This is the 0.3 version of phpMyCal, which allows for database driven calendar integration with phpicalendar.

phpMyCal was written by Ben Levy, who can be reached at


phpMyCal is an interface for a calendar database using MySQL. The core set of functionality provides for creating, editing, and deleting calendars and events, and generating iCalendar data. An add on bridge allows direct interaction with PHP iCalendar.

Calendar access is controlled with a simple password design. There is an admin password required for creating, editing, or deleting calendars. Each calendar can optionaly have its own password set. No calendar password means anyone can make changes, otherwise the password is required for each change.

For integrating with PHP iCalendar, I envisioned the usage being one or more calendars set up to be published from the user's computer, and then one or more set up in phpMyCal that are then subscribed to on the user's computer.

At this point phpMyCal only supports the most basic of event details. There are no attendees, alarms, but support has been added for simple recurring events. Also the interface is completely unpolished. Dates are expected to be "month/day/year" and times "24hour:minutes" and no work has gone in to making things look nice. Also have yet to set up a place within the PHP iCalendar interface to create or edit calendars.

This really isn't ready for any kind of release, but I'd like to show what I have and see what people think.

New Event is in the list with "Go to Today," etc. and editing/deleting events can be done from the event popup.

Again, I just finished getting the functionality working so expect many rough edges.