151 2005-12-17NoneError in Data Submitted Dave, the sum of the vote totals for towns in Hamilton County, OH in 2000 is off by 1; they add up to 377,898, and it should be 377,899. The error appears to be that one of the towns has 1 listed "other" vote (not for Bush, Gore or Nader) less than
150 2005-12-11NoneError in Data Submitted Prior to the 1916 election, Grays Harbor County, Washington, was known as Chehalis County, Washington. This is listed correctly in the county tables, but Chehalis is still listed where Grays Harbor would normally be (so it is in the wrong alphabetic
149 2005-10-03NoneDisplay Bug Submitted In the forums, the preview mode shows smileys, even if you've explicitly told it not to. An actual forum post does not show smileys if you've asked it to not show them, so this is a very minor bug.
148 2005-09-08NoneError in Data Submitted Per, 2004 Mississippi totals are off for Kerry, Nader, Harris, and Peroutka. Mississippi SOS does not have any update which jives with FEC, including Bush vote total mistake in Lowndes county. But, if you look at DeSoto county recap sheet a
147 2005-08-23NoneOther Bug Submitted The wiki doesn't show recently uploaded imagess. The one's uploaded earlier work, but the one I uploaded yesterday does not. TrueDem also uploaded some images, and they cannot be seen either. Thanks.
146 2005-08-19LinkError in Data Submitted Presidential result tables for Uvalde and Zavala Counties, TX show Texas-wide results for some pre-1940 years.
143 2005-05-17NoneError in Map Submitted Under the candidates home state in 12972, New York is listed as Richard Nixon's home state when it is California
141 2005-04-10NoneError in Data Submitted William Jennings Bryan is shown as having exactly 474882 votes in Ohio in both the 1896 and 1900 elections. This may very well be a coincidence, but you might want to double-check the data entry to be sure.
139 2005-03-08NoneDisplay Bug Submitted I am seeing the winking smiley, i.e. ;) as the mini-icon for the prediction map
132 2005-02-20NoneError in Other Submitted When trying to get to the Forum, the following message is being received all the time: Can't find file: './leip_forumU/forum_settings.frm' (errno: 13)
131 2005-02-17NoneError in Data Submitted The totals votes for President Bush in Mississippi appear to be wrong. The national archives has Bush receiving 672,660 votes. You have him receiving over 684,000 votes. Also, Hawaii appears slighty wrong. National archive totals: Kerry 231,708
130 2005-02-15NoneError in Data Submitted Mississippi 2004 results by Congressional district are wrong; sum totals of the 4 districts are much less than the totals for the whole state.
129 2005-02-14NoneError in Data Submitted Congressional district data for Mississippi appears inconsistent with the county data. In particular, 4th Congressional District appears from the county data to have gone for Bush by much more than the 58-41% margin indicated. Nearly every county i
128 2005-02-10NoneError in Data Submitted Illinois has updated their vote totals in several counties. See for correct totals.
127 2005-02-07NoneDisplay Bug Submitted In the New Jersey page for 2004, the county pages have been disabled, and it is now impossible to access township data.
126 2005-02-01LinkDisplay Bug Submitted In the 2004 Democratic Primary race, the state of PA comes up with a Warning: Division by zero in /usr/www/users/leip/USPRESIDENT/stateprim.php on line 244. There is also no data and map. It's been like this for a while.
125 2005-01-30LinkError in Data Submitted On the 2004 Election Statistics page, under "Congressional Districts with Highest Percent of Vote", the columns all register zero percent next to California's CD 4,5,6 and 7.
123 2005-01-24NoneError in Map Submitted Your logo on the home page has the states colored red or blue according to the 2000 results. It's probably safe to change NM, WI, and NH now :)
118 2004-12-19NoneError in Map Submitted 2004 NY map and US county map show Kerry winning Cayuga County, NY. Data correctly shows Bush winning (at least on the Graphs page).
117 2004-12-08LinkError in Data Submitted Your 2004 election results are out of date for AR, NE, NH, NM, RI and TN (see their state sites for official results). More up-to-date results for ME and MS are available too, not at their state sites but at:
116 2004-12-07NoneBroken Link Submitted Connection error to forum. Managed to connect only once or twice after trying non-stop for almost an hour. Both times only lasted for about 1 minute before error reappeared
115 2004-12-02LinkError in Map Submitted red wite blue
114 2004-11-28NoneDisplay Bug Submitted I clicked on the forum, and over 130 different Internet explorer screens with the words Connection Problem appeared. That number continued to grow and probablly would have exceeded 200 had I not logged off of AOL. This is the second time this has hap
113 2004-11-23NoneError in Data Submitted For the 2004 election results-You have Bradley Co. AR as Kerry: 2,192; Bush: 2,009, whereas CNN and USA Today both have Bush: 2,190; Kerry: 2,005 (almost the reverse).
