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Author Topic: Westman Timeline Pt. I  (Read 163404 times)
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« Reply #875 on: March 14, 2012, 11:40:18 pm »

1986 Gubernatorial Race Results:

Alabama: State Senator Bill Baxley (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain from Constitution.
Alaska: Incumbent Mike Gravel (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain.
Arizona: Incumbent Dennis DeConcini (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain.
Arkansas: US Congressman Bill Alexander, Jr. (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain from GOP.
California: Secretary of State William McKay (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Retain
Colorado: Incumbent Edward "Eddie" Derry (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain.
Connecticut: Former Lieutenant Governor Edward O'Neill (Democratic) Against Incumbent, Democratic Gain.
Delaware: Lieutenant Governor St. John Clair Smythe (Republican), Open Seat, Republican Retain.
Florida: Pink Flamingo Resorts Owner Lonny Lonergan (Democratic), Open Seat, Democratic Gain.
Georgia: Incumbent Joe F. Harris (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain
Hawaii: Incumbent Joseph L. Montoya (Party for the People) re-election, PFP retain
Idaho: US Congressman Butch Otter (Republican) Re-Electon, Republican Gain.
Illinois: Incumbent Robert Percy (Republican) Re-election, Republican Retain.
Iowa: Incumbent Jamison L. King (Conservative) Re-election, Conservative retain.
Kansas: US Congresswoman Joan Finney (Democratic) Re-Election, Democratic Gain.
Maine: State Senator Roman L. Kilkenny (Democratic) open seat, Democratic Gain
Maryland: Incumbent Rachel A. Daly (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Gain
Massachusetts: Former US Senator Edward J. Markey (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic retain.
Michigan: Incumbent Michael J. Eisenbaum (Conservative) Re-election, Conservative Retain
Minnesota: Incumbent Mark L. Dayton (Democratic Farmer Labor) Re-election, Democratic Retain
Nebraska: Incumbent John J. Cavanaugh III[ (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain.
Nevada: Incumbent Ronald O. Gallatin (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain.
New Hampshire: Richard J. Kellan (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Gain
New Mexico: Santa Fe Mayor Robert L. Coughlin (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Retain.
New York: District Attorney Winfield Claypoole (Republican) Open Seat, Republican Gain
Ohio: Incumbent George Voinovich (Republican) Re-Election, Republican Retain
Oklahoma: State Senator James Edmondson (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain
Oregon: US Congressman William J. Godwhyte (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain
Pennsylvania: Former Attorney General Robert P. Casey (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain
Rhode Island: Incumbent John Chafee (Republican) Re-election, Republican Retain
South Carolina: Postmaster General Richardson M. Bailey (Democratic) Re-Election, Democratic Gain
South Dakota: Incumbent Thomas Daschle (Democratic) Re-Election, Democratic Retain
Tennessee: Trial Lawyer Lucas W. Smith (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Gain
Texas: Incumbent Randle Delaney (Democratic) Re-election, Democratic Retain
Vermont: Incumbent James "Jim" Jeffords (Republican) Re-election, Republican Retain
Wisconsin: Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman David Aaronson (Democratic) Open Seat, Democratic Gain
Wyoming: State House Representative Johan D'Israeli (Republican) Open Seat, Republican Retain.

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It's over.
YaBB God
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« Reply #876 on: March 14, 2012, 11:56:50 pm »

US Governors Map:

Democratic Party: 31
Republican Party: 15
Conservative Party: 2
Constitution Party: 1
Party For the People: 1

It's over.
YaBB God
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« Reply #877 on: March 15, 2012, 11:46:40 am »

US Senate as of January 3rd, 1987:

Class 2: Howell T. Heflin (Constitution)
Class 3: Jim Folsom Jr. (Democratic)
Class 2: Nick Begich (Democratic)
Class 3: Tony Knowles (Democratic)

Class 1: Morris Udall (Democratic)
Class 3: Arnold J. McKitteridge (Democratic)

Class 2: William J. Clinton (Democratic)
Class 3: Dale Bumpers (Democratic)

Class 1: Ricardo Montalban(Republican)
Class 3: Robert R. Debs (Democratic)
Class 2: Mark Udall (Democratic)
Class 3: Gary Hart (Democratic)

Class 1: Lowell P. Weicker (Republican)
Class 3: Christopher J. Dodd (Democratic)
Class 1: William V. Roth (Republican)
Class 2: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (Democratic)
Class 1: Paula Hawkins (Republican)
Class 3: Bernard Stone (Democratic)
Class 2: Patrick R. Geary (Democratic)
Class 3: Paul Rumble (Democratic)

Class 1: Gary Chong (Party for the People)
Class 3: Jonathan Paulson (Party for the People)

Class 2: James A. McClure (Republican)
Class 3: Frank Church (Democratic)
Class 2: Paul Simon (Democratic)
Class 3: Paul Wight (Democratic)

Class 1: Danforth Quayle (Conservative)
Class 3: Kenneth A. Falk (Democratic)
Class 2: John Kyl (Republican)
Class 3: Mark Gladden (Conservative)
Class 2: Robert J. Dole (Republican)
Class 3: Jan Meyers (Republican)

Class 2: Mitch McConnell (Republican)
Class 3: Nick J. Clooney (Democratic)
Class 2: Moon Landrieu (Democratic)
Class 3: Raymond Creascaunt (Democratic)

Class 1: Roger J. Braddock (Democratic)
Class 2: William Cohen (Republican)
Class 1: Beverly Byron (Democratic)
Class 3: Hogan Flannery (Democratic)

Class 1: Daniel M. Lynch(Democratic)
Class 2: William Saltonstall (Republican)
Class 1: Lenore Romney (Republican)
Class 2: Frederick N. Fassbender (Democratic)
Class 1: Peter F. Federov (DFL)
Class 2: Paul K. Vernor (Republican)
Class 1: Robert Jarrell (Republican)
Class 2: Helm Mundstream (Democratic)
Class 1: Adrian Moore (Democratic)
Class 3: Patricia O'Dell (Democratic)

Class 1: David Walters (Conservative)
Class 2: Killian S. Darkwater (Democratic)
Class 1: Virginia Smith (Republican)
Class 2: Paul Mercanti (Republican)

Class 1: Mike O'Callaghan (Democratic)
Class 3: Paul Laxalt (Republican)
New Hampshire:
Class 2: Thaddeus Michaels (Republican)
Class 3: Warren Rudman (Republican)

New Jersey:
Class 1: Augustus J. Donnelly (Democratic)
Class 2: Bill Bradley (Democratic)

New Mexico:
Class 1: Raul Ramirez (Democratic)
Class 2: Harrison Schmitt (Republican)
New York:
Class 1: Daniel P. Moynihan (Democratic)
Class 3: David P. Killian (Democratic)

North Carolina:
Class 2: Harvey Gantt (Democratic)
Class 3: Rachel K. Carlsberg (Democratic)

North Dakota:
Class 1: Robert Stroup (Republican)
Class 3: Michael H. Celsius (Republican)

Class 1: Robert Taft Jr. (Republican)
Class 3: Tony P. Hall (Democratic)
Class 2: Frank Keating (Republican)
Class 3: James R. Jones (Democratic)
Class 2: Mark Hatfield (Republican)
Class 3: Doyle Colleary (Democratic)
Class 1: H. John Heinz III (Republican)
Class 3: Lawrence Watson (Democratic)
Rhode Island:
Class 1: Gerald "Gerry" K. Walsh (Democratic)
Class 2: Edie L. Finneran (Democratic)

