Atlas Update Log
Date Update Type Update Description
2018-02-14UpdateUpdated figures for Kentucky 1916 per new source material. Added figures for Virginia 1916 Floyd and Fluvanna counties for Dem,Rep.
2018-02-14ContentAdded 2016 Kentucky Presidential results maps by county.
2018-02-14CorrectionUpdate to Kentucky 1912 data and maps based on new source material.
2017-10-22ContentAdded 2016 general election official summary reports for all California Counties.
2016-04-27ContentUpdated 2016 Presidential Primary data for WI to official. Added maps and data by CD.
2016-04-19Update2016 Presidential Primary data updated to official for OH and IL.
2016-04-13ContentAdded maps and data for LA 2016 Presidential Primaries by CD (R & D)
2016-04-07ContentAdded 2016 Presidential Primary maps and data for MS and TN.
2016-04-06UpdateUpdated 2016 AZ Presidential Primary to official. Added CD maps and data.
2016-04-05ContentAdded 2016 Presidential Primary results map and data by CD for HI-R and ID-R.
2016-04-05UpdateUpdated 2016 Presidential Primary Results to official for FL, MI, and TN. Also HI-R
2016-03-29UpdateUpdated 2016 Presidential Primary results to official for AL, VT, MA.
2016-03-22ContentAdded/updated 2016 Presidential Primary data and maps by CD for GA, SC.
2016-03-19ContentAdded 2016 Presidential Primary data and maps by CD for AR.
2016-02-17UpdateUpdated 2016 NH Democratic Presidential Primary data and maps.
2016-02-15ContentAdded 2012 General Election results for President by Congressional District in TN and MS.
2016-02-13ContentAdded 2012 President data and maps by Congressional District for PA, NJ, OK, SC, GA.
2016-02-04ContentUpdated 2016 Republican IA Caucus results to official. Added CD map and data.
2016-01-16ContentAdded precinct data for US President Washington 2012.
2015-12-07UpdateUpdated remaining 2015 Gubernatorial Election data to official.
2015-11-29ContentUpdated 2015 Gubernatorial Election results to official in KY. Added unofficial LA 2015 Gubernatorial runoff results by Parish.
2015-08-09ContentAdded data and map by congressional district for US President in KY 2012 General. Added Presidential Primary may by CD.
2015-08-08ContentAdded data and map by congressional district for US President in AR 2012 General and Presidential Primary
2015-08-04UpdateUpdated 2002 New Mexico Senate and Governor based on printed version of the official Canvass of the Returns.
2015-08-04UpdateUpdated 2006 Georgia Governor to include write-in votes obained from individual county SOVC reports.
2015-08-03UpdateUpdated 2002 Georgia Senate and Governor to include write-in votes obained from individual county SOVC reports.
2015-08-03UpdateUpdated 2004 Georgia Senate to include write-in votes obained from individual county SOVC reports.
2015-05-08ContentAdded county town maps for PA 2000-2012. Added statewide township maps 2004-2012.
2015-05-05ContentAdded New England town maps for Governor 1990-1994.
2015-04-23ContentAdded county town maps for NH, VT, MA, CT, and RI for Presidential Primaries from 2000-2012.
2015-04-04ContentAdded town data, precinct data, county town maps for statewide executive offices for MN and WI 2002, 2006, and 2010.
2015-03-29ContentAdded town data, county town maps for statewide executive offices for MN and WI in 2014.
2015-03-22ContentMinnesota County Township maps, city/town data, and precinct data added for Governor 2002.
2015-03-22ContentWisconsin County Township maps, city/town data, and precinct data added for US Senate 2004 and 2006.
2015-03-16ContentMinnesota County Township maps, city/town data, and precinct data added for US Senate and Governor 2006.
2015-03-15ContentWisconsin County Township maps, city/town data, and precinct data added for US Senate 2012, 2010.
2015-03-14ContentMinnesota County Township maps added for US Senate 2014, 2012, 2008, Governor 2014, 2010.
2015-03-14ContentMinnesota data added by City/Town and Precinct for US Senate 2014, 2012, 2008, Governor 2014, 2010.
2015-03-09ContentCounty town maps added for Minnesota US Senate 2012, 2014 and Governor 2014.
2015-03-09ContentTown and Precinct data added for Minnesota US Senate 2012, 2014 and Governor 2014.
2015-03-07ContentAdded MN 2004, 2008, 2012 General Election County City/Town maps for President.
2015-03-07ContentAdded 2012 General Election map for President by City/Town for Minnesota.
2015-02-13ContentAdded county data and map for 1904 AL President.
2015-02-12ContentAdded national maps for party 1912-1936; swing, and trend from 1916 - 1936.
2015-02-12ContentAdded presidential county maps for party 1912-1932; swing, and trend from 1916 - 1936.
2015-02-12ContentAdded county data and maps for AL 1908 and ND 1904
2015-02-09UpdateCorrected ND 1900 Data for President. Added ND 1900 county map.
2015-01-23New FeatureAdded filter boxes to top row of data tables.
2015-01-20ContentAdded 2012 NY data by precinct for President.
2015-01-17New FeatureCounty and state maps include mouse-over boundary highlight.
2015-01-17New FeatureData tables now sortable by clicking header row.
2015-01-06ContentAdded 2014 small town maps for New England states (Senate and Governor) plus Wisconsin.
2015-01-04ContentAdded 2014 data and maps for Wisconsin Governor by county subdivision. Includes individual county maps.
2014-12-16UpdateUpdated remaining 2014 Gubernatorial and Senatorial results to Official.
2014-12-13UpdateUpdated 2014 results to official for LA (Runoff), CO, RI, NH, VA, NM, KS, CT, CA, OH, TN (Sen).
2014-12-07Update2014 General Election data updated to official for WI, PA, MA, MN, OR, MD, ME, MS, NJ, NC.
2014-12-02UpdateElection 2014 Results updated to official for AZ, AK, IL, MI, NV.
2014-11-25Update2014 Data for Alabama updated to Official. County data and maps added.
2014-11-21Update2014 general elections updated. HI, OK, SC, AR, ID, KY, FL updated to official results.
2014-11-12UpdateGeneral data update for many states for 2014 General Election.
2014-11-11UpdateUpdated 2014 DE and WY data to official. Unofficial updates to CA, MD, and OR.
2014-11-07ContentAdded preliminary 2014 Town data and maps (with county maps) for CT, MA, NH, RI, and VT.
2014-11-06ContentPreliminary 2014 data entered for US Senate and Governor. Many county-maps created.
2014-09-30New Feature2014 Governor Endorsement feature now active.
2014-09-17New Feature2014 US Senate Endorsement feature created.
2014-06-12UpdateUpdated 2012 data in Warrick County, IN for President, Governor, and US Senate based on Audit report from county clerk.
2014-05-15UpdateUpdated North Dakota 2012 data in Walsh County (President, Senate, Governor).
2014-02-14ContentAdded 2012 California data and map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-13ContentAdded 2012 Nevada data and map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-07ContentAdded 2012 Washington data and map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-07ContentAdded 2012 Virginia map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-06ContentAdded 2012 Idaho data and map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-06ContentAdded 2012 New Mexico data and map for President by congressional district.
2014-02-02ContentAdded NJ 2013 Governor maps and data by municipality.
2014-01-22ContentAdded data and maps by city and town for Wisconsin 2010 Governor.
2014-01-19ContentAdded data and maps by city and town for Wisconsin 2006 Governor.
2014-01-15ContentAdded data and maps by city and town for Wisconsin 2002 Governor.
2014-01-09ContentAdded data and maps for 2005 NJ Governor by municipality.
2014-01-08ContentAdded NJ 2009 Gubernatorial maps and data by municipality.
2013-12-16UpdateSeveral updates to 1912 data.
2013-12-16ContentAdded 1836 candidate names for South Carolina electors.
2013-12-14UpdateUpdates to several states in 1924. Additional county data added.
2013-12-11ContentAdded 1928 IA minor party data by county and KY data and map by county.
2013-12-11UpdateSeveral Updates to 1928 President: NJ (Highest Elector State-wide figure), KY (amended correction in Butler County), CT (from town figures)
2013-12-10ContentAdded KY 1932 President by county (data and map). Modified NJ state-wide totals to highest elector.
2013-11-24UpdateUpdated 2000 Presidential data in New York - amended results in New York and Kings counties.
2013-11-23ContentAdded state-wide write-in votes for several states in 1992, DE in 1996.
2013-11-23ContentAdded 1936 county data and maps for KY and UT. Updates to data in MS, TX, TN, FL, GA. Changed NJ totals to highest elector.
2013-11-23ContentUpdates to 1940 President: KY correction for Roosevelt (100 votes more). Added KY minor party by county. Use NJ highest elector totals. NY Write-in
2013-11-22UpdateUpdated 1964 Presidential data for NH and ME (1,999 more votes for Johnson in Hillsboro County, added ME write-ins).
2013-11-22UpdateMinor Presidential data updates for 1960, 1968-1976.
2013-11-21UpdateSome updates to Presidential election data for 2004, 2008, and 2012.
