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Author Topic: Westman Timeline Pt. I  (Read 163197 times)
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« Reply #25 on: July 13, 2010, 02:31:14 am »

I can't see Thurmond running for President in 1960, as he would have been simultaneously having to run for reelection as a Senator.  Not a good tactic at the best of times and it would have required a change in State law, as South Carolina law prohibits running for two offices simultaneously.
Thanks for the advice.

It's over.
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« Reply #26 on: July 13, 2010, 04:31:55 pm »

June 11th, 1972
Robert F. Kennedy Campaign for Re-Election
Rally stop in Butte, Montana:

Crowd is going wild as President Kennedy speaks.  Scott Westman and his friend Carl Herschelwitz, a child prodigy with an IQ of 190 who graduated MIT at the age of 20, are taking a smoke break in a nearby building.
Westman: Wow, he sure seems to be commanding quite a crowd.
Herschelwitz: Yeah, never mind that this place is the mick capital of the American West and the President’s approval rating is in the high 60s nationwide.
Westman: Very true.  Even this new Constitution Party should pose little threat to the President’s chances in the South.  Hell, he still won, though it went to Congress, with the American “Independent” Party running in 1968.  Lucky for us that crazy last week was a horrible shot.
Herschelwitz: What was that crazy cat’s name again?
Westman: John Tunney.  Such a shame, great upbringing and everything and then POOF! Sanity is lost.  He was the roommate of the President’s youngest brother you see.
Herschelwitz: Oh yes, Edward or as Robert affectionately calls him “Teddy”.  You know the one who knocked up his secretary.
Westman: Oh yes, Mary Jo Kopechne, now known as Mary Jo Kennedy since 1970.  She’s quite the babe.
Herschelwitz: Yeah, man takes up after his brother Jack I tell ya.  Sad thing he had passed due to Addison’s back in 1961 though.  Many thought he would be our chance in 1964.  Well, I guess it was for the best.
Westman: Enough about social talk, let’s get back on topic.  Who do you think the President will choose for his runningmate?
Herschelwitz: Well for obvious reasons the Vice President is ruled out.  I’m thinking that the President wants to build upon his popularity amongst the college aged, so I’m thinking he will nominate a New Dealer along the lines of Humphrey or Reagan.
Westman: Those two old farts?  Why not somebody like Mike Gravel or Fred Harris?
Herschelwitz: All those guys you just listed would really piss off the conservatives.
Westman: McGovern and McCarthy wouldn’t?!  Need I remind you that Harris has been elected to states that rank high on the morality scale?
Herschelwitz: You know, Republicans are in a really weird state right now.  I for one can’t figure that Beauregard D’Israeli guy out.
Westman: He seems to be a bit of an ideologue.  There was a cartoon of him made in the local newspaper in Missoula with the caricature screaming “GOLD STANDARD! GOOOOOOLD STANDARD!”  And that Satanic sh*t, is he trying to get out of office?
Herschelwitz: I don’t know man, I really don’t know.
Westman: Crazy thing is, though a Democrat I find myself in agreement more than not with the Senator from Wyoming, I hope he wins the Primary because I don’t want to entertain the possibility of President Agnew or President Lindsay.
Herschelwitz: I hear you man, Republican candidate D’Israeli would guarantee a landslide victory.

Later, at the Democratic National Convention:
Representative Mo Udall, presiding:
Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great privilege to announce the 1972 Democratic National Ticket: President Robert Francis Kennedy of New York and United States Senator Ronald Wilson Reagan of California!
Herschelwitz: You owe me a beer.

Republican National Convention, 1972:
Former Senator Barry Goldwater:
Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to announce the 1972 Republican National Ticket after two rounds of balloting: Governor Spiro Agnew of Maryland and former Governor James Rhodes of Ohio!
Westman, watching tv: Jesus.

Constitution National Convention 1972:
Representative John Schmitz:
It brings me great honor to announce the first ever Constitution Party ticket of former Governor Lester Maddox of Georgia and his running mate Representative John Jarman of Oklahoma!
1972 General Election:
For the first time since 1932 the election would come down to ideological lines as the Democratic ticket would represent the long dominant New Deal coalition with President Robert Kennedy and Senator Ronald Reagan versus the new wave of Republican conservatism presented by the ticket of Governor Agnew and former Governor Rhodes versus the “State’s Rightsesque” Constitution Party’s ticket of Lester Maddox and John Jarman.  This election would be a dramatic reversal of 1964, where the Democratic ticket was the more conservative ticket and the Republican ticket was the more liberal ticket.  Throughout the election the Democratic ticket would emphasize economic prosperity, the cessation of hostilities with the People’s Republic of Iran, and the need for more environmental reform.  The Republican ticket would attack what they called “the hippiezation” of the nation at the hands of the Kennedy Administration, arguing that America should take a more active stance against communism.  The Constitution Party would attack what they would call the “Romanization of American Government”, bemoaning the very liberal advancement toward civil rights the previous administrations.  They would also, like the Republican Party in 1928, bring attention to the Irish Catholic ancestry of both of the Democratic candidates (the ticket of Robert Kennedy and Ronald Reagan at the time was the most Irish Catholic ticket ever nominated, with Robert Kennedy being full Irish Catholic and Reagan being Irish Catholic on his father’s side), bringing up concerns that the Democratic Administration might “be taking their orders straight from Rome and not from us.”
The move would backfire……GREATLY.  Things wouldn’t go well for the Republicans either as the economy prospered even more and a successful coup in Austria overthrew the Communist government in charge there.  But that would compare nothing to the Spiro Investigation.
Just a week after winning the nomination for President on the Republican ticket the FBI would begin a series of investigation into Governor Agnew's involvement with several Maryland businesses revealed to be involved in money laundering.  THough it would not be found out that Agnew was indeed involved with the businesses in question it would still damn his chances at winning the presidency.
The result would be the first 400+ electoral landslide victory since 1944.

1972 US Presidential Election Results:

President Robert F. Kennedy (New York)/Senator Ronald W. Reagan (California) Democratic Party 425 Electoral Votes 54.10% Popular Vote
Governor Spiro Agnew (Maryland)/Former Governor James Rhodes (Ohio) Republican Party 43 Electoral Votes 29.21% Popular Vote
Former Governor Lester Maddox (Georgia)/John Jarman (Oklahoma) Constitution Party 70 Electoral Votes 15.82% Popular Vote
Other: .87% Popular Vote 1 Electoral Vote*

*An elector in Colorado would cast a vote for the infant Libertarian Party, giving an electoral vote to John Hospers of California and Theodora Nathan of Oregon.  This would make Nathan the first female to receive an electoral vote.
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« Reply #27 on: July 13, 2010, 06:03:33 pm »

June 11th, 1974
Westman US House Montana District 1 Primary Campaign Headquarters
Westman Flat near Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana
11:52 PM:

Westman is watching the news coverage of his race against Mansfield endorsed Max Baucus, a member of the Montana House of Representatives.  His daughter Brea is asleep in his lap, falling asleep an hour ago.  It was after all past her bedtime, not that Scott ever gave her one anyway.  His sister, Nora, usually took care of matters like that, but she was on vacation in San Francisco at the moment leaving the grueling task of fatherhood to Scott while he was in the midst of his campaign.  He takes a quick drink of his rum and coke before looking back at the television screen.
Seated in big chair next to the couch he and Brea were resting on was his close friend and advisor Carl Herschelwitz, a 23 year old prodigy of extraordinary intellect who had become Westman’s “adopted brother”.  Others called the genius kid out of MIT “the Robin to Westman’s Batman” and his own daughter Brea looked up to him as if he was her uncle.  Westman had grown an immediate liking the Carl after meeting him while campaigning for President Kennedy in western Montana and after the election season offered Carl a place to stay in Missoula while Westman taught a course of Advanced Placement European History at Hellgate High School and 6 hours of Modern American History at Montana University.  Carl also had a job as an analyst of electronic data at a local company, making very good money for a kid his age.  The two men made quite  bit of dough, enough to purchase this flat at a very nice deal from some guy who had just built a big ranch located just a few miles out of town.  It wasn’t the best, it didn’t have air conditioning and the heater couldn’t go above 58 degrees in the winter (not good during the cold Montana winters), but it was home.
Carl stroked his beard before speaking:

Herschelwitz: Do you really think you can pull of an upset?
Westman: It’s possible, right now I’m only a few points behind, hopefully once the full results come in from Missoula I will nab it.
Herschelwitz: You know, this was good strategy.  Focusing on the cities.  Right here it says that you got I believe it was 57% of the vote from Butte, very impressive for a man with no political experience.
Westman: Hell, it’ll be close but Baucus is a very crafty son of a bitch.  Not to mention he has the endorsement of Mansfield, the US Senate Majority Leader.  He thinks Baucus is more “liberal” than me?  My ass!
Herschelwitz: From a merely economic/fiscal standpoint, Baucus would be.  However, you have a way more liberal view of civil rights, liberties, Native American issues, narcotics, abortion, etc. etc. etc.  I’m shocked you are winning the Catholic vote, even if you are a spawn of Willie Westman.
Westman: Yeah, my grandfather’s name somehow brings up gasps of awe from people around here.  I never knew that political side of him, hell I met him when I was 13 years old, just after he got back from Great Britain on his ambassadorship.
Dan Rather: And now the results of the Congressional Democratic Primary Race for Montana One.  CBS News can now confirm that state representative Max Baucus has won a somewhat expected but surprisingly close race against the libertarian anti-war activist Scott Westman.
Westman: That sucks.  I wonder if they will let us keep the money we raised for the campaign to buy more rum and coke?
Herschelwitz: Well, you did damn good Scott, you should be proud of that.  No random school teacher can lay claim to losing a US House Primary race by a 1.5% margin to a member of the Montana House of Representatives.
Westman: It was fun, but I think I enjoy teaching a little bit more than being thrust into the spotlight for the cynics to crucify me.
Rather: Westman pulled off a surprising performance, though what should’ve been expected from the grandson of William Westman who pulled off legendary upsets against popular political figures like Thomas Dewey and Fiorello La Guardia?
Westman turns off the tv.
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It's over.
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« Reply #28 on: July 14, 2010, 10:07:35 am »