South Carolina:
Class 2: Joseph J. Tierney (Democratic)
Class 3: Donald Mickaelson (Democratic)

South Dakota:
Class 2: Larry Pressler (Republican)
Class 3: Sean O'Brien (Conservative)
Class 1: John Duncan, Sr. (Republican)
Class 2: Howard Baker (Republican)

Class 1: Ronald E. Paul (Republican)
Class 2: James Wright (Democratic)
Class 1: Orrin Hatch (Republican)
Class 3: Quentin Maxwell (Conservative)
Class 1: Major Derrick (Democratic)
Class 3: Richard W. Mallary (Republican)
Class 1: John Warner (Republican)
Class 2: Tobin MacMahon (Democratic)
Class 1: Allan B. Swift (Democratic)
Class 3: Harry Callahan (Republican)
West Virginia:
Class 1: Robert Byrd (Democratic)
Class 2: Robert K. O'Delahey (Republican)
Class 1: Tommy Thompson (Republican)
Class 3: William R. Goodman (Republican)

Class 1: Alan K. Simpson (Republican)
Class 2: Wilhelm L. Reuters (Republican)

It's over.
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« Reply #878 on: March 16, 2012, 05:23:52 am »

Who did Bob Casey beat in the Primary? Was it a "Watson" candidate or did he endorse Casey over someone else. I briefly considered a power struggle for Pennsylvania between them, so I thought I'd ask.

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« Reply #879 on: March 16, 2012, 08:19:23 am »

Who did Bob Casey beat in the Primary? Was it a "Watson" candidate or did he endorse Casey over someone else. I briefly considered a power struggle for Pennsylvania between them, so I thought I'd ask.

Watson stayed out of the Democratic Primary.  Instead he offered his hopes that "the best candidate would win".
This was mostly on advice from his good friend Larry Teathers that an endorsement for Robert Talliaferrio would alienate the socially conservative labor Democrats who have been voting for Watson ever since he entered the US House.  With Watson running for re-election retaining these voters was considered a top priority.
Watson and Casey aren't the most cordial of Democrats.  Casey was one of a number of Democrats who were openly skeptical of Watson's initial run for Senate, noting his immaturity and youth at the time.  Watson also privately disagreed with some of Casey's social views, notably his opposition to birth control.  Watson is pro-choice, but not to an excessive degree (though to be fair, virtually all Democrats east of the Rockies can't afford to be adamantly pro-choice in this TL).
Watson is much more of a supporter of economic leftism than he is social liberalism in this TL, so in terms of strategy it would've been a bad idea for him to campaign against Casey, despite his not so positive feelings for Casey.  Casey is very popular amongst the same demographics as Watson is, most notably Irish and Italian American blue collar workers (a number of whom voted for Crane in 1984).  Needless to say, Watson is addicted to not losing those votes.

It's over.
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« Reply #880 on: March 16, 2012, 08:57:10 pm »

Days of Spring
April 20th, 1987
Westman Estate, Flathead Lake, Montana:

Scott Westman woke up for the first time in a long time by himself.
Oh man, what a glorious day!
He wakes up and opens the screen door near his bed and walks outside.
Another day in the Big Sky country.
Westman smiles.
The past few months had been amazing for Scott Westman.  An economic recovery, the passage of Green Montana along with the Land Values Tax to go into effect on January 1, 1989 (a truly masterful stroke on Westman's part, to prevent any unfavorable effect on the taxes going into effect before Westman's re-election bid in 1988), a very great working relationship with his Lieutenant Governor, the discovery of the man responsible for 9/6.......and most of all, the rediscovery of the love he had for his wife Caroline.
Westman looks out at Flathead Lake and sees Caroline walking along the shores of the lake with his two sons Paul and Peter.
God, they grow up too fast.
Caroline looks over at Westman and smiles.  He smiles back.
God, I wish I could walk over to that woman, to those boys, and hold them for hours.
And then, the phone rang.
Son of a bitch!  Always in the middle of a special moment!
Westman picks it up.
Westman: Scott Westman speaking.
Herschelwitz: Hey man, when the hell you coming back?
Westman: Hey man, whenever I feel like it.  The Lt. Governor can take care of this.
Herschelwitz: Yeah..............whatever.  You know, it's starting to get really lonely here.
Westman: Carl, fall in love with the most beautiful woman that God ever placed on here, marry her, and then start a family with her.  You try not wanting a week just for you and her alright?
Herschelwitz: Well good for you Romeo.  How's Helen taking the news?
Westman: About as well as anyone can give the circumstances.
Herschelwitz: Don't worry about her too much man.  She knew what she was getting into.  You're a married man for crying out loud!
Westman: Look man, I don't want to talk about it........it's water under the bridge and after this week I just want to start all over again.
Herschelwitz: Right.................you know the Lieutenant Governor is really liking your job, just thought you should know.
Westman: I hope he does.......I might never leave this estate at this rate.
Herschelwitz: Well don't get too comfortable.  Republicans and Conservatives have announced plans to filibuster your Electronic Data Bill.
Westman: MotherInksers!
Caroline looks over at Westman with concern.
Westman puts the phone to his shoulder.
Westman: Oh just something at work honey!  Don't worry about me just keep doing whatever it is you're doing!
Caroline goes back to building a rock castle or something or other for the boys to play with.
Woman should've been an art major.
Herschelwitz: Yeah man really.  Anyway, the me and the Lieutenant Governor are getting real bored here holding our dicks until you get back.  Just thought you should know that.
Westman: Very funny chodeface.

It's over.
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« Reply #881 on: March 21, 2012, 09:26:39 am »

A Long Time Ago
In a Land Far and Away:

It was the beginning of afternoon and Sheridan O'Welherin was making his way through the city centre.  One of the benefits of his job was the joy of travel throughout the Isle with good pay.
Well, at least "good pay" compared to most of the other impoverished poor sods on this godforsaken isle.
As he walked down the centre he found his contact: John A. Donegal, a wealthy man in land of poor men.  He signals for O'Welherin to come closer.
O'Welherin stands next to him as Donegal sneaks him a newspaper.
Donegal: The man you are looking for is at 152 Limerick Rd.  I recommend that you use the underground cellar entrance for this one.
O'Welherin opens the newspaper to find inside a schematic of the house.
Donegal: You will find a man at the Baker on 11th who will give you the necessary . . . tools to complete this mission.  Most importantly, leave no trace of your presence.  I need not remind you of the dangers not only to you, but this entire organization if you fail.
O'Welherin nods as Donegal walks off.
John A. Donegal, despite his accent and manner of dress, wasn't a native.  He came from a ways, from New York.
In America.
O'Welherin got about to meeting the Baker....and then setting in motion a chain of events that would force his rendezvous with destiny.