2013-11-18ContentAdded county map for 1994 Missouri US Senate
2013-11-17CorrectionAdded absent candidate names for AK 2010 Governor for Libertarian and Alaskan Independence parties.
2013-11-17ContentAdded result for 2010 AK Governor by house election district.
2013-11-17CorrectionCorrected database for 2007 Governor to include proper total votes.
2013-11-17ContentAdded result for 2006 AK Governor by house election district.
2013-11-17ContentAdded result for 2002 AK Governor by house election district.
2013-11-17ContentAdded population data to database for 2007 Governor.
2013-11-17CorrectionCorrected database for 1997 Governor to include proper total votes. Corrected missing candidates from NJ statewide summary page.
2013-11-16CorrectionAdded missing 1993 Gubernatorial pie charts for national results. Corrected database for 1993 to include proper total votes.
2013-11-09UpdateUpdated 2010 Senate Election Results - incl. CO Official Abstract, Amended Results in NY and OH, DE Write-ins.
2013-11-09UpdateUpdated 2010 Gubernatorial Election Results - incl. CO Official Abstract, Amended Results in NY and OH, correction to MA in City of Cambridge.
2013-10-14ContentAdded 2012 Minnesota General Election results by congressional district for President.
2013-10-13ContentUpdated and expanded Michigan county and statewide township maps for 2000 and 2004 President.
2013-10-13ContentAdded Statewide township map and individual county township maps for Michigan 2012 President.
2013-10-13ContentAdded 2012 Michigan Presidential Election results and map by congressional district.
2013-10-13UpdateServer has been upgraded to newer hardware.
2013-09-11ContentAdded individual county subdivision maps for Michigan 2008 (vote, party, swing, trend).
2013-09-11ContentUpdated Michigan 2008 data by county subdivision.
2013-09-08ContentAdded individual county subdivision maps and statewide county subdivision maps for Wisconsin 2000 and 2004.
2013-08-31CorrectionCorrected total vote and percentage values for some states in 1992 Gubernatorial General Election.
2013-08-29ContentAdded 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Election map and data by congressional district for Wisconsin.
2013-08-29ContentAdded 2012 Presidential Election map and data by congressional district for Wisconsin.
2013-08-28ContentAdded 2012 statewide town map for Wisconsin President.
2013-08-27ContentAdded county subdivision maps for Wisconsin 2008 and 2012 President.
2013-08-16ContentAdded 2006 Gubernatorial county subdivision maps for MA, CT, and RI.
2013-08-16ContentAdded 2008 RI US Senate county subdivision map. Added 2006 US Senate county subdivision maps for MA, CT, and RI.
2013-08-11New Feature2013 Gubernatorial Endorsements now active.
2013-08-10ContentAdded New England general election city/town maps for 2010 Governor and US Senate.
2013-08-09CorrectionCorrected data of several counties in WV 2000 Gubernatorial contest (data were matched to incorrect counties).
2013-08-09ContentAdded US Senate Swing and Trend Maps 1996-2012
2013-08-06ContentAdded state-level swing and trend county maps for Gubernatorial contests 1992-2012
2013-08-05New FeatureAdded last election button mouse-over for Governor and US Senate state county maps.
2013-07-27ContentAdded New England county subdivision maps for President 1980-1988
2013-07-25ContentAdded New England US Senate county subdivision maps 1990-2012
2013-07-24ContentNew county subdivision maps and pie charts for New England states for Governor in general elections 1990-2012.
2013-07-23UpdateUpdated individual county pie charts to anti-aliased for 1992-2012.
2013-07-23ContentNew county subdivision maps added for NY, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI for 1992-2004, NJ 2004.
2013-07-18ContentAdded statewide New England township maps for 2012 Senate and Governor.
2013-07-17ContentAdded county township maps for Senate ME, MA, VT, CT, RI 2008 and 2012.
2013-07-17ContentAdded county township maps for Governor NH, VT 2008, 2010, 2012.
2013-07-15UpdateUpdated all county township maps for ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, and NJ to be "anti-aliased"
2013-07-15ContentAdded 2012 county township maps for Maine.
2013-07-14CorrectionCorrected Maine town data for 2010 (missing townships + incorrect totals causing negative percentages).
2013-07-14ContentAdded 2010 and 2013 MA Special Senate maps by City and Town.
2013-07-13ContentAdded 2012 Maine map by county subdivision.
2013-07-13UpdateUpdated data to official for 2010 and 2013 MA Special Senate Elections
2013-07-13CorrectionFixed "Unknown FIPS" error on some compare town by year pages.
2013-07-08Update2004 Presidential data updated in NY (more qualified write-ins), TN (corrected Lake County double-count), and DE (added write-in votes).
2013-06-27New FeatureSpecial Elections now have links in Results by State menu in the election results frame view.
2013-06-26New FeatureElection 2014 poll/prediction summary maps added to home page - also added aggregated 2014 page with menu link.
2013-06-07New FeatureMaps for all contributed elections are now enabled for all visitors.
2013-05-27ContentAdded state-wide township maps for 2008 President NJ.
2013-05-27ContentAdded state-wide township maps for 2012 President NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NY, and NJ.
2013-05-26ContentAdded image-mapping for NY 2012 President County town maps.
2013-05-26ContentAdded county township maps for NY 2012 President (including swing, trend, and party).
2013-05-26ContentAdded county township maps and image mapping for NJ 2008 and 2012 President (including swing, trend, and party).
2013-05-24ContentAdded 2012 Presidential Results by Precinct for Massachusetts.
2013-05-23ContentAdded image-mapping to county town maps for 2012 President (NH, VT, CT, RI, and MA)
2013-05-22ContentAdded swing and trend town maps for 2012 President in CT, MA, NH, RI, VT
2013-05-22ContentAdded county township party maps for 2012 President - CT, MA, NH, RI, VT.
2013-05-22ContentAdded county township maps for 2012 President - CT, MA, NH, RI, VT.
2013-05-18CorrectionCorrected vote for Nader in California 2004 President - counties of San Diego (per SD County Write-in Report) and San Bernardino (per SB Registrar of
2013-05-17ContentAdded 2012 national county maps for President.
2013-05-13New FeatureUpdated congressional district data table page to show map with data.
2013-05-13ContentAdded 2012 MA Presidential Map and Results by Congressional District for.
2013-05-12ContentAdded 2012 New England Town data for Senate and Governor.
2013-05-12ContentAdded 2012 Presidential Election Results Notes.
2013-05-11ContentAdded 2012 population data to Presidential Tables.
2013-05-10ContentAdded population maps for 2010, 2011, and 2012.
2013-04-28ContentAdded 2012 Presidential Election data by precinct for MT and SD.
2013-04-21ContentAdded WI, MN, and NY Presidential data by town for 2012 General.
2013-04-21ContentAdded WI and MN Presidential data by precinct for 2012 General.
2013-03-17New FeatureInteractive Polls and Predictions for 2014 Created.
2013-01-16ContentAdded AZ results and map for 2012 President by Congressional District
2012-12-31UpdateUpdated to Official 2012 data for New York.
2012-12-15UpdateUpdated to official 2012 Presidential results for CA, NM, PA and TN.
2012-12-12UpdateUpdated to official 2012 Presidential results for NM, NY, TN. Added 2012 Presidential Data by CD for VA.
2012-12-12UpdateUpdated to official 2012 Senate results for NJ, NM, NY, OH, TN, VA.
2012-12-07UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for NJ, OH, and VA.
2012-12-06UpdateUpdated 2012 Gubernatorial and Senatorial Data for a number of states to official.
2012-12-06UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for AL, CO, IL, MO, OR, TX, and WA. Updated IA data
2012-12-03UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for AZ, MS
2012-12-02UpdateUpdated 2012 Presidential Results to Official for CT. Added 2012 Presidential Write-ins in MT.
2012-12-02Update2012 Presidential Totals for MA and KS updated to official. (county data are still unofficial)
2012-11-30UpdateUpdate to official 2012 US Senate results for DE, FL, HI, IN, ME, MD, MI, MN, MT, NV, ND, RI, UT, VT, WI, WY.
2012-11-30UpdateUpdate to official 2012 Gubernatorial results for DE, IN, MT, NH, ND, UT, VT.
2012-11-30UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for ME and IN.
2012-11-29ContentAdded 2012 Presidential Data by precinct for DC.
2012-11-29UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for DC, MN, MT, and WI.
2012-11-28ContentAdded 2012 Data by precinct for New Hampshire and Alaska
2012-11-28UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for AK, KY, and MD.
2012-11-28UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for NV and NH.
2012-11-27UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for MI and RI.
2012-11-27ContentAdded 2012 Data by congressional district and precinct for Rhode Island. Added 2012 RI CD Map.
2012-11-26ContentAdded precinct results for 2012 President ID.
2012-11-26UpdateUpdated Presidential Data for 2012 to official for ID and UT.
2012-11-25ContentAdded 2012 Presidential data by precinct for Hawaii
2012-11-25UpdateUpdated 2012 Presidential Data for FL, HI, OK, SC to Official. Added 2012 Presidential Data & Map by Congressional District for HI.