November 11th, 1975
Outdoor Progressive Rock Festival
Missoula, Montana:

Scott Westman comes up onstage with his 12 year old daughter Brea, his sister Nora, his “protégé” 17 year old Marci Flounders, and his best friend and top advisor Carl Herschelwitz.  He gets a loud ovation from the audience, who had just finished watching Yes perform.
Jon Anderson, Singer of Yes: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me the pleasure to introduce to you a most glorious man with a most glorious cause: SCOTT WESTMAN!
Crowd erupts in applause again.
Westman: Good afternoon my fellow Missoulans.  Today I got a most important announcement to make, one that concerns the future of this nation and most importantly, the voice of this state in Congress.  As you all know a year ago I lost a very close race to become the Democratic nominee to be your US House Representative.  A truly wise man would try to win a House election once again after getting so close, however I am truly no wise man as exhibited by my arrest record.
A loud collective chuckle is heard from the audience.
Westman: Therefore, instead of putting in my resources to try win what I had lost in a very close race, I have decided to go one higher and run for the UNITED STATES SENATE, YEAH!
Crowd erupts
Westman: But I can’t do this alone, I will need the help and support of every single one of you radicals for liberty and peace to show up on the campaign trail and at the voting booth to finally get the voice of this generation heard in Congress!  And we will do it with or without the help of the Mansfield Establishment!
And thus began Scott Westman’s first campaign for the US Senate.

It's over.
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« Reply #29 on: July 14, 2010, 04:22:05 pm »

Jim Rhodes killed your wife.

Oh yes, thanks for reminding me.
Yeah well I'm glad that old fatass bastard fascist got his just deserts!

Note: His inclusion on the Republican ticket was no accident.

It's over.
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« Reply #30 on: July 15, 2010, 04:00:48 pm »

June 2nd, 1976
Democratic Primary Debate between John Melcher and Scott Westman:

Gentlemen, in a few months one of you will be in the general senatorial election as the Democratic nominee against the Republican candidate Larry Williams.  What advantages do you believe that you have over your opponent in regards to representing Montana Democratic interests?
Melcher: Well, with all due respect to my fellow Democrat Mr. Westman I think my tenure as a member of the US House of Representatives representing the second district of Montana says enough about the advantage in experience.  I have also proven myself to be a strong supporter of important Democratic positions such as environmental protection, conservation, healthcare reform: of which I helped sponsor the 1973 Healthcare Reform Bill that helped establish a public healthcare system for the general populace, veteran’s benefits, women’s rights, among other issues that I believe reflect the best interests of not just Montana Democrats, but the people of Montana.
Westman: I have respect for this man for what he has helped accomplish in the US House and he is indeed very qualified to run for higher office.
Moderator: Then why are you running Mr. Westman?
Westman: Because I believe that I can do better than him, I can represent these people’s views strongly in the US Senate.  I will not be a mere voice for the Mansfield Establishment, I will truly represent the views of the people of Montana.
Moderator: Mr. Westman, you have gained a reputation as being the “candidate of the counterculture” yet you are running in the Democratic Primary against a man whose mentor was the first at large US public official to voice opposition to the Persian War, call for the end of the draft, and publicly condemn the excessive use of force by the National Guard at quieting US dissenters.  Mr. Melcher has said if elected to the US Senate he would carry on these policies started by Senator Mansfield.  Why, when you agree so much with both the Senator and Melcher, are you running?
Westman: Once again Jack I am not running to represent the views of the counterculture, I am running to represent the views of the people of Montana.  Yes, this young generation of Montanans will finally get their voices heard, but it won’t be their voices alone that shall be heard.  When in the US Senate I will represent the views of the people of Montana, a people that love and respect the libertarian values of freedom and democracy that have made this country so great.
Moderator: Mr. Westman, how do you reconcile your own deeply held libertarian values with the mostly liberal politics of the national party?
Westman: The Democratic Party is the Party of the People, not the Party of Liberalism.  I wish people would make that distinction.  There is no reason why the Party of the People should support views such as gun control, warrantless searches, phone bugging, and censorship that undermine their Constitutional freedoms, all of which this man has voted for as a member of the US House in the past five years.

Westman’s words would end up being prophetic, as he would end up winning the primary by a 4 point margin in a crushing defeat over establishment favorite John Melcher 52-48.

It's over.
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« Reply #31 on: July 16, 2010, 11:38:44 am »

July 8th, 1976:
The crowd is going wild for the Democratic nominee Scott Westman, who won a surprise upset against popular US House Representative John Melcher of the Second Congressional District of Montana.

Westman: Yes!  Yes!  We can do this!  We can take back the US Senate seat FOR THE PEOPLE OF MONTANA!  Thank you Great Falls and God Bless!
Westman gets off the stage and is immediately greeted by his “protégé” Marci Flounders who gives him a peck on the cheek.
Westman: Babe, you’ve got to be more careful with these greetings, someone might just catch us and assume the wrong thing.
Right as he said that a flash hit him and he saw a man with a Polaroid.
Polaroid: Oh this is perfect!  I think I’ll title this one: Westman, hit with the ladies!
Polaroid gives Westman a thumbs up.  Westman throws an arm around Marci and waves at the man.  Polaroid takes another picture.  Marci snuggles up close to Westman and whispers in his ear:
Marci: Is this close enough darling?
Westman: Just remind me next time to talk more about lowering the age of consent.
Marci purrs.  Then Westman’s sister Nora shows up.
Nora: Guys, wait till the Holiday Inn before you get a room alright?
Herschelwitz: Impressive Scott, I was almost moved to tears…….
Westman: Hahaha Einstein, now let’s go get a bite to eat.

Two weeks later
Times Magazine Cover: Montana Senatorial Candidate Scott Westman, a Hit with the Ladies

Wow, I have never been more happy that Times Magazine is run by morons than I am now.
Westman: I’m just glad they didn’t turn this into “OMG Senator Pedophile!”  Hell, they’ve turned me into some kind of Sex God.  I guess they must be scared of Larry Williams, I can’t see why though.
Marci: Yeah!  I mean for  Montana Republican he’s a pretty decent guy……
Westman: (chuckles) This is all bullsh*t.
Marci: Yeah, I’m not 15 years old……….and what is this about me being with my parents?
Westman: No I mean this whole Tammany Hall bit.  Sure my grandfather was part of it, but this article seems to be implying that I have inherited his ability to use political machinery to my advantage.  For Christ sake I can’t even get Mansfield’s endorsement for Christ sake!
Herschelwitz: I’m telling you man it’s the Rockefeller run media man, they will do anything to destroy honest to god men like yourself.  They don’t mind statists like Ronnie Reagan, but once a libertarian Democrat like yourself has a shot, just like your grandfather, they will go to any lengths to destroy you politically.
Westman: Well, they can take those dreams of destroying me and shove it.  I will win this election and I will be in the US Senate, with or without Ronnie Reagan or Mike Mansfield help!
Herschelwitz: Well I can more than happily agree with you about Ronnie, the man is toxic up here.  But Mansfield, we could really use his help in this election, I suggest a personal appeal to him.

Washington D.C. August 2nd, 1976
The Steps of Capitol Hill

Senator Mike Mansfield approaches the press.

Reporter: Senator, may I inquire as to why you have yet to endorse the Democratic nominee for your seat Scott Westman?
Mansfield: I’m glad you brought that up because right here I got a statement ready:
As of 1424 Eastern Standard Time, Senate Minority Leader Mike Mansfield has thrown his public endorsement behind the Democratic candidate for the US Senate race in Montana.  Thank you and God Bless.
Westman: Son of a bitch……….I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.
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It's over.
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« Reply #32 on: July 16, 2010, 02:08:00 pm »

1976 General Election Synopsis

The 1976 General Election season would be very trying on a majority of Democratic candidates.  The tragic death of President Kennedy on May 8th, 1973 to an assassin by the name of David Duke, a white supremacist, who claimed to have done it to “save the fabric of American society” and that “the Vice President was lucky his half mick ass wasn’t at the same location or I would’ve iced him too.”  David Duke would be given a life sentence on December 9th, 1974, but would die just a few months later after being a victim of a massive gang rape in prison by some black inmates.  Despite Kennedy legacy, however, the Democrats would lose both houses of Congress due to public opposition to a number of liberal President Ronald Reagan’s social programs.
As a result of Kennedy’s assassination, President Reagan and the Democrats would have a mandate to push forth extensive legislation, namely the Public Health Bill of 1973 which would create for the very first time a national public health program for the United States.
However, by the 1976 general election season, the “Kennedy Wave” was starting to wear off.  President Ronald Reagan, “an unrepentant New Deal Liberal”, was on par to become the most unpopular incumbent President since Harry Truman due to the exploding Federal Deficit that was incurred after the implementation of economically liberal legislation that Reagan pushed forward.  Reagan’s push for tax raises, especially income taxes (which was approaching 80% on the top income bracket, the highest taxation on the top income brackets since the Dewey Administration), would make him widely despised amongst a populace growing ever tired of the high taxation brought on by liberal social programs.  In the words of Senator Robert Taft Jr. of Ohio
Quote from: Senator Robert Taft Jr. of Ohio
“President Reagan’s economic policy can be summed up in these few short phrases: “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”
After a grueling primary season, which President would barely win over Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen, whom the libertarian/moderate wings of the party had united behind, the party would re-nominate Vice President Jimmy Carter, another moderate Democrat who took over the role in January 1974, to hopefully swing a number of Southern States to lessen the damage done by the Constitution Party in the South.
The Republican National Convention of 1976 would be a more festive occasion, with the GOP ticket of former UN Ambassador Elliot Richardson of Massachusetts and Kansas Senator Robert Dole carrying the hope of a GOP presidency for the first time in 8 years.  With an economic downturn and rising inflation, the GOP seemed real optimistic about winning the White House, often comparing the atmosphere of 1976 to that of 1948, when Republican Thomas Dewey won the election over unpopular Democratic incumbent President Harry Truman.
However, the Republicans would underestimate the tenacity and intellect of the man many dubbed “the Great Communicator”.  Instead of focusing his attacks on the Republican ticket, President Reagan would attack the conservative Republican Congress for “doing nothing except lounging back with their cute little pro-limited government one liners” while the Republican nominee Richardson was making very vague policy statements like “A United Nations is a United Future.”
The end result:

President Ronald Reagan (California)/Vice President James Carter (Georgia) Democratic Party 282 Electoral Votes 44.61% Popular Vote
Elliot Richardson (Massachusetts)/Robert Dole (Kansas) 233 Electoral Votes 44.20% Popular Vote
Representative Thomas Jefferson Anderson (Tennessee)/Representative John G. Schmitz (California) 23 Electoral Votes 9.11% Popular Vote
Other: 2.08% Popular Vote
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« Reply #33 on: July 17, 2010, 10:13:43 am »

Nice. I have one question, with butterflies, were there any major changes in a chapter of Civil Rights struggle in the south?

Esspecially with a Republican presidents being a driving power behind Civil Rights Act.

Well both parties pro-Civil Rights (the Republicans a little bit more so I guess) platforms would cause a strong third party movement in the South (with the State's Rights Party, American Independent, and Constitution Partys representing the anti-Civil Rights wing/far right wing (later on))

Due to strength of third parties and still ingering anti-Catholicism in the South, Republican nominees sometimes win close Southern states.

It's over.
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« Reply #34 on: July 19, 2010, 12:44:28 pm »

A series of personal interviews:
July 12th, 1976
After a Westman rally in Butte, Montana:

Carl Herschelwitz is handing out Westman buttons when he is approached by a woman in business wear holding out a recorder.
Woman: (in an Australian accent) Mister Herschelwitz?
Herschelwitz: Can I help you lady?
Joan: My name is Joan Hart, I’m with the Sydney Morning Herald could I perhaps have a few words with you?
Carl motions for Nora to take over the button station while he talks with the reporter.  Carl takes Joan to a nearby campaign tent and motions for her to take a seat.
Joan: Mister Herschelwitz, may I ask your background?
Herschelwitz: Well gee lady it’s quite boring: Prussian and Bavarian on my father’s side, Swiss German and Czech on my mother’s side.  I’m practically Aryan, minus the black hair.
Joan chuckles.
Joan: Well tell me about your educational/professional background.
Carl gives her a look that says “oh boy!”
Herschelwitz: Well, I was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts if that gives you an idea of how my educational background turns out. (chuckles) I went to Buckingham Browne and Nichols for primary and secondary schooling beginning at age 4, after skipping a few grades I would graduate as a senior at the age of 14 before being accepted to Harvard University on a full ride scholarship, graduated from there after three years, applied for graduate school at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, got in, graduated with a Masters in Engineering in May 1971 at the age of 20.  Two months later I would accept a job as a computer engineer with International Business Machines for a branch out in Missoula, Montana where I would meet Scott Westman.
Joan looks shell shocked.
Joan: Wow, Mister Herschelwitz, you are quite the genius.
Herschelwitz: Scott sometimes calls me “genius enough to be deranged” (chuckles).
Joan: So tell me more about how you and Mister Westman came to be associated.
Herschelwitz: Well, I would say it was when I first moved to Missoula.  Scott had just earned his Master’s in History from Stanford University and he had come back to Missoula to begin his teaching career.  Well he just happened to walk into the IBM branch that I worked at and we immediately hit it off.  I was living in a crap apartment, and he was living out of his Volkswagen van.  So we banded together and start renting a not-as-crappy one bedroom living room apartment for Westman, his daughter Brea, his sister Nora and myself to live in.
Joan: Sounds like it was a full house.
Herschelwitz: Well, it wasn’t so bad, Westman and his sister are very close so none of the usual sibling banter.  And his daughter was quite mature and well behaved for a seven/eight year old.
Joan: That’s not very much room for four people……
Herschelwitz: I stayed on the couch in the living room while Westman shared the queen size bed with his sister and daughter.
Joan gives him a weird look.
Herschelwitz: Like I said, they are VERY close.  Luckily, with the money I had been making as a computer engineer and Scott’s somewhat decent salary as a college professor and high school teacher of history we were able to purchase a flat near the Clark Fork River near the fairgrounds in Missoula from a guy who just purchased a ranch just outside of town.  He made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.
Joan: He sounds like a very affectionate person.  So when did you and Mister Westman become involved in political campaigning?
Herschelwitz: Well as anybody who has heard the news knows Scott has been involved with politics for awhile.  He’s been arrested thrice for incidents related to anti-war protesting, he actually served a month long jail sentence in 1968 for wearing a very controversial anti-war shirt and then served another jail sentence, this one three months long, from April-July 1969 for getting into an altercation with police.  And then there was the Kent State incident with his wife Catalina……..he gave the eulogy two days later at the funeral.
I however, would not get interested in politics until the 1972 general election campaign, which Scott dragged me into.  I had to explain to my boss why the hell I was taking a two week vacation, but otherwise it was a really fun and eye opening experience.  After that experience I was put in charge of managing Scott’s bid for the US House District One (Montana) and now here I am in charge of managing his bid for the Senate.  I can tell you that it is very entertaining, especially with all of the nutcases who show up at these rallies.
Joan: If Mister Westman gets elected to the US Senate do you imagine yourself moving to Washington to take on the role as his chief advisor?
Herchelwitz: Possibly.  I imagine in such a case that IBM would move me up to their Washington DC or Maryland offices.  There is also this infant company that I am involved in called Apple Inc. based out of California.  I own 10% stock in the company, which cost me $800 US, so if it is profitable I earn some extra cash and if it’s not……..damn.
Joan: Is there any last comments you would like to make for the Sydney Morning Herald?
Herschelwitz: Yes, you guys make killer fish and chips.  And of course, and this is for American news media if they ever pick up on this interview: Vote for Westman.
Joan: Thank you Mister Herschelwitz it’s been a pleasure.

August 8th, 1976
Campaign break in Helena, Montana:

Marci Flounders is walking around near the Westman Campaign’s resting place at a local church when she is approached by a journalist looking man.
Marci: Can I help you?
Journalist: Oh yes Ms. Flounders, do you mind answering a few questions for Newsweek Magazine?
Marci’s eyes lit up like a firecracker.
Marci: Oh my god!  Newsweek!?  I would love to!
Newsweek: Where would be a good place to do this?
Marci: The church basement, follow me.
Marci leads the Newsweek man to the church basement where he takes a seat in a chair in front of her while she sits in a leftover pew.
Newsweek: Alright Miss Flounders, may I ask about your background?
Marci: Well let’s see: I am Welsh and French ancestry on my father’s side, Anglo, Dutch, and Swedish ancestry on my mothers.
Newsweek: Sorry, I meant you know like educational/work background.
Marci: Oh right, well I was educated at Hellgate High School where I met Scott, who was the teacher of my Advanced Placement European History class Senior year.
Newsweek: How old are you?
Marci: Seventeen.
Newsweek: Wow, you must be pretty smart to be graduated from High School so young, when did you graduate exactly?
Marci: May 1975, when I was 16.
Newsweek: Wow, Mr. Westman
Marci: Scott
Newsweek: Yes, SCOTT certainly does surround him with a lot of gifted people you know with you and Mr. Hers-err I mean Carl.
Marci: Haha!  I don’t think I’m as gifted as Carl.  He graduated from high school when he was like 14 years old!  But yeah, I guess I’m a bit gifted.  Haven’t been to college yet, but Scott tells me that I’m well beyond the average freshman college student.
Newsweek: So tell me more about your relationship with Scott Westman.
Marci contemplates for 20 seconds before answering.
Marci: Well I imagine being his “protégé” is a bit generic of a term, after all it’s not like he is raising me to be his successor or anything.  Just that he is proud of how well I do in history.  Truth is, me and Scott have a very close personal bond, it’s like we can’t function without each other.  The only way one of us works is when the other is there.  I mean I am his campaign assistant, so I keep him organized and what not.  We talk a lot about random stuff, see movies together, snuggle up on the couch and watch television you know that kind of stuff.
Newsweek: Scott sounds a lot more like your boyfriend than he does your “mentor” Miss Marci.  Do you consider your relationship to be more along the lines of “boyfriend-girlfriend” than “mentor-protégé”?
Marci giggles.
Marci: Why yes I do!  It is a little embarrassing for Scott to come right out and say it, but it’s not really that big of a deal.  I mean yeah, he definitely has a few years on me but I mean come on we’re not doing anything illegal!
Newsweek: So how does it feel, a girl of the age of 17, to be involved with Scott Westman, who is running for the United States Senate?
Marci: Pretty awe inspiring I must say.  I never thought I would be thrust into this kind of situation.  He’s a pretty awesome person, both publicly and privately.  I have to say that the spotlight kind of creeps me out a little bit, I like to keep to myself, but I enjoy helping Scott in this endeavor.  I hope we win.
Newsweek: Is there any last comments you would like to make?
Marci: Yes, remember to vote for Scott Westman for US Senate.
Newsweek: Nice speaking with you Marci.