It's over.
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« Reply #882 on: March 23, 2012, 12:27:12 am »

A Bakery

The sandy haired Sheridan O'Welherin walked into the baker shop and found a man sitting in the corner.  The man signaled for him.
Mysterious Man: You, lad, come over here.  I got something important for you.
O'Welherin walked over to where the elder man sat and got next to him.
O'Welherin: What's the news padre?
The Mysterious Man handed over a small leather pouch to O'Welherin.
Mysterious Man: You will find everything you need in there.  When you open the pouch, you will know what to do with the contents.  But first me boy, try getting yourself a nice pastry and drink.  You don't want to accomplish this on an empty stomach.
Or without a clear conscience.
The Mysterious Man drops a handful of coin into O'Welherin's pocket.
O'Welherin: A good day to you sir.
O'Welherin gets himself a loaf of bread and then walks across the street to get himself a drink at the local pub.  Eating half of the loaf and a nice refreshing beverage, he disposes of the meal and advances towards the location indicated by Mr. Donegal.
While walking he takes out the leather pouch hidden by his jacket and opens it.  Out of it appears a few lockpicks (just in case the cellar was locked) and what looked to be the handle of a tool.  O'Welherin notices a button in the middle of the handle.  He pushes the button as a long sharp blade is produced.
A switchblade.
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It's over.
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« Reply #883 on: March 23, 2012, 01:18:39 am »

152 Limerick Rd.

Sheridan O'Welherin notices a townhouse ahead with a couple of guards out front.
Oh shot!  Bug bastards will probably be here for hours!  Got to find a way to get over the fence undetected.
It was then that he noticed a boy of eleven on the other side of the street selling newspapers.  He signals for him.
O'Welherin: You boy!  Come 'ere!
O'Welherin gets out five shillings and holds it in front of the boy.
O'Welherin: Son, you see this?
The newsboy nods.
O'Welherin: This is yours if you do one favor for me.  You see those guards?  Well, I would appreciate it if you try to get them to get a weekly subscription to the paper.
Newsboy: Are you one of the bosses?
O'Welherin: Oh yes definitely.  They send me around these parts to spur up sales of subscriptions.  The more subscriptions you sell, the closer you'll be to grand manager one day!  Now go!
The newsboy walks over excitedly to the guards, distracting them as O'Welherin bolts off towards the direction of the house.  With the guards distracted he leaps over the fence and then lands next to the cellar entrance.  O'Welherin glances over at the doors and notices the lock.
Bastards, it's locked.
O'Welherin gets out a lock pick and the switchblade and puts them in the lock.
Here we go.
O'Welherin's first attempt fails as the lockpick breaks in half.
Sh*t!  This is a hard one.
He brings out the next lockpick and twists it a bit to the left.
He hears a click as the lock pops off the cellar door.
Happy days, Sheridan.  Happy days.
He opens the cellar door and then closes it behind him as he crouches down into the cellar stacked with various drinks.
Give the English some credit here: they know their drinks.
O'Welherin tiptoes around in the dark corners of the cellar as he climbs up the stairwell into the house.  As he approaches the door suddenly opens and he quickly disappears into the corner behind the door's reach.  He watches as a mature but fit English woman walks down into the cellar.
I bet she's good a popping corks. O'Welherin crudely thought in his mind.
Woman: Oh I wonder where that 1828 is!
O'Welherin quietly sneaks out of the corner and into the house.  If the intel was right, the target should be on the second floor of the house.  He sneaks up the stairs and finds the target asleep on a luxurious bed for a midafternoon rest.
Time to excise the demons from within.
Feeling his heart pounding in his chest, Sheridan O'Welherin pulls out the switch blade as he slowly approaches the sleeping elder man.  He knew that the man must be asleep and that he would have to make a quick get away out one of the windows and over the fences in order not to get caught.
He pushes the blade against the man's throat and then takes a very strong slash across it.  Almost like an 8 inch line of red across his throat.
The man croaked out in agony as the blood came vomiting out of his neck and his hands reached up as if to stop the spillage.
O'Welherin: Rest in peace, English pig.
As O'Welherin is savoring the sight, the mature English woman walks in, stunned silent at the sight.  O'Welherin notices her and starts over to her to quiet her.
O'Welherin: Woman....I don't want to hurt you.  Just back away.
O'Welherin advances towards her and down the stairs.
O'Welherin: Back away.
Suddenly the woman belts out:
Woman: Guards!  Help!  There is a deranged murderer in the house!
In a panic O'Welherin rushes towards the woman and jabs his switchblade right through her bosom.  The woman, with the knife firmly in her sternum, looks down in gasped horror as the blood comes spewing out over her white gown.
Hearing the guards enter, O'Welherin panics and jumps out the second story window and lands in some bushes.  He runs a few yards to the fence when he hears the guards yell:
Guard 1: Halt you fiend!
Guard 2: Stay still and die you bog bastard!
O'Welherin jumps onto the fence as the two guards start firing.  The first guard misses, as does the second guard.  Then just as O'Welherin is climbing over the fence he hears a loud boom and then a biting force hit against his lower back.
He falls over the fence and all the way down on the other side of the fence, groveling in pain.
No time to grovel Sheridan!  The guards will be over any second to send you to the afterlife!  You'll be no good dead!
Sheridan hobbles his way down one of the alleyways and enters one of the houses.  He looks around and then notices it is full of the most beautiful women of Erin.
I'm either in Heaven, or I'm in a brothel.

It's over.
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« Reply #884 on: March 23, 2012, 07:56:27 am »


Sheridan O'Welherin meets the man at the town square.  Donegal, with a look of seriousness, speaks up.
Donegal: Well Sheridan, I must say I'm impressed.
Sheridan, who had been expecting to be chewed out, gets a look of surprise on his face.
O'Welherin: But, I left quite a mess.
Donegal holds his hands up.
Donegal: Well yeah, but it's a mess streaked with the blood of occupiers.  Six of them, if my count is correct.
O'Welherin's flight from the English after his assigned assassination was one paved with the blood of a shocked wife and four soldiers of Her Majesty's Army.  With his switchblade he had painted the bodies of the English nobles red, with another knife from a friendly to the cause brothel he had ripped open the chest of one English soldier and with that soldier's pistol he had killed three of his comrades.
In other words, he turned a simple murder into a full blown bloodbath.  And all he had to show for it was a charred lower back from where an officer's shot has grazed him.
Donegal: You managed to leave no trace of your presence . . . . . . by hiding it in the blood of the enemy.  Here you go lad, you more than earned it.
Donegal reaches into his coat pocket and gives O'Welherin twenty pounds.  Most of his fellows would kill somebody for twenty pounds.  O'Welherin just killed six people.
Donegal looks over at him.
Donegal: This ought to secure you passage on your journey, and then some.  After today I'm not sure it's safe for you here Sheridan.
Sheridan felt a pang of regret after hearing those words.  Sure, he had been trying to get money for passage for years it seemed, but he felt a responsibility here.
O'Welherin: Alright, but first I'd like to say goodbye to me family.
Donegal: Sure.  Enjoy the exercise.
Sheridan O'Welherin began a long night's journey south to Kilkenny, his home.
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It's over.
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« Reply #885 on: March 26, 2012, 07:22:59 am »