2012-11-17ContentAdded 2012 Precinct Results for President in ND, LA.
2012-11-17UpdateUpdated 2012 Presidential Results for ND to Official.
2012-11-16UpdateUpdated 2012 Presidential Results for GA, IA, LA, SD to Official.
2012-11-14ContentAdded Election 2012 Results by precinct for DE, VT, and WY.
2012-11-14UpdateUpdate Election 2012 Results to official for DE, VT, and WY.
2012-11-04New FeatureAdded mouseover for previous presidential election county results map for by state for 1992-2000.
2012-10-19ContentCity and Town data for President have been added for NJ, PA, OH, IN (partial), IL, MI, and KS.
2012-09-05ContentAdded 2008 Precinct Data for Kansas
2012-09-02ContentAdded 2008 precinct data for Tennessee
2012-09-01ContentAdded precinct data for South Dakota 2000 and 2004
2012-09-01ContentAdded 2008 Precinct Data for Alabama.
2012-09-01ContentAdded precinct data for Arkansas 2008.
2011-12-11UpdateUpdated 2011 election results for Governor to official.
2011-10-28CorrectionCorrected bug in comparegraphs for individual towns (not showing data). Corrected bug in compare data for individual towns (was showing county data).
2011-09-15ContentAdded town data for 2010 Gubernatorial Election in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT.
2011-09-15ContentAdded town data for 2010 Senatorial Election in CT, NH, VT.
2011-01-18ContentAdded notes for 2010 Senate and Gubernatorial elections
2011-01-16UpdateUpdated 2010 Senate and Gubernatorial election data - official results state-wide for all states. Unofficial county/town data only for MA Governor.
2010-12-18UpdateUpdated most 2010 Gubernatorial and Senatorial Data to Official.
2010-11-10UpdateUpdated 2010 Senate and Governor data and maps.
2010-10-31UpdateUpdated 2009 Gubernatorial data for NJ and VA to official.
2010-10-26ContentUpgraded all Senate data (1990-2010) to include class variable. Added Special election results for 1992 CA, 1992 ND, 1994 TN, 1996 KS, 2008 MS, and 2
2010-10-13CorrectionCorrected County Map Generator to allow decimal percentages in map.
2010-10-13New FeatureAdded forum [img] code link in Election Tools sction of state-level results pages.
2010-06-17ContentAdded 2008 Presidential Maps and Data by Congressional District for AL, AZ, CA, IN, KS, MI, MS, NV, NM, PA, UT, and WA
2010-06-03UpdateUpdated many scripts to improve security.
2010-06-03New FeatureAdded Logout/Login links to top menu bar on some pages
2010-06-03UpdateUpdated simplified EV Calculator to support years back to 1840, plus 2008.
2010-06-01ContentAdded RI Presidential Primary Maps by City and Town for 2000 R & D, 2004 D, and 2008 R & D.
2010-05-23ContentAdded 2000 Presidential Primary (Dem & Rep) Maps and Data by City and Town for MA and VT.
2010-05-21ContentAdded 2004 Democratic Primary City and Town data and Maps for MA and VT.
2010-05-21UpdateUpdated 2004 NH Democratic Primary City and Town Map (color change for Dean).
2010-05-20ContentAdded 2008 Presidential Primary City and Town data and maps for MA and VT (both Dem and Rep)
2010-05-17ContentAdded 2008 Nevada Republican Caucus county map. (Data had incorrect labeling as primary).
2010-05-14ContentAdded congressional district maps for a number of states for the 2000 Presidential Primaries. Added 2000 Democratic Primary County map and data.
2010-05-14UpdateUpdated 2000 Presidential General Election Congressional District Map for New York.
2010-05-11ContentUpgraded all 2000 Republican Presidential Primary elections into the Atlas database - includes new CD data and maps.
2010-05-11ContentUpgraded all 2000 Democratic Presidential Primary elections into the Atlas database - includes new CD data and maps.
2010-04-06ContentAdded GA 2008 Presidential Data by Precinct.
2010-04-06ContentAdded 2008 VA Presidential Data by precinct.
2010-04-06UpdateUpdated NC 2008 Presidential Results by Precinct.
2010-03-23ContentAdded 2008 General Presidential Election county precinct maps for Washington: Grant, Onkanogan, Skamania, Whatcom, Skagit. Updated Pacific.
2010-03-23ContentAdded 2008 General Election Presidential Map by Precinct for the District of Columbia.
2010-03-22ContentAdded 2008 Presidential Precinct Maps for WA Counties: Chelan, Kittitas, Douglas, Ferry, and Stevens.
2010-03-13ContentAdded 2008 Presidential Precinct Map for Washington State. Added additional precinct maps for a number of counties.
2010-03-11ContentAdded 2008 President precinct maps for WA counties: Spokane, Whitman, Lincoln, Adams, Franklin, Klickitat, Walla Walla.
2010-02-24ContentAdded Caucus and Primary maps for 2004 Democratic Primary, 2000 Dem & Rep Primaries.
2010-02-18ContentAdded a number of election notes for 2008.
2009-12-14CorrectionCorrected 1884 National Map.
2009-11-09UpdateUpdated 2008 Senate Seats. Added notes feature.
2009-11-01ContentAdded NH US Senate Township Map for 2008.
2009-11-01ContentAdded NH Gubernatorial Township Map for 2006 and 2008.
2009-11-01ContentAdded MA Gubernatorial and Senatorial Township Map for 2006.
2009-11-01ContentAdded VT US Senate Township Map for 2006.
2009-11-01ContentAdded VT Gubernatorial Township Map for 2006 and 2008.
2009-10-28ContentAdded 2008 Senatorial Town data for NH, ME, MA, RI
2009-10-28ContentAdded 2008 Gubernatorial Town data for NH, VT
2009-10-28ContentAdded MA 2008 US Senate Statewide town map.
2009-10-27UpdateUpdated 2008 General Election data for President, Senate, Governor.
2009-09-12ContentAdded 2008 MA County township maps for President.
2009-09-11ContentAdded 2008 MA Town and CD maps for President. Added 2008 MA CD Data.
2009-09-10ContentAdded 2008 MA town data for President. Updated town database for other states.
2009-09-09UpdateUpdated 2008 General Election data for President and US Senate. (Official County and town updates for MA plus additional corrections)
2009-07-29ContentAdded 2008 Certificate of Ascertainment and Certificate of Vote images.
2009-06-26ContentAdded population data to Demographic tables for 2007 and 2008 elections. Added population maps by county for 2007 and 2008.
2009-06-26UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential Data. Includes Correction to Broadwater, MN & Kings, NY. Added more write-in votes. Added Cong. Data for some states.
2009-06-26New FeatureTurned on Demographic data display for individual county pages for years between 1900 and 1960.
2009-06-24New FeatureAdded feature to data pages to sort by margin (Dem - Rep) and margin percent (Dem - Rep)
2009-05-26ContentAdded precinct data 2008 President in Rhode Island.
2009-05-26UpdateUpdated RI Maps to reflect changes in percentages after addition of write-in votes included in totals.
2009-05-22ContentAdded Maine 2008 Presidential results map by township.
2009-05-22ContentAdded county township maps for Maine 2008 President.
2009-05-06ContentAdded New York County township maps for 2008 President.
2009-05-05ContentAdded New York 2008 Presidential data by city/town and precinct. Added NY 2008 Presidential city/town map.
2009-05-05ContentAdded New York 2008 Presidential map by Congressional District.
2009-03-31UpdateUpdate to 2008 General Election data for President - official data amended in several states. Added more write-in votes.
2009-03-19ContentAdded Minnesota 2008 Presidential data by city/town and precinct. Added MN 2008 Presidential city/town map.
2009-03-13ContentAdded Wisconsin 2008 Presidential Results by city/town and precinct. Added WI 2008 Presidential city/township map.
2009-02-25ContentAdded 2008 Presidential Election results by precinct for Delaware
2009-02-24ContentAdded precinct data for 2008 President in Washington State.
2009-02-18UpdateUpdated 2006 Gubernatorial and Senatorial data to official for MA (County and Town)
2009-02-18UpdateUpdated 2006 KS Gubernatorial data to official.
2009-02-18UpdateAdded write-ins for RI 2006 Gubernatorial and Senatorial data.
2009-01-25CorrectionCorrected scripts such that contributed elections still visible to contributor when membership expires.
2009-01-25New FeatureAdded contribution elections to frame-version of the results for Governor and US Senate.
2009-01-25ContentAdded national county maps for 2008 President.
2009-01-04ContentAdd congressional district data and maps for 2008 President in CT, KY, and MN.
2009-01-04ContentAdded 2008 Town map and county township maps for President in CT.
2009-01-04ContentAdded precinct data for 2008 President in NH. Added statewide town map and county township maps.
2008-12-16UpdateUpdated 2008 Senate data to official for KS, MS, NE, NH, TN, and WV.