Two weeks later:
Newsweek Magazine: Westman Rising

Scott Westman is reading the magazine when he suddenly reads a few lines.
Westman: “It is a little embarrassing for Scott to come right out and say it, but it’s not really that big of a deal.  I mean yeah, he definitely has a few years on me but I mean come on we’re not doing anything illegal!”  My god guys!  You have any idea how bad this could be?
Marci: Why are you so afraid to say how you feel about me Scott?  I would think that after the past year or so you would be able to admit that we are a bit more than friends.
Westman: Marci, when people read about a US Senate candidate being romantically involved with a 17 year old girl, matured or not, they are going to be thinking “PEDOPHILE! PEDOPHILE!”
Marci: SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD?!  I’m practically an adult!  I am no child.
Westman: And Carl, what is up with you talking about my relationship with Nora and Brea?  Moralfags are just itching to spread rumors of…….my god I don’t even want to think about it.
Herschelwitz: Jesus dude, relax.  You are thirty-one years old!  People won’t freak out about you dating a 17 year old child prodigy, hell have you been to Hollywood lately?  The only people who would even suggest you know what happening between you, your sister, and your daughter are the joke lunatic conspiracy theorist fringe who no one takes seriously anyway.  Settle down.
Westman: Alright, I’ll settle.
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September 2nd, 1976:
Campaign Stop in Helena, Montana:
Ladies and gents, it’s been great seeing all of you here today.  Behind every good man is a great woman, today I want you to know the woman who is behind Scott Westman.  Ladies and gentlemen, my assistant and MY GIRLFRIEND……..MARCI FLOUNDERS!
Marci comes out on stage and waves at the crowd.  Westman pecks her on the cheek and they share an embrace while she cries.
Marci: You didn’t have to do this, a simply “I’m sorry” would’ve been okay.
Westman: Well you deserve the proper recognition.
Westman turns towards the audience.
Within a matter of hours, the scene would provoke controversy.
NBC News: Today while at a campaign stop in Helena, Montana US Senate candidate Scott Westman shared an emotional embrace with his assistant and apparent girlfriend 17 year old Marci Flounders…….
CBS:…..Westman had just finished a speech about the importance of renewable energy when he called out and introduced his assistant and now admitted girlfriend Marci Flounders, who claimed that in an August Newsweek article…..
ABC:…..of romantic relations between herself and Westman.  Those revelations evoked controversy from various pro-family groups around the country.  Westman’s admittance of a relationship with the 17 year old Marci Flounders is likely to infuriate more of these pro-family groups and the number of social traditionalists in the state of Montana who question Westman’s attraction to a girl who is 13 year younger than he is, an age disparity that is wider than the age of his daughter, Brea who is 12.
Reporter: I am here in Billings where we are talking to residents about who they are planning on voting for US Senate.  Ma’am, could I get a few words with you?
Woman: Of course.
Reporter: Who do you plan on voting for US Senate?
Woman: Until today I was thinking about voting for Scott Westman, however recent revelations, namely about his romantic relationship with a 17 year old, have changed my mind.  I don’t think a man who would date someone that much younger than him has the maturity for public office.  I mean my daughter is 17.
Man: Larry Williams all the way.  Not only is he well versed on the subject of commodity trading, he isn’t a bleedingheart liberal when it comes to law and order like Scott Westman, whose relationship with a 17 year old would influence him to coddle child molesters out of sympathy.
Woman: Larry Williams, we do not need a kiddie lover in Congress.  For god’s sake we already have problems with officials keeping it in their pants with ADULT WOMEN, no need to bring middle schoolers into the equation.
Man: Larry Williams, I have 16 year old daughter that I love dearly and the thought that teenie lovers like Scott Westman could be in Congress and support legislation that threatens her safety scares me to death.
Man: Scott Westman.  He has given so many people courage to speak out for themselves.  Well, I guess I will now: My name is John, I am a successful business owner, and I am also gay.  I’ve lived with my partner Johan for the past 12 years, our love has been secret for that time.  It hasn’t been until today, thanks to the courage of a man named Scott Westman, that I have found the courage to finally step forward and speak for myself.  No one should be forced by government to love secretly, no one.
Woman: Scott Westman, he has put a public face on the struggles many face in unconventional relationships.  I myself have been in love with my life partner, Rebecca, for over a decade.  We have had to keep this love secret, out of fear of public persecution, for over a decade.  That ends now, for we have a man running for US Senate who truly knows what it’s like to be in an unconventional relationship, the struggles we all face in this society to be accepted by our peers.  Well I will no longer be afraid, because Senator Scott Westman will fight for my rights as a homosexual woman to love as I choose to love.
Man: Scott Westman, he is continuing the struggle for acceptance that many, including my mother and father, have fought for.  As a brother who has marched for Civil Rights, I support this man.
Woman: Until today Larry Williams, but after witnessing such a brave selfless admission from Scott Westman, I might just be tempted to jump parties this election to vote for a man who will represent Montana values.
Woman: As a lifelong Republican I will go to the booth this year and vote for Democrat Scott Westman.  He truly represents the libertarian values of this state that my party once did…….
Man: Being a man of faith, I can tell you that whatever personal hang-ups, vices, or temptations Scott Westman has, he is a man of strict honesty who believes in personal responsibility for personal choices.  I can not say the same for Larry Williams.  Therefore I would vote for Mister Westman.
Woman: As a woman who once fell in love with a 24 year old man when I was 14, a man who would later marry me and give me 4 beautiful children, I applaud Scott Westman’s courage to voice his pride for the girl he loves.  It takes a very brave man to do that, and a very honest one.  Therefore I will vote for Scott Westman.
Man: Larry Williams, because he will put men like Scott Westman where they truly belong: off the campaign trails and behind bars.
Girl: In my first election I’ve got to go with Scott Westman.  He’s really handsome, as an 18 year old I can see why a 17 year old girl would go out with him.
Woman: Larry Williams, we need someone who has experience in the stock market, not one who has experience behind bars.
Man: Larry Williams.  Unlike Scott Westman he is willing to stand up for America, stand against international Communism, stand up for the traditional family, speak out for the life of the unborn.  WESTMAN=BABY KILLER!
Woman: I will vote for the man who cares about the life of our young, whether born or unborn, Larry Williams.  Scott Westman doesn’t care about the freedom or safety of our children since they obviously get in the way of his ahem…..desires.
Man: Let me think…….damn, I don’t have a clue who to vote for!  For one thing Scott Westman doesn’t support a strong military, but Larry Williams doesn’t like marijuana!
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Without JFK being President in early 1960s, I suppouse Teddy did not became Senator, right? At least not as early.

Also, any more important changes in careers of some others?

Yeah, JFK was Senator of Massachusetts from January 3rd, 1953-April 7th, 1961, when he passed away to complications related to Addison's Disease.  Although he wasn't as popular as he was as president IRL, there would be a special tribute session to him at the Democratic National Convention of 1964 delivered by his brother Robert, who would run for (as IRL) the US Senate in New York.  RFK would later be assasinated during his term as president in 1973 (I believe) and would be succeeded by his Vice President, the overzealous New Deal liberal Ronald Reagan.
Teddy would become Governor of Massachusetts on January 7th, 1965, making him the youngest Governor of Massachusetts at the age of 32.  Due to his youthfulness and high energy he would be dubbed "the Boy Governor".  He would govern as a fiscal conservative, though he did make public healthcare a vital part of his administration (Massachusetts would have a public healthcare system in 1965, during his tenure).  He was also pretty liberal on social issues and Civil Rights.  Just like his father and William Westman he would be not well liked by the Southern Democrat faction (some of whom would later join the reactionary Constitution Party).  Unlike IRL, Ted Kennedy would be single, gaining notoriety as the "womanizer governor", a nickname that would come up after his secretary, Mary Jo Kopechne, became pregnant in February 1969.  In an act of bravery Ted Kennedy would admit to being romantically involved with his secretary and three months later they would get married in a ceremony on Chappaquiddick Island.  Many would say that due to his sexual relations outside of marriage with Mary Jo, Ted could kiss any hopes of higher office goodbye.  He would leave office on January 22nd, 1971 (his re-election in 1966 would be the for the first four year term in Massachusetts history).  He would run for the US Senate in 1972, riding off the coattails of his brother's landslide victory in the Presidential race, he would score a close victory over popular Republican Senator John A. Volpe.

