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December 13, 2019, 08:01:40 am
News: 2019 Gubernatorial Endorsements Close today at noon

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 on: Today at 06:30:38 am 
Started by Ses - Last post by morgankingsley
I would rather be a poster who doesn't really stand out one way or another, can easily be ignored, but still can get along with most anybody just due to being cordial, then be a poster who goes too far with stating his ideas, creates a persona people know, but a persona that people hate. I just can't find it in myself or my nature to debate and ruin something with people in an online community that even if I am not super special, am at least accepted in, just to be a persona that I don't even believe in, for the sake of the reaction. I come on here for a good time, to have fun, and occasionally debate politics, not to spend days of my life debating different ideals that I just quite frankly can't get myself to be invested in. And if my lack of decision, my lack of ideals, my lack of an impact, make me an HP to the eyes of some, then it is a title that I will accept as gracefully as I possibly can

 on: Today at 06:27:55 am 
Started by Hindsight is 2020 - Last post by PA is Lean D

If conservatives are backing somebody because they piss the other side off and not because of their policies then Iím not sure you should be voting.

 on: Today at 06:25:30 am 
Started by Landslide Lyndon - Last post by PA is Lean D
Again I don't remember any GOP avatar complaining or dissing Kander's depression or suicidal thoughts when he announced them even if blue avatars disagree with Kander.

Well weíre seeing them do it here... I wonder what factor that might be...

 on: Today at 06:24:09 am 
Started by The Invisible Hand (that suicided Jeffrey Epstein) - Last post by PA is Lean D
The most effective way to reduce abortions is to make it illegal.  Hundreds of thousands of mothers will choose to keep their child if they are prevented from getting an abortion.

That is the dumbest thing Iíve read this morning.


 on: Today at 06:22:20 am 
Started by Landslide Lyndon - Last post by PA is Lean D
JD acting perfectly not unhinged here.

 on: Today at 06:19:09 am 
Started by MissScarlett - Last post by PA is Lean D
Sanders is nowhere near as unpopular and problematic as Jeremy Corbyn is. So no.

 on: Today at 06:17:03 am 
Started by cp - Last post by MissScarlett
The liberal democrats have really hurt Labour in this election.

Serious questions need to asked to why they carried on standing candidates

At the count in Kensington, the voters were horrified (pro-remain) that they have a die-hard leaver representing them because the liberal democrats refused to stand down.

In High Peak, the liberal democrat was sarcastically clapped for letting the Tory in. Even in Blyth Valley (first Tory gain) the Green party were put in the awkward position of trying to explain what the benefit is of splitting the left vote for the tory to win?  

Its totally pointless for the Green Party and Liberal democrats to say that the political system is rotten or broken. You know the rules before the election and if you have zero chance of running and its a swing district then questions need to be asked why are you running in the first place?

 on: Today at 06:14:16 am 
Started by cp - Last post by Landslide Lyndon
Russian here. We would prefer Corbyn as more dovish and anti-imperialist candidate.

It was a win-win situation in the UK with these two uniquely awful candidates.

 on: Today at 06:13:52 am 
Started by cp - Last post by Justice Blair
Indulgent Post.

I knocked on about 300 Labour Doors at this election; and helped with a Labour campaign for 5 weeks.

10-20% of previously labour voters said in a safe Labour seat said they weren't voting Labour because of Corbyn.

Over 100 odd emails saying they would vote for our candidate but not Corbyn because of Brexit, anti-semitism, nationalisation etc etc. I know that this was widespread in nearly every other CLP; and I can only image it was more widespread in the North and Midlands.

There is spin from JC team that it's about Brexit and Keir Starmer is to blame; sure Brexit was the vehicle that crashed through the wall, but the wall was mouldy, weak and crumbling because of a whole host of reasons.

A manifesto that was not costed, a perception we were at best willing to ignore antisemitism (and at worst that we were institutionally antisemitic) and a leader who people did not want as Prime Minister.

We all knew that Corbyn was perceived as an awful leader; especially in our leave seats. This is a huge historic loss for the Labour Party, and the narrow minded sect which has lead our party since 2015, and which has controlled the machine since 2018 is responsible.

Their manifesto, their leader, their strategy. Their loss.

 on: Today at 06:10:00 am 
Started by Cleveland Rocks - Last post by Grand Mufti T'Chenka
Thunberg 2019. I would have picked Obama 2008 if that was an option, but think Greta 2019 is a better choice than Obama 2012.

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