2008-12-16UpdateUpdated 2008 TN Presidential Contest to Official. Updated state-wide total for 2008 President in OH to official. Updated CT Presidential county/stat
2008-12-16CorrectionCorrected View All maps page to include swing and trend maps back for 2008 and earlier (back to 1948).
2008-12-16UpdateUpdated all remaining 2008 Gubernatorial contests to Official.
2008-12-16ContentAdded 2008 Presidential results by congressional district for WI.
2008-12-16ContentAdded precinct data for 2008 President in MT and SD.
2008-12-16ContentAdded North Dakota precinct data for 2008 President.
2008-12-13UpdateUpdated CA, MN results to official. Added some additional write-in figures and corrected several counties in PA.
2008-12-09ContentAdded results by Congressional District for 2008 President in AR and WV.
2008-12-09UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential results to official: KS, NE, WA
2008-12-06ContentAdded house district data for 2008 Presidential Election in Alaska. Added 2008 Presidential data by precinct in Alaska.
2008-12-05UpdateUpdated 2008 General Election Presidential Results to Official: AK, AR, CO, NY, OR
2008-12-05CorrectionCorrected results for New York General Election results for President (Counties St. Lawrence through Seneca).
2008-12-05UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential General Election results to official for PA, WV, and MS.
2008-12-05UpdateUpdated 2008 General Election Senatorial Results to Official: AK, AR, CO, IL, NJ, OR
2008-12-04UpdateUpdated IN, MO, NJ 2008 General Election results for President to official.
2008-12-01UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential results for IL, AZ, and WI to official.
2008-11-30UpdateUpdate 2008 Senate data to official for: AL, ID, IA, KY, ME, MI, MT, NM, NC, RI, SD, TX, and VA
2008-11-30UpdateUpdated VA 2008 Presidential Results to Official.
2008-11-30ContentAdded VA 2008 Presidential data and map by congressional district.
2008-11-30ContentAdded precinct data for 2008 President in DC and LA.
2008-11-29UpdateUpdate 2008 Presidential Results for UT, MI, ME, and MT to official.
2008-11-28UpdateUpdate 2008 Presidential results for KY, NV, NM, and AL to official.
2008-11-27UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential results to official for ND, SD, and NC.
2008-11-25UpdateUpdated MT 2008 Presidential results to Official.
2008-11-25Updateupdated IA results to Official
2008-11-25ContentAdded CD results for 2008 President in IA
2008-11-25ContentAdded CD Maps & Data for 2008 US President in MT and RI.
2008-11-24ContentAdded ID precinct data for 2008 President.
2008-11-24UpdateUpdated HI precinct data for 2008 President.
2008-11-21ContentAdded Congressional District data and Map for ID 2008 President.
2008-11-21UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential results to official: ID, TX, HI. Updates to unofficial results for other states.
2008-11-19UpdateUpdated FL 2008 President to official results. Also added write-in votes from each county election agency (not all are yet official).
2008-11-19UpdateUpdated results for AK Senate & updated Senate Seats map & data.
2008-11-19ContentAdded 2008 Presidential data by precinct for HI and SC.
2008-11-19ContentAdded Presidential data and maps for 2008 by congressional district for LA, HI, and SC.
2008-11-16ContentAdded county township maps for 2008 President in Vermont and Rhode Island.
2008-11-16ContentAdded town map and data for RI 2008 President
2008-11-15UpdateUpdated 2008 Presidential and Senate data. Added 2008 Presidential Town data for VT & NH.
2008-11-15ContentAdded town map for President in VT 2008.
2008-11-15ContentAdded CD Maps/Data for 2008 President NH, DE, VT, WY.
2008-11-08UpdateUpdated 2008 Election Data for a number of states.
2008-11-07ContentPreliminary County data for 2008 General Elections for U.S. Senate and Governors uploaded. Maps created.
2008-11-05ContentAdded preliminary county data for 2008 Presidential Election - generating party, swing, and trend maps.
2008-03-26CorrectionUploaded missing pickup map for 2004 Senate.
2008-03-26New FeatureRe-added names with (party) in mouse-over boxes for Senate and Gubernatorial national maps.
2008-02-16ContentAdded Gubernatorial Results (maps, data) for 1993 VA & NJ.
2008-02-03UpdateMade some updates to 2004 Democratic Primary pages. Changed Dean from purple to yellow color.
2008-02-03ContentAdded 2004 Democratic Primary timeline page.
2008-01-26UpdateUpdated SC 2008 Republican Presidential Primary data to Official.
2008-01-26ContentAdded preliminary South Carolina data and maps (county, CD) for 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary.
2008-01-26ContentAdded preliminary Nevada Democratic Primary results by congressional district.
2008-01-23New FeatureAdded blog interactivity iframe widget to national and state pages. Can see interactive imagemapped maps in weblogs.
2008-01-19ContentAdded preliminary data and maps for 2008 NV D/R primaries and 2008 SC R primary.
2008-01-16UpdateUpdated to official results, Gubernatorial Elections for 2007. Added voter registration data for KY and LA 2007.
2008-01-16ContentAdded unofficial data and maps for MI 2008 Rep & Dem Primaries.
2008-01-14ContentAdded New Hampshire Town Maps for 2008 Dem & Rep Primaries.
2008-01-10UpdateUpdated NH 2008 Presidential Primary data (town, county).
2008-01-09ContentAdded preliminary county maps and data, town data for New Hampshire Rep & Dem Primaries 2008.
2008-01-06New FeatureSubstantial modifications to the national, state, and other scripts to support primary elections for President.
2008-01-04ContentAdded Iowa prediction scores to primary predictions.
2008-01-04CorrectionCorrected prediction scores comparison vs. actual on individual prediction pages (map mouse-over).
2008-01-04ContentAdded Preliminary Iowa 2008 Caucus data and maps for Dem and Rep contests.
2007-12-19New FeatureAdded column options for precinct number and ward number to the precinct data tables.
2007-12-11New FeatureAdded state rolling-average tracking poll graphs for 2006 and 2007 polls. Corrected missing 2008 Gubernatorial poll graphs.
2007-12-11CorrectionCorrected 1824 total vote data for proper percentages in a few states.
2007-11-28New FeatureAdded delete and report buttons to prediction comments.
2007-11-28New FeatureAdded summary aggregate polling info and graph to the state summary pages of the 2008 Presidential Primary Polls.
2007-11-24ContentAdded rolling-average poll graphs to each of the polling state pages.
2007-11-24ContentAdded 2008 Election Calendar entries
2007-11-18ContentAdded data for all states in elections from 1824 through 1836. Updated national pages for those years to include image maps, data pages, home states,
2007-11-14New FeatureAdded polling script for 2008 General Presidential Election polls.
2007-11-07ContentAdded preliminary 2007 Gubernatorial election results/maps for KY and LA.
2007-11-05New FeatureAdded delegate charts and poll graphs for 2008 Dem and Rep Primary Polls pages.
2007-10-30ContentEnabled party maps for pre-1936 maps for non-Presidential races.
2007-10-16ContentAdded state-level data and national summary pages for 1840, 1844, 1848, and 1852.
2007-10-16ContentAdded county data and map for VT 1844, 1848, and 1852.
2007-10-15CorrectionCorrected 1824 - 1836 national maps to remove the Platte Purchase (northwest corner) of Missouri.
2007-10-12ContentAdded 1864 through 1888 to the Electoral College Calculator.
2007-07-21ContentAdded state-level county swing and trend maps for 1944. Added state-level county party maps for 1936, 1940, and 1944. Added national party map for 19
2007-07-21ContentAdded state-level county swing and trend maps for 1948, 1952, 1956, and 1960. Added state-level county party maps for 1948, 1952, 1956, and 1960.
2007-07-20ContentAdded National party maps for 1952, 1956, 1960, and 1964. Added state-level county party maps for 1964.
2007-07-20ContentAdded National swing and trend maps for 1944 through 1972. Added state-level county swing and trend maps for 1964, 1968, and 1972.
2007-07-17ContentAdded national swing and trend maps 1976 to 2004. Added county swing and trend maps 1976 to 2004.
2007-07-14ContentAdded data and county map for 1994 Missouri Senate; updated data for 1994 New Jersey Senate to include minor parties by county.
2007-05-09New FeatureAdded 2007 Gubernatorial predictions and polls sections.
2007-03-25ContentAdded estimated population data for 2006 from the U.S. Census Bureau. Generated 2006 County Population Maps.
2007-03-17ContentAdded Total Population and Voting Age Population to 1998 Senate; added Voting Age Population to 1998 Governor.
2007-03-17ContentAdded AK House District Maps and Data for 1996 Senate, 1998 Governor and Senate.
2007-03-16ContentAdded data by House District for Alaska in 1990 Senate and Gubernatorial races. Added VP candidates for AK Gov 1990.
2007-03-16CorrectionCorrected figures for Sioux County, IA in the 1990 Senate Contest (Official Canvass swapped the figures for R & D). Verified via Sioux County Auditor
2007-03-13ContentAdded vote win maps for AK 1992 Senate and 1994 Governor by House District.
2007-03-12New FeatureAdded 2008 edition of the Electoral College Calculator.