More info to come later, after I take a crap.
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October 9th, 1976
Campaign Stop in Bozeman, Montana:

Scott Westman is about ready to wrap up his speech when suddenly a man looking to be in his mid-fifties accompanied by one man in a tan suit and hat and a short Italian looking fellow in a black suit.  Westman immediately recognized the elder man as Republican Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon, a well known and respected figure in the American West.  Having him randomly show up here on this stage was enough to make Scott Westman want to faint.  The audience was giving Senator Hatfield a thunderous ovation as Westman stood aside.
Westman: Ssssssssssenator Hhhhhhhatfield?
Hatfield: Surprised?  You mind if I use this for a few minutes.
Westman stammers before managing to get a “yes” out of his mouth.
Hatfield: Thanks.
Senator Hatfield faces the microphone before speaking:
Hatfield: Good afternoon Bozeman, Montana.  It seems that my reputation has preceded me.  After the past few elections I didn’t know that an Oregon Republican would be welcome in such a Democratic crowd!  Oh wait…..is that a “Republicans for Westman!” sign I see?!  Haha, well I see that things are a bit different this election, which is why I imagine me and my friends are here and not at say a Larry Williams rally.  Oh by the way, boys if you would be so kind.
The man in his forties takes the stand before introducing himself.  After looking the man over, Westman finally recognized him as Wyoming Senator Beauregard D’Israeli, or as his friends called him “that Limey Fellow”.
D’Israeli: Hello Bozeman.  My name is Beauregard D’Israeli, some of you may know me as that “crazy Republican Senator” from your neighbor state Wyoming.  I am supporting Scott Westman, Democrat for US Senate, because I believe that he more so than Larry Williams stands for the libertarian values that best exemplifies these western American states.  I am confident that he will be a very valuable cross party ally in the future and thus I am lending him my support, regardless of party identification.
Then the short man comes to the stand.  Westman had never seen this fellow before, but found himself very intrigued by him nonetheless.
Russo: Okay, I’m sure not many of you people have heard of me, after all I am from South Carolina.  My name is Giovanni Russo, I am also a libertarian Republican and though I don’t know Westman personally, at all in fact, I have to say I am impressed by the amount of balls this man has shown.  And the fact that he also agrees with me mostly on the issues just makes it even more easier to lend some cross party support to him.  As a House Rep I know how valuable it is to have allies in the Senate to help coordinate vital legislation that you favor, I believe that Scott Westman will be one of those allies.
Hatfield: And finally, I will make the closing statements on this multi cross party endorsement.  As all you have seen today three Republicans, two of them Senators and one of them a Representative have come out in support of Scott Westman, a Democrat running for US Senate.  I hope that this sends a message that in this race the real issues of today outweigh the need for petty partisan politics.  Our national party has for long ignored the call for smaller government in the name of pandering moderatist politics.  We hope to end that process by endorsing both Republicans and Democrats who are favorable to our agenda of smaller government and civil liberties.
Westman: I am honored to have your endorsements, regardless of party.
As a result of the cross-party endorsements Westman’s poll numbers would find him running neck in neck with Larry Williams, who had been holding a solid ten point lead over Westman since the news of his relationship with Marci Flounders became public.  Desperate for a way to win after seeing the endorsement, Larry Williams would need a new strategy.  Eventually he decided, after consulting his advisors, to pursue a new agenda…………..

It's over.
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Williams TV Ad: Morality
Shows pictures of Scott Westman with various women.
It is often said that the personal lives of public officials shouldn't be made public.  This has often be said, not surprisingly, by those who have less than moral lives.  The most recent example of this happens to be Scott Westman, the Democratic candidate for Montana Senator.  Scott Westman, who openly admits to being religiously apathetic and finding the traditional American family "unattractive", it is not surprise he would want the details of his private life debated.  The people of Montana deserve an unwavering public servant of high moral order, not one who has been known to have sexual relations with multiple partners and has a romantic relationship with a girl who should be in high school.  You deserve better, you deserve a senator who has the maturity and morality to represent this state in the US Senate.

Paid for by Larry Williams Campaign for the Montana Senate

Williams TV Spot: Libertine
Shows a picture of Scott Westman with an alcoholic drink, Marci Flounders, and a wad of cash.
If there is one word that best describes Scott Westman correctly it is "libertine".  He insists that his purpose in running is simply to reassert civil liberties and provide a strong voice against big government.  Well that would be truth if it weren't so false.  Here is what Scott Westman said in a college essay on the "relationship between church and state":

Quote from: Scott Westman's College Essay
The idea that there is still any separation of church and state is outrageous, in fact the church has more power than ever over the institutes of the state, no matter how much it may claim otherwise.  There is no government persecution of the church, in fact it has become a tool of oppression to be used by the church on those they deem 'undesirable'.  The best and most favorable outcome would be the destruction of both in their entirety.

As you can see here, Scott Westman has called for in the past the complete and total destruction of the American way of life.  If you care at all about this country and it's moral history you will not vote for Scott Westman.

Paid for by the Larry Williams Campaign for the US Senate.

After the commercials aired Larry Williams would get the endorsement of the Constitution Party of Montana who called him "the best hope for Constitutional Christian values in the US Senate."
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October 12th, 1976
At a Lodge near Lake Flathead, Montana:

Scott Westman is watching the natural surroundings of nearby Lake Flathead with his girl Marci Flounders.  He has his arm around her and they are holding hands while sitting on the coast.

Westman: You know, this whole experience has been very liberating.  I just never thought I would see myself doing this well.
Marci: This really means a lot to me you know.  You didn't have to do that.
Westman: I know, in fact I usually keep quiet about such things, but I'm damn proud of yo....
Herschelwitz: I really hate to disturb you lovebirds, but you have to see the news Scott.
Westman: I come to this place just to take a rest from the campaign with my baby, and you still pester me with news?
Herschelwitz: While I have been watching the tv set while your daughter goes on and on about acryllic art styles?  Bitch please.
Westman: Did you just call me a bitch?
Herschelwitz: Did I.....BITCH?
Westman chuckles.
Westman: Alright, fine I'll bite.
The three of them go inside the cabin they rented to watch the news.
CBS: These new Williams ads, though a bit bombastic and a bit personal, seemed to have had some effect on the polls today.  Williams, who had before refrained from any attack ads, decided yesterday to start unleashing some hardhitting ads on Westman's personal life and morals.  The 1st ad we show you, the one about Westman's private life, didn't really have any substantial effect.  The 2nd one, however, has proven quite damning as likely voters have started favoring Williams by a 6 point margin.  With a month to go what will Westman do to close the gap?
Westman: That's it.  I want this moralfaggot in a debate.
Herschelwitz: Scott I'm not so sure that's a bright idea.  Larry Williams has a very intelligent and lawyery air about him, even if he is just a commodity trader.  Word is he's in cahoots with the Constitution Party.
Westman: Great, if anything that should be a statement of his insanity.
Herschelwitz: He's also being given advice by some of the best prosecutors in this nation.
Westman: So?  I'm debating the issues, he is not.  That should be enough.
Herschelwitz: Let us hope.

Montana Senatorial General Debate
Helena, Montana:

Mister Williams, over the past few weeks you have been criticized for your aggressive tv ads on Mister Westman's personal life.  How would you address these criticisms?
Williams: Well John, like I said earlier I believe it is very important that the people of Montana have a man of high moral standing who is willing to uphold the traditions and moral character that this nation was founded on.  Mister Westman, by his own words, views traditional American morality as "a heartless dictator".  But of course he only holds these views because it gets in the way of his unnatural desires.
Westman: John may I interject?
Moderator: Alright Mister Westman, you have a minute rebuttal.
Westman: Thank you John.  I would like to say that I find it unethical and downright invasive these attacks on my private life have been.  Don't you find it a little bit odd that Mr. Williams just happens to have a copy of an essay I wrote in my sophmore year of college at Montana University?  A paper I would have wrote almost 11 years ago?  Should such outdated evidence really be considered as credible?  I mean how did he obtain it?  By what means did he?  I mean you don't see me using details of Mister Williams private life or obtaining a quote he said 11 years ago and twisting it out of context.  Why? Because unlike my opponent I have issues on my side, he has none except attacks on character.  Mister Williams, I thought this was a political race, not a criminal trial.
A loud gasp is heard from the audience.
Williams: That is because Mister Westman, I don't have a personal past to be ashamed of.  And I can assure the American people that I have spent a majority of my campaign on the relevancy of important issues.  As for the essay I obtained it lawfully from your American Government Professor Frederick S. Hoyt.  He gave it of his own free will.
Westman: See?  Shameless admittance of not caring about political issues, a pure Rhoadsian tactic if I ever saw one.  Tell me Mister Williams, do you actually have relevant issues to discuss or are you just here to throw attacks on my character?

According to a majority of exit polls Scott Westman would dominate the debate and would have a significant lead among Montana Independents, a significant voting bloc.  It would be a really long election night, with the Montana Senate race taking longer to call than the extremely close presidential race.  Scott Westman and his campaign team would stay up until 5:25 AM Mountain Standard time in their Missoula, Montana headquarters when the results would be called:

Westman (D): 50.12%
Williams (R): 49.20%
Botjek (L): .6%
Other: .08%

Westman would win a surprise majority popular vote victory in the election.  Some expected a result so close to result in one side calling for a recount or for the results to be close enough to warrant a recount (a margin of .5% under state law).  The scene at the Westman headquarters was "electric" in the words of correspondent Laura Hennigan who was covering the event.

Hennigan: So Mister Westman, would you care to make any comment on this victory?
Westman: Yes, I think I'll go to bed now.  Unless you plan on sleeping with me I would suggest staying out here and getting a few comments out of Carl, who is more than willing to give a few egotinged comments.
Hennigan: I just might consider your offer Mister Westman, I as well am very sleepy.  This is Laura Hennigan, and this has been CBS News Missoula I bring it back to headquarters.
Laura singals for the camera man to cut the signal.
Hennigan: Well it looks like I got the rest of the day off Mister Westman........how about that rest?
Camera Man: What about me?
Herschelwitz: Sleep on the couch.  By the way, Yes still kicks Zeppelin's ass.
Camera Man: I would love to see Steve Howe play a 30 minute version of Dazed and Confused.
Hennigan: Jesus, you guys are still arguing about that crap?
Westman puts an arm around her waist.
Westman: Alright babe, let's get some rest.
Westman, Hennigan, and Marci go to his room while the rest of the Westman campaign crew start to either leave the place or go to sleep in one of the various rooms, the couches in the living room, or on the floor of the kitchen.  In the words of one witness: "there were bodies everywhere.....like the place was subject to a zombie invasion and these were the victims."