November 11th, 1986
Helena, Montana

Scott Westman is seated at his desk when Carl Herschelwitz comes in.
Herschelwitz: Look man, I know this is tough and all.  After all, Mendelik used to be our friend.
Westman: Yeah, he used to.  And then he decided to go all dramawhore on us.  I don't know what the hell he was thinking with his strategy to pretend to be against us.
Herschelwitz: Yeah, looks like you gave him enough reason to actually oppose us.  Oh well, guess we should've seen this coming.  If we had gone out of our way to make that man happy, we would've been a Democrat In Name Only administration instead of the left wing anti-establishment administration that we are now.
Westman smiles.
Westman: You really believe that people perceive me as being a left winger now days?
Herschelwitz: Well, given the number of government programs that you are advocating lately, I wouldn't consider it that shocking.  A conservative activist the other day described you as a "Democratic Socialist".
Westman laughs.
Westman: I'm not sure about that.  I just think that I want to do what's necessary for Montana society, not necessarily for ideology sake.  A lot of people misinterpret my ideology.  I'm neither libertarian nor socialist, I merely believe in strong state government and a weak federal government.
Herschelwitz: So that would make you odd bedfellows with Calvin Coolidge. . . . . .
Westman: Very true.  Though Silent Cal is probably one of the more likable GOP politicians of the past.  Hell, I probably prefer him to a great deal of Republicans now days.  Maybe even some Democrats, like Reagan.
Herschelwitz laughs.
Herschelwitz: Just don't say that around the press or the party faithful will eat you alive.
Westman: Very true.  You know I just don't get Mendelik's insistence to be an annoying little bitch instead of just resign.  He's far outlived any usefulness to us or Republicans.  If he stays in office any longer he'll kill any chance of being a viable alternative in 1988.  If he resigns now he can be known as "the guy who stood up to Westman" and have a chance in two years.  Or we can get the Legislature to impeach his ass.  Which, considering how the Conservatives feel about him and our increased numbers come January, will be easier done than said.
Herschelwitz grins.
Herschelwitz: Yes, the little bastard's career is over.
Westman: Unless we can convince him otherwise.  I'll talk to him personally.  Man to man.  Perhaps I can resonate a chord within him that can benefit us both.
Herschelwitz: Really?  You think you can talk reason to a D'Israeli?  You're insane.
Westman: Maybe, but it's worth a shot.  I just hope he isn't hiding out at that Wyoming ranch like a faggot with Beauregard and that insane son of his.  How the hell do the people of Wyoming elect those nutjobs anyway?
Herschelwitz: Uh. . . . . non-existent Democratic bench?
Westman shudders.
Westman: Now that is a scary thought.  Hitler could probably become a Republican from Wyoming as far as I'm aware.  That whole damn family needs medication.  What is scary is that Mendelik is probably the sanest of the bunch and he still ended up being a little bitch.  I'll set up the meeting.
Herschelwitz: You are aware that you could be signing your political death warrant by making D'Israeli a viable opponent by resigning, right?
Westman laughs.
Westman: That is true, he is known to keep his dramawhore behavior underwraps while campaigning or what not.
Herschelwitz: Also, there is the matter of who could be the next Lt. Governor.
Westman: Oh, yeah?
Herschelwitz: I see quite a few possibilities but I managed to narrow it done to an elite few, from both parties, who could be the next Lt. Governor.  First, Brian Schweitzer of Whitefish.
Westman chuckles.
Westman: A man who I used to babysit?  Are you serious?
Herschelwitz: Well yeah, that is a little awkward.  But his record as a State Representative is impeccable.
Westman: Carl, the man has only be a representative for two years and he's 31 freaking years old.  He's a freaking child as far as I'm concerned.
Herschelwitz: I figured the babyface would work well for us.  After all, recruiting a young charismatic man to be the Lt. Governor may have dividends for our program in the future.  I mean anybody with half a brain looking at Schweitzer knows that man is future Governor or future US Senator material if not future Presidential material.
Westman looks over at Herschelwitz with a hurt look.
Herschelwitz: Kind of like a young charismatic Scott Westman I met in the early seventies.
Westman: I want little Brian to earn his way to the top.  If anything, we should be pushing for him to run for the US Senate against that dweeb Walters.  We need a strong point man in the US Senate.  After all, Walters is more likely to go after me than I will go after him at this point.  I mean, isn't that what politicians who feel their in danger of losing their jobs do?  Go after bigger fish?  Anyway, who else do you see as a possible Lt. Governor?
Herschelwitz: John Bohlinger.
Westman: Good man he is.  He supported our union bills after all.  Experienced too.  Next?
Herschelwitz: State Senator Russell Means.  I figure he'd help us both with libertarians and Native Americans.
Westman grins ear to ear.
Westman: You've found our next Lt. Governor.
Herschelwitz: That easy man?  You're not even interested in the others?
Westman: How can you beat Russell Means my friend?  He is like a Democratic version of Mendelik minus the drama.  So, not only does he appeal to a wide audience, but he's a party loyalist.  But, not that I care anymore anyway, but who else were you considering?
Herschelwitz: Well, there is a State Senator from Billings.  A Republican.  Who is well known for ability to work across party lines.  Very attractive too.  Helen Brisco.
Westman looks like he just had a heartattack.
Herschelwitz: I figured since she comes over here a lot and you two seem to have a very good working relationship that she would be an ideal choice.
Westman feels his heart beating out of his chest.
Please God, tell me I'm dreaming right now.  This can't be happening to me.  My chief advisor can't really be this oblivious.
Westman chuckles.
Westman: Well. . . . . . that certainly would do wonders for bipartisanship.
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From Wikipedia, the Content Free Encyclopedia
Scott Westman, Governorship#Opposition to the Defend America Act:

In those first few years of the Westman Administration there was much change in the state of Montana.  In an age where right wingers ruled the national stage Scott Westman was busy becoming the left's main point man against the Crane Administration.
Not only did he oppose Phil Crane, but he would even go against fellow Democrats over New York Senator Daniel Moynihan's "Defend America" Act.  Scott Westman was the only US Governor at the time who would publicly criticize the Act.  Not only would he vocally oppose the passage of the act, but he would order Montana Law Enforcement to oppose the Act in the name of upholding Montanan civil liberties.
It should be noted that Killian Darkwater, the US Senator from Montana and a close friend of Scott Westman, was one of 11 US Senators to vote against the "Defend America Act".  This seemed to be indicative of the trend at the time, given that most politicians who opposed the act were either from the Mountain West or New England.

It's over.
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November 12th, 1986
Governor's Office:

Scott Westman picks up the phone and dials the D'Israeli residence.
Lena: Hello?
Westman: Hey Lena, it's Scott.
Lena: Oh hey, how're ya?  It's been a long time.
Westman: Your dramawhore husband isn't around is he?
Lena laughs.
Lena: The faggot has been in Wyoming for like a month now.
Westman's brow furrows.
Westman: Damn it!
Lena: I know, it's irritating.  I had to go to Missoula the other week to sell some of our crops because the asshole isn't sending his paychecks here for the bills.
Westman: Oh right. . . . . so things aren't going too well for you guys?
Lena: I am about two steps away from killing his ass and burying it in the backyard.  But before that happens I'd like you to come into my backyard.
Westman: I know right?  I mean he's been such an annoying little c***bar hasn't he?  I mean it's like you can't do noth-wait, what?  What's in your backyard?
Lena D'Israeli laughs.
Lena: Silly Gov'na, do I have to spell it out for you?  I'm naked and I have weed.
Westman slams down the phone and bursts his office door open.  Carl, who was the interim Lt. Governor in All But Name, looks up at him.
Herschelwitz: Going on a wet break Gov'na?
Westman looks back at him with a mile wide smile.
Westman: I'm going to screw with Mendelik D'Israeli's life.
Westman exits the office area and heads downstairs.
Carl looks quizzically at him before chuckling.  He goes over to the stairway and yells:
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It's over.
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Thirty Minutes Later:

State Representative Brian Schweitzer comes up to the office.
Schweitzer: Hey Carl, how's it going?
Herschelwitz: Oh good you know.  Just trying to help my womanizing megalomaniac of a Governor force our dramawhore little bitch of a Lieutenant Governor into resigning.
Schweitzer laughs.
Schweitzer: Good times.  So, did you get to talk to him about the Lt. Governor possibilities.
Herschelwitz: Yes I did Brian, and I have to say it wasn't real promising.
Schweitzer: What do you mean?
Herschelwitz: Well, I'm not sure if you can tell but Scott Westman kind of has a "Big Brother' mentality.  Pretty much, he feels awkward about having a guy who he babysat when he was 15 years old as his Lieutenant Governor.  That, and to him you'll always be a little kid to him, no matter how matured you've become since age 7.
Schweitzer: I was afraid he would say something like that.
Herschelwitz: Instead he's got different plans for you.
Schweitzer: Well great then, can I see him?
Herschelwitz: Oh yes, I forgot.  The Governor is currently doing his constituency, err I mean, he is currently visiting with the voter base and improving morale.  But, as Scott Westman's top advisor and his Robin, I took enough notes to catch you up.
Carl gets up from his desk and opens the door to the Governor's Office.
Schweitzer looks at him skeptically.
Herschelwitz: Dude, it's totally cool.  Since Mendelik bitched out of his responsibilities Scott has pretty much made me the interim Lt. Governor.  Well, not quite I guess, considering that I actually do stuff.
Both men laugh.
Herschelwitz: Go ahead Brian.  Let me see what Scott has stored up in his cabinet.
Carl goes over to the drinking cabinet in the office while Schweitzer takes a seat on the leather couch in Westman's office.
Herschelwitz walks over with a couple of pub style glasses, a bottle of Captain Morgans 50 Proof, and a couple of Dr. Peppers.
Schweitzer looks at the Dr. Pepper soda can like it's a foreign object.
Schweitzer: Dr. Pepper?
Herschelwitz: In '70 Westman hooked up with this hot little redheaded number from College Station.  She introduced him to it at a local cafe. . . . he's been addicted to it ever since.
Schweitzer: Why am I not surprised that Scott has a thing for Texas redheads?
Herschelwitz: Supposedly it's the accent.  Scott is so weak for women with Texas accents.  Supposedly, he thinks it makes the women sound "cute" and "naive".  ANyway, let's stop talking about Scott.  The man talks about himself too much as it is.  The egotistical bastard.
Schweitzer: You were saying something about a plan?
Herschelwitz: Why yes Brian, what is your opinion about Washington D.C.?
Schweitzer: I don't really care for DC.  It's too muggy, everybody wants to kill you, not that I blame them for it, and the traffic is gawdawful.
Herschelwitz: So, you would have no problem being the US Senator from Montana?
Schweitzer grins.
Schweitzer: Wow, thank god.  The Governor is indeed a wise man.  Sounds a lot funner than being Lieutenant Governor.
Herschelwitz: Yeah, Scott thought you would turn suicidal in the office of Lt. Governor.  Besides, you're young and you have personality.  Lt. Governor would be a waste of potential for you Brian.  However, we can't guarantee you will become US Senator.
Schweitzer: Well obviously.  I have to beat Walters. . . . . no easy task.
Herschelwitz: Walters is overrated.  He only won in '82 because thousands of Westman voters in the western part of the state had the snow day from Hell.  Besides, his popularity hasn't been that great lately.  If it holds up for a little while longer, and if Scott isn't more popular than Jesus come '88, he could run for the Governorship.
Schweitzer: You think that's really going to happen?
Herschelwitz: Not really.  David Walters strikes me as the kind of guy who gets a good job and stays with it.  He's not going to risk his political career to beat Scott Westman.  I mean that's just nuts!  He already beat Scott once, why risk his career over possibly beating him again?
Schweitzer: Baucus did in '84.
Herschelwitz: Apples and Oranges.  Max Baucus was a fool, David Walters is not.
Schweitzer: Well, what makes Scott think that Walters would challenge him for re-election?
Herschelwitz: To be honest it's more like Scott is trying to put into play some sort of Batman Gambit to get Walters out of his seat.  Kind of like what happened with Baucus.  Without Walters vying for the US Senate seat it is Safe Democrat unless the Conservative finds a cure for cancer.
Schweitzer: Yes, the Conservative bench is weak.  And the GOP bench?  HA!  I'm not sure they'll even have one in '88 at this rate!
Herschelwitz: So yes, the intent of this plan is to get a very pro-Westman ally into the US Senate.  You, naturally, were the first name that Westman thought of.
Schweitzer: Problem is, how does Westman see Walters seemingly abandon his safe Senate seat to run for the Governorship?
Herschelwitz throws his hands up.
Herschelwitz: I have no freaking idea.  I guess Scott is going to pull a magical rabbit out of his ass that will cause everything to go into motion.
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Later that Night
Governor's Residence:

Scott Westman is in his study blankly staring down at his personal journal.
Great God, this is harder than I thought.
Come on man, he has it coming.  Just let it out.

Westman finally picks up the phone and dials a Wyoming phone number.
The phone rings a couple of times.
The phone picks up on the other end as Westman hears a young yet shrill voice.
Johan D'Israeli: Hello?
Westman: Hello kid.
J. D'Israeli: Who is this?
Westman: As far as your concerned kid, being the Governor-elect of Wyoming, I'm probably your best friend right now.
J. D'Israeli: Governor Westman.....it's an honor!
Westman: I'll be damned, a show of some long waited gawddamn respect from your household.
J. D'Israeli: Man, why are you so hostile?
Westman: I'll be damned again, a chill D'Israeli.  Question kid, what the hell are all of youse fogs doing in that little ranch in the middle of Ass, Nowhere!
J. D'Israeli: Jeez man, I had no idea you were so sensitive.  Sorry.
Westman: Whatever.  Get me that extreme fail Mendelik on the phone.  I got to tell him something.
Johan D'Israeli gets off the phone and the next voice Westman hears is quite familiar.
Mendelik D'Israeli: What the hell do you want?
Westman: Your resignation.
M. D'Israeli: F*** you, asshole.
Westman: Oh, a little tough guy!
M. D'Israeli: Scott, you are a horrible example of a human being.
Westman: What the f*** do you think you are proving with this little act Mendelik?
M. D'Israeli: Well, you chose me.  YOU CHOSE ME!  Now you're going to have to live with the consequences.
Westman: Look man, I chose you because I got this crazy notion that you'd be a sane and independent Lieutenant Governor.  That you would put your foot down if I went overboard.  Instead, what the people of Montana got from you was the worst attitude of any Montana public official in history.
M. D'Israeli: You should talk!  I wasn't the one going around railing every other single woman in Helena!
Westman: Well, well, well!  Not all of them were single.  In fact, just this afternoon I visited a very special friend of mine.  The afternoon was wonderful!
There is silence on the other end.
Westman: Yeah that's right, Mendy.  Quit lying to yourself.  You are a disgrace.  Not just to the office of Lieutenant Governor, but to your friends and family.  Stop lying.
Westman hears some trembling on the other end.
Westman: Listen man, I'm asking for your resignation mostly for YOU.  It may not seem that way right now, but your survival depends on what you do these next few weeks.  Resign now, and you can come back in two years known as the principled libertarian Lt. Governor who resigned in disgust of an administration's leftist policies.  Or, you can stay here, and in two months time the Montana House will impeach and throw your ass out of office in disgrace.  Nofreakingbody cares about you Mendelik.  Nobody except for me.  I'm your best damn friend on this planet right now.  I'm giving you the option to walk into my office before January 10th, 1987 with a letter of resignation so you can have the ability to rise from the ashes and begin your political career anew!  You can either choose that very generous offer, or you can kiss your political career forever goodbye out a useless protest against my policies.  You. . . . .Can't. . . . Win.
Westman hears the phone slam against the receiver on the other end.
Westman: I think I struck a nerve.