2007-03-11ContentAdded New England town data for Senatorial races in 1994, 1992, and 1990
2007-03-11ContentAdded New England town data for Gubernatorial races in 1996, 1994, 1992, and 1990
2007-03-11ContentAdded New England town data (MA still unofficial) for Senatorial and Gubernatorial races in 2006.
2007-03-10CorrectionCorrected data and maps for Wyoming Governor 1990. Several updates to write-in votes in 1990 and 1994.
2007-03-10ContentAdded data and Maps for US Senate in 1990, 1992, and 1994.
2007-02-22ContentAdded data and maps for Gubernatorial election 1992 in Rhode Island
2007-02-22ContentAdded data and maps for Gubernatorial elections in 1990 and 1994.
2007-02-18CorrectionCorrrected small county mouse-over maps for a number of years 1960 through 2000 to correct errors in Hawaii counties.
2007-02-14ContentAdded CD data & map for Hawaii 1992. Added precinct data for Hawaii 1992.
2007-01-20ContentAdded precinct data for Whitman and Walla Walla County, WA for 2004 President. Added precinct data for all counties in WA for 2006 Senator.
2007-01-12CorrectionAdded corrected New Mexico shapes for county boundary changes (for proper mouse-over function) from 1912 through 1952.
2007-01-07ContentAdded pick-up maps for Gubernatorial elections in 1998 and 2002.
2007-01-06ContentAdded Gubernatorial pick-up maps and data for 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, and 2001.
2007-01-06ContentAdded Gubernatorial Data and Maps for 1992.
2007-01-06New FeatureAdded new page to compare results for state-wide offices for a given year. Linked from both state and county summary pages.
2006-12-05UpdateUpdated to Official results for 2006: AL, CO, DE, HI, MI, MO, NV, ND, OK, SD, SD, VA, VT, WI, and WY.
2006-11-27UpdateUpdated unofficial results for 2006: AR, CA, IN, MD, MO, NM, NJ, OR, PA, SC, and VA.
2006-11-27UpdateUpdated to Official results for 2006: ID, FL, OK.
2006-11-16UpdateUpdated Wyoming and Georgia 2006 Senate and Governor's results to official.
2006-11-12CorrectionCorrected swing data calculation for cities. Corrected swing data mysql errors for Senate races.
2006-11-12ContentAdded 1991 and 1995 Gubernatorial election data and maps.
2006-11-10UpdatePreliminary county data and maps for 2006 Senate and Governor's races have been posted.
2006-11-10ContentAdded 1994 Gubernatorial data and maps for FL, ME, MD, NY, and TX.
2006-11-05New FeatureAdded endorsement pages for 2006 Senatorial and Gubernatorial contests.
2006-10-28CorrectionCorrected 1992 Virginia county map (King George county and King and Queen county were colored for the incorrect candidate)
2006-08-26ContentAdded Presidential county data and maps for NH 1888; VT 1896, 1892, and 1888; MO 1896; PA 1888.
2006-08-16ContentAdded Presidential county data and maps for Ohio 1872, 1876, 1880, 1884, and 1888.
2006-08-15CorrectionCorrected county map boundaries for Montana President in 1904 and 1908. Added correct shapes for image map.
2006-08-15ContentAdded presidential county maps and data for Indiana 1888 and 1892.
2006-08-14CorrectionCorrected Montana Presidential Election map from 1912 county boundaries. Added correct shapes for image map.
2006-08-13ContentUpdated 2004 Democratic Primary data and maps. Added maps and data for several states by county and cd.
2006-08-10ContentAdded Presidential County data and map for 1888.
2006-08-10CorrectionCorrected Wyoming county maps and image map data to reflect accurate historical boundaries for years 1892 through 1956.
2006-08-08ContentAdded county data and maps for Missouri President 1888 and 1892.
2006-08-07ContentAdded Michigan county maps for 1884, 1888, 1892, and 1896.
2006-08-06ContentUploaded 1940 Alabama county map.
2006-08-06ContentAdded names and vote totals for individual electors in Maryland 1900 through 1932.
2006-08-06ContentAdded data to the datbase for state-level election results 1856 through 1872.
2006-08-06CorrectionCorrected township population data for New York in 2000 (Washington - Yates counties were shifted by one).
2006-07-29CorrectionCorrected county data for WV 1912 (McDowell through Morgan counties). Corrected MI 1912 Saint Joseph - Shiawassee (transposed figures).
2006-07-29ContentAdded Presidential data and maps for Michigan 1900, 1904, 1908; Arkansas 1904 and 1908.
2006-07-26ContentAdded county data and maps for OH 1904 & 1908, IL 1896 & 1892, IN 1896, IA 1904 & 1908.
2006-07-26ContentAdded county data and maps for OH 1896, 1892 and CA 1896, 1892.
2006-07-24ContentAdded databases for 1876, 1880, 1884, and 1888 President. Added county maps/data for a few states in these years.
2006-07-22ContentAdded township data/map for Warren County, IL for 2004. Added precinct data for Warren Countiy 2004.
2006-07-22ContentAdded township data/map for Warren Countie, IL for 1992. Added precinct data for Rock Island, Warren, and White Counties 1992.
2006-07-22ContentAdded township data/maps for Kankakee and Warren Counties, IL for 1996. Added precinct data for Kankakee, Rock Island, Menard, Warren, and White Coun
2006-07-22ContentAdded precinct data for Lake and Warren Counties, IL in 2000.
2006-06-26ContentAdded Gubernatorial Results and Maps for 1997.
2006-06-25ContentAdded source information for 1998 and 2002 Gubernatorial elections.
2006-06-25UpdateUpdated 2002 Gubernatorial Election Results for several states.
2006-06-25ContentAdded 1998 and 2002 (Gubernatorial) voter registration and ballots cast data for multiple states.
2006-06-25ContentAdded 1998 New Mexico Gubernatorial results and maps.
2006-06-25ContentAdded 1996 senatorial results and map for New Jersey.
2006-06-11ContentAdded county data and map for Illinois Presidential Results in 1908.
2006-06-06ContentAdded precinct data for Rock Island County, IL for 2000 and 2004.
2006-06-06ContentAdded maps and data by Township for Cook, IL 1992, 1996; Rock Island, IL 1992, 1996, 2004, and White, IL 1992, 1996.
2006-06-04New FeatureAdded mouse-over box on state-level county maps with total vote and percentage results for each candidate.
2006-06-03New FeatureEnabled county image-maps and county results pages for elections 2000 and more recent to non-members.
2006-06-02New FeatureAdded mouse-over box on national maps with percentage results for each candidate.
2006-05-28CorrectionCorrected county demographic errors for the last four counties (alphabetically) in Wyoming. Corrected population maps.
2006-05-24ContentAdded city/town maps for RI, CT, MA, NH, VT for Senate Contests 1996-2004.
2006-05-24ContentAdded pie charts for 1996 Gubernatorial contests.
2006-05-23ContentAdded data and maps for 1996 Gubernatorial contests. Added city/town data for VT and NH Gov. in 1996.
2006-05-20ContentAdded city/town data for 2002 Senate contest in MA, 1996 Senate for ME, MA, NH, and RI.
2006-05-20ContentAdded county data and maps for 1996 Senate in WV and MA.
2006-05-18ContentAdded US Senate city/town data for 1998 (CT, NH, VT), 2000 (CT, ME, MA, RI, VT), and 2002 (ME, NH, RI)
2006-05-17ContentAdded city/town data for Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont for 2004 Senate contests.
2006-05-15Contentadded state pie charts and national maps for 1996 Senate results.
2006-05-14ContentAdded 1996 Senate data and county maps (except MA, NJ, WV).
2006-05-13ContentAdded 1998 Senate Data, maps, and charts. County data for all states except PA and ND.
2006-05-12ContentAdded results data, maps, and charts for 2000 and 2002 senate returns. All states.
2006-05-10New FeatureAdded national and state pages with a list of all election results by year. These are linked at the bottom of the no-frames pages.
2006-05-04ContentAdded Township maps for 1998 and 2002 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Elections.
2006-05-03CorrectionCorrected Vermont county data and map for 1998 Gubernatorial Election.
2006-05-03ContentAdded Township maps for 1998 and 2002 Rhode Island Gubernatorial Elections.
2006-05-03ContentAdded Township maps for Vermont Gubernatorial Elections 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004.
2006-05-03ContentAdded Township maps for 1998 and 2002 Connecticut Gubernatorial Elections.
2006-05-03ContentAdded Township maps for New Hampshire Gubernatorial Elections 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004.
2006-05-03ContentAdded city and town data for Massachusetts Governor in 2002.
2006-05-01New FeatureAdded Post-Election Senate Control table, map, and pie chart to 2004 Senatorial Results.
2006-05-01New FeatureUpdated simplified version of EV Calc. Added cross-linking between elaborate and simple versions of the calc.
2006-05-01New FeatureAdded detailed Seats page (includes map, total seats table & chart, and seats by party chart) linked to the mouse-over Seats map on Senatorial pages
2006-05-01New FeatureAdded detailed pick-ups page linked to the mouse-over pick-ups map on Senatorial pages.