Hennigan: Wow this feels scandalous.
Westman: What?  Sleeping, and in the most literal non-sex meaning possible, with a senator-elect and his girlfriend?  I agree, you could get some major book deals.  What would it be called I wonder?  Cuddlewall?
Hennigan laughs.
Hennigan: You are just so carefree, for a senator-elect........

CBS News Affiliate in Missoula:

William Jackson (boss):
Let me get this straight, you took the day off so you could cuddle with Scott Westman?
Hennigan blushes.
Hennigan: Yes.
Jackson: You're damn lucky you're one of our best, otherwise I would fire you on the spot.
Hennigan: I know, the whole "getting to close to public officials" bit.  Damn, oh well it was fun while it lasted.
Jackson: Good idea Laura.  I wouldn't accept any more of these Cuddle Party invitations from Mister Westman in the future.
Hennigan: No I mean this job, it was fun while it lasted.  I have just accepted a job with NBC in Washington due to my phenomenal work reporting the election.  Nice knowing you Will.
Jackson: How could you you bi.......bad person!  How could you?!
Hennigan laughs. Haha, who would've thought?  A better job at the nation's capital and a potential relationship with a new senator-elect?  That's the reporter equivalent of hitting the jackpot in Vegas.

It's over.
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For the sake of future entries (and to cause a lot less confusion) I have gone back and changed the color of the States Rights/American Independent/Constitution Parties to Orange, which will be the color to represent future right wing major third parties (that win electoral votes) in the future.

As of now I am adopting this color scheme:

Green=Progressive Third Party
Yellow=Classically Liberal Third Party
Orange=Right Wing Third Party

It's over.
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December 26th, 1976
The Day After Christmas
Westman Residence:

Well big bro, I guess this is goodbye.  Don't you go getting in trouble now, especially with young girls.
Westman: Oh I do plan on getting in plenty of that kind of trouble.
The two embrace.
Marci: I wish I could go with you but I have college next year.  You know, got to finish my education.  I hope I will see you again real soon.........
The two share a brief kiss.
Finally, the hardest part of leaving was of leaving her.  13 years ago she had come into his life, and for the past six years she had suddenly become everything to him.  For 13 years she had been a constant part of his life, he didn't know nor remember life without her.  And now it had come time for them to say goodbye.  As Westman faced her, a sudden tear emerged from his eye as he prepared to say goodbye to his daughter.
Westman: My little girl..........(starts sobbing) I will miss you.
Brea runs into his arms and starts crying as well.
Brea: I will miss you too daddy.
And there they stayed, crying in each other's arms for five minutes, though it seemed like hours to Westman.  Leaving her behind was the hardest thing he would ever do.

December 31st, 1976
Washington D.C.
Park near the Potomac River:

Scott Westman had just finished his trip from Missoula to Washington DC.  He was settling down in his Volkswagen Van when he heard a knock on the door.  He opened it to find a strikingly beautiful brunette outside his door: Laura Hennigan.
Hennigan: I thought I might find you here.
Westman's shock is showing.
Westman: Laura!  What are you doing here?!
Hennigan: Oh right....well you see after my reporting of the senatorial a got an offer from NBC to work out of Washington.  I figured you know since the pay was more and that I would have some close connections to the Washington political scene, why not?  Problem is I can't seem to find a place to stay.
Westman: Sorry to burst your bubble babe, but I can't find a place either.  Apartments are EXPENSIVE here!  So I stay in this van, shower at the local YMCA, you get the picture.  The van has always been a pretty comfy place anyway.
Westman puts an arm around her shoulders.
Hennigan: Well Mister Westman.....err Scott, I must say this looks to be a very comfortable van.  I think I may try to stay in one for a few days, maybe even weeks.  Do you mind if I stay here?
Westman: Ya think?  Of course!  What are your plans for New Years by the way?
Hennigan: Well I'm a little low on cash so I was thinking maybe I could just you know, hang around?
Westman takes her in his arms.
Westman: That seems like a grand idea.

January 3rd, 1977:

Scott Westman and Laura Hennigan are rushing towards the Capitol Building.  Westman to the Senate Chamber where he is supposed to be sworn in at any minute, Laura to the same location to have live coverage of the swearing ins.  As they are headed toward the chamber, and old figure is standing by the door waiting for them.  Westman recognizes him immediately.
Westman: Grandpa!
William Westman: Scott boy!  How grand to see you!
The elderly Westman embraces the younger.  William Westman, aged 80, looked a bit weaker than he had back in his own days as US Senator, 39 years ago.  It was with great pride that he had shown up today with his family's bible, ready to hold it while his grandson, the Senator-elect of Montana, was sworn in.
Westman: Are you ready to do this gramps?
William Westman: Ready when you are Scott.
The two Westmans enter the room.  As they enter, those who are in the room look in awe as the elder Westman, who was quite a legend in his own time, entered the room.
Scott Westman approached Vice President James Carter of Georgia, who was administrating the Oath of Office:
Vice President James Carter: Mister Westman, are you ready to take the Oath of Office?
Westman: I am.
Repeat after me:

I, Scott Westman, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

And so Scott Westman's long and storied political career would begin on January 3rd, 1977
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Here are a few lists for ya:

Presidents of the United States:

1. George Washington (Virginia) No Party: April 30th, 1789-March 4th, 1797
2. John Adams (Massachusetts) Federalist: March 4th 1797-March 4th, 1801
3. Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1801-March 4th, 1809
4. James Madison (Virginia) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1809-March 4th, 1817
5. James Monroe (Virginia) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1817-March 4th, 1825
6. John Q. Adams (Massachusetts) Democratic-Republican
/National Republican March 4th, 1825-March 4th, 1829
7. Andrew Jackson (Tennessee) Democratic: March 4th, 1829-March 4th, 1837
8. Martin Van Buren (New York) Democratic: March 4th, 1837-March 4th, 1841

9. William H. Harrison (Ohio) Whig: March 4th, 1841-April 4th, 1841*
10. John Tyler (Virginia) Whig: April 4th, 1841-September 13th, 1841/Independent: September 13th, 1841-March 4th, 1845
11. James K. Polk (Tennessee) Democratic: March 4th, 1845-March 4th, 1849
12. Zachary Taylor (Louisiana) Whig: March 4th, 1849-July 9th, 1850*
13. Milliard Fillmore (New York) Whig: July 9th, 1850-March 4th, 1853

14. Franklin Pierce (New Hampshire) Democratic: March 4th, 1853-March 4th, 1857
15. James Buchanan (Pennsylvania) Democratic: March 4th, 1857-March 4th, 1861

16. Abraham Lincoln (Illinois) Republican/National Union: March 4th, 1861-April 15th, 1865*
17. Andrew Johnson (Tennessee) National Union: April 15th, 1865-March 4th, 1869
18. Ulysses S. Grant (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1869-March 4th, 1877
19. Rutherford B. Hayes (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1877-March 4th, 1881
20. James A. Garfield (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1881-September 19th, 1881*
21. Chester A. Arthur (New York) Republican: September 19th, 1881-March 4th, 1885

22. Grover Cleveland (New York) Democratic: March 4th, 1885-March 4th, 1889
23. Benjamin Harrison (Indiana) Republican: March 4th, 1889-March 4, 1893
24. Grover Cleveland (New York) Democratic: March 4th, 1893-March 4th, 1897
25. William McKinley (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1897-September 14, 1901*
26. Theodore Roosevelt (New York) Republican: September 14, 1901-March 4th, 1909
27. William H. Taft (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1909-March 4th, 1913

28. Woodrow Wilson (New Jersey) Democratic: March 4th, 1913-March 4th, 1921
29. Warren G. Harding (Ohio) Republican: March 4th, 1921-August 2nd, 1923*
30. Calvin Coolidge (Massachusetts) Republican: August 2nd, 1923-March 4th, 1929
31. Herbert Hoover (California) Republican: March 4th, 1929-March 4th, 1933

32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (New York) Democratic: March 4th, 1933-April 12th, 1945*
33. Harry S. Truman (Missouri) Democratic: April 12th, 1945-January 20th, 1949

34. Thomas Dewey (New York) Republican: January 20th, 1949-January 20th, 1953
35. Estes Kefauver (Tennessee) Democratic: January 20th, 1953-January 20th, 1961
36. Charles H. Percy (Illinois) Republican: January 20th, 1961-February 18th, 1963**
37. Thurston B. Morton (Kentucky) Republican: February 18th, 1963-January 20th, 1969

38. Robert F. Kennedy (New York) Democratic: January 20th, 1969-May 8th, 1973*
39. Ronald W. Reagan (California) Democratic: May 8th, 1973-present (1977)

*Died in office
**Resignation (for whatever reason)

It's over.
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Vice Presidents of the United States:

1. John Adams (Massachusetts) Federalist: April 30th, 1789-March 4th, 1797
2. Thomas Jefferson (Virginia) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1797-March 4th, 1801
3. Aaron Burr (New York) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1801-March 4th, 1805
4. George Clinton (New York) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1805-April 20th, 1812*

Office Vacant: April 20th, 1812-March 4th, 1813
5. Eldbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1813-November 23rd, 1814*
Office Vacant: November 23rd, 1814-March 4th, 1817
6. Daniel D. Tompkins (New York) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1817-March 4th, 1825
7. John C. Calhoun (South Carolina) Democratic-Republican: March 4th, 1825-March 4th, 1829 Democratic: March 4th, 1829-December 28th, 1832**
Office Vacant: December 28th, 1832-March 4th, 1833
8. Martin Van Buren (New York) Democratic: March 4th, 1833-March 4th, 1837
9. Richard M. Johnson (Kentucky) Democratic: March 4th, 1837-March 4th, 1841