It's over.
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Awesome updates dude. Looking for D'Israeli to be on a potential grudge ticket against Westman.

Lt. Governor Russell Means is amazing.

President Areus Ho'kee's Republican Party gains in the 1990 midterms, in Dust In The Wind - The Story of Thad O'Connor
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You don't gain power by not making a lot of friends. . . . . and a lot of enemies.
-Accepted political fact.

Scott Westman came into politics in a very sweet and humanized kind of man.  The US Senate, which shielded him away from taking real responsibility for people, did little to change him.  However, when he found himself in real power and privilege running a state, his personality changed drastically.  It was like he became like all of those establishment politicians from both parties he mocked on a weekly basis in the US Senate.  Scott Westman, a man who once condemned destroying a person's political career, began to relish it when he gained executive power.
-US Congressman Harold Raines (Democrat-California)

The Mendelik D'Israeli incident in Montana was a very regrettable one.  Scott was very impressed with the way D'Israeli stood out in 1982 when campaigning against him.  He got the impression that D'Israeli was a very independent and well thought out individual.  Scott was pretty shocked, since he thought all D'Israelis were pretty much nutters and Mendelik campaigned as a very sane person.  Mendelik so impressed Scott that when Scott was first starting up his run for the Governorship he began to have a series of phone conversations with Mendelik about the possibility of a bipartisan ticket.
Eventually Mendelik and Scott started meeting in person in coffeehouses and bars and other places that they both frequented.  In effect they began a personal friendship.  In those months before the Governorship, before the general campaign and during it, there was no indication from Mendelik that he had a problem with some of Scott's policy proposals.  And trust me, Scott was extremely open about his progressive policies.  Mendelik knew all about how big Green Montana was going to be, he knew that Scott had planned on increasing education funding by 160%, he knew that Scott was planning on establishing electronic information libraries in every public school in Montana.  In other words, he knew beforehand that Scott would be pushing forward policies he strongly disagreed with in his Governorship, policies that he would later call "socialistic" and "unAmerican".
In other words, Mendelik D'Israeli is a hypocrite.
Meeting with him and his wife multiple times me and Scott never got the impression that Mendelik would turn out the way he did.  Sure, there was that one time in January 1985 that Mendelik flipped a cow over Scott's bill to increase public employee pay, but at the time we thought nothing of it.  It seemed to be just a one time event that showed, in the months that followed, no chance of happening again.  In fact, for the first year and a half Scott and Mendelik were almost always around each other writing up the agenda.  It was like they were Batman and Robin really instead of the usual "active Governor, lazy Lt. Governor" relationship that typically exists in most Gubernatorial pairings.  Mendelik was in the office 25 days out of a month or so.
So color me shocked at the revolt that Mendelik had in August of '86.  It was like he saw the popularity polls and figured now would be a good time to hold his big old rebellion or whatever and neglect his duties.  His attitude was entirely unprofessional, unpolitick, and undeserving of a statewide public official.  Scott offered to hear his complaints and address them, but instead Mendelik took that offer and threw it right back in his face.
Sure, one might be saying that I am biased or whatever, but the fact that Mendelik's personal life crapped out shortly afterwards is testament to who was really to blame for the failure of this administration to rally bipartisan relationships.
I still occasionally talk to Lena, me and Scott are on very good terms with her.  We haven't heard a peep from Mendelik D'Israeli and we don't much care if he ever speaks to us again with the amount of disrespect and disgust he has treated my husband, the state legislators, and the citizens of this state.
Thank God we got a good reasonable man in his spot now.

-Caroline B.K. Westman, First Lady of Montana

Out of all politicians, I can think of few who were more corrupted by privilege of power than Scott Westman.  What is scary is that this is one of the Democrat's strongest personalities.  My god help us if this man runs for President.
-Crane Administration staffer Ronald Pierson.
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November 14th, 1986
Governor's Office:

Scott Westman is having an audience with Montana Speaker of the House Martha Clark when the local news comes on.
News: We got breaking news right now from Helena.  Lieutenant Governor Mendelik D'Israeli has shown up at the steps of the State Capitol in front of a crowd of the assembled press.
Westman watches as D'Israeli begins to speak:
"Over the past few months this administration has been at an impasse due to my inability to get along with various members who won't be named in the cabinet.  I have been unable to do the job that I was elected to do.  Partisan and power mad forces have colluded to make any Republican effort at government reform unlikely.  Therefore, I hereby announce my resignation from the office of Lieutenant Governor effective 2:30 this afternoon."
Clark: Well, that was quick.
Westman: Yeah, too quick.  He's already planning for '88 it seems.  This was a genius statement really, he can claim to be opposed in principle to us instead of it being revealed that he resigned because he forced our hands.
Clark: So, what happens if he decides to run for the Governorship in '88?
Westman: He might not win the Republican Primary, that is a possibility.  I'm not really concerned.
Clark: You are aware that you've pretty much made this guy an enemy of yours right?
Westman: Martha, you are incredibly naive aren't you?
Martha Clark looks at him inquisitively.
Clark: I don't follow Scott.
Clark: But, with his announcement it makes this administration look weak.
Westman: A short term consequence, but over time we should recover after the next legislative session yields significant results.  Do I really have to spell it out for youse?
Clark: I don't know why you would want some guy who was your wingman for months to run against you is all.
Westman pulls out a piece of paper.
Westman: Look at this.  Right now the chances of a united Conservative Republican ticket is high in 1988.  This is in regards to both federal and statewide elections.  The Senate results have no doubt alarmed the right.  Consistently the strongest opponent I have is David Walters.
Clark: That is assuming he isn't comfy in that Senate office.
Westman: We give him motivation to run.
Clark drops the paper.
Clark: I'm sorry, what?
Westman: We ruffle enough feathers to get him to realistically consider a gubernatorial run.  No doubt my program will raise the ire of Conservatives, demanding an enthusiastic candidate to run against me and thus leaving the US Senate seat wide open for a Democrat to take.
Clark: Are you high?  How do you see motivating Walters to leave the US Senate to challenge for the Governor's Office?  And why?  He's their Golden Boy.
Westman: Have you so quickly forgotten the other part of our conversation?  Mendelik D'Israeli?
Suddenly everything dawns on Clark.
Clark: Oh right.  So this is some crazy Batman Gambit.