2006-04-28New FeatureAdded Calendar feature with 2004 and 2006 primary/general election dates.
2006-04-27New FeatureNew page allows all county maps for a given state to be viewed at the same time. Bullet under Election Data and Statistics.
2006-04-24CorrectionCorrected data tables computation of trend (was adding national margin instead of subtracting).
2006-04-24New FeatureAdded News Aggregator. Customizable rss news feed reader.
2006-04-19New Feature2006 Senatorial and Gubernatorial general election polls pages are now on-line.
2006-04-19New Feature2006 Senatorial Predictions now Available.
2006-04-17ContentAdded CD Maps and data for DE, ME, NE, ND, SD, VT, VA, and WY in 1972.
2006-04-10New FeatureUser-interactive: Gubernatorial Predictions for 2006 added.
2006-04-04ContentAdded city/town data for CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT for Governor 1998.
2006-04-04ContentAdded city/town data for CT, ME, NH, RI, VT for Governor 2002.
2006-04-03CorrectionCorrected large Maine township map for President in 1988 (was the identical map as 1984).
2006-03-29ContentAdded gubernatorial county data and maps, township data for NH & VT 2000 and 2004.
2006-03-27New FeatureIntegrated Gubernatorial, Senatatorial, and Presidential elections in the Election Results section. Added many map and data features to Gubanotrial
2006-03-27ContentAdded Gubernatorial election results for 2000 and 2004.
2006-03-27UpdateUpdated Gubernatorial Election Results in 2003 and 2002 (some states).
2006-03-27New FeatureAdded Swing/Trend data option to detailed state/county/town tables. Added default data list to Swing/Trend buttons.
2006-03-27New FeatureAdded new navigation features to the no-frames version of the summary pages.
2006-03-27ContentAdded county and state-level data for Senatorial Elections in 2004.
2006-03-18UpdateUpdated NJ, VA Gubernatorial Results for 2005 to official. Added ballots cast and registered voters data.
2006-03-11ContentAdded voter registration by county for Maine and Mississippi 2004.
2006-03-08CorrectionCorrected missing precinct names/numbers for available CA precinct data 2004.
2006-03-08ContentAdded precinct data for Alaska 2004.
2006-03-07ContentAdded precinct-level total ballots cast for New Mexico 2004.
2006-03-06ContentAdded resuts map and data by congressional district for President in Washington 2004.
2006-03-05UpdateAdded write-in figures for several counties in New York 2000 (from county canvasses).
2006-03-05New FeatureAdded data Ballots Cast, Invalid Ballots, and Percent Invalid at the state, county, and precinct levels. Data now accessible as an option from the cu
2006-02-20ContentAdded precinct data and map for San Juan County, WA 2000.
2006-02-20CorrectionCorrected proper reporting of precinct names in City of Buffalo and City of Rochester, NY.
2006-02-20ContentAdded precinct Data for New York City Boroughs for 2000.
2006-02-20ContentAdded 2004 King County, WA precinct map. Thanks Alcon!
2006-02-02ContentAdded Precinct data for NY Counties: Monroe '92, '96, '00; Erie '92, '96, '00; Rockland '92, '96; Nassau '92, '96, '00.
2006-02-02ContentAdded township maps for Monroe, Erie, Greene, Rockland, and Nassau 1992.
2006-01-04ContentAdded precinct maps and data for Mason, Klickitat, Whatcom, and Clark Counties, WA for 2000.
2006-01-04ContentAdded precinct maps for WA 2004 Counties: Columbia, Franklin, Garfield, Kittitas, Klickitat, Mason, Pacific, San Juan, Snohomish, Spokane, and Yakima.
2006-01-02ContentAdded 2004 Washington Precinct Data (all counties except Walla Walla & Whitman). Added Snohomish Precinct map.
2005-11-23CorrectionCorrected 1940 statistics page mysql errors.
2005-11-23ContentAdded New York 2004 congressional district data and map.
2005-11-04New FeatureUpdated Gubernatorial state page script and data file script for greater use and customization.
2005-10-31ContentAdded New York Township maps for 2004.
2005-10-31New FeatureAdded maps by county for change in margin on the 2004 state summary pages. Maps show change in margin R/D between the 2000 and 2004 elections.
2005-10-28ContentAdded Presidential Electors for 2004 - all states.
2005-10-24UpdateUpdated 1996 and 2000 New York town maps to allocate white areas to proper election townships.
2005-10-23ContentAdded township maps for all New York Counties (except for Niagara).
2005-10-22ContentAdded Ohio Township map for 2004.
2005-10-22ContentAdded township and precinct data for Albany, Columbia, Erie, Greene, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties, NY.
2005-10-22UpdateUpdated ID 2004 Precinct data to include write-ins. General updates to precinct names for ID 1992, 1996, 2000.
2005-10-19ContentAdded Position Statements for most of the top 2004 Candidates (linked in on the 2004 Candidates Page). Updated ballot status maps.
2005-10-14ContentAdded precinct data for all but two Florida Counties for 2004.
2005-10-14ContentAdded precinct data for 2000 FL in Charlotte, Columbia, Flagler, Hamilton, Marion, Okeechobee, Osceola, St. John's, and Volusia Counties.
2005-10-14ContentAdded precinct data for 36 California Counties.
2005-09-26ContentAdded precinct data for several Illinois counties in 2000 (including Cook).
2005-09-26ContentAdded township maps; added township and precinct data for five IL counties: Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, and Sangamon
2005-09-17UpdateUpdated Mississippi county data for DeSoto County based on Amended Certification.
2005-08-15CorrectionCorrected Bug where all 2004 New York Municipalities showed up as City.
2005-08-15CorrectionCorrected Ohio City/Town Voter Registration Data (shifted links).
2005-08-15ContentAdded Municipality and precinct data for many upstate New York counties.
2005-06-29UpdateUpdated electoral vote pages to xhtml strict scripts (1892 to 2004).
2005-06-27ContentAdded New Jersey County Maps for 1928, 1932 and 1936.
2005-06-27ContentAdded county-level party maps (dem, rep) in 1972 and 1976.
2005-06-24UpdateUpdated Bellwether Page for 2004 Election.
2005-06-20New FeatureAdded ability to view all precincts for counties with township data.
2005-06-17New FeatureAdded mouse-over year feature to java compare maps.
2005-06-17New FeatureEnabled Party and New England Town maps for non-members for 2000, 2004 in no-frame pages.
2005-06-16ContentAdded 2000 precinct data for Hawaii.
2005-06-09New FeatureAdded statewide township data tables for New England States (accessible from Town page).
2005-06-05ContentAdded primary docs (Certificat of Vote and Certificate of Ascertainment) by state for 2004.
2005-05-25ContentAdded statewide township map for OH 2004.
2005-05-24UpdateUpdated OH Precinct resutls for 2000 (esp. broke out absentee precincts in Cuyahoga County).
2005-05-24ContentAdded Ohio township and precinct data for 2004.
2005-05-24ContentAdded New York township and precinct data for 2004 (partial - 33 counties).
2005-05-13ContentAdded voter turnout maps for 2004 (Registered and Voting Age Population)
2005-04-25CorrectionCorrected stats script that had Bush and Kerry data for Congressional Districts backwards for 2004.
2005-04-25ContentAdded Congressional District data and maps for Ohio and California 2004.
2005-04-21ContentAdded 2004 population estimates from the US Census at County and State level. Updated Population Maps.
2005-04-21UpdateSmall updates to election data in Alabama, Ohio, Montana, and Texas.
2005-04-09ContentAdded precinct data for Arkansas 2004.
2005-03-25ContentAdded Congressional District map and data for Maryland 2004.
2005-03-25ContentAdded precinct-level data for Georgia 2004.
2005-03-24ContentAdded Congressional District map and data for Georgia 2004. Added scattering votes for GA 2004 by County.
2005-03-23ContentAdded maps for OK 1932, 1936, 1948, and 1952.
2005-03-22ContentAdded CD data and map for AL 2004. Added 2004 Alabama precinct data.
2005-03-20ContentAdded county-level township maps for Michigan 2004.
2005-03-15UpdateUpdated NH write-in data for 2004 by city/town and precinct.
2005-03-12ContentAdded congressional district data for 1976 ME and NH. Added CD data and Maps for 1976 AR, CT, IA, MD, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, SC, SD, UT, VA, VT, WV, WY.
2005-03-10New FeatureAdded feature to the electoral college calculator to add percentage of popular vote to the map.
2005-03-09ContentAdded 2004 Electoral Vote tally file (linked in from 2004 Summary Page).
2005-03-05ContentAdded Kansas precinct data and county-level voter registration data for 2004.
2005-03-02ContentAdded MI 2004 town and CD maps; added MI 2004 town, CD, and precinct data.
2005-02-21ContentAdded precinct data for RI 2004.
2005-02-21ContentAdded county-level data for minor parites in VA 1940 and 1944.
2005-02-21CorrectionAdded correct CD data for MS 2004.