10. John Tyler (Virginia) Whig: March 4th, 1841-April 4th, 1841***
Office Vacant: April 4th, 1841-March 4th, 1845
11. George M. Dallas (Pennsylvania) Democratic: March 4th, 1845-March 4th, 1849
12. Milliard Fillmore (New York) Whig: March 4th, 1849-July 9th, 1850***
Office Vacant: July 9th, 1850-March 4th, 1853
13. William R. King (Alabama) Democratic: March 4th, 1853-April 18th, 1853*
Office Vacant: April 18th, 1853-March 4th, 1857
14. John C. Breckenridge (Kentucky) Democratic: March 4th, 1857-March 4th, 1861
15. Hannibal Hamlin (Maine) Republican: March 4th, 1861-March 4th, 1865
16. Andrew Johnson (Tennessee) Democratic: March 4th, 1865-April 15, 1865***
Office Vacant: April 15th, 1865-March 4th, 1869
17. Schuyler Colfax (Indiana) Republican: March 4th, 1869-March 4th, 1873
18. Henry Wilson (Massachusetts) Republican: March 4th, 1873-November 22nd, 1875*

Office Vacant: November 22nd, 1875-March 4th, 1877
19. William A. Wheeler (New York) Republican: March 4th, 1877-March 4th, 1881
20. Chester A. Arthur (New York) Republican: March 4th, 1881-September 19th, 1881***

Office Vacant: September 19th, 1881-March 4th, 1885
21. Thomas A. Hendricks (Indiana) Democratic: March 4th, 1885-November 25th, 1885*
Office Vacant: November 25th, 1885-March 4th, 1889
22. Levi P. Morton (New York) Republican: March 4th, 1889-March 4th, 1893
23. Adlai E. Stevenson (Illinois) Democratic: March 4th, 1893-March 4th, 1897
24. Garret Hobart (New Jersey) Republican: March 4th, 1897-November 21st, 1899*
Office Vacant: November 21st, 1899-March 4th, 1901
25. Theodore Roosevelt (New York) Republican: March 4th, 1901-September 14th, 1901***
Office Vacant September 14th, 1901-March 4th, 1905
26. Charles W. Fairbanks (Indiana) Republican: March 4th, 1905-March 4th, 1909
27. James S. Sherman (New York) Republican: March 4th, 1909-October 30th, 1912*

Office Vacant: October 30th, 1912-March 4th, 1913
28. Thomas R. Marshall (Indiana) Democratic: March 4th, 1913-March 4th, 1921
29. Calvin Coolidge (Massachusetts) Republican: March 4th, 1921-August 2nd, 1923*
Office Vacant: August 2nd, 1923-March 4th, 1925
30. Charles G. Dawes (Illinois) Republican: March 4th, 1925-March 4th, 1929
31. Charles Curtis (Kansas) Republican: March 4th, 1929-March 4th, 1933

32. John Nance Garner (Texas) Democratic: March 4th, 1933-January 20th, 1941
33. Henry A. Wallace (Iowa) Democratic: January 20th, 1941-January 20th, 1945
34. Harry S. Truman (Missouri) Democratic: January 20th, 1945-April 12th, 1945

Office Vacant: April 12th, 1945-January 20th, 1949
35. Earl Warren (California) Republican: January 20th, 1949-January 20th, 1953
36. James Roosevelt (California) Democratic: January 20th, 1953-January 20, 1961
37. Thurston B. Morton (Kentucky) Republican: January 20th, 1961-February 18th, 1963***
Office Vacant: February 18th, 1963-January 20th, 1965
38. Hiram Fong (Hawaii) Republican: January 20th, 1965-January 20th, 1969
39. George HW Bush (Connecticut) Republican: January 20th, 1969-March 8th, 1972**

Office Vacant: March 8th, 1972-January 20th, 1973
40. Ronald W. Reagan (California) Democratic: January 20th, 1973-May 8th, 1973***
Office Vacant: May 8th, 1973-January 8th, 1974
41. James Carter (Georgia) Democratic: January 8th, 1974-present (1977)

*Died in Office
***Ascended to the Presidency

It's over.
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So help me God.

I guess you're a Catholic here, thus...

Scary thing, man.

Well, apathetic Catholic.
You know, I had to do something "politically bad".

It's over.
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January 3rd, 1977
Capitol Hill:

William Westman is at the front of the building with his grandson, Montana Senator-elect Scott Westman.  Also with them is reporter Laura Hennigan, who has developed a close bond with Scott Westman over the previous months.

W. Westman: Well my boy, in my advanced age I can tell you without bias: god help you survive in the Hell known as the US Senate.  I don't envy your position one bit.
Scott laughs
S. Westman: Thanks for the kind words.
W. Westman: You have it easy now days my boy.  When I was elected way back in 1938, media had no sympathy for us Irish Catholics.
S. Westman: Well there was also your membership in Tammany Hall.......
W. Westman: Tammany Hall was a good and noble organization dedicated to advancing the needs of the Irish, the Italians, and other oppressed urban minorities in our fine and noble system of government.  Boss Tweed may have been a bastard, but that was over a hundred years ago!  I mean every institution has it's bad eggs, like the Republican Party's nativist faction back in the day.  Just because Edward Jackson was a Ku Klux Klan member did that mean every GOP member was a Ku Klux Klan member?  I mean my god.
Laura laughs.
W. Westman: You think it's funny lass, but American society really hasn't advanced that much forward.  Sure we have passed wordy feel good legislation that says "all men are equal", but you put a paddy of the Roman persuasion behind the Oval Office and people always revert back to their inner bigotry.  People don't gripe when it's a White Anglo Saxon Protestant Republican who passes Civil Rights Act, but by god if it is done by one of those damned micks it becomes a plot by the church of Rome to take over godfearing American society!
S. Westman: Well at least you were a "redeemed" Catholic when you entered Congress.
W. Westman: You think that helped me one damned bit son?  My radical opponents would just claim that I was Catholic so I could be a part of the powerful and corrupt Democratic machine in the state and win election after election!  Or that, like a typical shanky Irishman, I spent more time getting sh*tfaced and having sexual relations with young Congressional aides and secretaries!  It's maddening I tell ya!
Scott Westman laughs again
S. Westman: That doesn't sound so bad now that I think about it.  Hell, if they can only throw personal and bigoted attacks at me while I'm in the Senate and not real attacks on my policies........re-election should be easy.  Take care gramps.
The elder Westman embraces the younger as the two say goodbye.
Hennigan: I never really thought of it that way....
S. Westman: What way?
Hennigan: Well.......after graduation it took me 2 years to find a job.
S. Westman: Bad economy?
Hennigan: In 1972!?
Oh damn, this chick may be older than I thought........
S. Westman: Grad school?
Hennigan: Of course......I was at the top of my class at Berkeley. 
I have to take her mind off this topic.....I have to.
S. Westman: So, how long were you in school?
Hennigan: 6 years.
A stunned look develops on Westman's face.
S. Westman: Wait, so how old are you?
Hennigan: I turn thirty-one on April 12th.  Oh don't tell me this is a problem for you, it's so hard to find guys my age now days who aren't dating sophmores in college.
Westman laughs.
S. Westman: No problem, just interesting.  I'll see you after work, alright?
Westman looks to see if there is anybody watching before giving her a quick kiss goodbye.  Laura laughs.
Hennigan: Silly fool, the press is a bit more incognito than you think.......

Later that day:
Westman is walking down the halls of the Senate on his way out of the Capitol Building after a long day of work. Jesus, what a boring day.  Westman had just finished a day of listening to fellow senator-elects being sworn in, President Reagan delivering a speech filled with useless one-liners, Vice President Carter speaking about ethics in his usual "them boys" accent, and finally was assaulted by the most boring speech he ever heard in his life delivered courtesy of Senator Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia).  He was very happy for the first day to be over.  As he was headed out of the building he noticed a rotund figure in black headed out of the restroom.  On further notice he saw a very young face, was today field trip day?
Westman: Hey kid?  You lost?
The figure turns around to face Westman.  Suddenly Westman recognizes the kid's face: US Congressman Lawrence Watson, who at the age of 26 had become the youngest member of the US Congress (age requirements prevented anyone in the Senate beating him).  Christ, he really did look like a kid.
Watson: Hey jackass, the anti-war rally has been moved to 11th street.
Westman laughs.
Westman: Scott Westman, Montana's new senator.  You must be Larry Watson.
Watson: How'd you guess?
Westman: Your mother told me to come up here and tell you your missing the morning cartoons.
Watson laughs.
Watson: Hahahaha, very funny.  I'm not sure if you're aware, but there is a $2500 fine for having Mary Jane in the building.
Westman laughs
Westman: Very funny boy.
Watson: No I'm goddamn serious.  I can literally TASTE it.  Hey I'm about to go to the bar, you care to join me?
Westman: I got a pretty lady waiting for me, can she come?
Watson: Is she a reporter?
Westman: Yes, but she is fantastic in the sack.
Watson: Fantastic in the sack or not, I don't want any damned reporters watching us drink.
Westman: Damn it.

Later that night:

So Scott, where are you staying?
Westman: In a van down by the river.
Watson: Really now?
Westman: Yes really, on my current finances I can't afford an apartment.
Watson: You know, I think Biden might be willing to let you stay with him and his family in Wilmington, Delaware
Westman: Delaware!?  That's like a two hour trip back and forth from work everyday!
Watson: Hey, just an idea.