It's over.
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November 18th, 1986
Montana Governor's Office:

Scott Westman is on the phone.
Westman: Yes yes I know Shannon.  Look, it's going to be awhile okay?  I'm caught up in some business.
Loud noise from phone.
Westman: Look darling, Caroline and I. . . . . well. .
Angry shouting can be heard from where Carl Herschelwitz is standing.
Westman: Look, I would really like to continue this conversation in person alright?  I'll come by tomorrow during lunch break.  I'll make it romantic I promise.  I have to go.  Love ya.
Westman hangs up the phone.
Herschelwitz: Talking to the constituents again?
Westman: As you would say .. . . . . anyway, there is this matter I have to discuss with you about the current predicament we find ourselves in.
Herschelwitz: Oh right, well why don't you just resign and let me govern while you're at it?  Hell knows I've been doing most of the work for the past two weeks.
Westman laughs.
Westman: Sorry Carl, you're too creepy looking to be Governor of Montana.  However, you would make an excellent Lt. Governor.  You have always been my wingman after all.
Herschelwitz: Damn it!  You just had to bring that up!
Westman: What I find really damn creepy about all of that is that you're old enough to be my wingman but also young enough to date my daughter.
Herschelwitz: Why would you say something that crazy Scott?
Westman: I've seen the way you look at her man.
Herschelwitz: Look, Scott......I would never date your daugh-
Westman: Hey man, when I was your age I was dating teenage models.  I won't kill you for dating my 23 year old adult daughter.  Hell man, she likes you.
Carl looks over at Scott with a look of shock.
Herschelwitz: You kidding me?
Westman: Not at all.  She talks about youse all the time: "Carl told me this, Carl told me that, wow he's so funny and awesome!"  She sounds like a freaking four year old.
Suddenly the door opens as Westman's secretary Lauren walks in.
Westman: Sweetheart........hold your horses.  Carl is still here.
Lauren's face is ghost white.
Lauren: Scott. . . . the news............
Westman turns on the television and the first thing he sees on CNN is the remains of a plane crash.
Announcer:....at the moment the cause of the crash is yet to be determined.  Senator Walters and his team were on their way back to Washington after campaigning for fellow Conservatives throughout Montana.
Westman has a look of pure fright.
Announcer: The recovery crews were able to evacuate the Senator and his team to a nearby hospital in Davenport.
Herschelwitz: Oh Dear God.
Announcer: The Senator's younger brother Donald Walters, who received a crippling injury to his left leg, helped direct some of the emergency crews to the area.  The two pilots, Chief of Staff Robert Delahunt, the Senator's wife Mary Walters, and his attorney Rachel Haywood, were all found dead in the plane wreckage.  David Goldberg, the Senator's best friend since childhood, received minor injuries to the chest and head area.  Goldberg's wife Anna, three flight attendants, and the Senator are in critical condition at Davenport Regional.
Westman: My god.......
Announcer: We will have round the clock coverage of this tragic event as it unfolds.

It's over.
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November 19th, 1986
2:30 AM
Davenport Regional Hospital
Davenport, Iowa:

David Goldberg, a 45 year old Jewish American college professor at Montana University in Missoula, Montana, sat beside the bed of the recovering Donald Walters.  Donald Walters, a 28 year old archaeologist who was associated with MU and the youngest brother of the current US Senator David Walters, wakes up from his drug induced coma.
He looks up from where he's resting with his left leg resting in a cast, and notices Goldberg.
Walters: David. . . .what happened?
Goldberg: You passed out from the pain on your left leg.  When the emergency crews arrived they took us to the nearest hospital in Davenport.
Walters: Davenport.....Iowa?
Goldberg: Yes.
Walters: Man, that's intense.  Where is everyone?
Goldberg swallows some air before proceeding.
Goldberg: Donny......Mary's dead.
Goldberg thought about telling him about everyone else, but he figured that was all he should tell Donny.
There is an air of disquiet.
Walters: Where is my brother?
Goldberg: Intensive care.  He is hanging by a thread.  It is likely that if he recovers he will lose a lot of his motor ability due to extensive damage to the central nervous system.  Needless to say, his career is probably over no matter what.
Walters: I don't care about his damned career!  I just want him safe!  I've already lost Mary, I don't want to lose Dave!
David Goldberg, who was friends with "the other Dave" for almost forty years, nodded.
Goldberg: I really hope so too Donny.  This nation has lost too much these past few months, the last thing it needs is to lose one of it's strongest advocates.

It's over.
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November 19th, 1986
Governor's Mansion
Helena, Montana
1:30 AM Mountain Standard time:

Scott Westman is on the phone.
Westman: I don't give a damn what you have to do Charles, just get me a direct link to the hospital staff!
Muffled noise from phone.
Westman: Listen man! I'm the f***ing Governor of the state of Montana!  You bet your ass I consider the health and life of our US Senator, no matter what party he is, a g**damn priority!
You better not die on me you conservative bastard!
Westman: I will stay on this line for as long as possible, I will stay awake until I start hallucinating images of Frosty the Motherf***ering Snowman being on the know of David Walters!  I at least owe him that for the service he's given to this state!
A few words are said on the other end.
Westman: Well, I guess so.  To do anything else would've made me feel inhuman.
Carl Herschelwitz enters Westman's study.
Herschelwitz: Well man, should I get the chopper ready?
Westman: Man, f*** that!  I don't want to end up in a hospital tonight like Walters!
Herschelwitz: Dude, it's getting really late.  I think we should call it a night.
Westman: No, I disagree.  In fact, as of this moment I want to place in a call to Washington to have a Secret Service unit attached to Senator Walter's children at all times.
Herschelwitz: Who are you?  His father?
Westman: I might as well be.  Damn it Carl, we need this son of a bitch more than you could ever know.  Hell damn it, I'm pulling all stops.
Westman picks up the phone and dials a California number.
A very inebriated voice picks up on the other end.
Doc Wallace: Herro?
Westman gets very pissed.
Westman: Damn it Doc!  You're drunk!?
Wallace: Yeah, rut about it?
Westman: Okay Doc, here's what: our damned US Senator is on his f***ing deathbed after a plane crash.
Wallace: Okay, quit dicking around man.  You think tis is funnY?  Youse gettin ona me for being drunk?
Westman: I'm not f***ing kidding man!  David Walters is a F***ing Deadman!  Unless you get there in time to save his ass!  Listen damn it, I will pay for a limo to come there and drie your candyass to the freaking airports and sh*t and pay you quadruple your usual pay if you can somehow pull of the miracle of all miracles.  I need you on this one Doc.
Wallace: Alright, I'll see what I can do.
Phone hangs up.
Herschelwitz:} So, how are you going to tell him his Chief of Staff and his wife died while he was asleep?
Westman shakes his shoulders.
Westman: I don't know.
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It's over.
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Holy sh**t, man.