112 2004-11-17NoneError in Data Submitted Willacy County, TX results for 2004 are wrong, since the county gave incorrect vote totals on election night. Kerry actually got only 55%, not 61%, of the vote (and turnout was actually a lot lower). See
111 2004-11-16LinkError in Data Submitted 1856 Election, data page shows 137,582 total votes being cast in Tennessee, but adding up the seperate columns gives 133,582.
110 2004-11-16NoneError in Data Submitted In your table of electoral votes and members of Congress for each presidential election, for 1960, you correctly say that there were 537 electoral votes taht year but you say the number of Congressmen was 435. The numbr of members of the House of rep
109 2004-11-15NoneBroken Link Submitted The links for the 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003 gubernatorial races, and the Calif recall race are disabled.
107 2004-11-07NoneError in Data Submitted For the 2004 Election Statistics, for the data "Highest percentage of vote and lose" and "Lowest Percentage of vote and win" you have Bush and Kerry reversed. Bush's counties are listed as Kerry's, and vice versa.
106 2004-11-06NoneError in Data Submitted You have Kerry winning Thurston County, Nebraska, but other results do not. I think there are some other discrepancies in the 2004 county results.
105 2004-11-05LinkBroken Link Submitted Ummm.. broken link
104 2004-11-05LinkError in Data Submitted Herbert Hoover's home state was Iowa. He was born in West Branch.
103 2004-11-05NoneError in Data Submitted For 2004 SC results, you list inccorectly for Clarendon, Chester, and Marion counties. Clarendon county should be 7050 for Kerry, 6017 for Bush, Chester county should be 5777 for Bush, 5748 for Kerry. Marion county should be 7721 for Kerry, 5582 fo
102 2004-11-04NoneError in Data Submitted I think you have the results for McDowell and Mason Counties [WV] wrong; You've got Mason as: 4,464 Kerry, 2,729 Bush, 26 Nader, 9 Badnarik... I had a look at that and looked again... I can't imagine Mason going for a Democrat by *that much*...
101 2004-11-03LinkError in Data Submitted Data for Marion Co, IN is off by one column. Results are Bush .74 %, Kerry 50.55 %, Badnarik 48.71%. As much as I would love to believe the Libertarians pulled 154k votes in this county, I don't think it's quite right. Thank you for all the ha
100 2004-11-03NoneOther Bug Submitted Looking at your maps it is very confusing to look at as you have the republicans as blue and the democrats as red. The color of the republicans should be red The color of the democrats should be blue It's very hard to look at the maps and see
99 2004-11-03LinkError in Map Submitted Alaska county map does not show up.
98 2004-11-03LinkError in Map Submitted Traditionally, Republican states are RED and Democrats are BLUE, but you have them just the reverse, and it's very confusing.
97 2004-11-03NoneError in Data Submitted In the Electoral Vote Calculator the Democratic Electoral Vote total is one point off of actual as of the states that are in as of 11:26 pm. Think this may the same problem mentioned earlier.
96 2004-11-03NoneError in Data Submitted West Virgina has five electoral votes not four as listed on your calculator and election night timeline. Puts totals one point off.
95 2004-11-02NoneOther Bug Submitted you're coloring the states that went to Bush blue and the states that went to Kerry red. This is strange, since traditionally, red indicated Republican and blue indicates Democrat.
94 2004-11-02NoneError in Data Submitted Colors don't match the party and therefore the Electoral votes are reversed. Right now Pres.Bush should have 34 and Kerry 3.
93 2004-11-02NoneError in Other Submitted Typo in 1836 election data. "(see 12th ammendment to the U.S. Constitution)." Comment: Great site. Thanks
92 2004-10-31NoneOther Bug Submitted Connection Problems Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later. That happens about 30% of the time I click on something in the forum
91 2004-10-31NoneError in Data Submitted The most recent Illinois state poll (10-29 survey USA, Kerry leading Bush by 12 pts) is listed as an Indiana state poll.
90 2004-10-30NoneError in Map Submitted Both Hawaii and New Jersey should be grey if I understand the methodology correctly.
89 2004-10-28NoneError in Map Submitted Latest NJ Poll has it a tie, should be grey.
