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January 16, 2019, 11:25:49 am
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 on: Today at 11:25:31 am 
Started by Sir Mohamed - Last post by Sinema-Hobbs-Hoffman-Trump Voter
Enabler of genocide.  When he dies, I doubt there will be much mourning in Bangladesh or East Timor.

This, plus a war criminal for his actions involving Cambodia.

 on: Today at 11:25:28 am 
Started by Edgeofnight - Last post by Politician
Thanks to Kasich and the neoliberal centrist Dems voting for him, Trump won.

 on: Today at 11:25:23 am 
Started by DINGO Joe - Last post by Nutmeg

 on: Today at 11:23:10 am 
Started by pbrower2a - Last post by pbrower2a
Morning Consult/Politico, Jan. 11-14, 1984 RV (1-week change)

Approve 42 (-1)
Disapprove 54 (+2)

Strongly approve 23 (-1)
Strongly disapprove 42 (+3)

Is this the first poll in which "strongly disapprove" is above total approval?

This suggests Presidential failure.

Pew Research, Jan. 9-14, 1505 adults (change from Sept.)

Approve 37 (-1)
Disapprove 59 (+4)

The 538 average is now at the worst point for Trump since last February.

I'd love to see some state polls. Maybe the unflattering poll of Trump approval from Alaska was not an outlier.

President Trump is still safe from impeachment and being defeated in a Republican primary. He would need an approval rating in the low twenties for such to happen, as when Republican pols would have to contemplate impeaching him to save their political careers.

 on: Today at 11:19:49 am 
Started by RogueBeaver - Last post by olowakandi
If Manchin wins and there is a Dem prez Castro or Harris, Ojeda wont have to support Trump. Special election will be in sometime early 2021.

 on: Today at 11:17:58 am 
Started by Gass3268 - Last post by Torranski
This is actually a decent strategy.

A perceived slight to Trump's presidential authority, and/or ego, might be the jolt needed to bring him to the table.

Man, it's great to have Pelosi back in the chair

 on: Today at 11:17:58 am 
Started by 538Electoral - Last post by RINO Tom

 on: Today at 11:14:51 am 
Started by Vega - Last post by RaphaelDLG
Corey Booker and Deval Patrick have really good shots if an older white person wins the D. Primary

 on: Today at 11:14:19 am 
Started by Julian Assange is a Snowflake - Last post by Karpatsky
He's the first post-WW2 President to speak positively of the Soviet Union.

well better that than loving nazis like most ukrainians

Wow, I must have missed them all in all my years in Ukraine. Have a source on that not directly funded by the GRU?

 on: Today at 11:13:45 am 
Started by RogueBeaver - Last post by President Weatherboy1102
GOP is underestimating Richard Ojeda's chances. He is a decorated Army Vet and can successfully defend this seat
 He will surely jump in, if the seat is vacated
He'll run for president in 2024, not senate.

If the Senate is vacated and Dems win in 2020, Richard Ojeda will run for Sen

... and lose big league.

They also said Beshear, Hood would lose. They are in contention. Thats why we have this thread about WWC voters

We would only know how well Ojeda will do, if only Manchin wins the gov mansion. Polling will be done. Ojeda is a Vet
Ojeda was doing well until Trump came in and said "don't vote for ojeda because he doesn't support me" and he lost bad. I assume the same would happen.

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