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The "Westman Coalition":

Perhaps the most confounding voting coalition is what is called "the Westman Coalition".  That is, the voting coalition that was responsible for the rise of Montana politician Scott Westman in the late 20th Century.  Arguably one of the most dynamic coalitions in US history, it has evolved quite a bit from it's roots in the anti-war counterculture with which Scott Westman first identified with.  The coalition is a very unique beast, having gained former enemies and alienated former allies over the years.  In 1976 Scott Westman's coalition consisted of a wide coalition of anti-war, pro-drug legalization, pro-gay equality Democrats and Republicans.  It was, in the words of Historian John Malkovich: "A coalition more fit for San Francisco than it was for the state of Montana."  Yet shockingly, against the predictions of many critics, Scott Westman managed to win in 1976 despite campaigning on a platform that was thought to be very narrow in regards to it's target audience.
Many analysts conclude that it was the natural Democratic lean of Montana pre-Crane that allowed Westman to barely win the election despite his arguably alienating campaign.  Of note, Westman won 71% of the Native American vote (which at the time made up 9% of the state's population) mostly due to that group's very strong Democratic lean since the 1950's.  In some cases he even shifted votes to the Democratic camp, namely the traditionally Republican Asian American vote who were swayed by his social liberalism and his fiscal conservatism.  In contrast, Westman scored only 52% of the Irish Catholic vote, something many political observers noted as "extremely poor for a Democratic statewide politician in any state, especially considering he is one."  Many would credit Westman's opponent for bringing in social issues that Westman took an unpopular position on, namely his then pro-choice stance on abortion.  Westman's open advocating of the pro-choice view, and his support of marriage equality (which was seen as much more radical than the Civil Union status that was allowed in Montana for gay couples) left a very nasty taste in the mouths of many socially conservative Democrats in Montana.  Even in staunchly Democratic Butte Westman would underperform, getting only 56% in strongly Democratic Silverbow County.
In his run as the VP of the Classical Liberal ticket Westman would end up pulling in an odd coalition of western Democrats and libertarian Republicans.  The argument has been made that if not for Scott Westman, Beauregard D'Israeli might've been elected president.  In a number of western states, in stark contrast to the rest of the nation, the election was a close race between the Classical Liberal ticket and the Republican ticket.  The Democratic ticket of Walter Mondale and Fred Harris were almost non-existent in some counties in western Montana as many western Democrats preferred the Clark/Westman ticket to the Mondale/Harris ticket.  However outside of the west the Classical Liberal ticket was very weak, mostly due to a culmination of Westman's sex scandals coming out into public view.
In his run for re-election in 1982 Westman's coalition would be a revamp of the 1976 coalition but with stronger appeals to progressives due to the Progressive Party of Montana running a candidate against Westman due to his embrace of laissez faire economics and his vital role in passing forth the Crane Administration's fiscal policy.  The candidacy of Mendelik D'Israeli, cousin of Beauregard D'Israeli and also a pretty libertarian Republican, would greatly damage Westman's momentum amongst libertarian leaning Republicans that helped him win in '76.  Although Westman wasn't really ever strong amongst Catholics pre-1984, David Clark's insurgent Conservative campaign would damn Westman's favorability amongst the Catholic vote.  With the momentum of the Crane Revolution behind him, and over a hundred thousand disillusioned Democrats, David Clark pulled off an epic upset of the incumbent Democrat Scott Westman.  Westman's poor performance amongst traditional Democrats would be dramatic, winning only 30% of the German vote, 34% of the Catholic vote, and 38% of the Irish vote.  Like many Democrats around the nation, Westman found himself a victim of the Reagan legacy that had left a sour taste in the mouths of many former Democrats that found themselves by the day becoming more and more pro-Crane.  To this date, no Democrat has done as poor as Scott Westman did amongst those groups, it is an all time low record for Democrats in Montana.
Which is why Westman's Gubernatorial Campaign in 1984 is considered one of the most masterful coalition realignments in Montana history.  Still a stubborn culture warrior, Westman wouldn't drop his support of gay equality to appease traditionalist Democratic voters.  However, he would adopt two new cultural issues to his campaign that would raise his approval in the eyes of those that once disowned him.  The first of these was Alcohol Liberalization.  Since the 1960's Montana's alcohol was regulated and owned by the state government.  In effect this meant little opportunity for independent brewery entrepreneurs.  This would also keep prices at all time highs, with "wet riots" occurring in Butte, Missoula, and Great Falls in November of 1983.  Citing free enterprise, Westman would adopt abolishing state control completely of the alcohol industry in Montana and even going as far as to get rid of the infamous "Alcohol Tax".
His "radical" stance on destroying government owned and regulated alcohol would turn off quite a few Westman voters, namely a good number of Progressives who thought government control of the industry was good to keep alcohol well regulated and as a supply of government revenue.  However, Westman's very strong stance in favor of liberalization would within a week almost double his approvals amongst Irish Americans in the state, whose political leaders had campaigned extensively for the past couple of decades to overturn the government takeover of alcohol.  German Americans were another group that strongly shifted to Westman after his avowed support for alcohol liberalization, citing "cultural and economic reasons" for their shift from supporting Peters to supporting Westman.
Another cultural issue that Westman took up was Gun Rights.  Though Westman had always been an opponent of gun control, it wasn't until his 1984 campaign that Westman made it a focal point of his philosophy.  Westman would strongly rebuke the Peters Administration's "War On Crime", calling it instead the "War on Law Abiding Gun Owners".  The Oglesby Campaign would find it's momentum greatly damaged by Westman's avowed support for gun rights, as Westman had effectively taken one of Oglesby's strongest social issue positions and made it a centerpiece of his social policy positioning.  Almost overnight Westman would go from being despised in many rural conservative areas to being "the lesser of evils" compared to the incumbent Republican Administration.  Westman wouldn't win the rural vote, but he would get a pretty strong second place finish amongst rural voters behind Oglesby.
Westman's quiet stance on the abortion issue in contrast to his vocal opponents would hurt him amongst once enthusiastic pro-choice supporters.  Peters strong defense of abortion would allow him to win at least one demographic despite his unpopularity.  A number of social liberals in urban areas also would defect from the Westman camp in protest of his "appealing to the reactionaries".
This new coalition would be a much stronger one, though the results would not show that immediately as Westman managed to win the Gubernatorial Election of '84 with only 45% of the vote.  However, he would win with almost a ten point margin over his nearest opponent Michael Oglesby, a strong performance.  Westman would shock observers with strong victories in even traditionally Republican counties, namely Flathead County where he won 56% of the vote or Billings, the traditional stronghold of Republicanism that went to Westman with 47%.  Westman would win 74% in Silverbow County and 71% in nearby Deer Lodge County, extremely strong performances in the traditionally Democratic counties in stark contrast to the Disappointment of '82.  The group that swung the hardest towards Westman by far were Irish Americans, who voted 69% (a more than thirty point increase from his Senate re-election in '82 and stood out as a stark contrast to Phil Crane's slight victory in the state) for Scott Westman in '84.  German Americans, another significantly large population demographic (the largest ethnic demographic in the state) would vote 55% for Scott Westman.  With his strong victories in these two groups alone Westman had more votes than the total amount that Richard Peters got.  There were a few disappointments, namely Westman winning only 43% of the Native American vote (who felt that Westman's staunch fiscal conservatism would harm NA communities that had for a long time relied on state government programs for education and other needs).  Some would make the wise remark that "Westman's coalition is thrice as white as it was in '82."
Westman's coalition had strong shifted and changed in the two years between his Senate career and his entrance into the Governor's Mansion.  Some of his recent actions, such as his hardline defense of "Green Montana" and his signing of the Horrigan Life Amendment, are bound to bring an even more dynamic nature to his coalition come 1988.
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