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Please don't send me emails complaining about the colors. This site uses Blue for Republicans and Red for Democrats. I know that most media outlets have adopted the opposite color key in recent years. However, due to the sheer volume of maps on this site, changing them to match the media's recent color choices requires a significant investment in time (I started creating the maps in 1994!). Please also note that the colors are just a key to the maps on this site and have no political significance. I could have just as easily chosen green and orange.

Please email me with suggestions, comments, and questions (you may want to check the faq page or read the forum before sending mail). Unfortunately, I am not able to directly answer research questions for school projects. However, you can visit the forum and search for your question or post your question.

Also consider signing the Guestbook. I always appreciate user comments. I like to know more about where visitors are from, how the site is used, and hear feedback. Did you find the information you were looking for? If not, feel free to make suggestions.

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