Three hours later
Westman's van:

Scott Westman gets to his van and finds a note from Laura:
Meet me at 1165 Longview St.
Westman drives down to the address and finds a house he knocks on the door.  The door opens to Laura in a extra large man's size shirt (probably one of Westman's).  She greets him with a kiss.
Hennigan: Oh you found it.
Westman: Who lives here?
Hennigan: Oh I do, and about 4 other colleagues.  I live upstairs, I even got my own kitchen.
Westman: NBC gives you free housing!?
Hennigan: Mindblowing right?
Westman: You really sure it's a good idea if I stay here? I mean your colleagues.....
Hennigan: You already had a relationship with a 17 year old, revelations that you are sleeping with a (gasp) NBC reporter wouldn't really be that controversial.  Don't tell me you plan on running for president?
Westman laughs as he follows her upstairs.

It's over.
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May 11th, 1980:

Christ, Westman thought how stupid could these progressives be?  Ted is the best choice we have in the upcoming election yet these morons still insist on backing Mondale?
Westman bangs his head against the wall.
Over the past few months the Democratic Primaries had been waging.  After three more years of public disapproval, now at an all time high of 78% (pretty damn high), the Reagan Administration still did not get the memo that New Deal liberalism is more unpopular than ever with the American public.  Instead of endorsing Vice President James Carter, a moderate Democrat who would help the Democrats steal some Southern states from the Constitution Party who pretty much owned the Deep South, President Reagan backed stereotypical New Deal liberal hack Walter Mondale, Senator from Minnesota, for the nomination.  The purity of these New Dealers was enough to make Scott Westman seethe with anger at their stupidity, how they could just disregard events as telling as the 1978 Congressional elections as "misplaced anger" and not a legitimate tide turning against the so-called "liberal" policies of Reagan and his fellow progressive Democrats.  The party as it stood now had only 176 seats in the House of Representatives, and with only 30 seats held by the Constitution Party that still meant a Republican majority of 232 seats.  The Democrats had even lost control of the US Senate, having a net loss of 6 seats, most of those losses being typical New Dealers, to Republicans and Constitutionists.  With a current senate balance of 47R-43D-10C, further losses for the party as a whole would be dramatic.  And, in the event of a Mondale nomination, party losses might be as dramatic as what happened to the Republicans in 1932 with the name of the Democratic Party soiled for generations as "the party of big government".
It was time that the fiscal conservative faction of the Democratic Party reassert their place as the rightful leaders of the party with Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy to lead them.  The primaries were proving to be very divisive as both factions: New Dealers and fiscal conservatives, refused to support the other candidate.
The Republican Primaries were also proving most interesting as it had become a race between Phil Crane, representing the conservative faction (and so far in the lead), John Anderson (who won Vermont and Massachusetts) representing so-called "moderates", and Bearegard D'Israeli, an insurgent candidate who referred to himself as a "libertarian Republican" (though Westman had some doubts as D'Israeli seemed to only care about getting rid of government intervention into the economy and not personal lives).  Despite being an avowed Satanist who bashed the religious faction in the GOP, D'Israeli was now giving Crane a run for his money.  Westman could sense that whoever won the GOP Primary, it would divide the party possibly leading to a third party run by one of the losers.  Such a result would hopefully limit the inevitable losses that the Democrats would sustain.
Scott Westman, however, would have to wait out the results of the primaries before making his decision...........

It's over.
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April 8th, 1977
US Senate Chamber:

US Senator Jakob Javits (R-NY) is proposing his Windfall Profits Tax Bill before Congress.
Javits: It is necessary that the people of this country be incentivized to buy alternate energy over big oil.
Westman: Senator?  May I make a comment?
Westman could hear Javits grumble under his breath, as a lifelong opponent of the Tammany Hall machine he probably didn't have a high opinion of people whose last name was Westman.
Javits: Go ahead, Senator.
Westman: Alright: did you forget we are in the middle of one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression?
Javits: What does this have to do with this bill?
Westman: Record numbers of people are filing for unemployment and businesses left and right are closing down.  Is it wise to institute an after profits tax of 10% on oil companies that would lead to a rise in prices to make up for money lost to the tax raise?
Javits: Well what would you suggest Senator?
Westman: Remove oil and gas subsidies.  The US government pays billions of dollars a year to keep unleaded gasoline prices low yet there are none going towards alternative energy.  Either we subsidize both industries, or we remove the oil subsidies to create a level playing field.  Either method will result in increased customer confidence in alt energy, but the latter won't fatten our already morbidly obese deficit.
Javits: Should've figured I would hear more Tammany Anarcho Capitalist nonsense.
D'Israeli: You sir, are the only nonsense I've heard all day.
Mondale: Yeah, and you are SOOOOOO serious!
Hart: Is it a little too much to ask for some economic sanity?
McGovern: Succombing to Big Oil is "economic sanity"?
Kennedy: This meeting is living proof that partisan politics are DEAD.
Biden: Yeah really.  Hey Ted, what are you doing later?
Byrd: This bill is simply BARBARIC!
Kennedy: I was thinking about going to the local watering hole to get a drink, hurr durr.
The chamber gets quiet as the President Pro Tempore bangs the gavel.  Traditionally a more senior member was elected for the position, but with Democratic infighting and Republican opposition Eagleton was the most logical candidate for the nomination despite having a much shorter tenure than some of the elder members.
Eagleton: If for some ungodly reason such disorder takes place again so help me I will end this session now.  Please continue, with no further outbursts.

Later that day:
Laura Hennigan walks up to Senator Javitz as he is leaving the building.
Hennigan: Senator! Senator! Would you like to make any comments about the proceedings of the debate?
Javitz: Ask your boyfriend sweetcheeks.
Javits walks off as Hennigan extends a middle finger in his direction.
Gary Hart walks out soon after, who Laura rushes over.
Hennigan: Senator!  What are your thoughts on the outburst on the Senate floor?
Hart: Well you see Scott, err I mean Senator Westman handled himself very well against the more experienced Javitz.  I mean it's just crazy how closedminded some of the elder members are to new ideas.  I mean I love old people but the way Javitz responded to Westman was just ignorant.
Hennigan: Thank you Senator Hart.
And then suddenly Scott Westman shows up and walks towards her.
Oh god, why now?  During a live feed?
Hennigan: Oh hi Senator Westman!  Kind of a pleasant day outside isn't it?
Westman: Yes indeed.  Last meeting was kind of brutal, I think I may have seen a chair fly or Joseph Biden make a funny joke.
Laura laughs.  She begins to smile.
Westman: You know it's hard being a Senator, trying to compromise and be pragmatic and all.  I'd rather be downtown with my woman.
Laura gives him a seductive look.
Hennigan: But Senator......you are.
Westman: Oh right, see you later.  Thank you for your time Miss Hennigan.
He pats her on the small of her back as he is leaving, making her gasp.
Hennigan: Back to you Bernie.
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It's over.
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Be that dead?

Well, sadly, it appears to be.

No, just shifting focus onto my End of Freedom TL (which I just got a doozy idea for).

This one will continue someday.

This is a Mechaman TL after all.  I mean it takes me months sometimes to update TLs (see "Rendevous with Destiny").

It's over.
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Back to the Present (1980):

President Reagan's Office July 19th, 1980
Door opens as Montana Democratic Senator Scott Westman enters the room.
Westman: You rang Mr. President?
Reagan: Yes of course, take a seat.
Scott Westman takes a seat in front of the President.
Reagan: As you may know the situation looks grim Senator.  I have summoned you here because I have to ask you: If Senator Mondale wins the party nomination would you be willing to put aside your ideological differences and support him for President?
Westman: Honestly Mr. President?
Reagan: Hit me with your best shot.
Westman: I don't think I'll be able to take one for the gipper.
Reagan: Can't you do it for the good of the party?
Westman: You are asking me to endorse a candidate how I not only disagree vehemently with on economic policy but also find to be the blandest most charismatically dead candidate in the history of our party just for the sake of party unity?!
Reagan: Listen here you son of a manahooney....
Westman: No you listen Mr. President: Under no circumstances will I endorse Walter Mondale.  He is a nice friendly guy with a beautiful wife and family, but electorally speaking he is suicide in this political climate.
Reagan: Well then Senator.....if you are not willing to endorse Walter Mondale, what will you do?
Westman: This may shock you Mister President, but since I care about the party so much I will not endorse the Republican candidate Bearegard D'Israeli.  That is the only promise I'm making you.
Reagan leans back in his chair with a defeated look on his face.
Reagan: Alright fine.....that will have to do.  You are dismissed.
Westman reaches into the President's jar of jellybeans and takes a handful and puts it in his pocket.
Westman: Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Reagan smiled.
Reagan: It's alright son, in fact it makes me happy to see someone friendly enough to take a few jellybeans.
Westman leaves the Oval Office and enters the White House Foyer where he is swamped by reporters.
Reporter: Mister Westman!  Did you talk to the President?
Westman: Yes I did dear, want a jellybean?
Reporter: Rumor has it that the leadership is worried that in light of the nomination of libertarian Republican Bearegard D'Israeli that if Walter Mondale wins the nomination for president next month at the Democratic National Convention you might endorse D'Israeli.  How do you respond to these rumors?
Westman: You know I would like to know what happens in the next Star Wars movie honey, but I don't think George Lucas would give me a real accurate answer.
Reporter: I'm sorry what does this have to do?
Westman: Point is I don't know how I'm going to react until the nomination has happened.  End of discussion.  Period.  Recess is over.
Westman finally escapes the White House and gets into a limo with the Secret Service.
Secret Service: Where to Senator?
Westman: Capitol Hill of course.  I got a job to do.........

It's over.
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