88 2004-10-27LinkError in Map Submitted Last poll shows Bush +1, but it still shows Kerry as having the state. Shouldn't it be Grey? Thanks! Jeff
87 2004-10-20NoneError in Data Submitted When trying to load the Create a Prediction page, I get a division by error zero that repeats across the page several times. This happens both in the latest IE and the latest Firefox, so it doesn't appear to be browser-dependent. Text of error tha
86 2004-10-16NoneOther Bug Submitted I got this error. I can see it in the background, and your blogs and navigation show up over the top of the error. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/www/users/leip/BLOGM/index.php on line 17
85 2004-10-15LinkError in Other Submitted Mock campagin under world results -- the percent column is suffering a frame shift. the top 2 values are 0.02%.
82 2004-10-13LinkOther Bug Submitted Great site with one problem (but not really a bug): This map should have the colors reversed. Red traditionally represents republicans, blue democrats. It makes the map a bit confusing. I see in your bug log that you've gotten this remark bef
81 2004-10-08NoneOther Bug Submitted Sorry to bother you again, but I the Forum says that my User name does not exist
80 2004-10-02NoneBroken Link Submitted "Most recent comments" won't work
79 2004-10-02NoneError in Data Submitted Lincoln was not the Republican nominee in 1864. The Republicans were going to nominate General Fremont, but decided to do so would "spoil" the election, so they united with "War Democrats" to form the National Union Party and nominate Lincoln, along
78 2004-09-29LinkError in Data Submitted On your Ballot-Qualified Candidates list the number of states and maps are outdated. libertarians are on 49 states; constitution on 37-39; nader is on 35-42; swp on 14-15; socialist on 8; socialist equality on 3-5; wwp on 3; concerns of people (pr
77 2004-09-27NoneError in Map Submitted I am Inks.LWC on your site. My map doesn't show up, and I can't find the button you told me to press to fix it.
76 2004-09-26LinkError in Data Submitted This page shows Ralph Nader coming in 3rd place in 2439 counties, which is exactly the number of counties that Bush won, and exactly the number of counties in which Gore came in second. I suppose that it is possible that Nader came in third in exactl
75 2004-09-24NoneOther Bug Submitted It won't let me log-in to my member thing. A "website not responding" message occurs everytime. Also the most recent commments does not load.
74 2004-09-22NoneError in Map Submitted Hello, I am Inks.LWC on your site. I just sent a bug report, updated my prediction, and now none of my maps are working.
71 2004-09-15LinkError in Data Submitted Hi Dave, The number of electoral votes for each state for 1924 and 1928 (1920 census) are the same as the number of electoral votes for each state for the 1912, 1916 and 1920 elections (1910 census). P.S. Given the media's red state/blue sta
70 2004-09-12LinkError in Data Submitted Hi, You've got Lincoln's party wrong in the 1864 elections. It's listed on your site as Republican, but while the Republicans did nominate him as their candidate in 1864, he ran on a "National Union" ticket with Andrew Johnson, who was a Democrat.
69 2004-09-01NoneError in Map Submitted My state and confidence map don't show up; however, my chart and all other things do. Inks.LWC
68 2004-08-26NoneError in Map Submitted Not sure if this is a bug - shouldn't Louisiana be the same color on the 2004 polls page as North Carolina and Tennessee? Bush's lead there in the last poll is 6% - same as NC. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding how these are set up. Your state by stat
67 2004-08-24NoneDisplay Bug Submitted I attempted several times to vote in the 2004 mock election but to no avail. Though I have enabled cookies for your site, each time I click on "Cast your ballot." the login screen comes back up again with not notation of my vote.
66 2004-08-23LinkOther Bug Submitted The Alaskan Independence party has nominated Michael Peroutka. He is not listed on your Alaskan ballot and neither is the Alaskan Independence Party which over 3 times the number of registered voters of the libertarians. Please correct this ballot as
65 2004-08-20NoneOther Bug Submitted Looks like I did get registered as USERNAME but the password in my confirmation e-mail does not work, nor does the one I tried to input originally.
64 2004-08-20NoneOther Bug Submitted
63 2004-08-20NoneOther Bug Submitted Dave, I am having trouble registering. First, I tried to use the name "USERNAME" as my username. I entered a new password as I attempted to register and I got an error message stating that the password was incorrect. I believe that means that so
62 2004-08-18LinkDisplay Bug Submitted today I received the message copied below. I tried to pull up the county election maps from 1940 to 1956. However, I was not able to access any of the county election maps for the years indicated (which is why I paid the $25.00 fee for the regular m
61 2004-08-16NoneOther Bug Submitted Upon registration, your site e-mails the "secret code" only ONCE. If that e-mail is lost (e.g., by AOL spam rejection) there is no way to get it resent.