2005-02-21ContentAdded county-level data all candidates in VA 1936 and 1932. Added VA county maps 1936 and 1932.
2005-02-21ContentAdded CD map and data for RI 2004.
2005-02-21CorrectionCorrected New Castle and Kent Counties, DE 1968 (the data were transposed).
2005-02-21ContentAdded voter registration precinct-level data for RI 2000.
2005-02-04ContentAdded county township maps for RI 2004.
2005-02-04ContentAdded pie charts on individual county results pages for New England States 2004.
2005-02-02ContentAdded 2004 state-level pie charts as images (instead of generated).
2005-02-02ContentAdded 2004 What-if Scenarios
2005-01-31ContentAdded precinct data for Mora County, New Mexico
2005-01-25ContentAdded DC precinct maps for 2000 and 2004. Added DC precinct data 2000.
2005-01-23UpdateUpdated 2004 small county mouse-over map.
2005-01-23UpdateUpdated 2004 electoral vote map to show split electors in Minnesota.
2005-01-18ContentAdded 2004 large national county map.
2005-01-17ContentAdded congressional district map and data for Mississippi 2004.
2005-01-14ContentAdded Township maps and data for Minnesota 2004.
2005-01-14ContentAdded precinct data for Minnesota 2004.
2005-01-13ContentAdded precinct data for North Dakota 2004.
2005-01-11UpdateWV amended their Certificate: Changed Kerry vote in Lincoln County from 4,408 to 4,048.
2005-01-08UpdateUpdated OH 2004 Data to the Amended Official Results.
2005-01-08UpdateSplit out votes for Badnarik and Peroutka from Write-ins in New Hampshire.
2005-01-08UpdateUpdated Voter Registration for OR, WA, VA, NH (Town of Hollis in Hillsborough County), NE, MN (added same-day reg), MD, IL, IN.
2005-01-08UpdateUpdated 2004 data in WV for Lincoln and Calhoun Counties.
2005-01-08UpdateSplit out votes for Nader, Cobb, Brown from Write-ins in Virginia (totals only).
2005-01-08ContentAdded township-level voter-registration data for MA 2004.
2005-01-07ContentAdded New Jersey 2004 town-level data and map
2005-01-06ContentAdded precinct-level data for District of Columbia 2004.
2005-01-05ContentAdded 2004 Massachusetts Congressional District map and data.
2005-01-05UpdateAdded write-in figures for Johnson and Wyondotte Counties in Kansas.
2005-01-05ContentAdded 2004 Virginia Precinct data.
2005-01-04ContentAdded 2004 New Mexico Precinct data (except Mora County).
2005-01-03ContentAdded CD data and map for NM 2004.
2005-01-03UpdateUpdated 2004 data for Conway County, AR. Updated 2004 voter reg. data for several AR counties.
2005-01-03ContentAdded voter registration by CD for several states 2004.
2005-01-02ContentAdded WI state-level township map 2004.
2004-12-30ContentAdded Maine precinct data for 2004.
2004-12-30ContentAdded Maine state-level township map for 2004.
2004-12-30ContentAdded Precinct data for Yuma County, AZ 2004. Added registered voters by precinct data for AZ 2004.
2004-12-30ContentAdded County Township maps for Maine 2004.
2004-12-29UpdateUpdated town-level results for ME 2004.
2004-12-29ContentAdded precinct data for Montana 2004.
2004-12-28CorrectionCorrected a few data points in MS 2004.
2004-12-28UpdateUpdated voter registration data in two counties in NH 2004.
2004-12-28ContentAdded precinct data for Tennessee 2004.
2004-12-28ContentAdded CD Maps and data for KS, NV, NC, and TN 2004.
2004-12-28ContentAdded precinct data for North Carlolina 2004.
2004-12-28ContentAdded county-level voter registration data for OK 2004.
2004-12-28ContentAdded Nebraska county-level voter registration data 2004.
2004-12-20UpdateAdded official results for Maine. Updated all state maps.
2004-12-14ContentAdded town maps and county-level township maps for RI 2004.
2004-12-13ContentAdded county-level township maps for MA 2004.
2004-12-13UpdateUpdated PA, CA 2004 results to Official. Added GA 2004 write-ins.
2004-12-09ContentAdded statewide town maps for CT, MA, NH, and VT.
2004-12-09ContentAdded County Township maps for NH 2004.
2004-12-09ContentAdded township and precinct data for WI 2004
2004-12-08ContentAdded county township maps for VT 2004 and CT 2004.
2004-12-08UpdateUpdated to official results: AR, MA, NE, and TN 2004.
2004-12-07UpdateUpdated to official results: OH, IL, MO, OR, MD, AL, Ny, and WV to Official Results. Updated CT.
2004-12-06UpdateUpdated to official results: OH, OR, IL, and MO 2004.
2004-12-04ContentAdded WI CD map and data for 2004.
2004-12-03ContentAdded congressional district data and map for HI 2004. Added precinct data for HI 2004.
2004-12-03UpdateUpdated the following states to official results for 2004: IA, NJ, WI, NM, NC, AK.
2004-12-03ContentAdded map and data by CD for AZ 2004; added precinct data for AZ 2004.
2004-11-28UpdateUpdated 2004 results to official for DC, CO, and KY.
2004-11-23New FeatureStates with available precinct data and city/town subdivisions can now see whole-county precinct results table.
2004-11-23UpdateUpdated MT 2004 to Official Canvass results.
2004-11-22ContentAdded official results by precinct for DE 2004.
2004-11-22UpdateUpdated to official results for DE, FL, MI, UT, and VA 2004.
2004-11-21ContentAdded LA 2004 CD maps and data. Added 2004 LA Precinct data.
2004-11-20UpdateAdded official results for LA & ND 2004. Updated unofficial results for a number of other states.
2004-11-18UpdateUpdated County-Level data for SD 2004 to Official results.
2004-11-18ContentAdded Official CD data and map for ID 2004. Added precinct data for ID 2004.
2004-11-17CorrectionCorrected CO Gubernatorial maps for 1998 and 2002, CO Primary maps for 2000 and 2004 (boundary changes)
2004-11-17ContentAdded CD data and map for SC 2004. Added precinct data for SC 2004.
2004-11-16Update2004 Data Update: Includes official results for GA, SC, VT, and WY.
2004-11-16CorrectionCorrected CO county maps for 1988-2000 to reflect Denver annexation of territory in Adams County
2004-11-15CorrectionCorrected Denver County, CO boundary to include International Airport for 2004 Maps.
2004-11-15CorrectionAdded Broomfield County to Colorado 2004 Data Tables and Maps.
2004-11-13ContentAdded 2004 Data by Precinct for Wyoming and Vermont.
2004-11-10ContentAdded Connecticut Results by Congressional District for 2004.
2004-11-09ContentAdded Preliminary Congressional District Maps for MN and VA.
2004-10-23ContentAdded Congressional District Map for NH 1976.
2004-10-19New FeatureAdded feature to search precinct data by precinct name. Allows for quick browsing of Absentee results by county.
2004-10-03ContentAdded voter registration figures for New Hampshire by county 1960 through 1976.
2004-10-03ContentAdded voter registration figures for New Hampshire by city/town and precinct 1992.
2004-09-08ContentAdded precinct data for Clinton County 1992, 1996, 2000; Cayuga County 1992, 1996; Rockland County 2000;
2004-08-15ContentAdded Cayuga County, NY 1992 township map. Updated New York Township map 1992.
2004-08-01New FeatureAdded My Atlas feature for information with regard to individual membership.
2004-07-28ContentAdded Clinton County, NY township map in 1992. Updated NY Township map.
2004-07-26ContentAdded county maps for multiple late-voting states in the 2004 Democratic Primary.
2004-07-25CorrectionCorrected Indiana County data & maps for Morgan, Miami, Montgomery, and Monroe in 1976. Thanks to Ronald Smirth for finding this. (source had the cou
2004-07-24ContentAdded county-data and several maps for multiple states from the 2004 Democratic Primaries.
2004-07-18ContentAdded incomplete town-level map for Illinois in 2000.
2004-06-20ContentAdded precinct maps for Tipton, Hardeman, Haywood, and Fayette Counties, TN (contributed by Don Johnson).
2004-06-07ContentAdded town and precinct data for Westchester, Suffolk, Putnam, Dutchess, and Schenectady, NY 1992, 1996, 2000.
2004-06-05ContentAdded Congressional District data and map for Kansas 1992. Updated data for 1996 to allocate split counties.
2004-06-01ContentAdded Westchester County, NY township map for 1992.
2004-06-01New FeatureCreated ability for members to comment on one-another's predictions.
2004-05-30CorrectionCorrected John Davis' home state from New York to West Virginia (1924 Democratic Candidate)
2004-05-30ContentAdded county township map for Putnam, NY 1992.
2004-05-25New FeatureMock Election now on-line.
2004-05-15ContentAdded Virginia county map and data for 1924.
2004-05-14CorrectionCorrected data for Kentucky in Jessamine and Johnson Counties in 1964.
2004-05-14UpdateAdded minor party data for Virginia 1948, 1952, and 1956 (was listed as one total under write-ins).
2004-05-14New FeatureAdded new polls section.
2004-05-13CorrectionCorrected Kentucky County Maps for 1964 (The results for Jessamine and Johnson Counties were reversed).
2004-05-10New FeatureModified Deluxe Electoral College Calculator to include ability to call individual congressional Districts in ME and NE.
2004-05-10ContentAdded county township map for Dutchess County, NY 1992.
2004-05-09ContentAdded precinct data for California 2000.
2004-05-08UpdateUpdated Kansas 2000 Precinct Data - changes to Douglas County. Corrected some names.
2004-05-08ContentAdded Statewide Township Map and Data for Kansas in 2000.
2004-05-06ContentAdded county township maps for Schenectady and Suffolk, NY in 1992.
2004-04-27ContentAdded Hawaii Precinct results for 1996.
2004-04-26CorrectionUpdated some of the figures in 1992, 1996, and 2000 elections. Most corrections from County-level canvasses. See notes in individual states.
2004-04-25ContentAdded 2004 Democratic primary results for CO and NC caucus. Updated primary schedule.
2004-04-23ContentAdded minor party results by county for AR, KY, and TX in 1972.
2004-04-20ContentAdded precinct data for Ohio 2000.
2004-04-18ContentAdded county maps and data for IL and LA from the 2004 Democratic Primary.
2004-04-18ContentAdded data and county maps for 2004 Democratic Primary contests in Mississippi and Wyoming.
2004-04-15ContentAdded CD maps and data for 2004 Democratic Primary - NY, CA, and FL.
2004-04-12UpdateAdded updated county-level data for CA, FL, MD, NY, and TX Democratic Presidential Primary elections.
2004-04-12ContentAdded county-level data for minor party candidates in Arkansas in the 1984 general election.
2004-04-11ContentAdded City/Town data and precinct data for several upsate New York Counties in 1992, 1996, and 2000
2004-04-11ContentAdded Maine Voter registration figures for 1988 and 1992 (Town and County)
2004-04-11ContentAdded county township map for Yates, NY 1992.
2004-04-10ContentAdded county boundary image-map coordinates for changes to FL counties between 1911 and 1928.
2004-04-10ContentAdded FL County maps for 1916 and 1928.
2004-04-10CorrectionCorrected county boundaries for FL 1912.
2004-04-08ContentAdded precinct data for KS 2000 and a portion of FL 2000.
2004-04-02ContentAdded 1992 county township maps for NY: Oneida, Saratoga, Alabany, Chautauqua, Tioga, Columbia, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Orange, and Schuyler.
2004-03-26ContentAdded precinct data for NH and VT 1996 and 2000.
2004-03-26ContentAdded precinct results for NH, VT 1992
2004-03-25ContentAdded precinct data for Maine 1996 and 2000.
2004-03-25ContentAdded precinct data for AZ, DE, and PA in 2000.
2004-03-23ContentAdded county-level township maps for IL (all counties except Kankakee).
2004-03-23ContentAdded precinct data for MN 2000.
2004-03-20ContentAdded city and township maps and data for Allegany, Genesee, Hamilton, Lewis, and Seneca Counties, NY for 1992. Added detailed precinct data for same
2004-03-20ContentAdded county city and township results maps and county pie charts for all Michigan counties in 2000.
2004-03-16ContentAdded pie charts for all IL counties 2000. County map for Cook County, IL in 2000.
2004-03-16New Featureadded new features to data tables - select visible columns, include population, registered voters, turnout, etc.
2004-03-14New FeatureAdded popup master key for population and party maps.
2004-03-13ContentAdded 1940 county maps for FL, AR, KY, VA, and TX. Added national county map for 1940 (both large mercator and small lambert conical).
2004-03-13ContentAdded precinct map from Don Johnson to Shelby County, TN
2004-03-13New FeatureAdded population mouse-over maps for 1940, 1960, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000.
2004-03-09ContentAdded 1944 national county map.
2004-03-09ContentAdded county maps for 1944 AL, AR, KY, TX, and VA.
2004-03-08ContentAdded 1948 national county maps (small and large)
2004-03-08ContentAdded 1948 OH county map.
2004-02-29UpdateUpdated 2004 Primary data for February 2 states: AZ, MO, OK, DE. Includes CD data for AZ, OK, DE.
2004-02-28ContentAdded CD Maps for 1980 AR, MA, SC, UT.
2004-02-26ContentAdded precinct data for Michigan in 2000.
2004-02-26New FeatureAdded county subdivision menus for Other states with town maps (PA, OH, MI, WI, MN).
2004-02-24ContentAdded county-level party maps for each state 1968, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000.
2004-02-24New FeatureAdded party maps for at the county level for states.
2004-02-24New FeatureCounty-level population data for 1960 through 2000. (members)
2004-02-17ContentAdded Presidential Elector names for ND in 1992 and 1996.
2004-02-16ContentAdded LA 1992 CD map and data.
2004-02-16ContentAdded precinct data for NC in 2000 and LA for 1992, 1996, and 2000.
2004-02-15CorrectionFixed Ohio Township maps for 2000 (Data errors for some cities and towns caused some of the color codes to be incorrect).
2004-02-15ContentAdded precinct data for VA 1996 and 2000.
2004-02-15ContentAdded Precinct data for AR in 1996 (minus Phillips County) and 2000.
2004-02-14New FeatureAdded census population and land area data to state-level pages.
2004-02-14ContentAdded precinct data for SC in 1996 and 2000.
2004-02-14ContentAdded TN Precinct Data for 2000.
2004-02-12ContentAdded complete precinct and town data for three upstate NY counties (Sullivan, Ulster, and Wayne) for 1992, 1996, and 2000
2004-02-09New FeatureAdded 2004 primary data links on the state pages (for members).
2004-02-08ContentAdded precinct results for AK 1992.
2004-02-07ContentAdded AK Precinct data for 1996 and 2000.
2004-02-07ContentPrecinct data for North Dakota 1996 and 2000.
2004-02-06ContentAdded precinct results for Wyoming 1996 and 2000.
2004-02-03ContentAdded precinct data for Montana 1992, 1996, and 2000
2004-02-02ContentAdded Precinct results for Idaho in 1992, 1996, and 2000
2004-02-01ContentAdded precinct results for Rhode Island in 2000.
2004-02-01ContentAdded Precinct-level data and links for some upstate New York Counties for 1992, 1996, and 2000.
2004-01-30New FeatureEnabled Members site feature
2004-01-25CorrectionCompleted several bug-fixes to stats and data sql scripts.
2004-01-24UpdateChanged site over from html pages to php for majority of the content. This is a major update and includes many new features.
2004-01-11ContentAdded 1952 National County Maps
2004-01-11ContentAdded 1956 National County Maps
2004-01-04ContentAdded township maps for Sullivan County, NY for years 1992, 1996, and 2000
2003-12-09CorrectionCorrected Data for Richland County, SC. SC Election Commission has the incorrect data for Ward 13. I have included these figures in the members' dat
2003-12-09New FeatureAdded deluxe version of the electoral vote calculator.
2003-12-06CorrectionMade additional corrections to a few county maps 1960 - 2000. Also updated national-level county maps.
2003-12-04CorrectionCorrected percentage errors in several county maps for years: 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000
2003-11-23ContentAdded Iowa county maps for 1952, 1936, and 1932
2003-11-23ContentAdded George county map for 1956
2003-11-22ContentAdded Kentucky county maps for 1948, 1952, and 1956
2003-11-22ContentAdded Arkansas county maps for 1948, 1952, and 1956
2003-11-22ContentAdded voter registration data for Massachusetts by county and city/town for 1996
2003-11-21New FeatureAdded Electoral College Calculator.
2003-11-17UpdateCalifornia recall election results updated per the certified results from the Statement of Vote published by the California Secretary of State.
2003-11-16ContentPreliminary Louisiana Gubernatorial election results from 11/15/03 (data, pie, and parish map) added.
2003-11-11New FeatureAdded data graphs for subdivisions (states, counties, and city/town) from the respective National, State, and County results pages.
2003-11-10New FeatureAdded basic JavaCompare! pages and links from state and national pages
2003-11-08ContentAdded remaining Presidential Elector data for 2000 (most states now complete, but a few are missing names of defeated electors).
2003-11-07New FeatureAdded new feature of 'Compare Graphs' to state pages
2003-11-06UpdateUpdated several page types to be W3C XHTML-compliant
2003-11-05ContentUploaded Presidential Electors data for the states of: AL, CA, IN, MN, OH, SD, TN, WI, and WY from the 2000 election
2003-11-05ContentMississippi Gubernatorial results (preliminary) for 2003 added.
2003-11-04ContentKentucky 2003 Gubernatorial election results (preliminary) added
2003-11-04UpdateGubernatorial links and pages for 2003 added to the Gubernatorial section. CA Recall results linked in from the main Gubernatorial pages.
2003-11-04New FeatureAdded Bug entry and tracking feature
2003-11-03New FeatureAdded Site Update Entry Log

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