60 2004-08-11NoneError in Other Submitted All day today, whenever I've tried quoting a post in the forums, I've gotten the following error message instead: "Session check failure. Please try again." Doesn't affect anything else, and I've tried reloging in to see of it would correct the prob
59 2004-08-09LinkDisplay Bug Submitted The graph that tracks my predictions shows up as a red X. A closer look at the PHP file shows that there's some division by zero error somewhere. I've seen this error elsewhere, too.
58 2004-08-06NoneOther Bug Submitted Dear David, I created an account recently (exoplanet),there was an error such that no email was sent to my account enabling me to activate the account...?? Thanks, Chris Mc.
57 2004-08-05NoneOther Bug Submitted Since you did the recent tweaks just before you went off on vacation, I;ve gotten the following message several times when I've posted: --- An Error Has Occurred! 2: mail(): Could not execute mail delivery program '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i ' (/
56 2004-07-27NoneFeature Request Submitted It would be cool with the Confidence Map in Election Predictions if there was a 'Slight' category, like in the Poll section.
55 2004-07-27NoneError in Data Submitted Looks like the 1964 county election results are off for Alabama. No votes for LBJ?
53 2004-07-18NoneOther Bug Submitted Did not get registration confirmation email ... tried twice with two email addresses and got neither. You can email me if you need the account names.
48 2004-06-06NoneFeature Request Submitted It would be pretty cool with the new EV graph feature in User Predictions if we could see Lean/Strong/Tossups instead of just Bush/Kerry/Tossups. Also, I'd be nice if you had two graphs: one for the total EVs, and one for Bush/Kerry/Tossups.
46 2004-05-31LinkError in Other Submitted I logged in and then tried to enter your Mock Vote. Login was refused. Appreciate a link from your page to mine << >>. I will reciprocate if you get the login fixed. Good Luck!
45 2004-05-30NoneError in Map Submitted Your electoral map for 1944 shows Dewey winning Ohio, but the data shows Roosevelt taking the state and its 25 electoral votes.
42 2004-05-21NoneError in Other Submitted I can't log in to complete the conversion or find my previous prediction (although I can log in everywhere else on the site, including the members' weblog.
41 2004-05-21NoneOther Bug Submitted I can not log in having some problems.
40 2004-05-20LinkOther Bug Submitted I followed the instructions to sign up and entered my "enable key", but when I try to login I get "This account has not yet been activated." Is there anything else I need to do? Thanks, Sagy
39 2004-05-13LinkDisplay Bug Submitted 2nd What If button - Mouseover is Dewey def. Truman scenario, but click displays the No Majority scenario map and nar. same as 1st What If button.
37 2004-03-25NoneFeature Request Submitted In the precinct voting data for Pennsylvania townships, the ward and precinct numbers do not match those provided by the Census Bureau in its official census maps (see, e.g., the maps of parts of Upper Merion and Lower Merion townships, Montgomery Co
34 2004-03-18NoneOther Bug Submitted in 1912 Counties with Lowest Percent of Vote and Win Clatsop, OR 27.24% stands under Taft and should be under TR
33 2004-03-17NoneError in Data Submitted 2000 Republican primary: Washington(c) Popular vote shows bush as having more raw votes than McCain, but a lower percentage of votes.
31 2004-03-13LinkError in Data Submitted On the Arkansas 2000 Democratic Primary page, you don't have a footnote about the lawsuit Lyndon LaRouche lost in order to claim a piece of Arkansas's convention delegates.
28 2004-03-05NoneFeature Request Submitted Can you please put a key on the state maps to show which county is which, and what major cities (if any) they contain. Also, can you create a tab that shows state population growth on the map. A table underneath the national map that shows overal
26 2004-03-05NoneError in Data Submitted In the '68 election, if you click on Voter Turnout State-Level Data, it seems that 106% of registered voters in Indiana, and 102% of registered voters in Ohio voted. Vote early, vote often...
21 2004-02-08LinkError in Data Submitted In the 1980 to 1992 data, the name of the former Pres and VP should be listed as 'George H.W. Bush' instead of 'George Bush', which is being to refer to the current Pres Bush, as the linked BBC story shows.
20 2004-02-05NoneError in Data Submitted In the New Mexico 2000 elections, county data by graphs, you have the red bar for Gore shorter than the blue bar for Bush, when it should be the other way around, as your statistics correctly show.
18 2004-02-04NoneOther Bug Can Not Duplicate same problem as yesterday, under ELECTION RESULTS, click MENU, click 2000,- nothing happens HELP vjones
17 2004-02-03LinkBroken Link Submitted Link to "Data" results in 404 error.
7 2004-01-26NoneOther Bug Submitted There are no longer county maps shown in some states (i.e. MS) for the 1948 election.
2 2004-01-24NoneOther Bug Submitted Several different election results "will not print." 1888 did, but 1876 & 1880 would not.

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